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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Dutch Teenager Organizes Paintball Event For Muslim Tolerance Towards Gays

Dutch Teenager Organizes Paintball Event For Muslim Tolerance Towards Gays

July 13, 2012

MIM: A novel use for Islamist paintball in 'multi culti' Holland.

Teenage boy organizes paintball for Muslim tolerance towards gays

http://www.lgbt-education.info/en/articles/learning_experiences/article?id=147 Author: Peter Dankmeijer
Moderator: Nik Boersma
Editor: Nik Boersma
(English) Translation: no, original text On 27 June 2009, Kerem, 16 years old, organized a paintball afternoon and a barbecue with three gay boys and two of his Muslim friends. An unique initiative, which was a first in the history of the Dutch gay and lesbian movement. We asked Kerem, the organizer of the event, what was the reason for him to do this.

How did you get involved?

In Amsterdam the municipality organizes a project to help schools to be more LGBT friendly. Empowerment carries out this project for the municipality. They talk a lot with school directors, but they also organized a couple of afternoons with students who are trained as a mediators. I am also a mediator in my school. They wanted know whether we, as mediators, saw opportunities to integrate LGBT issues in mediation. Then I thought: I can also do something myself. As a mediator, I have become more tolerant of differences between people, also homo's, and I thought: I can make my Muslim friends also more tolerant. Because they also talk stupid about homo's. Especially the boys. You can read the full article and comment on it when you join us.

MIM: For more on paintball also see Dr. Daniel Pipes': "Islamist Paintball, Anyone?"


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