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Philly Mayor Launches"Interfaith RoundTables" At 'Caliphate Hall' Lead By Imam Quaiser Abdullah 'To Solve City's Problems'  July 8, 2024
AZ Cong. Candidate Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser Prays In Mecca - While Claiming He Has Been Getting Death Threats From Muslims  June 7, 2024
Imam Quaiser Abdullah: Made 'Director Of Muslim Engagement' By Philly Mayor Parker After Endorsements By CAIR & Emgage  April 25, 2024
Shireen Qudosi:Jewish Funded 'Muslim Reformer' Is Jew Hating Islamonazi -Tied To Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser's Muslim Reform Movement  November 5, 2023
Jihad & Genocide In Israel - Civilization vs Barbarism - Over 1,500 Jews Massacred, 3,500 Injured, 205 Kidnapped  October 20, 2023
Jewish Federation Sponsors 'Youth Gender Transition Workshop' By 'Hebrew Priestess' 'Con'vert Harriette Wimms  June 4, 2023
Failed Muslim "Deformer" Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser Teams Up With Media Whore Ayaan Hirsi Ali To Form 'CLARITy Coalition'  August 7, 2022
Shireen Qudosi: Head Of Clarion Project's Preventing Violent Extremism Education Program: 'I Identify With Malcolm X'  February 12, 2020
Muslim American Society In Philly Takes Down FB Page After Videos Posted Of School Children Singing About Jihad  May 6, 2019
Jack Barrack Hebrew Academy Does Interfaith With Al Aqsa Islamic Society Where Imam Incited Killing Of Jews  March 12, 2019
Pimps For The Profit: Quilliam Foundation Launches In NYC - MC'ed By Gay Bashing Muslim Convert 'Preacher Moss'  September 25, 2017
Stop Donating To The Terror Tied AJC & Muslim Jewish Advisory Council - Which Aids And Abets Stealth Jihadists  February 2, 2017
AJC&ISNA: Terror Tied Muslim Jewish Advisory Council To Host Gala Reception For US Congress On February 1st  January 26, 2017
Stealth Islamist S.A.Ibrahim On Board Of ADL, FPRI, CIU And Eboo Patel's Interfaith Youth Core - Worked With CAIR & ISNA  January 3, 2017
Society Of Professional Journalists Working With CAIR - Holds "Muslimedia" Indoctrination At Terror Tied Islamic Center Of Boca Raton  December 18, 2016
14 Self Proclaimed "Moderate Muslims" Celebrate 1 Year Of 'Muslim Reform Movement' Promoting Fallacy That Islam Is Peaceful  December 7, 2016
Crackpot Cleric Sheikh Wannabe "Rabbi" Ben Abrahamson Promotes Islamism - "Useful Idiot" Wife Rebecca Justifies BDS  September 2, 2016
The Myth Of Muslim Mental Illness - Islam Produces Sociopaths And Necrophiliacs - Al Takfir Wal Hijra  August 4, 2016
Philadelphia City Council Infilitrated By Muslim Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. - Co-sponsoring Event With CAIR And Other Islamist Groups  July 11, 2016
Shenandoah U Partners With IIIT: Stealth Islamist Miles K. Davis Is Dean Of Business School & Trustee Of Amana Mutual Funds Trust  July 2, 2016
14 Self Proclaimed "Moderate Muslims" Launch "Muslim Reform Movement" To Promote Dangerous Fallacy That Islam Is Peaceful  December 13, 2015
Terror Tied Islamist Groups Issue Boilerplate Statements On Muslim Attacks In Paris - Worry About How It Will Affect Them  November 17, 2015
Rebecca Abrahamson - 'Useful Idiot' Propagandizing For Radical Islamists - Omer Salem, Tablighi Jamaat, Adnan Oktar And Shamsi Ali's Nusantra  July 11, 2015
Flying Imams Redux: Tahera Ahmad - Muslim Chaplain Claiming Discrimination On Flight Is Radical Islamist - Works With MSA and ISNA  May 31, 2015
Jews For Jihad: Michael Kotzin Executive VP Of Chicago Jewish Federation And Emily Soloff Of The AJC Among Jews Working Together With Islamists On Bernardin Center Advisory Board  May 27, 2015
City Of Palo Alto Gave Grant To Radical Islamist American Muslim Voice Foundation For Eid/Da'wa Event  December 28, 2014
Terror Tied Palestine Children's Relief Fund Gets Money From Celebrity Album To Aid Their Activities  December 7, 2014
Green Goes Green - Islamoecology - Islamists Are Jumping On The Enviornmentalist Bandwagen  October 20, 2014
Muslim Rioter Arrested In Israel Attends Islamist Universal Academy Of Florida -CAIR Lawyer Is Apologist For Hezbollah  August 21, 2014
American Friends Of UNRWA Working With CAIR, MPAC, Islamic Relief And Other Radical Islamist Groups And Individuals To Raise Funds  July 31, 2014
Was Katherine Russell Tsarnaev A Potential 'Black Widow?'  May 5, 2013
Jack Barrack Hebrew Academy Hosts Son Of Rabbi Meir Kahane's Killer El Sayed Nosair - Zak Ebrahim  April 4, 2013
Al - Bustan Seeds Of Culture Funded By Saudi And Public Endowments Among Sponsors Of CAIR Philly Banquet With Siraj Wahhaj  February 19, 2013
Islamists Congratulate Obama On Election Win "Look Forward" To Working With Him  November 9, 2012
Former CAIR Florida Chairman Atif Fareed Heads American Muslim Community Centers (AMCC)  June 8, 2012
American Islamist Terror Linked Groups Issue Boilerplate Statements on the Death of Bin Laden  May 4, 2011
Campells Soup Listed As Sponsor of Radical Islamist Conference  November 23, 2010
The Cordoba Initiative,ASMA's Radical Islamist Agenda and the 9/11 Mosque  August 12, 2010
Radical Islamist Groups Welcome Appointment of Rashad Hussain as Special Envoy to the OIC  March 3, 2010
CAIR and ISNA: Zero Degrees of Separation  January 25, 2010
Muslim Organisations Attempt To Whitewash Ft. Hood Jihad With Boilerplate Statements  November 9, 2009
Radical Islamist groups in America laud Obama speech  June 8, 2009
Radical cleric Foad Farahi appeals for asylum in the U.S. with the help of the American wing of The Muslim Brotherhood (MAS)  May 11, 2009
CEO of Ethan Allen Furniture Farooq Kathwari Sponsors Kashmir Corps Event with Muslim Brotherhood linked MSA  March 30, 2009
UK Stealth jihadists profit from forming Quilliam Foundation  January 20, 2009
Islamist Imam Maulana Shafayat Mohammed interviews the FBI - hosted some 9/11 hijackers and dirty bombers at mosque  December 24, 2008
Beverly Hills synagouge to do interfaith with 9/11 hijacker mosque and Al Qaeda spokesman mentor  November 16, 2008
Radical Muslims celebrate Obama election - 'look forward to working with the Obama administration'  November 5, 2008
Barack Obama's Islamist ties to Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said and Ali Abunimah  September 10, 2008
D'awa as Dialogue: How Eboo Patel and The Interfaith Youth Core promote Islamism as diversity  June 11, 2008
Jews for Jihad? How prominent members of Jewish organisations aid and abet Islamists  May 27, 2008
Al - Awda convention in LA to feature radical Hamas cleric Tayseer al- Tamimi  May 11, 2008
Jews for Jihad? Hillel does interfaith with the Hamas linked Muslim Student Association  March 27, 2008
Taliban supporter Imran Khan meets with American politicians to drum up support for his anti Musharaf Islamist party  January 25, 2008
Kenny Gamble aka Luqman Abdul Haqq's radical Islamist /black surpremacist ties "We are not just here for Universal-we are down here for Islam"  December 13, 2007
Islamist groups use lawsuit in attempt to silence critic Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate  October 30, 2007
The Muslim Radical Islamist Day Parade  September 8, 2007
KGIA advisory board member Talib Abdur Rashid message "Allah is our goal" "The Quran is our constitution" "jihad is our way"  August 19, 2007
Head of Arab American Association Linda Sarsour linked to Hamas - and Khalil Gibran principal designate Dhabah Almontaser  July 13, 2007
Muslim doctors and health care workers who aim to kill not heal - aiding and abetting global jihad by working in the US and abroad  July 5, 2007
Did Duka's Al Aqsa mosque get federal & Saudi funding for facade redecoration via Philly Street Empowerment & Marwan Kreidie?  June 15, 2007
Dhabah Almontaser & Lena Alhusseini Arab American Family Support Center joins with Khalil Gibran school to promote Islamism  May 10, 2007
ASMA: American Society for the Advancement of Muslims- faux moderates promoting Islamisation by "Muslim Leaders of Tommorrow"  May 2, 2007
Khalil Gibran International aka Islamist Academy - Taxpayer funded NYC madrassah promotes Arab/ Muslim 9/11 victimhood hoax  April 2, 2007
Salt Lake City law enforcement continues to deny Talovic shooting motive was jihad -calls it "suicide by cop" instead of martyrdom  March 17, 2007
Congressman Joe Sestak's name on CAIR banquet poster belies fundraiser announcement -Group removes staffer info from website  March 7, 2007
Sudden Jihad Syndrome in SLC :Muslim Forum in Utah lied about shooter's background - policeman's killing of Talovic "Youthful Islamic Chivalry"  February 18, 2007
Muslim Student Union and MSA call for jihad and disrupt Dr.Pipes's talk at UC of Irvine  February 8, 2007
Yasmeen Qadri CAIR director of educational affairs and Valencia U education coordinator indoctrinates students using diversity course for da'wa  December 28, 2006
CAIR Florida welcomes Southwest Airlines pilot Atif Fareed on board as new chairman  December 26, 2006
Imams pulled off plane linked to Bin Laden  November 22, 2006
Hernando County Commission to honor Saudi funded Hamas front group and terror funding mosque whose altruism is Islamism  November 13, 2006
Iowa becomes Umma: Politicians welcome radical Islamists - as Ibrahim Dremali wages da'wa Jihad from the Islamic Center of Des Moines  November 6, 2006
Al Qaeda linked World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) Jihad through Da'wa group working with Novib/Oxfam on Somali 'educational' initiatives  October 16, 2006
Association of Muslim Police : Public servants of Allah whose duty is da'wa - keeping the United Khalifate safe for shari'a  October 5, 2006
HLF terror funder Raed Awad in Birmingham at NCCJ co sponsored event - NCCJ board member Mujahid Ramadan tied to MAS and AMC  September 20, 2006
Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ to be transformed into "The Great Muslim Adventure Day" by Al Qaeda linked group 9/15/06  September 13, 2006
John Esposito: Georgetown U prof advisory board member of UK group whose director wants to be a suicide bomber in Israel  August 22, 2006
YMCA Camp Bernie hosts in New Jersey hosts Young Muslims Sisters 'Jihad' Camp with radical Islamist speakers Negm and Wahhaj  August 16, 2006
UK Muslim cops claim Muslims are the real victims of terrorism -undermine efforts to prevent attacks -together with Muslim 'Safety' Forum  August 15, 2006
Hirsi Ali : Alcohol free anti semitism -'ultra orthodox Jews biggest demographic threat to Israel' as 'fundamentalist fanatics'  August 6, 2006
Hizbollahstan: How an Israeli Cindy Sheehan and the Four Mothers movement pushed the Lebanon retreat that plunged Israel into war  July 23, 2006
Al Qaeda linked cleric among speakers at Muslim Youth camp at Foundation for Islamic Education in Villanova PA 8/2-6/06  July 6, 2006
War Child 'charity' co- founded by member of royal family involved in arms lobby for Bosnian muslims in 2001 shuts down Chechen operations  July 4, 2006
Young Muslims conference in CT hosts Al Qaeda linked cleric Mazen Mokhtar -group held Jihad & Afterlife camps 6/30/ -7/20/06  June 18, 2006
The United States Institute of Peace promotes radical Islam with Muslim World Initiative and tax payer funding  June 5, 2006
Tribu KA -Black group in France attacks Jews- modelled after NOI black supremacist 'con'cept of 'Kemet'  May 30, 2006
Chaka Fattah:Congressman's family getting millions for gang member enclave while Philly Mayor refuses funding for witness protection  May 11, 2006
Islamist target evicted by residents of building in Holland - terrorists use apartments and neighborhoods as HQ's unhindered  May 4, 2006
Voz de Aztlan: Hispanofacist groups laud suicide bombers- sees immigration protests as beginning of demographic takeover of U.S.  April 30, 2006
Islamic Thinkers Society calls for genocide and Jihad on 34th Street  April 25, 2006
Florida Atlantic University holds Muslim Student Da'wa event "Believe it or not: You were born Muslim!"  April 17, 2006
Al Hewar Center- Terror International in the Heart of DC  March 22, 2006
Al Magrib Institute director Muhammed Alshareef explains why "Jews were cursed" and offers courses on "Islam Invulnerable"  March 8, 2006
South Asia coordinator for busted terror 'charity' Kind Hearts becomes new Religous Affairs director of the Islamic Center of Milwaukee  February 27, 2006
Amputations, beheadings, hangings, and executions continue in Muslim world - while Muhammed cartoons spark outrage  February 13, 2006
Pimping for the Profit :World Economic Forum as Saudi Da'wa front 'West Islamic World Dialouge' aka Western Islamic World Da'wa  January 19, 2006
The Institute of Islamic Education teaches Jihad through conversion  January 17, 2006
Dupes for Da'wa - Muslims exploit interfaith programs in schools and universities to promote Wahhabist Islam via Hartford Seminary  January 9, 2006
Jihad denial: Jewish and Catholic groups legitimise Islamists- propagate the hoax of Abrahamic faith unity with Islam  December 28, 2005
MPAC confab "Examining our role in America" 12/17/05 with CAIR's Ahmed -'faux moderate' Reza Aslan & linkup to terror tied Tariq Ramadan  December 13, 2005
Muslim Public Affairs Council aligns with CAIR - radical Islamist groups are hosted at 5 government Iftar dinners  November 20, 2005
US Dept of Education awards Blue Ribbon for Excellence to Islamist School where pledge of allegiance is to ' Allah and his Prophet'  October 2, 2005
Why is UK Taliban supporter linked to jailed terrorist Al Masri and ex wife of PLO 'colonel' listed as a speaker at the U of Penn instead of on a 'no fly' list?  September 27, 2005
PASSIA as terrorist front : Internationally funded Palestinian Academy for Study of International Affairs used to plan Hamas strategy  September 25, 2005
Call Six Flags to protest Al Qaeda linked Islamic Circle of North America's ' Muslim Only' event at NJ theme park 9/16/05  September 14, 2005
Press Release: MIM calls upon President Bush not to send US government representative Karen Hughes to radical Islamist ISNA conference  September 1, 2005
Support Michael Graham :Al Qaeda & Hamas linked CAIR intimidate ABC Radio to fire host who called Islam a terrorist organisation  August 24, 2005
Soldiers do not deport their comrades in arms - Residents of Gaza should don their own IDF uniforms to counter fellow soldiers  August 15, 2005
From the Fuhrer to Florida: International terror organisation founded by Hitler ally Al Husseini has office in Coral Gables  August 8, 2005
Luton Muslims website offers 'poetry' by jailed terrorist Babar Ahmad - while essays warn "Islam is under attack by unbelievers"  August 7, 2005
Al Muhajiroun spokesman Makbool Javaid signed Jihad fatwa against US &UK - civil rights lawyer and ex government advisor  August 7, 2005
Former World Bank and IMF Iqbal Asaria linked to Al Qaeda & Taliban -Did MCB finance chairman use WB/IMF funds for terror?  August 4, 2005
Kamran Bokhari - spokesman for Al Muhajiroun group (linked to UK bombings) - working as Stratfor's 'in house Jihadi'  July 25, 2005
Will UK police permit terrorism linked Hizb ut Tahrir Muslim Unity Conference to take place on August 7th?  July 22, 2005
Muslim Council of Britain secretary general and finance chairman working with Al Qaeda and Al Muhajiroun  July 17, 2005
Muslim Council of Britain finance chairman Iqbal Asaria and director Iqbal Sacranie directly linked to Al Qaeda  July 17, 2005
PR calls for Alexander Acosta- Interim Attorney for Southern FL to step down : gave DOJ funding to terror supporting Musim group  July 4, 2005
Truth vs CAIR & Saudi funding - Free Koran to show Americans" text that inspires Arabic calls to prayer, pilgimage and Jihad"  July 1, 2005
Muslim Legal Fund of America - Muslim Law For Allah - MAS /ICNA - ACLU & AI work to replace the Constitution with the Koran  June 20, 2005
Islamic Academy of Florida still teaching kids after instructor/directors are jailed on terrorism charges and use of school for Jihad funding  June 18, 2005
Wife of Sami Al Arian was founder/director/secretary of the World Islamic Studies Enterprise - Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror front  June 9, 2005
MIM - PR & Video : Ex Imam of Islamic Center of Boca Raton Ibrahim Dremali - left FL 4 months prior to Rafiq Sabir arrest 'found refuge in Des Moines mosque'  May 31, 2005
CAIR :' A Decade of Dedication' (to terrorism) plans to open new office in Orlando 5/28/05  May 22, 2005
Imam of FL dirty bomber's mosque to host 'Extraordinary Conference' with Public Defender Howard Finkelstein & ex Mayor Oliveri  May 5, 2005
I think therefore Islam? Queens Public Television to air Jihadist films for suicide bomber supporting 'Islamic Thinkers Society'  May 3, 2005
MIM Exclusive:Neo Nazi William Baker Tells Crowd at Boca Marriott that 9-11 Hijackers Weren't Muslims  May 1, 2005
Neo- Nazi William Baker to speak at Assadiq Islamic Educational Foundation banquet in Boca Raton - Mayors express outrage at misuse of their names  April 10, 2005
Assistant Secretary to US Treasury Juan Zarate attends forum of group under investigation for terrorism financing  March 27, 2005
Jim Towey -Deputy Assistant to the President & Director of the Office of Faith -Based Initiatives spoke at radical Islamist conference in 2002  March 18, 2005
MSA = Muslim Students of Allah - "Islam in Motion" conference targets New York City 3/25-26/05  March 2, 2005
Organization on Senate list of Muslim groups which "finance terrorism and perpetuate violence" invited to White House Leadership Conference  February 23, 2005
Jihad through Conversion - Florida Muslims push Islamisation of America through campus and community interfaith activities  February 21, 2005
Queer Jihad vs.Islam - Muslim 'civil rights' organisations condemn homosexuality as "abnormal human act"  February 18, 2005
Erotic and Muslim Fundamentalism -embracing death in quest of an "eternal orgy in the afterlife"  February 17, 2005
UAE Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Information Affairs "rejects Militant Islam Monitor report" on Zayed Center  January 24, 2005
New Assadiq Islamic Education Foundation in Boca Raton brings Iranian born Imam Sayed Mohammed Jawad Al Qazwini & Co. to FL  January 23, 2005
Jihad Watch & Dr. Daniel Pipes : New Jersey family murdered by Muslims who pretended to be Christian converts  January 22, 2005
Medicins sans Frontieres- Doctors without Borders - funded by anti American -anti semitic UAE Zayed Center  January 20, 2005
Unindicted co conspirator linked to WTC bombing Siraj Wahaj being brought to FAU campus by Muslim Student Organisation & MAS  January 17, 2005
FOX TV coerced into providing stations with 'nice Muslim' spots made by group linked to terrorism  January 15, 2005
Ali Mazrui - lecturer at Bin Laden funded ICPI in South Africa -should be disinvited to speak at Rochester Institute of Technology  January 3, 2005
CAIR -Council on American Islamic Relations defendant in 9/11 class action lawsuit - linked to Al Qaeda  January 1, 2005
"I have killed my Jew " : Are the ritual murders of Ariel Sellouk in Houston and Sebastien Selam in Paris linked to Takfir Wal Hijra ?  December 23, 2004
Theo van Gogh: "How Come"- post 9/11 warning about political correctness vs. the "Fifth column of goat fuckers...who believe Holland should be wiped off the face of the earth"  December 18, 2004
Press Release: New website from colleagues of Theo van Gogh :The Stopped Smoker - "Politics of Terror" radio - news from Holland  December 14, 2004
Theo van Gogh talks about his book "Allah Knows Best" "I like functional insults - Last film : 0605 about the murder of Pim Fortuyn premieres in Holland  December 13, 2004
Theo Van Gogh's column: "May I Say This ?" Muslims in Holland issue petition/fatwa - "Theo van Gogh Must Stop With Columns" to Dutch authorities  November 25, 2004
Theo van Gogh: "Newsprint Murderers" : " If there was ever a reason not to keep your mouth shut- it is now"  November 24, 2004
Ghanim Al Jumaily - director of Al Qaeda linked 'charity' Life for Relief & Development-Saddam loyalist appointed Iraqi ambassador to Japan-worked as NASA engineer  November 21, 2004
Discrimination suit against Islamists - Kissimmee Christian Academy vs. the Universal Heritage Foundation - UHF CEO Shah responds  November 15, 2004
Letter which was found on the body of Theo van Gogh links killer to Al Takfir wal Hijrah - group more extreme than Al Qaeda  November 15, 2004
Theo van Gogh's book "Allah Knows Best" - Murders of Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn perpetrated by and for Muslims  November 14, 2004
Dutch filmaker and journalist Theo Van Gogh murdered by Islamo facists in Amsterdam - Militant Islam Monitor press release  November 2, 2004
CAIR: 'Moderate Friends of Terror' celebrates "10 years of community service" in Florida  October 31, 2004
John Zogby -shyster pollster & James Zogby - head of the American Arab Institute - propagandists for the Saudi -Wahabi lobby  October 25, 2004
Al Qaeda in Missouri -FBI raids Islamic American Relief Agency - IARA edu director Ibrahim Khaleel teaches Islam in public schools  October 24, 2004
Yusuf Islam & The Muslim Council of Britain's terrorism ties - Muslim Aid 'charity' funds Al Qaeda & sent Mujahideen to Bosnia  September 24, 2004
MIM Press Release:"Muslims Only Day" at Six Flags Amusement Park? Protest discrimination on NJ state property  September 15, 2004
Muslim Youth Leader Tayabb Yunus at ICNA 2000 conference :"Now is the time...to send your child to fight Jihad in Chechyna"  September 8, 2004
Al Muhajiroun plans 3rd annual 'celebration' of 9/11 attacks - Group denied venue at last minute -cancels event  September 5, 2004
Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh gets police protection after he makes film about wife beating in Islam  September 2, 2004
Muslim Youth leader Tayabb Yunus at ICNA 2000 conference: "Now is the time to send your child to fight Jihad in Chechyna"  September 1, 2004
Second International Muslim Conference -Dar Ul Uloom Islamic Institute -September 5th 2004  August 29, 2004
Tariq Ramadan: Terrorism connections cited for revoking slated Notre Dame professor's US visa - Muslims-CAIR& Chicago Tribune protest  August 25, 2004
Bridgeview Mosque Foundation/ Hamas member Mohamed Saleh arrested with Howard U prof Abdelhaleem Ashqar on terrorism charges  August 21, 2004
NY member of Al Muhajiroun whose mother survived WTC bombings set up terrrorist training camp in Afghanistan  August 20, 2004
Iqbal Asaria: Al Qaeda webmaster of Jihad and Ummah.org heads Muslim Council of Britain business and finance committee  August 18, 2004
The United Kingdom as The United Khalifate:Al Muhajiroun shows how Britain will function under a Shari'a 'New World Order'  August 18, 2004
BOLO :Texas and Arizona on alert for dirty bomber wannabee Shukrijumah-officials warn of border crossing from Mexico  August 18, 2004
Lawyer for 8 terror suspects planning radioactive attacks in US &UK claims jailed clients were "not allowed to read the Koran "  August 17, 2004
Al Muhajiroun flyers in mosque urges Muslims to become terrorist fighters and "pray for death and decay to descend on the West"  August 17, 2004
Florida Christian Academy files lawsuit charging Muslims with discrimination and intimidation  August 11, 2004
Terrorism through Submission: Muslims intimidate critics using civil and human rights lawsuits  August 5, 2004
Abu Hamza Al Masri encouraged followers to become suicide bombers "on your own doorstep"  August 2, 2004
Al Muhajiroun group planning US Rally : "Terrorism is part of Islam " "Allah ordered and obliged us to terrify the enemies of Allah"  July 20, 2004
' Humanitarian Terrorism' and the PCRF :Dr.Imad Tabry & Steve Sosebee :From Miami's Holy Cross Hospital to Hamas  July 18, 2004
MAS/ICNA Qatar cleric Yusuf Qaradawi in the UK : 'Give terrorists Apache helicopters so they won't have to blow themselves up'  July 15, 2004
The BTN -AMP & AMV on Capitol Hill: Exploiting symbols of Nazi opression and icons of patriotism to promote militant Islam  July 14, 2004
CAIR joins Bin Laden admirer Paul Findley and the 'Council for the National Interest' to endorse candidate Ralph Nader  July 11, 2004
Jihad through "Con"version : Exploiting good faith, and the Constitution, to recruit converts to Islam  July 9, 2004
Deputy Director of the Miami Port Khalid Salahuddin aka Imam of the Al Ansar mosque  July 4, 2004
Chicago Islamist leader Kareem Irfan of the CIOGC excuses beheadings as "a primordial sense of retaliation and revenge"  June 29, 2004
Iraqi clerics : Paul Johnson's beheading :"caused harm to Islam's reputation and Muslims abroad" and it "would have been better to postpone the execution"  June 18, 2004
Muneer Arafat : Imam for hire - from Brandenton to the Islamic Center of Boca Raton  June 10, 2004
Maulana Shafayat Mohamed : President of Hollywood Interfaith Council embraces Bin Laden buddies -Dar Ul Uloom welcomes South Florida terrorists  June 7, 2004
The Taco Bellnality of Evil : Mohammed Javed Qureshi and local Muslims, lie about their roles in Padilla's path to Islam  June 1, 2004
Expectant mother and 4 young daughters shot to death by Islamo facists - Arabs celebrate and call killings "heroic"  May 4, 2004
So Happy to Have Hosted Hamas -Florida Atlantic University thanks Fulbright for bringing Hamas activist Mustafa Abu Sway to their campus  April 24, 2004
The Usual Suspects: Militant Islamists hold Family Fun Day in Florida  April 4, 2004
Barbarism with a smiling face - Militants in Fallujah and their supporters in America-CAIR and Fallujah on the same side  April 4, 2004
Mustafa Abu Sway - Affiliations to Hamas leaders Hasan Yousef , Sheik Jamal Hamimi, and Al Aqsa Imam Ekrima Sabri , via PASSIA  March 28, 2004
Al Quds University University President Sari Nussibeh's' militant moderation'  March 28, 2004
Welcome to the Islamic Resistance Movement -aka HAMAS aka IAP aka CAIR  March 23, 2004
Hamas = PA =Al Quds University = Abu Jihad Center for Political Prisoner's Affairs (Fatah)  March 23, 2004
Fulbright's Terror Ties vs. Hamas activist / FAU prof Mustafa Abu Sway and Dan Restrepo's lies  March 23, 2004
Some call it sleeper cells...  March 10, 2004
The best laid plans of militant Islamists oft go awry  March 4, 2004