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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Paid Assassins 'lawmaker' Husam Khader convicted of forming terror group and dispatching suicide bombers

Paid Assassins 'lawmaker' Husam Khader convicted of forming terror group and dispatching suicide bombers

September 4, 2005


MIM: Note that Khader was convicted of 'forming a terrorist group' which once again shows that the PA 'parliament' where he was a 'lawmaker' is more aptly referred to as the Paid Assassins. If Khader gets out of jail he could always make a living by professing to be an ex terrorist who loves Jews and join forces with people like Walid Shoebat and others who have made a lucrative business out of speaking to Jewish audiences for thousands of dollars and gushing to them about their metamorphosis from terrorism to Judeophilia. (see bio below)


PA lawmaker guilty of terror charges

An Israeli military court on Sunday convicted a Palestinian lawmaker of being a member of a terror group and helping to fund terror attacks, including at least one failed suicide bombing, the IDF said.

Husam Khader, the 43-year-old lawmaker, reached a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors and confessed to the charges, the IDF said. Khader has been a lawmaker since 1996.

Khader, who was arrested in March 2003, was convicted of helping to form a terror group in the area of the West Bank city of Nablus, helping to filter money to the group so it could purchase weapons and of failing to prevent an attack he knew was planned, the IDF said in a statement.

Khader's group sent two suicide bombers to a West Bank settlement in January 2003, but the attack was foiled by security forces, the statement said.

Khader will be sentenced on October 23.

A longtime member of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah movement, Khader is a leader of the Fatah youth group and was arrested several times during the first intifada in the 1980s for participating in the movement's activities. He was convicted only once and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Khader was also one of several hundred Palestinians deported by Israel in 1988 for his uprising activities. Khader returned to the West Bank in 1994.


PA Legislator Convicted of Terrorist Activities

Sunday, September 4, 2005 / 30 Av 5765


b(IsraelNN.com) A member of the Palestinian Authority's legislative council was convicted today by an IDF military court of terrorism-related crimes. In a plea-bargain, the terrorist-legislator, Hussam Khader, admitted his membership in Fatah, his involvement in supplying terrorists with funds for arms, and his foreknowledge of a planned suicide bombing.

Khader was arrested by IDF forces in 2003. Israeli intelligence sources at the time claimed that the PA legislator was a funnel for Iranian and Hizbullah monies for Fatah-affiliated terrorists.

Fatah is the central faction of the PLO, and the faction to which PA leader Mahmoud ("Abu Mazen") Abbas belongs. Fatah, through the PLO, has been running the PA since its establishment under the late arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat.



MIM: CV of Hussam Khader terrorist and potential 'inspirational speaker' on the US ex Jew haters as judeophile lecture circuit.

Hussam Khader, who was born on Dec. 8th 1961 in the Palestinian village Kofr Romman, graduated from the Najah University in Nablus in Business Management and Political Sciences. Before the 1st Intifada he was already arrested 23 times by the Israeli occupation forces, detained for 1 years, as well as placed under house arrest for one year.

At the beginning of the 1st Intifada, he became one of the founders of several of the youth organisations (including in Balata Refugee Camp, of which he is a resident) that were to play a crucial part in the popular uprising. At that was also involved in the Student Council of Najah University. On Jan. 13th 1988 he became the first Intifada activist to be deported from Palestine. After being wounded in a demonstration he was brought to South Lebanon by the Israeli occupation forces.

After being exiled Mr Khader started playing an ever more important role in politics. He represented the PLO on many occasions and as an ambassador of the Intifada came to meet several Presidents and speak in front of the Parliaments of many countries. He finally even became a member of the Palestinian National Council (PNC).

After being allowed to return to Palestine on April 5th 1994 after the Oslo Agreement, Mr Khader confounded the Supreme Council for Coordination of Fateh Activities together with Faisal al-Hussein and Marwan Barghouthi. The father of three children became chairman in the Ministry of Youth and Sport and held several speeches before the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Elections.

A refugee himself, Mr. Khader is an outspoken advocate for refugee rights and founder of the Association for the Defence of the Rights of Palestinian Refugees, which insists on the right of return for Palestinian refugees to be included in any peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. In 1996 he was elected into the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC, the Palestinian Parliament), as a representative of the Nablus district. He is a member of the Human Rights-, the Political-, and the Monitoring Boards of Parliament.

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