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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > HIrsi Ali: Dutch Muslim politician who admits "I have done more harm then good" in Holland lands job at American Enterprise Institute

HIrsi Ali: Dutch Muslim politician who admits "I have done more harm then good" in Holland lands job at American Enterprise Institute

Muslim parliamentarian who destroyed credibility of her political party through fraud will use US think tank to promote personal agenda
May 15, 2006

MIM:; Muslim Dutch politician Hirsi Ali is jumping ship after after finding herself at the center of storm that she lied about her background to falsely obtain asylum in Holland, under the very rules she as a parlimentarian advocated.

After exploiting Holland's tolerance and people's goodwill for personal gain ,Ayaan Hirsi Ali announced she will be starting a new life with the help of gullible supporters in the United States who are hailing her as the new 'Muslim Messiah',seeminlly oblivious to Ali's own admission that she "has done more harm then good" in Holland ,and the disclosure in the documentary 'Saint Ayaan' that she lied about fleeing an arranged marriage, to obtain asylum in The Netherlands.

The founder of Ali's political party, Hans Wiegel, has stated he is "not sorry to see her go" and accused her of neglecting her duties in parliament. In keeping with her mercenary style, Ali has decided that since she is leaving Holland anyway, she should take advantage of her parliamentary salary and perks to promote her book in the United States,which is based on the her false claim that she came to Holland fleeing an arranged marriage.

Ali's celebrity came after the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh who paid her 18,000 for her script which was made into a film called Submission. The film depicted battered women with Koranic verses painted on their naked bodies and generated outrage of Muslims who made death threats against both.

Ali had nothing to lose, since she had been under bodyguard protection since 2002 after calling Mohammed a 'pedofile' and referring to Islam' as a 'backward religion' on television.

Since Theo van Gogh was unprotected he deemed an easy target, and was slaughtered on an Amsterdam street by a Dutch Muslim who shot him and slit his throat . Instead of coming to the funeral or standing up to the terrorists Ali fled the country and was feted by acolytes in New York. When the film Submission was embargoed by the film company Column Productions Ali did nothing to have it released,instead, she announced her plans to 'make a sequel'.

Not one to share the spotlight, Ali never speaks about Theo van Gogh. Her hubris was showcased when she specifically addressed Jews in the audience at an American Jewish Committee where the she (who had been under round the clock body guard protection since 2002) was given the 'Moral Courage Award'. She regaled her audience with a litany of anti semitic canards and told them that the 'good news was that she no longer blamed Jews for her misfortunes'. Considering the financial and logistical support she has received from Jews and Jewish organisations in the United States Ali has as the Dutch say "met haar neus in de boter gevallen" (she has it made).

Journalist Ebru Umar who was a close friend of Theo van Gogh, and took over his column in the newspaper Metro after his murder wrote :"Wie is er beter op na haar immenging in de samenleving"? Who has benefitted from (her) Ali's involvement in the society?" The question seems to have been answered by Ali herself who recently told a Dutch paper: "I have done more harm then good". My message has come across to the public wrong".

Ali is right about one thing: "She has done more harm then good in Holland".

Saying that "her message has come across wrong to the public " is disingenuous. Ali lied about her background to obtain asylum in Holland and used her political position for person gain. Her deragatory remarks about Islam and Muslims, as a member of parliament have rendered her ineffectual when it comes to having an influence on Muslims,and carrying out her stated mission to liberate Muslim women. As a result she made her name 'preaching to the converted',and has announced that she is working on a book with the preticious title "The Path to Enlightenment".Besides the fact that Ali is no theologian, it is obvious that no Muslim would care to be enlightened by someone who has publicly renounced their religion and is considerd an apostate.

Besides giving her party the reputation of being anti Muslim, and devoid of any potential Muslim voter support, she has caused it to lose seats and,more egregiously ,has diverted the public debate from the threat of radical Islam and terrorism to herself.

What does the American Enterprise Institute hope to gain by having a proven fraud and political opportunist on it's board who has left a trail of havoc and person devastation in Holland, and whose only legacy is in her own words "doing more harm then good in Holland?

Hopefully the AEI has the intellectual or ethical integrity to ask this queston and reconsider their appointment of Ali to their Institute. As for Ali, the old adage of rats deserting a sinking ship applies to her new career in Washington.

Before he was murdered Theo van Gogh had considered coming to live in the United States which he called "The last beacon of hope in a steadily darkening world".

Theo Van Gogh was killed after making the movie which Hirsi Ali could not have made otherwise.

As Ali and her supporters sing her praises ,it should be recalled that Theo van Gogh is the unsung hero.

Ali quite literally, is coming to America over his dead body.


Translation MIM:

Hirsi Ali per 1 September to Washington

The Hague- The VVD House member Ayaan Hirsi Ali is leaving on September 1st to take a job at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. This was announced in the Hague this morning. Hirsi Ali reached an argreement this week with the Ministery of Foreign Affairs over her own security. It was the intention that Ali would go to the United States in May,but because she had to leave her housing in The Hague she requested the American Enterprise Institute to let her come in September.

Hirsi Ali was also negotiating with two other think tanks - the John Hopkins University (too poor) and The Brookings Institution (they were completely not in line with my thinking).

Hirsi Ali is going to Washington to finish her book " A shortcut to Enlightenment". She had for some time felt that her presence in Holland was 'counterproductive'. In May she had told the Volkskrant that "I have done more harm then good" "My message has been wrongly construed by the public".


Hirsi Ali is Your Problem Now, America
May 19th, 2006


Hirsi Ali has become a cause celebre among American conservatives as a refugee from Islamic oppression. Sympathy has led to an uncritical assignment to her of virtue. Please consider the facts.

Yes, the Dutch politician Hirsi Ali is a charming personality who excels in candid outspokenness, especially on the subject of Islamic fundamentalism. Yes, the Dutch government is currently considering stripping her of her nationality. Wouldn't the US government do the same when someone admits to being a fraud?

Fact: she lied to obtain Dutch citizenship, and not just about her name and a few other basic facts. She deliberately made a mockery of the law on international refugees, admitting that she just wanted to get into the country to better herself.

Today, it is not the sudden public interest in her background that causes her to migrate to the US. This she decided a considerable time ago, admitting herself that her contribution to the public debate in Holland on the subject of Islamic fundamentalism was no longer constructive but had turned into the opposite. Also, her political rise had come to a halt.

In any case, her travel plans are by no means inspired by any kind of oppression. She was and remains always perfectly free to speak her mind. You don't have to be Muslim to disagree with her constant "Muslim bashing" (and no, I am not Muslim). By the way, "Muslim bashing" is not my choice of words, but they did appear in connection with her in a report of a national board of advisors to the government. Her prompt reaction was a proposition to abolish the board all together.

Well, that's one way of dealing with an institution that doesn't agree with you.

Looking on as you are doing from the USA, it may seem that the Dutch are well and truly divided on this issue. However, bear in mind that the Dutch political arena has recently become a complete battleground and the main issue is "immigration." Most of what is being said and done over this incident is politically motivated and/or serves to cover up some kind of involvement in her deceit to obtain citizenship. A lot of people hoped that that her charming appearance would make everything go away. For a long time, it did.

Anyway, she is leaving us now, and she is your problem. Let's see how she will fare in the USA.

In her battle against Islam, she actually proposed to change our constitution (see page six) and abolish the fundamental freedom of education we enjoy. I wonder how that will go down in the US. And I am interested to see how the American public reacts to some of her impromptu actions, like questioning a small child on TV on the subject of belief in God.

Whatever the outcome, you can forget about sending her back here!

The question on my mind right now is: how did she obtain her US green card? How did she manage to put her moving date forward on such short notice? Did she have to go through the usual channels and procedures, like everyone else? Maybe you should ask yourselves that before you question why the Dutch refuse to accept legal fraud by anyone, let alone a legislator.

Frederik H Coppes lives in Amsterdam.

maandag 15 mei 2006 uur.
Hirsi Ali per 1 september naar Washington
Van onze verslaggevers Raoul du Pré, Hans Wansink

DEN HAAG - Het VVD-Kamerlid Ayaan Hirsi Ali treedt per 1 september in dienst van het American Enterprise Institute (AEI), een conservatieve denktank in Washington. Dit zal zij morgen in Den Haag bekend maken. Hirsi Ali bereikte afgelopen week overeenstemming met het Amerikaanse ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken over haar beveiliging.

Het was de bedoeling dat Hirsi Ali op 1 mei volgend jaar naar de Verenigde Staten zou vertrekken. Maar omdat zij op 27 augustus haar huis in Den Haag moet ontruimen, heeft zij het AEI verzocht of zij per 1 september terecht kon.

De afgelopen maanden heeft Hirsi Ali ook onderhandeld met twee andere denktanks, de Johns Hopkins University (‘te arm') en de Brookings Institution (‘die zaten niet helemaal op mijn lijn').

Hirsi Ali gaat in de VS haar boek Shortcut to Enlightenment (Een korte weg naar de Verlichting) afmaken. Zij had al geruime tijd het idee dat haar aanwezigheid in Nederland ‘averechts werkte'. Hirsi Ali zei in maart tegen de Volkskrant: ‘Ik maak meer kapot dan ik goedmaak. Bij de burgers komt mijn boodschap vervormd over.'


Ayaan Hirsi Magan

Kamerlid Ayaan Hirsi Ali (VVD) heeft er geen geheim van gemaakt dat ze tijdens haar asielprocedure en bij de naturalisatie had gelogen over haar identiteit. In werkelijkheid heette ze Ayaan Hirsi Magan. Op de televisie en aan de VVD-selectiecommissie had ze dat al onthuld voor ze met voorkeurstemmen werd gekozen voor de Tweede Kamer. Het VVD-bestuur heeft Hirsi Ali dus willens en wetens op de lijst geplaatst zonder zich rekenschap te geven van de juridische bezwaren. Die bestonden al ruim voordat minister Verdonk (Vreemdelingenzaken, VVD) was aangetreden en de wet op het Nederlanderschap strenger werd gemaakt. De Hoge Raad erkent naturalisaties onder valse naam niet, op de formele grond dat het Nederlanderschap dan niet is verleend aan de persoon die het heeft aangevraagd. Zelfs de naturalisatie van Irakezen die tijdens de procedure eerlijk waren geweest over het gebruik van een valse naam om achtergebleven familieleden te beschermen, werd niet erkend. De geldigheid van de naturalisatie van Hirsi Ali is nog niet juridisch getest en het risico bestaat dat al die tijd een niet-Nederlander in de Tweede Kamer heeft gezeten. Dat het VVD-bestuur dit juridische bezwaar over het hoofd heeft gezien, toen Hirsi Ali op de lijst werd gezet, is een grove blunder.

Verdonk verzekerde eerder dat haar strenge beleid voor Hirsi Ali geen gevolgen zou hebben, maar maakte een draai door daar dit weekeinde op terug te komen. Omdat iedereen gelijk is voor de wet, kwam Verdonk niet uit onder een onderzoek naar het Nederlanderschap van Hirsi Ali dat door Kamerlid Nawijn, haar voorganger, werd aangevraagd.

Het maakt een hypocriete indruk dat het al bekende verleden van Hirsi Ali pas nu, na een documentaire van het televisieprogramma Zembla, zo'n grote politieke rol is gaan spelen. Behalve Nawijn heeft ook Kamerlid Klaas de Vries (PvdA), die tegenstander is van het strenge beleid van Verdonk, het asielverleden van Hirsi Ali aangegrepen om zijn punt te maken. Op grond van veranderde wetgeving kunnen naturalisaties worden teruggedraaid als tijdens de aanvraagprocedure ook over andere zaken dan de identiteit is gelogen. De omstreden positie van Hirsi Ali komt met name Verdonk, die streeft naar het leiderschap van haar partij, slecht uit. Rond het Kamerlid hang de sfeer van een afrekening. Zij is niet meer zo populair als een paar jaar geleden en ook binnen de VVD-fractie leven grote bezwaren tegen haar solistische optreden. Zij heeft uitgesproken opvattingen over de islam in Nederland. Op het gebied van de asielwetgeving is zij minder geprofileerd, maar zij heeft wel altijd als fractielid loyaal met het strenge beleid van Verdonk ingestemd. Zij staat dus ook voor een beleid waarin asielzoekers zoals zij niet mogen worden toegelaten.

Een vertrek van Hirsi Ali uit de Kamer zou onbevredigend zijn omdat haar asielverleden al jaren bekend is – en toch is het moeilijk voor een parlementariër om aan te blijven als haar Nederlanderschap omstreden is. Deze langdurige onduidelijkheid van de status van iemand met een Nederlands paspoort pleit ervoor om de wetgeving zodanig te veranderen dat naturalisatie definitief is. Het wekt een slechte indruk dat een eenzame dissident in de Tweede Kamer op formeel-juridische gronden niet alleen haar huis, maar ook misschien haar burgerschap verliest.


MIM: The founder of Hirsi Ali's party, Hans Wiegel, "is not sad" that Ali is going , and called it "no loss" for the VVD.

Wiegel had criticised Ali for polarising the immigration debate and accused her of neglecting her work in Parliament. In a recent public feud Ali called Wiegel a "reactionary conservative" the VVD lost seats as a result of the infighting.

Wiegel niet rouwig om vertrek Hirsi Ali http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/42376191/Wiegel_niet_rouwig_om_vertrek_Hirsi_Ali.html

HILVERSUM - Het aanstaande vertrek van Ayaan Hirsi Ali uit de Tweede Kamer is „geen verlies voor de VVD" en ook niet voor de Tweede Kamer. Dat zei VVD-coryfee Wiegel maandag in het radioprogramma 1opdeMiddag. Hirsi Ali is een „dappere vrouw", maar ze heeft volgens hem standpunten die polariserend zijn.

 Wiegel niet rouwig om vertrek Hirsi Ali

Wiegel noemde als voorbeeld haar opvattingen over de vrijheid van onderwijs en minderheden. „Ik was het met die lijn niet eens", zei Wiegel. Hij denkt niet dat we nog veel van Hirsi Ali zullen horen als ze eenmaal in de Verenigde Staten werkt. „Dat vind ik niet zo erg", erkende Wiegel, die haar wel feliciteerde met haar 'nieuwe job'. Hij is niet verbaasd over de aankondiging van Hirsi Ali maar vraagt zich "wel af of ze gelukkig is in de Kamer."

Wiegel en Hirsi Ali kregen vorig jaar november openlijk ruzie over artikel 23 van de Grondwet (vrijheid van onderwijs) en de toon in het integratiedebat. Hirsi Ali wil dat wetsartikel afschaffen, maar volgens Wiegel hoort het bij het liberale gedachtegoed.

Hirsi Ali omschreef Wiegel als „reactionair conservatief". Wiegel vond onder meer dat Hirsi Ali te veel polariseert in het integratiedebat en dat ze haar eigenlijke werk in de Kamer verwaarloost. Toenmalig VVD-aanvoerder Van Aartsen moest eraan te pas komen om de ruzie te sussen.

Onderzoek naturalisatie
Het door minister Verdonk aangekondigde onderzoek naar mogelijke leugens van Ayaan Hirsi Ali tijdens de asielprocedure moet volgens Wiegel gewoon doorgaan. "Het is aan de minister om te beslissen maar op zichzelf kan ik het me goed voorstellen dat het onderzoek wordt voortgezet."

"Het feit dat de minister een onderzoek heeft aangekondigd heb ik een verstandig besluit gevonden" , aldus de oud-minister van Buitenlandse Zaken in het eerste kabinet Van Agt.

Gelijke monniken, gelijke kappen. Voor iedereen die naar Nederland komt en niet de waarheid spreekt, daarvoor geldt hetzelfde," vindt Hans Wiegel.


MIM: Ali is all talk and no action. Her stint in the government was a series of grandiose statements about how sheplaned to emancipate Muslim women. She sees the parliament as her stage and in effect promotes only issues related to Islam. As one can see from the comments alone- Muslims have no interest in her messsage and some have no idea what she is talking about.


Pressing women's issues
Mrs Hirsi Ali is confident that, once the elections are over, the VVD will give her sufficient latitude to put her ideas into practice.

"I intend to start on shelter homes, and turn them into women's liberating centres, where women not only get therapy and food, but also training on how to become autonomous. These programmes would be designed especially for Muslim women, because there are no programmes at all. They tend to go to the shelter for a while and then go back to a very abusive environment and then they come and go again."

"And all these women have kids and these kids are completely neglected and some of them, the younger boys, turn out to be delinquents. I think we can prevent that by giving them training."

"In addition, Muslim women with jobs are generally unfairly rewarded. I think we must do something about it, not by way of government, but by revitalizing women's organisations, which are almost defunct now in the Netherlands. These organizations must be brought back to life. I can do that from Parliament, it doesn't have to be government policy."

Tanya, 17-05-2006 - England

She wants to help Muslim women? I don't think any true Muslim person would go to her for help! She must have some serious illness thinking that all Muslim women are oppressed. Has she even tried asking some women what they think of their religion. Most are very happy and living comfortable lives .There is no need to blame the religion when other non-Muslim countries have sexual abuse and peodophilia involved. Why is it so much to do with Islam? All i can say is this woman has no fear of life after death.

Sarah Samaha, 01-05-2006 - Egypt

Its pretty clear that Ayaan had a pretty rough childhood, and it seems as though she is blaming it all on Islam... I am a Muslim however, Ii did go thru genital mutilation and hadn't even heard of it till I was 18. The article makes it seem like its an Islamic tradition when it isn't at all. I'm also Muslim and my parents haven't planned and arranged a marriage for me either. There are some areas in the world that do contain close minded Muslim people in them, but then again there's also areas in the world which contain close minded people who truly believe that all Muslims are radicals and terrorists and that the men are pedophiles, abusive and oppressive. Before speaking out against Islam, I think Ayaan Hirsi Ali should first go visit areas where open minded Muslims live and practice their religion without conflicts with the public. Islam was originally a peaceful religion and those who don't follow it correctly seem to b the ones representing it these days.

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