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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > FMAT aka Free Muslims As Potential Terrorists prints CAIR's Ahmed essay on 'Muslim moderation and suicide bombings'

FMAT aka Free Muslims As Potential Terrorists prints CAIR's Ahmed essay on 'Muslim moderation and suicide bombings'

Parvez Ahmad "Terrrorism is not the path to moderation" "Terrorists driven by messianic desire for justice".
August 26, 2005

MIM : Kamal Nawash and the Free Muslims Against Terrorism sees Israelis as the perpetrators of what they claim to be against.

"...The only terrorist in the Middle-East is the state of Israel..." Kamal Nawash 6/1/97

MIM: FMAT board member Khaleel Mohammed's much touted 'anti CAIR' speech at the invisible 'Million Muslims Against Terror' non march has become inadvertently amusing in light of the essay by CAIR's Parvez Ahmad on the FMAT site about Moderate Muslims and suicide bombings having nothing to do with Islam.

"…these organizations stand up and preach to the press how opposed they are to terrorism - and since, unlike Kamal Nawash,
I do not have the necessity to be politically correct I can mention bloody names, and I can call names-
and I call names like CAIR - and MAS - They stand up and preach hypocrisy..."

Khaleel Mohammed board member Free Muslims Against Terrorism



MIM: FMAT is finally showing their true colors and publishes the way to Muslim moderation by CAIR board chairman Parvez Ahmed, who claims that suicide bombings have nothing to do with Islam but is the result of anger mismanagement. Kamal Nawash has worked with CAIR in the past, noticeably in 'condemning' text books in school which was raided by the JTT and FBI. The protest was intended as a PR stunt for Nawash and was protesting a portrayal of Islam in the text, not the Jihadist content of the textbooks. http://www.washingtontimes.com/metro/20040802-123606-9597r.htm
Nawash's publication of Ahmed's article on his FMAT website shows that he considers the CAIR board chairman to be another voice for 'moderate Muslims'.

MIM: CAIR board chairman Parvez Ahmed informs readers of the FMAT website that :

"Moderation is to be exercised in both spiritual and temporal matters" "Terrorism is not the path to moderation":


Press Corner

A moderate Muslim way to counter terrorism

August 19, 2005

By Parvez Ahmed

Why are some Muslims willing to kill in the name of their faith, despite clear Islamic injunctions against committing such heinous acts? The debate usually boils down to "they hate us" vs. "they hate our policies."

Robert Pape in his new book, "Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism," suggests that that terrorism has little to do with the teachings of any religion but is rather a response, albeit a criminal one, to policies that condone occupations.

Pape posits that suicide bombings, whether by Hezbollah in Lebanon or by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, are designed to compel the retreat of an occupation force. He notes that when Israeli forces left Lebanon, Hezbollah did not follow them to Tel Aviv.

This explanation, while credible, does not absolve the perpetrators of their crimes. Islam, like other faiths, allows for defensive war against combatants but unequivocally forbids the killing of civilians.

Muslims today have many legitimate grievances. Some of these grievances are the result of foreign occupation, some are the fruits of brutal authoritarian rule and others are a consequence of Muslims themselves failing to adapt to a rapidly changing world. But again, none of these grievances should ever be used to justify the unjustifiable.

Normative Islam does not allow Muslims to retaliate in kind against inhuman behavior. The Qur'an, Islam's revealed text, issues a call to moderation when it states: "And thus have We [God] willed you to be a community of the middle way, so that [with your lives] you might bear witness to the truth before all mankind." (2:143)

Moderation is to be exercised in both spiritual and temporal matters. Terrorism is certainly not the path of moderation.

What then is the motivation of those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam?

Terrorists seem to be driven by a messianic desire for justice. In order to achieve that goal, they are willing to precipitate an apocalyptic civilizational conflict.

Members of Al-Qaida and their ilk have deluded themselves into thinking that such a conflict will somehow produce a victory for the "believers," who are defined as only those Muslims who agree with their misguided interpretation of Islam.

This view of the world places most Muslims squarely in the cross hairs of the terrorists. Only Muslims can counter this extremist ideology, which unfortunately, resonates in some of the isolated and darker recesses of Muslim societies.

Presenting an alternative ideological discourse to counterbalance the hijacking of young and impressionable Muslim minds is as urgent as establishing effective law enforcement or military doctrine. The dissemination of core Islamic values to counteract this murderous ideology requires a multifaceted national strategy and will only be successful with the support of those Muslims who are well-versed in mainstream Islamic theology and enjoy broad-based support in the Muslim community worldwide.

It is disappointing that following a brief meeting with American Muslim leaders after the 9/11 attacks, President Bush and other top administration officials have made no meaningful effort to reach out to those who are best equipped to wage such ideological battles. This self-imposed disengagement harms our national security and does a disservice to all those American Muslims who want to help defend their nation.

American Muslim groups recently issued and endorsed a "fatwa," or Islamic religious edict, that reaffirmed and bolstered their previous condemnations of terrorism and extremism. The fatwa undercuts the apocalyptic ideology of the terrorists by unequivocally forbidding both the targeting of civilians and cooperation with terror groups. Muslims were also urged to cooperate with law enforcement authorities as part of their civic and religious duty.

The endorsement of this fatwa by all major American Muslim organizations, including hundreds of imams, offers a new opportunity for engagement. It is major step that our political and religious leaders should recognize and support.

Parvez Ahmed is board chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group.


September 5, 2005


Kamal Nawash Free Muslims Against Terrorism and the IAP and CAIR

It didn't take long for ex terrorist lawyer Kamal Nawash and his ironically named Free Muslims Against Terrorism organisation to show their radical Islamist colors

With the publication of an article by CAIR spokesman Parvez Ahmad on the FMAT website Nawash showed that he and the others in his organization are fifth columnists using a façade of moderation. which was desperately grasped by those who would were willing to take the word of a lawyer who brazenly told the media that Abdulrahman Alamoudi, the former ADC president who was jailed for 23 years on terrorism charges and linked to Al Qaeda 'was a Muslim moderate'.

The CAIR article on the FMAT website should come as no surprise. In 2000 Nawash posted this response on the Islamic Association of Palestine website explaining that the ADC did not have money to sue pro Israeli organisations but he expressed hope that in 5 years they would be as big as AIPAC.

Perhaps the millions which were pledged by Prince bin Talal at the 2005 dinner will go towards helping the ADC and the FMAT reach this goal together.

From: Islamic Association For Palestine <Iapinfo@...>
Date: Thu May 18, 2000 4:41 pm
Subject: IAP-Net: Response to why ADC does not sue pro-Israeli organizations



Recently the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), which is
the largest Arab-American grassroots activist organization in the United
States, was asked why they don't sue pro-Israeli organizations in the same
way that they sue Arab and Muslim organizations. We feel the answer the
ADC has provided below is quite instructive and we would like to share it
with you. It is easy to say "let's sue," but somebody has to pay and it
takes a lot of money. That is not to say that the Arab and Muslim
community does not have the funds in their communities, which we are
convinced that they do, but there is lack of will to contribute to this
effort. Our enemies are quite aware of this and they will continue to
launch nuisance law suits against us until they completely drain our
resources. When this takes place there will no longer be any Muslim
leadership in place in this country to defend the rights of Muslims and
Arabs. Are we willing to take that chance?

Read on......

From Kamal Nawash <legal@...>

Recently, ADC has received many questions about why we dont sue
pro-Israeli organizations in the same way that they sue Arab and Muslim
organizations. I would like to shed light on this issue.

ADC is very eager to file law suites against any organization or country
that abuses the rights of Arabs or Arab Americans. ADC has recently
settled a case with ADL after suing them for spying on our community.
When we sued ADL we were advised that the case would not last more than
a year or two and would probably not cost more than a hundred thousand
dollars. However, the case lasted ten years, and at one point the case
was costing $80,000 per month. Consequently, because our resources are
much more finite than the pro-Israeli organizations we have to be much
more selective in the cases we pursue.

However, this is not to say that we are not interested in suing. In
fact, we recently studied the feasability of suing on behalf of Arab
Americans tortured in Israel. Early estimates indicate that such a
lawsuit may last at least five years. We are trying to convince other
organizations to work with us on this endeavor. While it is not
impossible for ADC to take on such a cases, it must be noted that ADC
differs from the pro-Israeli organizations in way that limits our
ability to take on these expensive cases. The Arab and Arab American
communities are much more vulnerable than the Jewish communities to such
things as employment discrimination, discrimination in places of higher
education and places of public accommodations. For ADC to initiate
cases like those initiated by the pro-Israeli organizations ADC would
have to completely eliminate our services to the thousands of people who
call us seeking our help. Those people who call ADC for help do so
because they are vulnerable and have no where else to turn. We simply
can not and will not turn our backs on them.

Moreover, it should be noted that AIPACs budget is more than $40
million while ADCs budget is $1.4 million. AIPAC has more than 100
employees while we have 18. In short, ADC is striving to reach a point
where we can challenge Israels abuses on all fronts, including American
Courts. Hopefully one day, through your support we will be as strong as
AIPAC and then we can finally challenge and bring to justice all those
who abuse our rights, including officials of the Israeli government.

Proudly Serving Palestine and Al-Quds ooooooooooooooo
___________________________________________| |___

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P.O. Box 74353, Dallas, TX 75374 |_ _| / \ | _ \
Tel: (972) 669 - 9595 | | / _ \ | |_) |
Fax: (972) 669 - 9597 | | / ___ \ | __/
E-mail: info@... www.iap.org |___|/_/ \_\|_|
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MIM: One of the Free Muslims Against Terrorism board members is Imam Khaleel Mohammed, who is making a lucrative business out of speaking to Jewish groups about the 'warm fuzzy' and 'Zionistic' aspects of Islam.

Mohammed had his 15 minutres of fame when he made a speech at the invisible million Muslims against terrorism march a few months ago in which he pompously derided CAIR. Apparently when the cameras aren't rolling Mohammed has no objections to articles by CAIR officials being on the website of an organisation where he sits on the advisory board. In a Frontpage Magazine interview Mohammed expressed dissapointment that the Saudi funded Hamas front group CAIR would not be a voice for Muslim reform and concluded that 'integrity can not be expected of them'(!). http://www.campus-watch.org/article/id/1588

I had hoped that CAIR would have truly sought to work for a reform within Islam, and do so through the presentation of truth. I sought to aid this by letting them know that any talk of harmonious interaction with Jews, Christians and others can only be genuine when we Muslims are genuine. And this means questioning, probing, admitting that we have misrepresented history, sometimes blatantly seeking to revise the past. So, painfully, I must say that since integrity and truth are inextricably interwoven, and as shown in this, that CAIR is not willing to admit the truth, then, integrity cannot be expected from them.


Board of Directors

Kamal Nawash, President and Founder

M. Sami El-Behiri, Vice President and Florida Chapter President

Jim Huber, Secretary

Abed A. Jlelati, Treasurer and California Chapter President

Advisory Board Members

Mustafa Akyol, Advisory Board Member

Mike Ghouse, Advisory Board Member

Thomas J. Haidon, Esq., President of New Zealand Chapter

Ray Hanania, Advisory Board Member

M. Shahidul Islam, Advisory Board Member

Ahmed Mansour, Advisory Board Member

Imam Khalil Mohammad, Advisory Board Member

Sarah Morrison, Projects Director

Cale Salih, Youth Coordinator

Imam Muhammad H.Shakoor, Advisory Board Member

Amna R. Shirazi, President of Georgia Chapter

Professor Khaleel Mohammed, Ph.D.


Dr. Khaleel Mohammed is a professor of Religion at San Diego State University, and a core faculty member of the university s Center for Islamic and Arabic Studies. Dr. Mohammed was born in Guyana, South America, and is now a citizen of Canada. He has studied in Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Syria and Yemen, at both traditional Islamic institutions and Western universities. After a bachelor's degree in Religion and Psychology (Mexico), and a brief stint in the Canadian Army, he received a Saudi government scholarship and studied at the Kulliyat al-Shariah, Muhammad bin Saud University, in Riyadh. Upon his return to Canada, he received numerous fellowships and awards, completing an M.A. in religion (majoring in Judaism and Islam, Concordia University), and then his Ph.D. (Islamic law) at McGill, with an FCAR (Fonds pour les chercheurs et aide a la recherch驠fellowship from the Government of Quebec.

He was the first Kraft-Hiatt postdoctoral fellow in Islamic Studies at Brandeis University and during his two-year fellowship there, researched the image of the Jew in the Hadith Literature.

Dr. Mohammed is an imam and one of the few Islamic scholars who is accepted by both the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam. Dr. Mohammed has published a book (The World of Our Youth), numerous journal articles, and has presented at several conferences and public forums. He has also served as consultant to the Department of Justice, Government of Quebec, Canada, and as an expert witness in San Diego. He is a speaker with the United Jewish Communities (UJC) and the Brandeis University National Women's Committee (BUNWC).

Dr. Mohammed also led the Daniel Pearl Memorial in 2003 in Cambridge Square, Boston. Before his departure from Brandeis, he delivered the Chaplaincy sponsored graduation commencement address for the class of 2003. In addition to having lectured at several synagogues, churches and mosques, he has delivered speeches at many universities, including: McGill, Dartmouth College, Concordia (Montreal), University of Damascus, Muhammad b. Saud University (Saudi Arabia), Clark, Hebrew College, University of Judaism, Brandeis, Rollins College and Harvard. He is Islamic law specialist, and his responsa material can be found at www.forpeoplewhothink.org .

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