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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Muslim sues company claiming "hurt feelings" due to wine gift employee incentive using laws drafted with help of Al Muhajiroun member Makbool Javaid

Muslim sues company claiming "hurt feelings" due to wine gift employee incentive using laws drafted with help of Al Muhajiroun member Makbool Javaid

November 25, 2005

MIM: It is worth noting that one of the people behind the Employment Equality Regulations laws which enabled this farcical lawsuit to be prosecuted was none other then Al Muhajiroun spokesman and lawyer Makbool Javaid. In 1996 Javaid was a featured speaker at an Al Muhajiroun rally which included Omar Bakri Mohammed, (who recently fled the UK in the wake of the London bombings), Anjem Choudary, fellow lawyer and head of the Society of Muslim Lawyers ( a shell organisation for AM), Mohammed Al Masri, head of the Committee of the Defense for Legitimate Rights, which is connected to Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban (and has been declared a terrorist entity by the US Department of Treasury) and Kamran Bokhari, the North American spokesman for Al Muhajiroun. Like Javaid in the UK who is now a big shot 'equal rights' lawyer in London (helping Muslims to shakedown companies and defending terrorists), Bokhari has purveyed his experience as a member of the Al Muhajiroun branch of Al Qaeda into a lucrative career as a strategic analyst at Stratfor Inc, run by George Friedman., where he is affectionately referred to as their 'resident Jihadi'.

Which begs the question as to if he and his old friend Makbool Javaid still keep in touch, and if they have heard from Omar Bakri Mohammed lately.


For more on Makbool Javaid and his role in drafting and implementing the Employment Equality Regulations statutes see below:


Muslim salesman 'hurt' by wine prizes
By Richard Savill
(Filed: 24/11/2005)

A Muslim insurance salesman suffered religious discrimination because his employers offered only alcohol as a performance incentive, an employment tribunal heard.

Imran Khan, 25, claimed that the bottles of wine on offer put him at a disadvantage because, as a Muslim, he could not drink alcohol and was therefore unable to claim the prizes.

British-born Mr Khan, who works for Direct Line Insurance, is seeking damages for "hurt feelings" under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003.

The tribunal in Bristol heard that Mr Khan was one of a team of 14 in the city who were offered rewards for sales of pet and household insurance policies.

Mr Khan's team leader, Louise Cummings, said she introduced the incentives as a means of "improving staff morale and performance". "If I had realised that I had hurt anyone's feelings, then I would have taken steps to rectify that immediately," she added.

Tariq Sadiq, for the company, said that another Muslim worker, who had won an alcoholic prize in a similar scheme, had "simply" exchanged it for an alternative.

Judgment was reserved.

17 September 2005: Race claim Muslim mother 'easily hurt'


MIM: Makbool Javaid - Al Muhajiroun member who uses his position to file discrimination lawsuits for fundamentalism and profit.

Makbool Javaid | Partner


3 Noble Street
London, EC2V 7EE
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)207 796 6621

Makbool is head of the Equality and Diversity group, which is part of the UK Human Resources group. He was formerly head of Litigation Services at the Commission for Racial Equality. Makbool has been involved in several high profile cases including: Burton and Rhule v De Vere Hotels Ltd (1996); Jones v Tower Boot Co Limited (1997); Harrods Limited v Remick and others (1997); Bossa v Nordstress Limited (1998); D'Souza v London Borough of Lambeth; Chan v London Borough of Hackney. He has particular expertise in the financial services sector and in pan-European employment discrimination issues. Makbool also acts on behalf of a number of significant public sector bodies. In addition to defending complex and sensitive cases he also provides in-house training and coaching to senior Managers/Directors of the large private and public corporations. He advises on general employment law, and the avoidance and management of discrimination in all non-employment areas. Makbool also advises on human rights issues. He speaks and conducts training on employment issues, has been widely published and regularly contributes to legal and personnel journals. Makbool is a member of the CBI Equality Forum, Law Society Employment Committee and a former adviser to the Government on race relations issues.


:30 Aligning HR practice and procedures to comply with the new law
Makbool Javaid, Employment Partner and Head of Equality & Diversity, DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary
  • What are the key aspects of the new legislation that HR must consider?
  • Critical issues for employers: pay, benefits and retirement
  • Putting the new law into practice: the steps employers need to take in the next 12 months



Update 2005

MIM Makbool Javaid is a member of Al Muhajiroun and was appointed in 2003 by Minister Jack Straw to be part of a UK "Race Relations Forum'. The Board of Deputies of British Jews objected, (see below), and Jaived railed about Zionist plots as he did in the 1996 news item below, in which he blames the Mossad for being behind the "corrupt regimes in the Muslim world" The paranoic rantings and conspiracy theories spewed by .Javaid have resulted in his becoming a respected lawyer who specialises in highly lucrative 'human rights' and discrimination suits and is still involved with British government projects. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/62

Security concern for dissidents

Makbool Javaid, president of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, has an article in Q-News (12.07.96) in which he outlines the lack of any security for those who have fled repressive, so-called Islamic regimes, and come to Britain. He writes: "London, we are told, is the new centre for militant Islam and Malcolm Rifkind appeases his despotic client governments by threatening severe measures. In addition, asylum laws are being tightened in a Euro-wide move to curb the influx of militants fleeing persecution from tyrants. In turn, the dictatorships export their henchmen on seek and destroy missions as was the case recently with a Libyan shopkeeper in West London. The intelligence services swap information and co-ordinate surveillance activities. It is openly admitted that Islamic groups are targets for corrupt regimes from the Muslim world. There can be no greater danger than the activities of Mossad who are never far from the scene...Hysteria about Islamic fanatics is rampant - as evidenced in the recent arrests of Algerians at the behest of the French government." [BMMS July 1996 Vol. IV, No. 7, p. 8]

Religious discrimination case

Q-News (26.07.96) reports on a case of alleged discrimination on religious grounds in employment in Northern Ireland which could be of significance for Muslims in mainland Britain. Mr Rab Nawaz is a museum curator at the Ulster Museum. He claims that in 1994, he was unfairly passed over for promotion as head curator of the museum's geology section. Mr Nawaz turned to the Northern Ireland Fair Employment Commission for help, and they will be hearing his case in October. The Fair Employment Commission was set up under the Fair Employment Act, primarily to fight discrimination of Catholics by Protestants, but it also covers people of other faiths. Makbool Javaid, of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, commented on the potential usefulness of similar legislation in mainland Britain: "The Fair Employment Act is a model which can easily be transferred to the rest of the United Kingdom. But there is neither the political will nor is there effective pressure from the community". Mr Nawaz is appealing through Q-News for funds to continue fighting his case, as he is not eligible for legal aid to do so. [BMMS July 1996 Vol. IV, No. 7, p. 9]\


MIM: In 1998 Al Muhajiroun member Javaid sued for libel at being named a supporter of Usaama Bin Laden - claiming he thought that the terrorist group Al Muhajiroun was a 'social and educational organisation'


Makbool Javaid is taking libel action against several British newspapers which reported him as being a supporter of Usama bin Ladin and a member of "the London based fundamentalist group, al-Muhajiroun" (see BMMS for August 1998). The allegations started with a letter that was sent to the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, by the Jewish Board of Deputies, saying that these involvements were incompatible with the newly set up Race Relations Forum, to which Javaid was hoping to be appointed. Javaid has denied the allegations saying he was only involved with al-Muhajiroun as a legal observer, and would not have helped them if he had known of their support for terrorism: "I knew al-Muhajiroun as an organisation involved in a wide range of educational and social activities consistent with the promotion of Islam. I have never supported any form of violence, let alone terrorism" (The Times, 20.10.98). Speaking of the Board of Deputies he said: "It's rich of the Board, which is not even accepted as a representative of the Jewish Community, telling an elected government how to conduct its business and dictating which voices from other communities are acceptable" (Q-News, 01.10.98). Javaid said he felt "completely destroyed" by the experience, and is worried about the damage it has done to his reputation. Javaid's greatest triumph, the record award of 380,000 to Sam Yeboah for race discrimination against his former employer, was overshadowed by the allegations. He said: "I was thinking last week, look at that! It should be one of the greatest moments in my career but instead my career is threatened by these fantastic accusations" (The Times, 20.10.98). [BMMS October 1998 Vol. VI, No. 10, p. 9]


DLA Group

DLA is an integrated full service legal practice, providing legal advice and consulting solutions. Under the leadership of Partner Makbool Javaid, DLA Group provides expert advice on European employment law cases having previously advised European institutions on the current (EU) anti-discrimination directives. He is formerly the Head of Litigation at the UK Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), where he led several high profile cases. He serves as a member of the UK Law Society Employment Committee and is a former adviser to the British Government on discrimination cases. Makbool was voted one of the 10 leading lawyers in Britain as chosen by their peers in 2002.

Click here to visit DLA's web site

email DLA makbool.javaid@dla.com

International Advisory Board

Research, international good practice and learning provide the basis for our approach to working with clients. Later this year we will be launching the international advisory board to Norman Broadbent's Global Diversity Practice comprising prominent thought leaders and practitioners from across the globe.


MIM: In 1997 Javaid spoke on behalf of AM's 'Society of Muslim Lawyers' whose director is AM deputy leader Anjem Choudary


MIM: For more on Makbool Javaid see:

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MIM: The extremist agenda behind Javaid's work on the Employment Equality Laws are evident in this interview on an anti Western pro Jihadist website 'Prisoners of West'.


Restrictions of the Equality Bill

Measures in the new Equality Bill are intended to combat discrimination on the basis of a person's religion or belief. But confusion arises out of the lack of statutory definition of 'religion'. Makbool Javaid, head of the Equality and Diversity group at DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary, explains to Sarah Taylor how the provisions do not address this and other issues of concerns...

The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 are intended to prevent discrimination in the field of employment and vocational training. The new Equality Bill extends protection against discrimination to the provision of goods, facilities, services and premises, and makes it unlawful for public authorities in the exercise of their functions to discriminate against, or harass, any person on the grounds of their religion or belief.

So do the new provisions go far enough to protect people from discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief? "No," says Makbool Javaid of DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary. "For example, there's the issue of the new offence of incitement to religious hatred contained in the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill. It doesn't tackle the kind of issues people feel strongly about, like the role of the media. The legislation cannot be used to prevent prejudice being expressed through inflammatory headlines, or generally disparaging remarks, in certain of the tabloids. For instance, certain sections of the tabloid press are intent on demonising Muslims, who are lumped together as being potential terrorists, thus creating a climate of fear. Take the coverage of Shabina Begum's story, the girl who wanted to wear a jilbab at school. This girl was portrayed as being at the forefront of some kind of conspiracy to change the nature of our society and as being led astray by extremists etc. So in that way there are still problems."

A further problem, Javaid points out, is that there is no statutory definition of religion. "The Government made it clear that they didn't feel there's any need to give a definition, but felt that it was better for the courts to be able to give some broad guidelines. This is understandable, but it creates confusion, so there's a lack of clarity as to what is going to be protected in terms of a religion or belief. The DTI guidance as to what constitutes a belief in respect of the employment regulations is that it has to be of a religious nature, more than a mere philosophical belief, but as there's no definition of religion, that's not very helpful. The European Court of Human Rights has adopted quite a broad definition that includes the Moon sect, veganism and pacifism. So the protection afforded will be quite extensive, if the UK courts adopt a similar approach to that taken by the European Court. It would be a mistake for individuals to think that it just applies to mainstream religion. The DTI guidance says it doesn't include political belief, but, interestingly, the Constitutional Court in Belgium, looking at the same European Directive on which our employment legislation is based, has interpreted their domestic legislation to include political belief, so it will be interesting to see what the European Court of Justice will say, if it ever gets that far, which it will inevitably. There's a thin dividing line between a political belief and a belief of a religious nature."

What do you have to show to prove that you are practising a particular religion? "You don't have to show anything," says Javaid, "you just have to say that you're of a particular religion. I think the courts' view is that it's not their job to start to unpick someone's belief and then make a decision as to whether or not that person fits within the court's definition of what, say, Islam may be about. This is borne out, I believe, by the Court of Appeal's decision in the Begum case" (R, on the application of SB v Headteacher and Governors of Denbigh High School [2005]).

What steps should organisations be taking to ensure compliance with the law? "They need to carry out an audit of their policies and practice, and make an assessment in order to see whether there are particular areas of difficulty. That's not that difficult to do. Maybe they can have a consultation exercise with their workforce to see whether there are any issues they're concerned about. They need to be raising awareness amongst their staff, and trying to get information about particular faiths, and the practices involved. On the whole, however, the scheme in respect of religion or belief is along the lines of the discrimination statutes that we already have, and I think that most organisations already have an approach that can be applied to this particular area in order to prevent claims arising."

Source interview:

MIM: Below one can see the way in which Javaid flits between his open Jihadi terrorist activities and position as an Al Muhajiroun member, to London barrister expert on employment equality law, Javaid's social engagements show how people seem either oblivious or unconcerned that they are hosting an Al Qaeda supporter who supports Jihad and suicide bombings, and is tied to international terrrorism.


Past Events

Annual Lectures


The 2003 Wainwright Trust evening also took place at 10 St James's Square, London SW1.

Broadcaster Moira Stewart OBE chaired the panel. The panel members were Diana Holland OBE, the national organiser for women, race and equalities at the Transport and General Workers' Union, discrimination law specialist Makbool Javaid, Max Manin, deputy director of Stonewall and pensions czar Alan Pickering.

The panel dealt with a wide range of topics. Naturally, forthcoming regulations extending the scope of legal provisions to age, religion and sexual orientation were discussed, as were the merits and problems of a single discrimination commission. Questions were raised about pension age and work-life balance throughout working life and about the apparent failure of good policies to be reflected in the actions of organisations.

Click on the Contact us button if you would like to be on the mailing list for future Wainwright Trust events and tick the mailing list check-box.


MIM: The true face of Muslim 'anti racism' rally is seen by the inclusion of the UK's Omar Bakri Mohammed the head of Al Muhajiroun and former head of Hizb ut Tahrir . He was replaced by Kalim Siddiqui who claimed that Jews had purposely started a rumor saying UK Muslims were funding Hamas.

Anti Racist Alliance rally

Dr Siddiqui was a platform speaker at the demonstration on 23 March 1996 in London called by the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA) to protest against the government's immigration and asylum policies (Morning Star, 25.03.96, Q-News, 22.03.96). He was the speaker for Muslims Against Racism (MAR), whose representative was originally to have been Omar Bakri Mohammed, formerly of Hizb-ut-Tahrir (see BMMS for November and December 1995). The Trades Union Congress, National Union of Students, the Indian Workers Association, many Jewish organisations and several individual unions threatened to boycott the demonstration if Mr Mohammed was on the platform. After discussions, the ARA agreed that it would be best for Mr Mohammed to be substituted by Dr Siddiqui (Jewish Chronicle, 22.03.96, Morning Star, 25.03.96). However, it appeared that many groups had still boycotted the event, as the turnout was much lower than expected. Estimates varied between 250 (Guardian, 25.03.96), 500 (Morning Star, 25.03.96) and 1000 (Q-News, 22.03.96). Narendra Makanji, chairperson of the ARA denounced the boycott by some groups and welcomed Muslims: "It is time we recognise the discrimination faced by our Muslim brothers and sisters. We heartily welcome them into the anti-racist movement." Professor al-Mas'ari, the Saudi Arabian dissident, was also on the platform (Q-News, 22.03.96).

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