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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Terrorists roam London with impunity while police chief announces he ' wants as many Muslim officers as he can get'

Terrorists roam London with impunity while police chief announces he ' wants as many Muslim officers as he can get'

White officers complain of discrimination after being suspended for joke about Muslim kufi
July 7, 2005

More Muslim police officers needed in London

6/24/2005 7:00:00 AM GM


Source: BBC

More Muslim police officers are needed in London to reflect the city's population, Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair said.

Sir Ian said that there were about 300 officers in the Muslim Police Association but noted that he wanted "as many as I can get".

He also tried to defend the rise in the stop and search of Muslims, claiming that it was less than 10 times per day of London's 700,000 Muslims.

The government targets state that 25% of Met officers must be non-white by 2009.

Currently the proportion is around 7%, although ethnic minorities amount to about 17% of all new officers.

Sir Ian said: "What I really need is more Muslim police officers.

"If something like one in nine Londoners is a Muslim, then I want one in nine police officers to be a Muslim. Which means we are currently about 2,000 short."

However, sir Ian said that the Met cannot reach the target easily.

Some white male recruits are waiting for more than three years to join the force as ethnic minority and women applicants are prioritized.


Met police chief denies race bias Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair has denied claims that white policemen were victims of sex and race discrimination.

The three officers faced a disciplinary hearing after an Asian colleague complained they had made racist remarks at a training day in 1999.

The officers, who were later cleared on appeal, say they were "hung out to dry" to protect the Met's reputation in the wake of the Macpherson report.

Sir Ian denied this, but defended "fiercely protecting" the Met's values.

'Disproportionate over-reaction'

Asian Detective Sergeant Shabnam Chaudhri made the complaint after Detective Constable Tom Hassell, 60, referred to Muslim headwear as "tea cosies" and mispronounced 'Shi'ites' during a presentation on Islam in 1999.

Although he apologised immediately for the mispronunciation, DS Chaudhri complained he had been racist and his superiors failed to intervene.

It came in the wake of the Macpherson report into the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation which concluded the Met was institutionally racist.

A 2001 disciplinary hearing found them partly guilty of misconduct but recommended no further action be taken. Sir Ian questioned this and asked if the ruling could be challenged, but was told it could not.

Later an appeal cleared all three men.

Ruth Downing, on behalf of the men, suggested their treatment had been a "disproportionate over-reaction" and had the complaint come from a white officer, it would not have been treated the same way.

I would not seek out hanging somebody out to dry just to prove a point
Sir Ian Blair

Questioning Sir Ian about why he wanted to challenge the June 2001 misconduct board's decision, she asked: "Could it be indicative of your anger or annoyance that the message you wanted to send out to those white officers would not be sent out through the disciplinary board?"

Sir Ian replied: "It is not about the white officers, it is about the city we serve.

"An officer had said what they said. They had not been reprimanded in any way by a supervisor, a disciplinary board found that while that had happened there was no further action - I thought that was awful."

He said the slurs were "repetitive, deliberate and offensive" and were made worse by the fact supervising officers laughed at them.

DC Hassell, Acting Det Ch Insp Paul Whatmore, 39, and Det Sgt Colin Lockwood, 55, are suing the Met for race and sex discrimination.

The tribunal, in Stratford, east London, continues.



Met officer 'witch hunt victim' A white police officer accused of racism by an Asian colleague has told an employment tribunal he was the subject of a witch hunt.

Det Con Tom Hassell, 60, was investigated with two senior officers for remarks he apparently made in 1999 about Shia Muslims.

A 2001 disciplinary hearing found them partly guilty of misconduct, but an appeal cleared all three men.

The officers are suing the Metropolitan Police for race and sex discrimination.

The original complaint was made by Det Sgt Shabnam Chaudhri.

Suffering depression

She also criticised Acting Det Insp Paul Whatmore and Det Sgt Colin Lockwood for not taking appropriate action.

Two of the officers were suspended for several weeks and one was signed off for three weeks suffering from depression.

When they appealed against the hearing's result, Britain's most senior Asian officer, Asst Commissioner Tariq Ghaffur, cleared the men saying it was incredible that the case had been brought.

Giving evidence at the Stratford Employment Tribunal, Mr Hassell told how in 1999 he was based at Loughton Police Station along with Ms Chaudhri.

I felt I was being treated as a criminal
Det Con Tom Hassell

During a presentation on Islam, the officer told how he had once seen hundreds of Muslims at an airport going to Mecca and said their hats reminded him of teapot cosies.

Talking about the different types of Muslims

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