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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Amsterdam's Mayor Cohen believes social workers - not SWAT teams - will stop terrorism by radical Islamists

Amsterdam's Mayor Cohen believes social workers - not SWAT teams - will stop terrorism by radical Islamists

Theo van Gogh's last article called Cohen "a collaborator" and asked the question: how much longer until no Dutch people are welcome in Amsterdam?
April 28, 2005

"...If something characterises the so called 'Dutch identity' it is a sheepish lack of self respect, which expresses itself in a teeth chattering panic at the prospect of being labelled 'racist' or 'discriminatory'..." Theo van Gogh http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/349"

"...When the fellow believers of Abou Jah Jah( A Belgian Islamofacist who heads the Arab European League) slaughtered 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center attacks the first stop for Mayor Cohen was a mosque.In schools,in mosques and everywhere in Amsterdam parties were held to celebrate the victory over "The Great Satan". Cohen groveled in frontof the believers and proclaimed "You are one of us!" Instead of asking, "What are you doing here?"

Cohen is acting like a mayor in wartime and I do not mean that as a compliment. His presence is demoralizing the city and is pitting one group against theo other. According to the great thinker Frits Abrams of the NRC Handelsblad, Cohen is democrat in heart and soul.

I suspect that our mayor is an incorrigible cynic -not a bad trait for someone who wants to be prime minister, and a mercenary opportunist to boot. I ask myself for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam...."

Theo van Gogh: Our Mayor (see column below)

MIM: Ten days before he was shot and had his throat slit on an Amsterdam street by the same Islamo facists whom Mayor Cohen is coddling, Theo van Gogh wrote a piece called "Our Mayor" . In it he asked why Job Cohen had gone to mosques after 9/11 and told Muslims, they were welcome in Holland instead of asking what they were doing there.

By his appeasement policies- aka dhimmitude ,Cohen is jeopardising the lives of all his citizens, and effectively encouraging anti semitism by being perceived as a 'weakling' (as he was called on TV by Theo van Gogh's friend Theodore Holman), who is more concerned with bending over forwards to prove his evenhandedness, then cracking down on those who would put him first on the list of being killed if they came to power.

Even more pefidious is the Mayor's alliance with a fifth columnist in the guise of Amsterdam councilman Mohamed Aboutaleb. After the murder of Theo van Gogh, Aboutaleb complained that would not be able to go home and see his daughter as a result of death threats and expressed annoyance at Van Gogh's killer for inconvienencing him.

MIM: How much is that dhimmi in the Window?

Because of death threats, Amsterdam's mayor, Job Cohen, doesn't often sit at his office window.
Herman Wouters for The New York Times

Because of death threats, Amsterdam's mayor, Job Cohen, doesn't often sit at his office window.

"...What, if anything, makes this calm man angry? It is, he says, the new tough talk of "war" on extremism, "war" on terrorism ..."Security comes from a stronger sense of community, from getting closer..."


MIM: IIt was Mayor Job Cohen's appeasement of militant Islam, and lack of law enforcement crackdowns on Muslim Moroccan youths who were terrorising native Dutch, ( and had forced a Dutch couple to flee from their home), which lead to the murder of Theo van Gogh, who was shot and was nearly decapitated in broad daylight on an Amsterdam street, while scores of onlookers did nothing.

In the weeks following the murder of Theo van Gogh, Cohen and his fellow fifth columnist Aboutaleb, did their best to assure Muslims that they were welcome in Amsterdam . Under Aboutaleb's watchful eye , Cohen poured millions of municipal funding into social welfare programs to help Muslim youth and their families cope with such problems as feeling discriminated against when being denied entry into discoteques (due to violent behaviour and harrassment of women), and opening 'Islamophobia' reporting centers in Muslim neighborhoods which facilitated the intimidation of Dutch people who were shunning Muslims out of statistically verifiable fears for their own safety.


To Soothe Dutch-Muslim nerves try a Jewish Mayor


Published: April 25, 2005 NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/25/international/europe/25amsterdam.html

AMSTERDAM - Job Cohen is not just the mayor of Amsterdam, the brash and boisterous Dutch capital. He is also a calm, somewhat reserved Jewish intellectual who has made it his task to keep the peace between the city's Muslims and Christians.

This is not how he originally imagined his role. Since Dutch mayors are named by the government, Mr. Cohen, a former civil servant and university chancellor, did not campaign for the job. Once he took office at the start of 2001, he set about addressing the range of urban problems of this lively and crowded port city.

Then his agenda was abruptly rewritten.

The shock of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States exposed long-simmering tensions between conservative Muslim immigrants and this city's liberal traditions. Many Dutch began complaining openly that the newcomers - from Morocco, Turkey, the Middle East - were changing their society for the worse, while the Muslims protested that they were being treated as aliens in their adopted country.

Mr. Cohen, known as a pragmatist with a calm manner - who often prefers to listen rather than talk - was thrown into the role of mediator.

"Islam is here to stay, in this country, in this city," he said at his official mansion along an elegant 17th-century canal. "We have to deal with Islam as a fact, not whether we like it. So the real question is how to get on with each other."

As a thriving port, this city of 750,000 has always had a cultural and racial mix, but never at today's ratio, with one in three people of non-Western descent. Last November, Amsterdam was shaken by Islamic militancy. Theo van Gogh, a well-known local filmmaker, was shot and his throat was slit. A Dutch-Moroccan man has confessed.

Since the killing, which caused much outrage and a spate of fire bombings of mosques and churches in the country, Mr. Cohen, 57, has become as much moderator as he is mayor. He takes pride in the fact that no violence or arson has occurred in Amsterdam in response to the killing, but he concedes that social peace is far from assured. So he moves around, visiting various ethnic groups, organizing debates among religious leaders, listening to them and promoting dialogue.

One recent day, he was taking a group of college students to a public housing project in the suburb of Osdorp. Two retired police officers had opened a clubhouse there for immigrant teenagers who had been in trouble with the police.

Why does the project receive city funds, the students asked. "We're better off listening to these kids than sending them to jail," Mr. Cohen said, spending the next hour listening.

On another day, he attended an awards dinner of a successful Moroccan group. Before the audience of well-suited businessmen and women in jewels and glittering long dresses, the mayor began: "These have not been easy times for you. You may even have wondered: am I wanted here?" The hall was dead silent, as Mr. Cohen continued: "Yes, we all belong here. You are much needed in this society, you are the hope of this country."

His low-key, almost casual style has earned him both admirers and detractors. Geert Mak, a well-known writer, said that after the van Gogh killing, while other politicians panicked and whipped up fear, "Cohen remained a model of calm and civic courage."

Others see him as an advocate of the soft pedal, contending that he and his Labor Party's multicultural policies are to blame for the immigrants' lack of integration. Such policies, critics say, have failed to make clear where Dutch society draws the line, and making too many concessions may have encouraged immigrants to live off the state or to become militants. During one debate, a local political columnist, Theodor Holman, told Mr. Cohen across the table, "My mayor is a weakling."

In the intense debate over the threat of terrorism, the limits of tolerance, or how to handle gangs of angry immigrant youths who roam Amsterdam neighborhoods and are blamed for much petty crime, Mr. Cohen's aides say he is far from "soft." Under his orders, the police have identified 80 gangs, issuing orders to bar some leaders from troubled neighborhoods and sending several hundred young lawbreakers to reform boot camps.

A local mosque known to spread anti-Western ideas - it also sold Saudi Arabian literature seen as offensive to women and homosexuals - has had several visits from Mr. Cohen and his aides, including Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Moroccan-born city alderman. "Closing the mosque is pointless when it's likely to be reopened by the courts," he said.

Mr. Cohen says he is not religious but holds meetings with religious groups because religion has come to play a greater role in the largely secular Netherlands. He believes Muslim clerics are a key to helping Muslims integrate into Dutch society, although the most conservative clerics oppose this.

He also promotes meetings among Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders because, he says, "there is a lot of anger against Israel" over its treatment of Palestinians. Asked if this affects his own role, he said: "It's hard to say. Undoubtedly there are people who say, well the mayor is a prejudiced Jew."

The mayor and Mr. Aboutaleb, a trusted ally, have received death threats and now have bodyguards. A letter pinned to the body of the filmmaker called Mr. Cohen an enemy because he was a Jew and called Mr. Aboutaleb a traitor to Islam.

What, if anything, makes this calm man angry? It is, he says, the new tough talk of "war" on extremism, "war" on terrorism and "clamping down" on immigrants, heard from some politicians. "I see more polarization," he said. "I don't like it, it's bad for the city, bad for the country. Security comes from a stronger sense of community, from getting closer. I worry about the hardening tone."



Our Mayor

By Theo Van Gogh

translated by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

I just read in The Telegraaf that Mr.Abou Jah Jah (head of the Islamofacist Arab European League), is thinking of leaving Belgium. Despite the fact that he thinks it will take 5 years for him to groom his successor as leader of the Arab European League. Abou is bitter. He only received 1400 votes in the last election and considers the Flemish people to be beneath his dignity.

Abou Jah Jah:" God was not generous in Flanders when he passed out intelligence. They have always been a racist people"

I found that well put ,just as it was very instructive to read that Abou Jah Jah regards every dead American soldier as "a victory". A pimp of the prophet one cant set one's sights high enough .

You could say that an Islamo facist who wants to implement Shari'a law with all the consequences for non believers, Jews ,homos, and misfits isn't someone with whom you want to engage in discussion.

I remember very well how Abou Jah Jah said that the ‘heretic'Ayaan Hirsi Ali needed to be locked up.

It was not clear if this shoe polisher of Allah meant that she should be locked in an asylum or a jail. I doubt that she would be around long if the holy writ of the Shari'a was implemented.

Someone who thinks that Abou Jah Jah has our best interests at heart is the mayor of Amsterdam who publicly engaged him in discussion and rewarded him at the end by saying "finally a politician who understands me!"

A wonderful comment which Cohen is surely proud of .As a schemer with ambition he'll do anything to I quote "keep things together "

It is also a pity for Cohen that it just happens to be Morrocan youths which intimidated a Dutch couple who fled the neighborhood. It is happening all over Amsterdam but since it was written about in the Volkskrant the issue has become political.

The Amsterdam police has no interest in coming to the defense of the native Dutch who are being attacked by an increasingly aggressive minority. And Cohen couldn't care less.

When the fellow believers of Abou Jah Jah slaughtered 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center attacks the first stop for Mayor Cohen was a mosque.In schools,in mosques and everywhere in Amsterdam parties were held to celebrate the victory over "The Great Satan". Cohen groveled in frontof the believers and proclaimed "You are one of us!" Instead of asking "What are you doing here?"

Cohen is acting like a mayor in wartime and I do not mean that as a compliment. His presence is demoralizing the city and is pitting one group against theo other. According to the great thinker Frits Abrams of the NRC Handelsblad, Cohen is democrat in heart and soul.

I suspect that our mayor is an incorrigible cynic -not a bad trait for someone who wants to be prime minister-, and a mercenary opportunist to boot. I ask myself for how long native Dutch will be welcome in Amsterdam.



Lack of Self Respect

by Theo van Gogh

First published in Het NRC Handelsblad Cultureel Supplement 6/15/01

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM

I am sitting here and waiting for a good, scabrous, and at the same time informative Dutch language film, by, for example, Theo van Gogh,in which we can become closer aquainted with the Muslim hereafter, which is also paradise at the same time", so wrote Paul Steenhuis, two weeks ago, ' In the deep of the Netherlands.* (1)

"There men can have eternal erections, if they abide by Allah's rules, and as a reward they receive seventy times seventy paradise virgins, (hoeris) who become virgins again immediately after the act."

Well yes, I'd really like that as well. But no subsidy provider or television station would dare to burn their fingers on an evocation of the Islamic imagination which would be filmed by me. That means no money, and no public channel which would dare to broadcast it. Because in Holland you can ridicule every religious belief except Islam.(2)

The biggest lie which has been sold to the good willed voters for the last thirty years is called "the multi cultural society".Since the robber baron Den Uyl sucked the country dry -we are being told that we who are supposed to be tolerant Dutch -must adapt to the dark medievalists, whose hatred towards the freedom of the individual, which has made the free West into a beacon for the entire world, is being vented increasingly more openly . It is like having a guest who is slowly taking over your house.

If something characterises the so called 'Dutch identity' it is a sheepish lack of self respect, which expresses itself in a teeth chattering panic at the prospect of being labelled 'racist' or 'discriminatory'. I do not believe in conspiracies, but if I were to write scenario about the end of Holland as we know it, I would give these tips to the viewer :

Here they are:

1) Make sure that the subject of history is removed from the school curriculum and replaced with world orientation, because so few new comers and foreigners know where their roots lie in the society in which 'we' all have to live with each other'.This way intolerance can be promoted on both sides.

2)See to it that their are constant spelling changes, so that the strongest weapon which can make all of the inhabitants of a country into one entity - the language-is continually hollowed out. Do not make it obligatory for anyone to express themselves in Dutch.

3) See to it that the 'black schools' are given preferential treatment with more money and smaller classes, so that the native born Dutch get the message that their children are inferior to the new comers.Fire principals who dare to claim that 'black education' is working against integration.Make sure that the educational inspectors manipulate the test results, of for example, Islamic schools.

4)Babble on about education in one's own language,and above all claim that that will make it easier for foreigners to integrate.Explain that Dutch is the language of their new country, but that they are not obligated to acknowledge that fact. Make sure that the pamphlets from the Amsterdam municipality can be read in ten languages, and give the impression that Holland is there above all -to take care of the foreigners- without them being asked to contribute anything in return.

5)Make sure that the rule of law is undermined in as much as possible to give foreigners the feeling that impunity is the norm here. Sound off about how the 4th of May 'something like that must never happen again' and don't dare to touch the Hells Angels.See to it that there is a taboo about mentioning the criminal statistics of Moroccan youth for example. Make sure that there are subsidized discrimination reporting centers,which are in practice, primarily intended to undermine the free speech of the native born Dutch.*(3)

Cast suspicion on anyone who does not want an asylum seekers center next to their door. The much heralded multi cultural society was invented, and is mainly intended, to assuage the guilt feelings of white millionaires such as Paul Rosenmoller in his all white suburb.*

Explain that Denmark is a disgraceful country with their strict entry policies, simply anti social, compared to Holland. We are namely, better then all the rest. If it can't otherwise be avoided, we let them piss all over us.

It is always amusing to look at the hypocrisy of those who are ruling over us. But who would want to see a film which is so close to the Dutch reality? I am not one of the types who gets a lump in my throat when I hear the Wilhelmus* (the Dutch national anthem). When Oranje plays (the Dutch national team), I prefer to be seen in a shirt from the Duits Mannschaft (the German team). I am against the royal house and for the republic.

Whenever I think of the fine words such as 'Dutch Culture', Spinoza comes to mind.Or that Voltaire's books could only be printed in Amsterdam.Or that Wim T. Schippers ( a Dutch writer) could dispute the existence of God and castigate the believers on television could only happen here. That in this country a play could be subsidised which showed dogs on a sofa watching tv. That there were 'provos' (Dutch political provocateurs) before there was May '68. (The Paris riots and so called revolution in 1968). That from Elschot to Nescio to Carmiggelt, (popular Dutch writers who conveyed deep emotions with deceptive simplicity and brevity) the Dutch language is the ideal language to say big things with small words.

Is that alot ? For me it is enough. Even if I am the last one to proclaim that Dutch culture is the only one, the best, the most beautiful. A question of aligning oneself and squatting together in the polder , in the hope that your neighbor's breath won't stink too much.

Imam Khalil el Moumni has according to me every right to to criticise homo's, just as I am not impressed when he claims in the name of Allah, that Dutch people are "less then pigs". The most breathtaking aspect of the case is that Minister Boxtel, at the conciliatory meeting,claimed that the "Imam had a problem" and afterwards babbled on about promoting integration and the "mixing of Moroccan materials into the new housing projects."

The obscene simplicity which such an official publicly displays, is even more proof of how little the "dialouge between Islam and those who think otherwise" stands for. Why should you listen to people who have a deep seated contempt for you?

Ah yes, you remember how is was with the play Aisha ? Director Timmers - someone who would- in a manner of speaking- flagellate himself in an effort to be able to function as the High Priest of integration -wanted to show that women really did have power in the time of the Prophet. That would make us look at things quite differently!

In order not to insult the Islamic sector of the population,he changed the age of the girl Aisha from nine to twenty, and in so doing transformed Mohammed from a pedofile into a respectable albeit lustful older man. Thanks to written and vocal threats from the Moroccan side,the piece could not be performed. (6)

You would think that from the thinking portion of the nation a would have registered a protest. That was how it was when Hermans (W.D. Hermans a well known Dutch writer) had to appear in front of a judge for "insulting" Catholics.That was how it went when a performance of Fassbinder's "The Filth, the City and Death" was made impossible due to the sewer yodeler Jules Croiset .(7)

And now. Nothing to show for that .Apparently this is what Van Boxtel understands to be dialouge.

Did anyone say anything? I cannot lie. Fatima Elatik PvdA city council member in Amsterdam (Labor),declared in the Volkskrant that 'there are limits to free speech'.especially when "a large group of people" "will feel hurt". When the famous tongue in cheek program Beeld Religie (Picture Religion) began in the 60's there were parts of the population whose feelings were hurt , but there was an immediate counter reaction with such illustrous spokesmen as Mulisch,Blokker, and W.L.Brugsma. (9)

I inquired if Elatik's reaction was what one could regard as the 'dissemimation of culture'. The state secretary did not hide his feelings ;"I can't be bothered by what a hothead like Fatima says". And he also explained to this paper that he does not advocate the terrorising of actors."The piece must be performed anyway"!*(10)

Nice that it wasn't .

In the meantime the silence is deafening.No wonder that the PvdA refuses to distance itself from Elatik's opinions. But I was informed in writing by Bea Irik -the then fraction chairman in Amsterdam-that the Volkskrant had wrongly quoted Fatima.

Of course it was too bad that Elatik herself did not take the trouble to ask for a rectification.Most likely she had no time with much more important things on her mind.The editorial board of the Volkskrant steadfastly maintains that she was quoted exactly with what she had said.

I have no illusions about what Elatik said, and permit her the call for censorhip with all my heart, because freedom of speech is also valid for the public slave of the goat fuckers . What amazes me is the reactions of her long suffering fellow party members and the press. Is free speech no longer worth defending? (11)

Not any more, it seems.

If I am correct their is not one good reason to think about what took place in the deep of the Netherlands.When under the leadership of the Stalinist Joop Wolff (CPN) in the parliament the statute "Thou shalt not discriminate" was added to the constitution - an article which is diametrically opposed to the constitutionally protected right of free speech- the wall had burst from the dam. That is to say, to reflect publicly on Dutch identity came to be regarding as odious . The left gave the main thrust of the public debate from then on to Bolkestein.(12)

The notion that tolerance is worth the trouble of defending as part of the Dutch cultural tradition , has disappeared forever, in the ritual repudiation of the poor wretch Janmaat . The internal uncertainty over what is now really Dutch manifests itself in practice in a debate where the native born Dutch, stand with their hat in their hands, in submission, and observe their own culture. (13)

It is to be feared that Allah does not have patience for such fine points. The gaping muzzle with which others are bellowing for respect, does not leave any room for us, as commercial travellers of compromise. To quote Fatima Elatik once again,"We are here and we are not leaving"."You had just better get used to that!" * (14)

Indeed .

Once again it's time to emigrate.


Translators Notes:

(1) In Het Holst van Nederland - In the Deep of the Netherlands was a series written by Paul Steenhuis : The 13th part is cited by Theo in his article above and was called "The Polder as Buffer " His premise was that ;"The denial of one's own culture hinders the integration of the other." and was -" a search for the crucible of Dutch culture " http://www.nrc.nl/print/991372603695.html

(2) See Theo van Gogh's article: "May I say this?" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/330

(3)The Dutch government set up 'Discriminatie Meldpunten' throughout Holland. These Discrimination Reporting Centers have served as a means for foreigners (allochtone) to intimidate and threaten Dutch people by threatening to report them if they are not treated in the way they feel they deserve. In practice it means that the Dutch don't dare treat foreigners with the same arrogance and contempt with which they are treated and go out of their way to accomodate them .In the case of Muslims this translates into abject dhimmitude. After Theo van Gogh's murder, Muslims in Holland complained that they expected the Dutch to be more understanding of them and disingenously claimed that someone like the Dutch born Muslim killer of Theo van Gogh would not have become so alienated in Holland if Muslim youths were not being made to feel unwelcome into bars and clubs. Of course they failed to mention that for years Moroccan youths attacked people with knives and molested Dutch women (whom they regard as whores) showing that they held the 'hedonistic' Dutch in contempt. The Moroccan youths, who should never have been in these clubs according to religous prohibitions, then perversely attempt to punish the Dutch for their behavior !

(4) An extreme leftwing Dutch politician and millionaire who was obsessively politically correct. He demonised both murdered politician Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. Rosenmoller's vilification of Pim Fortuyn was so fierce that the killer , Volkert van der Graaf,(who was an adherent of Rosenmollers party Groen Links- Green Left) ,recounted that he was motivated to shoot Fortuyn just by having read what among others, Rosenmoller had said about him.

(5)Khalil el Moumni is an Imam in Rotterdam (which is predicted to soon become the first Muslim city in Western Europe). He was taken to court by homosexual rights and other groups because of his statements that "homosexuality was a contagious disease and was dangerous for society". He was aquitted, and also issued a 'fatwa' religious ruling which banned any Muslims from seeing or participating in the play Aisha. Eventually, all of the Morrocan players caved in to the pressure and refused to perform the piece which was cancelled. Theo van Gogh and Paul Steenhuis, rightly saw the battle to perform the play as a glaring example of how Dutch cultural concessions bordering on self abnegation, which were made to accomodate Muslims, would inevitably backfire due to their intolerance. (For more on El Moumni see below)

(6 MIM:Paul Steenhuis wrote about the absurdity and futililty of denies one's national culture for the sake of political correctness in the article from his series "In the deep of the Netherlands ' The polder as buffer". Theo wrote about the hypocrisy of Labor party member Fatima Elatik who called for the banning of the play Aisha, about Mohammed's 9 year old 'wife' on the grounds that it would be 'hurtful to Muslims' and justified her call for censorship on the grounds that "free speech has it's limits".

Ironically the director Timmers did his best to function as 'the high priest of integration' and showed exemplary dhimmitude in accomodating Muslim cultural and religious 'sensibilties', but to no avail, the play was banned. Steenhuis writes: (Translation of original text below).

"...The best example of this to return to The deep of the Netherlands, was the cancellation of the Morrocan-Dutch opera Aisha. There you can see a well meaning process of cultural self abnegation in optimal form. A Dutch director wanted to do a piece about an aspect of the Morrocan belief which he,as a Dutchman, considered to be of importance to Morrocan women in Holland. Namely, the story of Aisha, in which one could show that women in Islam did not have to play such a submissive role, as was thought in some Moroccan Muslim circles. A typical thought for an artist who, out of the idea of the emancipation of the individual in western culture, of which the Dutch culture is part and parcel.

It is also so easy to say :the 'Dutch culture' does not exist, therefore integration of foreigners does not form a problem for Dutch culture since it does not exist!

"...Because he wanted his cultural emancipation message to be as accessible as possible to the Moroccan audience , director, Gerrit Timmers, eventually eliminated all the Dutch cultural elements, up to and including his own ideas. The language: He chose Arabic, because his audience was not fluent in Dutch. The actors: He chose for Moroccan actors because Dutch actors couldn't sing well in Arabic .The music: He chose for a Morrocan composer (who was living in Holland) and Morrocan musicians. How much further could an artist have gone to accomodate their intended audience? This typical Dutch attempt to bridge the gap between two cultures, to connect the Morrocan and Dutch, ended with the gap appearing to be even deeper, due to the sudden surge of the intransigent Morrocan religious objections.

Direct Gerrit Timmers ended up outside the deep of the Netherlands and found himself in the deep of Morocco.

Lekker makkelijk ook: zeggen, de `Nederlandse cultuur' bestaat niet, dus integratie van allochtonen in de Nederlandse cultuur vormt geen probleem zo'n cultuur bestaat immers niet!

"...Het beste voorbeeld daarvan, om terug te keren naar dit Holst van Nederland, was de afgelasting van de Marokkaans-Nederlandse opera Aďsja. Daar zie je het goedbedoelde proces van culturele zelfnegatie in optima forma. Nederlandse regisseur wil voor Marokkanen in Nederland een stuk maken over een aspect van het Marokkaanse geloof dat hij, als Nederlander, van belang acht voor met name de Marokkaanse vrouwen in Nederland. Namelijk het verhaal over Aďsja, waarmee je zou kunnen aantonen dat vrouwen in de islam eigenlijk helemaal niet zo'n ondergeschikte rol hoeven te spelen, zoals nu in kringen van sommige moslims wel gedacht wordt. Typisch een gedachte van een kunstenaar uit de, op de emancipatie van het individu gerichte, Westerse cultuur, waarvan de Nederlandse cultuur een filiaal is.

Omdat hij wilde dat zijn cultureel-emancipatoire boodschap zo goed mogelijk zou overkomen bij zijn Marokkaanse doelgroep, elimineerde regisseur Gerrit Timmers – op zijn eigen inbreng na – eigenlijk alle Nederlandse cultuurelementen. De taal: hij koos voor Arabisch, omdat zijn doelgroep het Nederlands niet goed machtig is. De spelers: hij koos voor Marokkaanse acteurs, want Nederlanders kunnen niet goed Arabisch zingen. De muziek: hij koos voor een (in Nederland wonende) Marokkaanse componist en Marokkaanse musici. Hoeveel verder kun je als kunstenaar je doelgroep nog tegemoetkomen? Deze typisch Nederlandse poging om met een kunstwerk de kloof tussen twee culturen, de Marokkaanse en Nederlandse te overbruggen, eindigde ermee dat de kloof ineens veel dieper leek, wegens de plotseling opdoemende onoverkomelijke Marokkaans religieuze bezwaren.

Regisseur Timmers was buiten het Holst van Nederland geraakt en terechtgekomen in het Holst van Marokko..."

(7)Jules Croiset was a Dutch Jewish actor who wanted to ban Fassbinder's play because he claimed it was anti semitic.He made headlines when he claimed to have been kidnapped by neo nazis who carved swastikas into his arms. Later it turned out to be a hoax. Theo van Gogh wrote that he was a "riool jodelaar" This is a wordplay on the name for Jew in Dutch (jood). Both the word jood and the word yodelaar are pronounced the same but their is no equivalent in english so I have given the literal translation.

Jules Croiset - the man who kidnapped himself http://www.9types.com/movieboard/messages/5915.html

A few years ago we had in the Netherlands a most curious and spectacular case of an extreme character in the theatre world. Jules Croiset; the Jewish leader of many famous theatre companies seemed to be kidnapped by neo-nazi's. He went into hiding in Belgium and send letters to people who knew him which appeared to them to be written by his kidnappers. For extra effect and attention he send some extra letters to other famous people who started fearing for their lives too. Of course the newspapers were filled with this story; neo-nazi terrorists! Jules Croiset is the victim! Jules framed himself to appear a victim and be pampered because people felt pity with him. He's an intelligent man who played the role of victim so convincingly (even putting scars on his skin with make-up used in the theatre) that people still believed his story even when there were so many clues that it was not true.


(8)MIM:In 2001 hen prime Minister Wim Kok and minister of Integration van Boxel are reported to have reacted with alarm to the results of a survey about the reaction of Muslims in Holland to the attacks on the United States which Theo cited above. Van Boxtel's reaction was to try to 'dialouge' with the Muslims. In 2002 his office proudly announced that they had found an "Islamic dialouge partner" and heralded the launch of a group called " Contact organisations between Muslims and the government". One of the groups involved was "Milli Gorus" which is an Islamo facist organisation of Turkish Muslims.

(9) Fatima Elatik is a Moroccan Muslim member of the Labor party who has exploited her position as 'Muslim, female, and minority group member to push a pro Muslim agenda and spearheaded the campaign to ban the play Aisha, which ironically, was meant to empower Muslim women and encourage their emancipation. In print, Theo van Gogh called Elatik "a token gullible Muslim" and "a public slave of the goat fuckers" due to her efforts to have the play banned. Rotterdam Imam El Moumi also issued a 'fatwa' against it. On the day of the primary elections Theo van Gogh placed an advertisement on the front page of the then newspaper Het Parool which read : "Why shouldn't a play be banned ? Vote for Fatima Elatik of the PvdA!"

In the same year that he was murdered by a Moroccan Muslim, Theo van Gogh met Elatik in a cafe and she described him as having been very "diplomatic and polite" towards her.

(10) The state secretary did not want to succumb to pressure from the Muslim clerics in Holland to ban the play, since he realized that this was a significant battle between free speech, and religous coercion on the part of Muslims to impose their will on Dutch society, and maintain their Muslim isolationism based on their arrogance and belief in their superiority, as well as effectively stifling attempts to bridge the gap between cultures.

(11)The fact that someone such as Fatima Elatik, who was given a position in the Labor party, because of her being a 'minority woman' , was able to claim in the name of her party, which was supposed to champion free speech and human rights, that the play had to be banned because it 'insulted Muslims'. When Elatik further declared that 'their were limits to free speech' the failure of the Labor party to distance itself from her views, was seen as a tacit endorsement.Not only was their "silence deafening", people from the Labor party disingenuously declared that her statement that "there are limits to free speech" had been misquoted.

(12)Frits Bolkenstein was the head of the European Commission and was described as a cross between Ronald Reagan and Daniel Moynihan. Asked what it was like to be interviewed by Theo van Gogh he replied; "He was impertinent which was good , he was offensive, which was not".http://www.google.com/search?q=frits+bolkestein+theo+van+gogh&hl=en&lr=&start=10&sa=N In 1991 From 1991 onwards Bolkestein was vilified for warning that Dutch unlimited immigration policies would spell disaster for the country and that integration was not inevitable. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1303974/posts

(13) Janmaat was considered an extreme rightwing politician who lead the Centrum Partij (Center Party) advocated Holland for the Dutch. He disappeared from politics in 2002 and his name became synonymous with intolerance and racism. http://www.iisg.nl/collections/cdarchuk.html

(14) Fatima Elatik an Amsterdam councilwoman and head of education for a predominently Moroccan Muslim district of the city declared that ,"We are here to stay and you had better get used to it". A similiarly arrogant and ominous statement was made by Moroccan Muslim councilman Mohamed Aboutaleb, who is being touted by liberal Dutch politicians as a 'Muslim Messiah'. One day after Theo van Gogh's murder Aboutaleb praised the Dutch people's "rational response" to the murder, and indicated that they would do well to continue their dhimmitude because; "We have to continue to live with each other tommorrow, after tommorrow, and in five and 10 years from now". http://www.islamenburgerschap.nl/cmopers1html


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