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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > From pudendas to propaganda:How chocolate female genitalia and a Muslimah with a Jewish grant are helping fund RAWA

From pudendas to propaganda:How chocolate female genitalia and a Muslimah with a Jewish grant are helping fund RAWA

Mansura J.Ghaffur repays Jewish donors by helping raise contributions for anti American anti Israel group that equates US with Taliban
December 18, 2005

MIM: The caption reads

"Members of RAWA in a meeting with Lila Khalid -"a great women of Palestine"


MIM:Terrorist Leila Khalid was captured when she attempted to hijack an El AL plane over London. The plane
flew to Syria and the terrorists exploded a bomb in the cockpit.
Khalid got out of prison after PFLP terrorists hijacked planes threatening
to blow up the passengers if she and others were not released.
Khalid now enjoys terrorist icon status world wide .

For it's part RAWA's idolising of Khalid as a female role model of a woman Jihadi who tried to kill Jews is in keeping with their 'humanitarian terrorist' agenda shared by groups such as Amnesty International.

"...RAWA has achieved much coverage in the international media and has won many prestigious awards, including the International Alfonso Comín Award (2003), the Asian Human Rights Award (2001), the French Republic¹s Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Human Rights Prize (2000) and a gift from Amnesty International (1995)...". http://www.rawa.org/oxford.htm


Demonstrators from the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), carry a banner reading "We condemn Israeli War on Palestine!". http://www.rawa.org/antiwar-2.htm


Pudendas for Propaganda

Partial proceeds of "Vagina Monolouges" went to anti Israel anti American women's group in Afghanistan

MIM: In the Jewish Press of Nov 3rd 2005 , Judaic studies professor Sara Reguer wrote an article entitled "A Milestone" which explained how the Jewish Foundation for Woman's Education gave an 'Anniversary Scholarship' to one Mansura J. Ghaffur . Reguer gushed that Ghaffar was a 'religous Muslim woman' and crowed 'what better way for Jews to have a positive impact on immigrants and their children then to show them the American way is to be inclusive".

A search for Ghaffar revealed that this 'religious Muslim woman' was currently helping to raise funds for RAWA the anti American and anti Israel -'Revolutionary Association of the Woman of Afghanistan' by appearing in the play '"The Vagina Monolouges'. http://vdaybc.tripod.com/page4.html

Money for the poor oppressed Muslim women of RAWA, who view the American invasion of Afghanistan as " a catastrophe' was also being raised through the sale of chocolate vaginas.

According to the announcing of the Brooklyn College performance of the Vagina Monolouges,anyone who cannot make the show can help the cause by purchasing a one of their 'homemade' chocolates at their bake sale.

"10% of the proceeds will go to the Revolutionary Association of the Woman of Afghanistan (aka RAWA).

What is not said is that the RAWA is a virulently anti American anti Israel socialist organisation which equates the brutality of the Taliban with the U.S. efforts to liberate Afghanistan.

At a recent demonstration RAWA supporters carried placards which read -"We condemn the Israeli war on Palestine !"

RAWA's network of affiliates includes known for their support of anti Israel and anti American policies like the Soros Foundation, which financed a book on the group, and The Afghan Women's Mission', based in Altadena, California. Both groups propagate that the situation in Afghanistan now is even worse then under the Taliban, and post pictures of Afghanis they allege were injured or killed by U.S. bombing raids together with pictures of people executed under the Taliban. http://afghanwomensmission.org/index.php

It appears that Professor Sara Reguer's joy at having convinced the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Woman, to give her 'religious' Muslim student Mansura Ghaffur a grant on the grounds of "inclusiveness" is another case of misguided philanthropy and interfaith as bad faith.

The Foundation for Jewish Woman's education should reassess their decision and withdraw the grant on the grounds that Gaffur's stage activities which provide funding for RAWA is both an unacceptable 'conflict of interests' and a public travesty.


MIM: According to the RAW website which helped organisise the event at BU.

"...Vagina Monologues 2005 was a success! Congratualations to Maria Rubio for directing our phenomenal cast and to Marwa Amer for organizing this year's V-Day College Campaign!

We are currently in the process of scheduling events so this page will sometimes appear outdated. Bare with us and please stay tuned. We have a lot in store..."


MIM:From RAW to RAWA - chocolate vaginas from Brooklyn helping educate Muslimahs in Afghanistan about the need for feminism.


RAW is selling chocolate vaginas at the Women's Center (227 NE)!!!

Team (Cast & Crew)





What is RAW?

Members of the Brooklyn College community who have come together to promote the advocacy of social, political and economic equality.

We believe in equality between the sexes and seek to eliminate discrimination in sex, race, sexual orientation, age and religion. We predominantly strategize about various issues that affect womyn and create solutions that will help us promote a safe and empowering community. It is crucial that the students of this campus speak out, because if we keep our mouthes shut our voices will not be heard.

Contact RAW at [email protected] or call the Women's Center at 718-951-5777 and ask to speak with a RAW officer.


RAWA's logo (Click to view the larger one)
Welcome (Persian)

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977.


MIM: Capitalist feminists selling chocolate vaginas to help their sisters in Afghanistan who are stuck in a 70's socialist time warp.

"...10% of the proceeds went to The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (a.k.a. RAWA)..."




When: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 @ 1:30-3:30 (Club Hours)
Where: Whitehead Lobby

*If you can't make our benefit performance support our charity by purchasing one of our homemade chocolates*


Thanks to the support of the Brooklyn College community as well as our sponsors last years V-Day, and Brooklyn College's first, was a success. We were able to raise $1,560.00 for The Rape Crisis Intervention Program (LICH). 10% of the proceeds went to The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (a.k.a. RAWA). Here is a run through of the events from last year's V-Day at CUNY Brooklyn College: http://vdaybc.tripod.com/index.html

The cast of the Vagina Monolouges lists Mansura J.Ghaffur - who, according to Professor Reguer who got her the grant from the Jewish Foundation for Women's Education is 'a religious Muslim woman'.

Cast 2005

Benelita Tina Elie
Marwa Amer
Mansura J. Ghaffar
Gitana Garcia
Yie Yin Foong
Ellie Carrabba
Leah Golubchick
Stacey Fiorentino
Michelle Murphy
Cat Brunner
Cintia Diaz
Renee Lovett
Maria E. Rubio (Director)


MIM: The RAWA website includes such anti semitic canards as:

"...If the US considers Saddam as a threat to the peace and security of the world and region and for this reason intends to disarm Iraq, then why does it support Israel, which is equipped with atomic weapons and is the butcher of the Palestinian people? ..." http://www.rawa.org/anti-war.htm


MIM: Brooklyn College professor Sara Reguer's enthusiasm for the giving of a grant form the Jewish Foundation for Education of Woman was not shared by this woman who wrote a letter to the Jewish Press to say how appalled she was at the award. She points out that "...the funds are supposed to help Jewish people...the Muslims won't be contributing to that cause..."

Indeed. Mansura J.Ghaffar, the Muslim woman who has gotten the grant, is repaying her benefactors. This year she was in the cast of the Vagina Monolouges, (role unspecified) ,which raised money that helped fund an organisation called the Revolutionary Association of Afghan Woman ,(RAWA),whose members met El Al hijacker Leila Khalid ,and refer to Israel as "the butcher of the Palestinian People".

(see RAWA statement below).


Letter to Jewish Press December 9, 2005

Sickened By Column

Professor Sara Reguer's Dec. 9 Perspective column ("A Milestone") made me sick to my stomach.

Why is it that we Jews seem to be the only people who go out of our way to promote and support people of other faiths with money donated to help Jews? Professor Reguer writes a whole article about the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women, whose purpose was to help defray the cost of tuition for poor Jewish women. Over the 125 years of its existence, the organization changed names a few times, but the word Jewish has always been a part of it. And the professor informs us that UJA-Federation has a joint scholarship program for needy Jewish students together with the above-named organization.

Prof. Reguer waxes enthusiastic over the fact that she helped obtain a special scholarship from the Jewish Foundation for a religious Muslim woman. She feels this is a fine example of the American way of inclusiveness. Some milestone. It will be a milestone when religious Muslims give up their dream of destroying Israel and the American way of life. It will be a milestone when religious Muslims denounce suicide bombers and the killing of innocent people. Until that time, I hope the Jewish Foundation and the UJA-Federation try to remember that their funds are supposed to help Jewish people. The Muslims won`t be contributing to that cause.

Amy Wall
New York, NY


MIM: One of many statements on the RAWA website condemning American and Israel:

Statement of RAWA's anti-war demonstration in Islamabad

The US Government Wants War,
the People of US and the World Want Peace!

Again the world has been plunged into a newly terrifying nightmare. The US and its allies are willing to destroy Saddam Hussain's regime- the regime with which till yesterday they were allied and which they supported in the war against Iran- and impose their own puppet government on the Iraqi people and by doing so repeat the ghastly tragedy of the Gulf War in which Saddam survived but the war caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.

While a war against terrorism in the name of democracy is the excuse for the attack, the people of Afghanistan, at least, know well the hidden nature of these claims and excuses.

First the terrorist Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was the favorite son - the recent American pronouncements against this hangman are meaningless. Then Osama and Mullah Omar occupied his place and now finally they polished the grim appearance of the "Northern Alliance", beautifying them with pantaloons and neckties, and imposed them on our people.

Will America do better than this in Iraq? The Iraqi people have suffered and been pushed to the limit by the crimes of Saddam's regime but this has never meant that they ask the US and its allies to save them with military intervention. The change of government in each country is the prerogative of the people of that country, otherwise the result will be neither stable nor sustainable for the long term. The puppet regimes of Parcham and Khalq followed by the criminal Jehadi regime, the Taliban and finally the re-imposition of the Jehadis, with Karzai as the President, are all proof of this claim.

Even Afghan and other children throughout the world ask why, if the US wants to destroy rulers like Saddam Hussain, has it imposed the war criminals and professional terrorists, who are worse than Saddams, in Afghanistan?

If the US considers Saddam as a threat to the peace and security of the world and region and for this reason intends to disarm Iraq, then why does it support Israel, which is equipped with atomic weapons and is the butcher of the Palestinian people?

Why doesn't the US government, which without any strong evidence or facts claims that the Iraqi regime has connections with Al Qaida, seriously consider these suspicions regarding other Arabic countries? Why doesn't the US government, which calls itself the champion of democracy, pay any respect to the voices of millions of anti-war people around the globe?

The answers to all these questions are crystal clear to everyone:

It is the oil of Iraq (the most important oil reserve in the world), the domination of the Middle East, the threatening and bullying of other countries and finally the desire to surpass its rivals that makes the US government resolute and determined to invade Iraq. It should be noted that still it is not clear which countries will come under attack after the occupation of Iraq.

The US and Britain governments have been exposed as warmongering and hegemonic regimes.

But what is clear in today's world is the stand and wishes of the majority of the people who are separate from their governments.

The people of the world and of the US in particular will not allow the Bush administration to misuse the 11th September incident and, in their name and under the banner of democracy, impose war and bring catastrophe on poor and suffering nations.

Just now the anti-war and anti-jingoism call of the people is so strong in the US, the UK, and all over the world that Bush and Tony Blair can't overlook or ignore it.

The majority of UN Security Council members are also standing against the US and British jingoism, and emphasizing the continuation of the UN inspectors' work. But this is not enough. We must all stand against the war on Iraq and never let it happen.

The Afghan people who have suffered in the fires of war for the past 25 years deeply hate war more than most other nations, but unfortunately in Afghanistan they cannot mingle their anti-war protest voices with the millions of other anti-war protestors around the world because of the domination of the fundamentalist dictatorship in Afghanistan.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is pleased that at least in Pakistan through today's demonstration it can announce its solidarity with all peace-loving movements in every nook and corner of the world and can represent and echo the choked and muted voice of its fettered nation against war and warmongers.

Down with terrorism and jingoism!
Long live peace, freedom and democracy!


MIM: Excerpts from RAWA's statement on April 28th which is considered 'a castrophe' on the day the American backed Karzai government was installed in Kabul.


RAWA statement on the Black Day of April 28, the day criminal fundamentalists seized power in Kabul

April 28 More Sinister and Shameful
Than April 27

We are holding this year's demonstration at a time when Iraq has just fallen to the American forces. However preparation for war and the final occupation of Iraq was accompanied by nearly unparalleled anti-war movements and the condemnation of the government of the United States and its president from every nook and corner of the world. After the Vietnam War, the world has never witnessed such a strong display of power against war and against the U.S. and British governments. Although this movement, not only across the world but first and foremost in the heart of the U.S. and England, could not prevent the war, it surely has played a vital historical role in raising awareness and mobilizing pro-peace and anti- oppression organizations and individuals. In addition it has torn to pieces the deceitful mask of democracy worn by the U.S government and its partner Great Britain to defend their actions and has left behind a great tradition for future anti-war struggles . According to many political interpreters, the anti-war movement had so much force, persistence and breadth that, despite the invasion of Iraq and collapse of Saddam's bloody dictatorship, the faces of the U.S. and Britain are red due to the slaps they received and they are not considered the victors. Both of these governments have shown how heedless they can be towards the general feelings of the people in their own country and else where in the world when their economical and political interests are at stake

The tragedy of our country in regard to this global anti-war movement is that once again no voice was heard from any organization except RAWA, which organized a rally and published multi-lingual statements of solidarity with the world wide anti-war movement. As its representatives in America and Europe explained, Afghanistan can not be summed up just with Jehadis, Taliban, Al-Qaida or CIA forces. Our nation, having suffered from the pain of war for the last quarter of the century is totally against war and aggression.

The government of Afghanistan was among those affiliated governments which voted in favor of the U.S.'s assault on Iraq and certainly that didn't surprised anyone.. But the irony was that during the firestorm in Baghdad, it announced its intention to help the Iraqi people by collecting funds from Afghan citizens!

Mr. Karzai indeed may think some Iraqis stupid or foolish enough to accept his offer, but he makes a big mistake if he thinks the Iraqi nation is so naive that they will not tell him: "Mr. Karzai, firstly your homeland is so much ruined that it is better to not even allow yourself to discuss such relief efforts, and secondly, and importantly, please keep the money collected for Iraq in your own pocket. Defending us could have had much more meaning had you opposed the U.S. led attack on our soil."

Just as we think that the U.S., Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others owe our nation an official and straightforward apology for creating and establishing the criminal fundamentalists in Afghanistan, we hope a day will come when a democratic government will be in power in our land which could ask forgiveness of the Iraqi people for this shameful decision of the current government.

And that day, the day of a complete and total amputation of the hands of fundamentalists and their bosses from this land and the establishment of a real democratic government will come very soon. The new wave of activities among the anti-fundamentalist organizations in the present situation brings hope for the growth and development of these organizations who are in favor of the overthrow of fundamentalist forces. The experience of RAWA with this important reality is telling: until yesterday organizations and individuals had no courage to join RAWA in condemning the fundamentalists, but today we see this display of courage. Even some of them show greater bravery and put Massoud, the fabricated "National Hero" of the hangmen in power, in the same array as his other traitorous brothers. They have found that differentiating Ahmed Shah Massoud from Rabbani, Gulbuddin, Sayyaf and the rest of the April 28th criminals will cause others to question the veracity of their claims of being anti-religious fascism, pro-democracy, pro-women rights and patriots.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) once again calls upon all pro-democratic elements to know that no one else but ourselves will come to our rescue. It is incumbent upon us to rise up and clean Afghanistan from the dirt and scars of 28th April.

If I arise
If you arise
We all will arise

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
April 28, 2003, Islamabad

The administrative registrant for RAWA is bashed in Pakistan.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

PO Box 374



No Valid City, No Valid State

Domain Name: RAWA.ORG

Administrative Contact :

Danish, Sohaila

[email protected]

P.O.Box 374




Phone: 0092-300-8551638

Fax: 001-760-2819855

Technical Contact :

Support, Technical **

[email protected]

PO Box 2556

Blairsville, GA 30514


Phone: 706-897-4743

Fax: 707-313-0377

Record expires on 14-May-2006

Record created on 15-Oct-2002

Database last updated on 08-Jul-2004


MIM: The group operates from California with the Afghan Women's Mission

For further information, you may contact Shaima Saeed, RAWA Projects Coordinator at [email protected] and CC your email to [email protected].

Funds (which are tax deductible to the extent of the law.) should be sent through checks payable to "IHC/Afghan Women's Mission" to the following address:

The Afghan Women's Mission
2460 N. Lake Ave. PMB 207
Altadena, CA 91001

For making online donations through credit card visit the web site of the Afghan Women's Mission at http://afghanwomensmission.org.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our sorrowful heart for your support and sympathies with your Afghan sisters.

Kindest wishes,

Shaima Saeed

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Mailing Address: RAWA, P.O.Box 374, Quetta, Pakistan
Mobile: 0092-300-5541258
Fax: 001-760-2819855
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Page: http://www.rawa.org
Mirror site: http://www.rawa.us

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