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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > Let's go to the Haj: UK Scout Association funds Muslim contingent to Mecca together with Saudi government

Let's go to the Haj: UK Scout Association funds Muslim contingent to Mecca together with Saudi government

Will UK scouts who complete the Haj receive a shari'a badge ?
November 13, 2005

MIM: The politically correct and diversity concious mission statement of the UK Scouts International office has come a long way from climbing and campfires. Anno 2005 scouting is all about peace education, drug abuse prevention, and promoting Wahhabism by financing Hajj trips.

"...The International Office, based at Gilwell Park, promotes international opportunities including camps and projects, with the aim of strengthening links between The Scout Association in the UK and other members of The World Organisation of the Scout Movement. The office assists groups of young people attending world events such as Moots and Jamborees, creating resources and administering grant-aid for visits abroad.

Today, Scouts across the world are involved in development projects as diverse as peace education, drug abuse prevention, clean water and sanitation, literacy, renewable energies and environmental conservation..."http://www.scouts.org.uk/aboutus/international.htm


MAB Youth: 1st UK Scouts Hajj Contingent 2006

Muslim Scouts

Saudi Boy Scout Association invites Muslim Scouts & Leaders aged 14-25 for Hajj

If you are a Muslim Scout or young leader aged 14-25, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the 1st UK Scouts contingent for 2006 Hajj Inshallah. Hajj is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam which is compulsory once in the life of every sensible Muslim adult having sufficient means. Hajj will transform your life, since you will be able to share & experience something incredible with 2 million other Muslims. This will truly be an international Scouting experience.

The Saudi Boy Scout Association has kindly invited you to be their guest for Hajj 2006. Flights, Saudi accommodation, meals and internal transport for the period of Hajj will be sponsored by the Saudi Scouts. You will need to pay the costs of the preparation, training, equipment, travel insurance and personal expenses prior to the trip. These details will be confirmed before the selection meeting. The UK Scout Association warmly welcomes the invitation from the Saudi Association and is actively supporting the UK Contingent. The Contingent is also supported by the Muslim Scout Fellowship.

You must be an active member of the Scout Association, supported by your Unit leader or GSL, & hold a passport valid until at least July 2006. Applications must be received by 20th July 2005.

Those applicants that meet the criteria will then be invited to attend a selection day on Saturday 27th August 2005

Application forms are available from

The Scout Association International Office

Gilwell Park


London,E4 7QW

Or by contacting [email protected] or 0208 433 7147



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