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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Maulana Shafayat Mohamed : President of Hollywood Interfaith Council embraces Bin Laden buddies -Dar Ul Uloom welcomes South Florida terrorists

Maulana Shafayat Mohamed : President of Hollywood Interfaith Council embraces Bin Laden buddies -Dar Ul Uloom welcomes South Florida terrorists

June 7, 2004

In Florida, law enforcement uses terrorist cronies to find terrorists :

Dar Ul Uloom or Dar Ul Kaboom?

Broward falls under scrutiny as more terrorist links emerge:


"In fact, police have become a regular presence at Darul Uloom Institute, 7050 Pines Blvd., and at some other mosques. This is partly due to the threats that were generated after the terrorist attacks. But local Muslim leaders, appalled by the events of last September, also wanted to see any potential plotter rooted out.

"We are centrally located," said Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, spiritual leader of Darul Uloom. "We don't operate a closed shop, so people who have an agenda can pass through here. We try to have police here for every activity. We really want no crazy nuts coming around here."

Last week, as he talked to a reporter, two Pembroke Pines police officers turned up and walked through the mosque, peeking behind curtains.

"We want them to pass through here," he said. "We've established that link with the police."


..."Although sources have said they have no indication that Padillawas recruited to do al Qaeda's bidding while in South Florida, news of his detention yet again cast an unfavorable spotlight on Broward's Muslim community.

Local Muslims insist that these men kept to themselves whatever they may have been plotting.

"If these guys are terrorists, they're not telling the community," said Jamal Raheem, a world history teacher at South Dade High School.

Added Yussuf Mohamed, board chairman of Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, a 220-student pre-K through 12th-grade school in Cooper City: `I don't know if their strategy is to use the mosques as cover."

..."One man isn't so sure that talk of a terror network is entirely far-fetched. He is Mohammad Javed Qureshi, a Muslim from Pakistan and founder of the School of Islamic Studies in Sunrise.

He is also Padilla's former boss. Qureshi, as manager of a Davie Taco Bell, hired Padilla to assemble tacos for $5.50 an hour in 1992, about the time Padilla converted to Islam.

"With this latest arrest it leads me to believe that there is a cell or organization recruiting Muslims for terrorist activities," Javed told The Herald last week, following news of Padilla's detention. "We need to look into Egypt and see where he went," he also told The New York Times, "and then put the two and two together. Are there recruiters here? Yes. Have I met them? No. But he moves, and the recruiters are out there. I'm trying to find them myself."


Perhaps the information provided by MIM will help refresh the selective memory of Padilla's ex boss Mohammed Javed Qureshi as to who the terrorist recruiters are in his neighborhood and his and his wife's role in helping Jose Padilla and his wife Cheri Stultz convert to Islam .


After saying for two years that he never talked to Padilla about Islam and told him" to find a mosque in the Yellow Pages", Qureshi revealed in April 2004 that :

"Stultz expressed an interest in Islam, Javed said. Javed invited her to his home, where his wife gave classes in the scriptures to women. Occasionally Padilla accompanied her, until Javed's wife suggested he go to mosque with the men.

June 16,2002

"The fast food restaurant's owner, Mohammed Javed Qureshi, told the Times that Padilla approached him for advice on converting to Islam. Padilla did so on his own, Quershi claimed, without any help from him."


Some of the names and picture below should help Maulana Shafayat Mohammed recognize his friends and benefactors .

It's also time that law enforcement stopped "peeking behind the curtains" at Dar Ul Uloom Institute and started looking at the facts.

Or is Homeland Security and the FBI really expecting Maulana Shafayat Mohammed and Padilla's ex boss to "assist them with inquiries?"

If the Islamist foxes have been enlisted by the government farmers to guard the henhouses concerned citizens should be asking why and demand to see if any hens are still inside.



Maulana Shafayat Mohammed -Interfaith as Bad Faith

President of Hollywood Florida Interfaith Council embraces Militant Islamists and Friends of Bin Laden

Maulana Shafayat Mohammed was on the news yesterday feigning surprise at his former congregant Jose Padilla's the ties to America's Most Wanted Adhan Shukrijumah.Interviewed on local news ,Maulana claimed he vaguely remembered Shukrijukmah .

A puzzling claim since Maulana Shufayat Mohammed, himself a native of Trinidad, is the director lof the Caribbean American Islamic Association, which is housed together with Masjid Hirjah, the mosque which was headed by Shukrijumah's father and situated right next door to the Shukrijumah family home.

Shukrijumah is believed to have links with the Dar Ul Uloom Institute in Trinidad .

The FBI says that he arrived in the country and that they have no records he ever left.





(Masjid Al-Hijrah)

Invites You To A


Lecture & Dinner

Guest Speaker:

Maulana Shafayat Mohamed

Sunday 28th Sept, 2003, at 3:00 P.M

Venue: Mehfil Restaurant, Sunrise


You Are Invited To A



on Monday Sept 22nd, 2003


Masjid Al-Hijrah



Inshaa Allaah

For Details Contact:

Bro. Wazim Mohammed: 954-436-6506

Bro. Farzan: 954-965-0281


Mohammed Shafayat Mohammed is head of the Dar Ul Uloom Institute and chairman of the Hollywood Interfaith Council.

Which begs the question as to how a supposedly "liberal" mosque attracted 4 terrorists whose fundamentalist views prompted them to declare Jihad against the United States.

Why does the Al Hikmat/ Dar Ul Uloom website shows a picture of Maulana Shufayat Mohammed together with Ahmed Deedat, who admits to having met Osama Bin Laden. "on several occassions",together with his son Yusuf .

The picture at right was taken during Mohammed's visit with Deedat at the Bin Laden Centre in South Africa which was built to house the International Center for Islamic Propagation, still funded by the Bin Laden family.

Maulana Shafayat & Ahmad Deedat at the Islamic Propagation Center in South Africa.
  • President of the Interfaith Council of Hollywood.

Why is Maulana Shafayat Mohammed participating in an upcoming conference in Orlando featuring Islamists and known terrorist affiliates such as Zulfiqar Ali Shah,Paul Findley, and Siraj Wahhaj??


Interfaith as the Islamo facist "Nacht und Nebel"

MIM:Next Generation Muslims : Replacing the Constitution with the Koran

'Conquest or Conversion' through Islamic Propagation



Next Generation Muslims

Education & Survival

Saturday, June 5, 2004

Grosvenor Resort

1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd., Orlando, FL 32830

Phone: 407-828-4444

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi

Imam Siraj Wahaj

Mr. Paul Findley

Maulana Shafayat Mohammed


All the Hate That's Fit to Print see article by Stephen Schwartz

... Images of Islam,".a wretched book by professional Israel-basher Paul Findley, a former Republican congressman from Illinois. Findley's book came out in the summer of 2001, which did not prove a propitious moment for a work that gushes over Osama bin Laden. Findley writes, "Outsiders do not seem to recognize that bin Laden is one of the pre-eminent heroes of Afghans, occupying a role similar to the Marquis de Lafayette, a Frenchman who fought at the side of the Colonials during America's Revolutionary War."

www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/ Articles/000/000/001/464ijlvz.asp - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

Paul Findley also visited Ahmed Deedat at the Bin Laden Centre in South Africa and participated in this "Great Symposium". http://shop.store.yahoo.com/talkislam/v47.html

61 Is Israel set up for Destruction?pad61 Is Israel set up for Destruction?

UHF conference guest speaker Siraj Wahhaj is an unindicted co conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings .

Wahhaj also testified as a character witness on behalf of Al -Owahali in the trial of the USA vs. Bin Laden .Owahali was convicted on terrorism charges for his role in the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya.

During his testimony Wahhaj also admitted to supporting the provision of 'aid' to Iraq in defiance of the embargo.

Here is information from a government website about chaplaincy schools in which Wahhaj was active.


These groups, however, appear to have a number of disturbing connections to terrorism. The GSISS and the AMF are both under investigation as part of US Customs' Operation Green Quest for their alleged role in helping to funnel $20 million to terrorists through offshore financial institutions. In addition, a number of ISNA board members appear to have checkered pasts. One member, Siraj Wahhaj was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the WTC bombings in WTC' 1993 bombing .


Here Wahhaj is testifying as an "expert witness" on Islam at the trial of the U.S. vs. Osama Bin Laden

2 ------------------------------x


4 v. S(7)98CR1023

5 USAMA BIN LADEN, et al.,

6 Defendants.

Can you explain to the jury what the Islamic definition of
 7 the term bayat is?
 8 A Yes. In Islamic terminology the head of the Muslim uma or
 9 nation, 1400 years ago was Prophet Mohammed and the people
 10 took bayat to him. That is, they actually literally shook his
 11 hand and gave a pledge of allegiance. 12
 This pledge of allegiance is given to the really the head of Islamic state...
 ...18 Q Now, are you a leader in the Muslim community in Brooklyn?

19 A Yes.

20 Q Do the brothers and sisters who attend Masjid At-Taqwa, do

21 they give bayat to Imam Siraj?

22 A No, no. I'm just a little guy. I'm not head of the

23 Muslim state. I'm just a very, very small guy. And you know,

24 part of taking bayat, let me tell you the significance of

25 that, because the leader is responsible for the people, and......

For transcript of the trial and Wahhaj's testimony click here


Here are some of Wahhaj's tapes which leave no doubt as to his militant Islamist 'weltaanshaung'.


And his views on "interfaith".

The Muslim Agenda In The New World Order
List price: $2.95
Discount price: $2.66


Allah's Word is Supreme
List price: $2.95
Discount price: $2.66

Are You Ready To Die?
List price: $2.95
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The Blessing Of Death!
List price: $2.95
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The Easy Way To Paradise-How To Get There
List price: $2.95
Discount price: $2.66


Zulfiqar Ali Shah former president of The Islamic Circle of North America,was principal of the School for Islamic Studies in Broward and is presently CEO of the Universal Heritage Foundation in Kissimmee Florida.

Dr. Zulfiqar A. Shah

An analysis for Muslims of the revelation to Prophet Moses, as it exists today, with the underlying message by the speaker to be grateful for the Qur'an and its purity. This analysis consists of comparisons between the Judeo-Christian and Islamic concepts of God, prophethood, and revelation. Stories and descriptions are relayed from the Old Testament to show how these sacred institutions have been corrupted by the hand of man and how many teachings presently in the Old Testament actually go against all human logic and morality.

Maulana Shafayat Muhammad


For his first Eid on radio station WAXY, 790-AM, Maulana Shafayat Mohamed plans a one-hour program at 4 p.m. with religious songs, called Naats Qaseeda. He'll also have as his guest Zulfiqar Ali Shah, outgoing leader of the Sunrise-based Islamic Foundation of South Florida.

Maulana Shafayat Mohammed is oxymoronically regarded as a 'moderate Islamist' . Every Sunday evening he hosts a radio program called "Saut Al Hikmat" The Voice of Wisdom in which he discusses everything from AIDS to Allah. http://www.alhikmat.com/inter-faith_talk_show.htm

Maulana is regarded as a "moderate and a liberal " and the guests he hosts on his program have enabled him to keep up his facade . Two of these guests were none other then the head of the Florida Anti Defamation League, Arthur Teitelbaum and Sol Oliveri, a Hollywood Florida County Commissioner and three time president of the Interfaith Council. http://www.hollywoodfl.org/city_commission/district3.htm

Other program guests have included the ex president of ICNA, Zulfiqar Ali Shah, now the CEO of the Universal Heritage Foundation in Kissimmee. The UHF is a 31 acre campus which is intended for Islamic Propagation and is part of the militant Islamist Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society.

In December 2003 the UHF came under media scrutiny after Shah invited "Pimp of the Prophet" head Saudi cleric Sheik Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, and presidential hopeful Ralph Nader, to be keynote speakers at the UHF inaugural conference.

According to Steven Emerson author of American Jihad :

"ICNA's hatred of the Jews is so fierce that it taunted them with a repeat of what Hitler did to them"

Maulana's friend Zulfiqar Ali Shah made a tape called "an Examination of the Old Testament which explained how "The Old Testament goes against all logic and morality."Speaking at an ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) and MAS (Muslim American Society) conference in 2001 Shah said:

" If we are unable to stop the Jews now, their next stop is Yathrib (The Prophet's city of Medina), where the Jews used to live until their expulsion by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). That's the pinnacle of their motives."

A press release was sent to the media protesting the presence of Al Sudais citing his calls for the murder of "Jews and American worshippers of the cross" on Saudi State television.

Al Sudais was banned from entering the U.S. and Shah claimed he had no idea of Al Sudais's statements. Ralph Nader also cancelled his appearence at the conference.

Maulana Shafayat Mohammed spoke at the UHF event.

Click on this URL for a complete account of the conference.



In 2001 Al Sudais had visited Florida.together with an official from the Saudi Embassy in Washington and had stopped off at the School of Islamic Studies in Broward of which Zulfiqar Ali Shah was the acting principal

.The founder and director of the SISB was none other then Jose Padilla's ex Taco Bell supervisor, Mohammed Javed Qureshi.

Worshippers at the mosque of the SISB included Jose Padilla,the jailed dirty bomber wannabe, and Adham Hassoun, who is presently awaiting trial for his role in setting up the Al Qaeda funding scam "charity" Benevolence International Foundation" was alleged to have helped recruit Padilla for Al Qaeda and to have arranged for his trip to the Middle East.


Zulfiqar Ali Shah -Saudi Sheik Al Sudais and ICNA and the School for Islamic Studies in Broward.

Warm send off for Imam Ka'aba

( aka Sheik Abdel Rahman Al Sudais )


Tasneem Khan

The visiting Imam Ka'aba, Sheikh Abdur Rehman As-Sudais was accorded a warm send off at the Miami International Airport by a group of local Muslim leaders at the conclusion of his five day visit to South Florida.

Among those present at the MIA to see off the honorable guest, included ICNA Amir Dr Zulfiqar Shah, Engineer Tasnimuddin of Islamic School of Miami, Dr Zahid Qureshi of School of Islamic Studies at Broward and Engineer Mohammad Irshad.

The Imam, accompanied by an official of the Royal Saudi Embassy in Washignton DC, had come to Miami last Sunday at the invitation of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) after attending its annual Convention in Ohio, besides leading Isha'a prayers at the Masjid Miami Gardens Drive and at the Broward Islamic School in Fort Lauderdale, had also addressed a large gathering of Muslims at the Hotel Inter Continental in Miami.

During his speech, the Imam called upon the Muslims to learn Arabic since it was the language of The Holy Quran and elaborated that one could only fully understand and act accordingly if aware of the language.

Before the two thousand plus Muslim gathering of its kind in South Florida, Sheikh Abdur Rehman As-Sudais, who also had led the Maghrib and Isha'a prayers at the Grand Ball Room of the down town hotel, called upon the Muslims to get united and keep their Islamic identity above everything. He said we should be proud of being a Muslim and such let the world know that we were the followers of the greatest religion. He said its about time we leave

our pity differences behind and work collectively for the greater cause of one Muslim Ummah.

Imam Ka'aba said he was very much impressed to learn the great work various organizations and individuals were doing in propagation of Islam in this part of the world and called upon the Muslims to lend their fullest support in this noble cause.

He said the Muslims today had lost their pride due to the fact that they were not following the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and were more involved in the wordly affairs and selfishness. He said the Ummah had plenty of resources but could not avail them due to various divisions within their ranks and files. Imam Ka'aba was of the view that if we practiced Islam as per teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, we would once again become world leaders. He said he had brought the message of love, happiness and brotherhood from the people of Mecca. Sheikh Sudais speech in Arabic was translated by Dr Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Amir of ICNA , who also gave a brief introduction of his organization.


Imam Masjid Al Aqsa Visits SISB

Endorses his support to the Project

Sunrise, FLorida -- Respectable Imam of Masjid Al Aqsa visited South Florida and during his visit he endorsed his support to the underway project of building Sala Tawfik Elementary School. The respectable Imam delivered jumma Qutba at Signature Grand Hotel in Davie, FL. The Imam then visited the under-construction site of Sala Tawfik School.

The School will provide the local community to educate their children according to Quran and Sunnah.

Zulfiqar Ali Shah and " Grand Mufti of Al Aqsa " Ekrima Sabri at groundbreaking for the new School for Islamic Studies in Broward 2002

Islamic Foundation of South Florida
4050 NW 103rd Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33351
Tel: 954-741-8130
FAX: 954-741-8130
Internet: [email protected]


Ekrima Sabri's views on Jihad and interfaith relations:

'The younger the martyr, the greater and the more I respect him'...

" I am filled with rage at the Jews. I have never greeted a Jew when I came near one and I never will"


For more on Imam Ekrima Sabri pictured above click on:



Maulana Shafayat Mohammed according to the biographical information the Al Hikmat website: Maulana is closely associated with the activities of Zulfiqar Ali Shah and the Univeral Heritage Foundation. He spoke at their inaugural conference in December of 2003 and is a scheduled speaker at the June 5th 2004 fundraiser together with Siraj Wahhaj and Paul Findley.

Maulana Shafayat Mohammed's open associations with Bin Laden buddy Achmed Deedat, and Islamists Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Findley, and Wahhaj who have openly called for the Islamisation of the United States and the destruction of Israel with the help of their affiliates in Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Islamic Association of Palestine, begs the question as to why no one in the local government or law enforcement has challenged his position as the head of the Hollywood interfaith council and why he is considered moderate voice in the Florida Muslim community.


"The Inter-Faith Council Of Greater Hollywood is an association of individuals, not of officials commissioned by their respective religious bodies. It is not our purpose to blend, merge, or modify distinctive beliefs of its members.

The Council seek to promote justice, uunderstanding and cooperation among people of all faiths.

It strives to eliminate inter-group prejudices which distort religious, business, social and political relations and to maintain at all times a society in which a reconciled community and justice are evident."

wpe3.jpg (41618 bytes)

Group of people at Christian-Muslim Dialogue organized by Cathalic Archdioceses & Muslim Community

MIM:Award winning 'interfaith guru' Maulana Shafayat Mohammed (center), seated next to Gulshair Shukrijumah, (right), whose son Adnan, is the focus of a worldwide BOLO manhunt admidst fears that he will attempt to detonate a radiological device in the US. Captured 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed claimed that Adnan Shukrijumah was designated as "Mohammed Atta's sucessor ."

Gulshair Shukrijumah was sent to America by the Saudis as an 'Islamic missionary' and is a veteran of the "first wave' of the Al Qaeda terrorism network which came to the US in the 1980's to set up operational bases for Jihad. Gulshair Shukrijimah was a character witness on behalf of Clement Hampton El, a Jihadist who became a "Mujahid" holy warrior in Bosnia and was convicted of planning to blow up the Lincoln Tunnel, the U.N., and other N.Y. landmarks.

In addition to his 'work' at Masjid Al Hirjah in Miramar , Gulshair Shukrijumah is also a director of the Shamshuddin Islamic Center in North Miami Beacb,Florida .The Shamshuddin Islamic Center is run by Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout ,who is the director of AMANA, The American Muslim Society of North America, AMANA is dedicated to "teaching and preaching of Islam"and Zakkout uses the facade of interfaith and civic organisations to propagate Islam.He is also active in group called JADA "Jews and Muslims Dialouge Association, which he runs together with S.E. Elia the Florida director of the ADC, the Arab American anti Discrimination Committee,the Islamist version of the Jewish ADL.

Zakkout was the vice president of the HRCP, Health Resource Center Palestine, which was closed down for links to Hamas and the Islamic Association of Palestine. http://www.al-amana.org/aboutus.php


Gulshair Shukrijumah on the Wahabi payroll:


"New Questions about Saudi Money and Bandar "

MIM:Investigative reporter Michael Isikoff documents Saudi payments to Maulana Shafayat Mohammed's colleague and neighbor, Gulshair Shukrijumah.

The federal commission investigating 9/11 was also recently briefed on developments, sources say. U.S. officials stress that they have identified no evidence of any knowing Saudi aid to terrorist groups. But they express frustration at their inability to penetrate a number of large and seemingly irregular transactions. "There's a lot of money moving in a lot of directions—maybe not all that carefully," said one senior law-enforcement official. "Everyone wants to get to the bottom of it."

Among the payments that have drawn scrutiny, documents show, were $19,200 in checks between December 2000 and January 2003 from the Saudi Embassy to an Islamic cleric, Gulshair Muhammad al-Shukrijumah. The Florida-based imam has been on the FBI's radar screen for some time: he once testified on behalf of convicted terrorist Clement Hampton-El. The imam's son, Adnan G. al-Shukrijumah, also known as "Jafar the Pilot," is a suspected Qaeda operative who is the subject of a worldwide FBI manhunt. A Saudi spokesman said Gulshair al-Shukrijumah was a Saudi-funded "missionary" whose payments were terminated last year.

Another area of FBI inquiry involves $70,000 in wire transfers on July 10, 2001, to two Saudis in Massachusetts. One of the Saudis wrote a $20,000 check that same day to a third Saudi who had listed the same address as Aafia Siddiqui, a microbiologist who is believed to have been a U.S. operative for 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. A Saudi spokesman said the wire transfers had no connection to Siddiqui and were used to pay educational and medical expenses for Saudi families in the United States. But bureau officials say the matter remains under active investigation; a government document shows the bulk of the funds were wired to an account in Saudi Arabia.


He was born in Trinidad, West Indies. Graduated as a Qaari, Faazil / Islamic Scholar at Daarul Uloom Deobandi, the largest Islamic University in the India. Al Hamdulillah, since then he visited and lectured in many States of the USA, and countries. Led groups to perform the HAJJ (Holy Pilgrimage) many times.

FOUNDER and Past President of THE NATIONAL MUSLIM SPORTS LEAGUE of Trinidad and Tobago, which established the ISLAMIC HOME for CHILDREN.

FOUNDER and FORMER EDITOR of Al - Hikmat International Islamic Publication, which has been in existence since l983.


Served as THE ISLAMIC ADVISER /HEAD OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS/DEAN OF STUDIES for many Islamic Organizations. He Delivers Lectures/Sermons worlwide and throughout the USA, including the Universities of South Florida.

Mohammed Shafayat Mohammed is the president of the Hollywood Interfaith Council and begs the question as to how a supposedly "liberal" mosque attracted 4 terrorists whose fundamentalist views prompted them to prepare for Jihad against the United States,and why Mohammed is proud to display his friendship with Ahmed Deedat who declared that one of his favorite books is "Suicide Bomber or Martyr?" which is offered for sale on the ICPI website.



The leader of a Pembroke Pines mosque said Wednesday that the alleged "dirty bomb" plot wasn't hatched in Broward County -- an assertion backed up by federal agents, who said detainee Jose Padilla contacted al Qaeda operatives after leaving the United States in 1998.

"I want to make sure that there is nothing like that going on here," said Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, prayer leader at Darul Uloom Islamic Institute. "I just like a clean operation and I don't even want to smell things like that around."

Padilla is the third terrorism suspect linked to Darul Uloom. He studied the Koran there. Two other Broward men accused this year with plotting a bombing campaign in South Florida worshiped at Darul Uloom, one of about 20 Muslim mosques in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. But that, Mohamed said, is pure coincidence.

"We are the largest [Muslim] congregation in South Florida," Mohamed said. "I think people may want to use us a scapegoat . . . We don't tolerate radicals. We are a peaceful group."

The only common factor among the three is that "they just passed through our mosque," Mohamed said.

Mohamed remembers Padilla as Ibrahim, no longer the troublemaker of his earlier days, but a quiet young man who always wore the traditional Muslim scarf favored by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. A photograph released by the school shows Padilla posing with friends, a red scarf draped over his head.

"The head dress is the type you see in Palestine; you don't see it in the U.S.," Mohamed said.

Padilla attended Saturday morning study sessions for the recently converted, after a while just "disappearing from the scene." Nine men and three women made up the group. Women are not uncommon for the Pembroke Pines institute because of its liberal bent, Mohamed said.

"Whoever did what, they never did it here," Mohamed said. "People know that they can't do any foolishness here."


In the space of less then 6 years the attendees of Dar Ul Uloom included :

Imran Mandhi who was convicted in 2003 of planning to use explosives and wage Jihad against the United States.

Shueyb Mossa Jokhan who convicted together with Mandhi for planning to blow up Jewish businesses, FPL electrical facilities and a national guard armory.

Adhan Shukrijumah ,currently the focus of a nation wide manhunt, in the belief he is planning bombing targets in the United States using a radiological device or "dirty bomb".

Jose Padilla, who is going on trial on charges of planning to blow up apartment buildings and wage Jihad against the United States.


MIM: Interfaith as the path towards Islam:

Maulana Shafayat Mohamed reflects that early generations "sacrified their lives and wealth for the sake of Allah" and to "spread the message of Islam". Note that he made the tape together with Raed Awad, the former Imam of Masjid Al Imam who fled Florida after being accused of fundraising for the Benevolence and Holyland Foundations, both associated with Al Qaeda. Awad is also believed to be the Imam who converted dirty bomber wannabe Jose Padilla and to have raised money in his mosque to pay for Padilla's 'trip' to Egypt where he joined the ranks of Al Qaeda.


Who Is Better Than One Who Invites To Allah? and The Leader & the Follower on the Day of Judgment (Shafayat Mohamed, Raed Awad) (video)

Publisher: MeccaCentric Da'wah Group
Voice: Various
Media: VHS Video (NTSC format)
Total running time: unknown

Product description:

A reflection on time's past and how the early generations sacrificed their lives and wealth for the sake of Allah to spread the message of Islam. Maulana Shafayat exhorts the Muslims of today to put Allah first in all worldly affairs, stop making excuses, and bring the message of "La ilaha ilallah" to the people of this land. "Why don't we spend some time on a daily basis to teach somebody about Islam?" The answer to this question will put most people on the spot and cause serious reflection about our situation and role here in America.

"We are just trying to be saved from Hell, we are not striving for the love of Allah." "We live in a time where we want to have everything, but we're not prepared to do."

Part 2:

A khutbah that chronicles an event on the Day of Judgment where the follower of wrong will ask the leader of wrong to help him or her against the punishment on that day. This lesson about individual responsibility serves as a warning to all Muslims to follow only those who follow Allah and His messenger.

"The people in general, when they have a leader, they usually follow the leader without any questioning!... What if he is violating the law of Allah?"



More on Raed Awad and his ties to Hamas and Al Qaeda via the Holyland and Benevolence Foundations:

And so Padilla began a 10-year odyssey, moving ever closer to radical elements within Islam. In South Florida, as many as 60,000 Muslims attend two dozen mosques and religious sites, spanning the spectrum of ideology. A subculture of extremism has taken hold in certain pockets. "Hamas and Hizballah have a wide network here," says a prominent Islamic community leader. "We have been taking a nap on this issue for far too long. These are people who are convinced that the West is evil and America is 'Darul Harb,'" the Place of War. The community leader, who requested anonymity, describes a growing radicalized cadre of mostly Middle Eastern men who aggressively recruit young Muslims. These men often drive BMWs and Mercedes and lure followers with money, he says.

Padilla attended at least two mosques in the Broward County area that have since been linked to extremist activity. One is the Darul Uloom Islamic Institute in Pembroke Pines. Last month two men in their 20s who had frequented the Darul Uloom mosque were arrested on federal charges of plotting to blow up electrical power stations in South Florida as part of a "holy war" against the U.S. Maulana Shafayat, imam of the Darul Uloom mosque, says he condemns extremist ideology. But, he concedes, "a certain percentage [of converts] do get radical. They are mostly less educated, and they are the ones who feel they are oppressed."

In 1994 Padilla converted formally to Islam at al-Iman mosque in Sunrise. The imam at the mosque at that time, who would have overseen Padilla's conversion, was Raed Awad—the former Florida fund raiser for the Holy Land Foundation, a Muslim charity that the Bush Administration has linked to Hamas. In December the Texas-based offices of the foundation were raided and shuttered by the Treasury Department. Attempts to reach Awad, who has since left the mosque, were unsuccessful. Awad has denied any link between the charity and Hamas. Law-enforcement sources say the FBI is interested in learning more about the role he played in Padilla's conversion.

In 1998 Padilla suddenly left his wife and moved to Egypt, telling acquaintances at al-Iman mosque that he was going to learn Arabic. Padilla has since told investigators that his travels were sponsored by "friends" interested in his education".


During a telephone interview from his new home in Alabama, Awad says Padilla never stood out as an extremist before he left for Egypt in 1998. "He was a polite person, very reserved, he was a -- what is it? A shy person. He hardly asked any questions," says Awad, who left South Florida last year. "I was surprised he would like to travel, because he wasn't that type of outgoing person."

"If you had known him, you would have never thought of him as a violent person," said Raed Mousa Awad, an imam at a mosque that Padilla attended in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., after converting to Islam. "He was a polite, shy, serious gentleman, according to my observations." http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/padilla020617.html

The only private time Awad says he spent with Padilla was when he counseled the young man on his marriage (a dubious undertaking for Awad, who is divorced and whose former wife repeatedly accused him, in local police reports and court papers, of physically abusing both her and their children).

Before Padilla left for Egypt, Awad and members of Masjid Al-Iman raised money to help pay for the trip.

Awad certainly has a knack for fundraising. From 1998 through 2000 he served as the registered agent in Florida for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, a Palestinian charity group based in Texas. With a briefcase full of checks, he traveled the United States and Latin America raising money from Muslims for the foundation. Although he refuses to estimate how much he collected, he doesn't deny it was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It was dirty money, however, according to the Bush administration, which froze the foundation's bank accounts this past December. For years the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been scrutinizing the Holy Land Foundation for alleged ties to Hamas, Awad say

. On February 24, 1998, terrorism expert Stephen Emerson testified before Congress that the organization funded terrorism, paid martyred suicide bombers' families, and held rallies "calling for jihad and death to the Jews."



MIM: Padilla and Shukrijumah met at Raed Awad's Masjid Al Imam where Gulshair Shukrijumah and Adham Hassoun sometimes led the services . Awad said ..."everybody knew each other... but I dont recall them whispering in a corner or anything".

Soon after Shukrijumah and Padilla met again under the watchful eye of Al Qaeda bombmakers in Pakistan. Padilla's wife would turn to Shukrijumah's father for counseling after Padilla took a second wife in Egypt.

The family moved to Miramar in 1996 and bought a modest retirement home. In 1996 and 1997, Adnan studied computer engineering at Broward Community College. His father soon became Imam at a mosque next door to his house and often taught at other mosques. One of the mosques he and Adnan frequented was Masjid Al-Iman in Fort Lauderdale.

There, Adnan met Jose Padilla -- now being held as an "enemy combatant" for his alleged plot to explode a radioactive bomb in the United States.

The former imam of that mosque, Raed Awad, said Adnan El'Shukri-jumah and Padilla were acquainted. "They knew each other; everybody knew each other who came," Awad said. "But I can't say I remember them whispering in a corner or anything."

Said Adnan's father: "I don't remember him, but I remember counseling his wife when he left to divorce her. That's it."



Padilla frequented several mosques and religious schools in Broward County. He appeared to fit in well at the Masjid al-Iman mosque, according to one observer.

The imam during that time was a man named Raed Mousa Awad. He said he met Padilla in 1995 and that Padilla attended services daily, sometimes once or twice a day. "He was very active in the social activities of the mosque and very well-known in the Muslim community," Awad told ABCNEWS

One person who did not wished to be identified said Awad spent quite a bit of time with Padilla and had quite an influence over him.

But Awad said he does not know when Padilla converted to Islam or who converted him.

In addition to attending prayers at the mosque, Padilla studied the Koran on Saturdays at the Darul Uloom Islamic Institute in Pembroke Pines.

Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, the prayer leader at the institute, described Padilla as a bit of an "oddity" since he was a Hispanic who had converted to Islam and always wore a red scarf over his head

Maulana Shafayat & Ahmad Deedat at the Islamic Propagation Center in South Africa.

  • President of the Interfaith Council of Hollywood.

Maulana Shafayat Mohammed meeting Ahmed Deedat at the ICPI in South Africa at the Bin Laden Centre.


Here are quotes from Maulana Shafayat Mohammed which were made after the arrest of Jose Padilla .


Padilla attended an introductory religion class at the Darul Uloom Institute
in Pembroke Pines, Fla., between 1995 and 1997, said Maulana Shafayat
Mohamed, an Islamic scholar at the center. He stood out in the community,
west of Fort Lauderdale, because he wore a red-and-white head covering.

"It was Middle Eastern-type garb, which you don't normally see here,"
Mohamed said. "He was a strange guy."

Mohamed recalled that Padilla's ex-wife, Cherie M. Stultz, called the mosque
about a year ago and sought counseling, saying Padilla was in Egypt and had

Padilla is not the only suspected terrorist to attend the mosque.

Mohamed confirmed that Pakistani immigrant Imran Mandhai and Shueyb Mossa
Jokhan, a naturalized American from Trinidad and Tobago, also prayed there.

Mandhai, 19, and Jokhan, 24, are awaiting trial on terrorism conspiracy
charges. They were accused in May of plotting a "holy war" bombing campaign
in South Florida, targeting the National Guard Armory in Hollywood and
electrical substations in the region.

The bombings, which were never carried out, were intended to spark race
riots, authorities said. The FBI secretly taped their threats, court records
show. The men are not believed to have any connections to the Sept. 11

"The Mandhai guy--he was more extreme in his religious practices, the way he
prayed. He didn't seem to tolerate the way we mix men and women here,"
Mohamed said, describing his more than 700-member mosque as one of the most
religiously liberal in Florida. "We are welcoming--very diverse and
interfaith. People sometimes call me 'rabbi' or 'reverend.' That is how
liberal we are."

Federal agents visited the mosque after the Sept. 11 attacks to see whether
any of the hijackers worshipped there, Mohamed said. But he said he did not
recognize any of them from photos the agents showed him.

"The good, the bad and the ugly can pass through our doors," he said. "We
are very open."


Ahmed Deedat's ties to Bin Laden

SA activist's Bin Laden ties

War on America

Buddy Naidu

A SA Islamic activist has forged strong ties with the Bin Laden family, receiving substantial funding from them and, in the process, meeting Osama bin Laden, the man named as prime suspect in this week's terror attacks.

Yousuf Deedat, 45, who triggered a storm when he distributed thousands of anti-Semitic handbills featuring a picture of Adolf Hitler during the World Conference Against Racism in Durban last week, said he first met Bin Laden in 1989.

Deedat and his father, Muslim scholar Ahmed Deedat, met Bin Laden on several other occasions in Saudi Arabia that year and in the 1990s while they were drumming up support for the Islamic Propagation Centre International in Durban.

"He was quiet-spoken, respectful and humble. When he met my father, he did not look him in the eye. That is the greatest honour an Arab can bestow on an elder," said Deedat.

The Deedats have had close links with the Bin Laden family since first meeting Osama's elder brother, Sheikh Bakr bin Laden, in 1986. Since then, many of the 27 Bin Laden brothers have contributed generously to the centre. Sheikh Bakr alone gave the centre $3.1-million over eight years to buy a building, print the Koran in English and Zulu, and print and distribute Islamic literature.

In appreciation, the Deedats named their building in Durban's Victoria Street after the family in 1988.

During his tenure as secretary-general of the propagation centre, the Bin Ladens reportedly paid Yousuf Deedat a monthly salary of R900 000.

Deedat said Bin Laden had invited him on a number of occasions to attend his lectures in Saudi Arabia. "He moved me to tears. He was a man of few words, but when he spoke in public, he had this magnetic effect on all who listened to him." Whether he was guilty or not, Deedat said, the US would always use him as a scapegoat".


Buddy Naidu

A South African who claims to have close links to international terrorist Osama Bin Laden has admitted responsibility for printing anti-Semitic handbills - featuring a picture of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler - which caused a storm at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban this week.

Yousuf Deedat, the son of fiery Muslim scholar Ahmed Deedat, said he distributed the handbills to encourage debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The handbill, which infuriated Jewish delegates, features a picture of Hitler and poses the question: "What if I had won?"

The answer below reads: "There would be no Israel and no Palestinian's blood shed. The rest is your guess."

The wealthy Deedat family admitted being "good friends" with billionaire Bin Laden after the bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania three years ago.

Ahmed Deedat admitted that the Bin Laden family had contributed "generously" to the coffers of his organisation, the Islamic Propagation Centre (IPCI).

A report at the time said that Yousuf Deedat, 45, in his capacity as secretary-general of the IPCI, was paid a monthly salary of R900 000 by the Saudi family to propagate Islam in South Africa.

Over the years, about $3-million (R25-million) has been channelled into the centre's bank accounts by the Bin Laden family.

Bin Laden is the FBI's most-wanted terrorist with a $5-million (R42-million) price on his head.

The US State Department called the wealthy terrorist "one of the most significant sponsors of Islamic extremist activities in the world today".

He has also been linked to the 1993 World Trade Centre blast and the bombing of a US naval ship in Yemen last year. He is believed to be living in Afghanistan where he enjoys the protection of the Taliban regime.

Yousuf Deedat is unrepentant about the handbills . "I encourage open debate. That is the beauty of democracy ," he said.

Referring to this week's walkout by the US and Israel, he said people should not be "dogmatic and walk away from discussion like cowards".

"With regard to the picture of Hitler, whether it makes sense or not, I want people to think, thus stimulating the mind to debate issues ."

He said he did not hate Jews but rather the "injustices done to others, like my brothers and sisters in Palestine".

Deedat, who spends hundreds of thousands of rands a month promoting his father's books, said the Bin Ladens had sponsored his family over the years.

He admitted being paid a salary by the Bin Laden family but refused to confirm whether he had received close to R1-million a month from them during his tenure at the IPCI.

Yehuda Kay, of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, lambasted Deedat's "concerted campaign" against the Jewish people.

"It is the most vile, disgusting and racist material that has been seen since the Nazi propaganda period. It just stirs up racial and religious tension," said Kay.

Israeli Peleg Reshef, the chairman of the Union of Jewish Students, said the attack epitomised what the Israeli delegation had seen and been subjected to during their stay in the country.

American Stacy Burdett, of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish lobby group, said the handbill implied that the only way to maintain Palestinian rights would be to exterminate Jewish people.

"The conflict in Israel is over land, not the extermination of one group over another," she said.


Ahmed Deedat's son Yusef proudly displays his handiwork.

Controversial: Yousuf Deedat, whose handbills angered Jewish delegates to the World Conference Against Racism.


MIM: More glaring inconsistencies regarding statements made by members of the Muslim community regarding Padilla's involvement with Raed Awad, Qureshi, and Dar Ul Uloom: As the author points out "it would appear that the Ft.Lauderdale network is doing all it can to deflect attention from the Ft.Lauderdale mosque". It was also reported in the press that Cheri Padilla consulted Adhan Shukrijumah's father during the time of the divorce and that Jokhan Mandhai, convicted of a Jihad plot involving explosives, was friend of Adhan Shukrijumah and studied Islam with his father Gulshair.


http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/701344/posts Padilla converted to Islam in 1993, if not before. Remember his manager at Taco Bell, Mohammed Javed , who said Padilla asked him about converting to Islam, but since it was against company policy to discuss religion, he told Padilla to look for Islamic schools in the phone book?

In the 6/12 Miami Herald, we learn that Mohammed Javed, 49, a Pakistani immigrant who managed a Taco Bell where Padilla and his wife worked is the co-founder of the Broward School of Islamic Studies in Sunrise. In a 6/15 Sun-Sentinelstory about the arrest of Adham A. Hassoun, 40, a Sunrise man listed as the registered Florida agent for the Benevolence Foundation we learn:

Hassoun attended the Islamic Center of South Florida in Pompano Beach and the School of Islamic Studies of Broward in Sunrise. At the Al-Iman mosque in Fort Lauderdale, he often led prayers when former imam Raed Awad was not available, Abdelaziz said.

Awad, who left Al-Iman about two years ago, was also the chief Florida fund-raiser for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which the government shut down in December, charging that the group was a major financial supporter of the militant Palestinian group Hamas. The organization and Awad deny the charges.

So we are asked to believe that Jawad, at Taco Bell, had nothing to do with Padilla's Islamism, and isn't just a coincidence that Jawad is linked to Hassoun through the Islamic school, and Hassoun filled in for Awad at the mosque that Padilla attended? Right.

As far as Padilla's attending the Pembroke Pines mosque in 1995, as I posted on an earlier thread, this is deliberate misinformation. The leader of the that mosque suddenly produces a picture of Padilla, and remembers that he attended classes there, but he made the following statements to local papers immediately following Padilla's arrest:

From the 6/12/02 Sun-Sentinel:

About a year ago, Stultz called the Pembroke Pines-based Darul Uloom Institute, religious leader Maulana Shafayat Mohamed said. He said he remembers she reminded him that her husband, Ibrahim, who wore an Arab-type head scarf, had gone to the institute before.

He said Stultz told him her husband had gone to Egypt to study.

Mohamed said he thinks she was calling for counseling or advice.

He wrote down the word "wedding," but cannot remember ever following up, he said.

From the Miami Herald , 6/12/02:

From 1995 to 1996, Padilla occasionally attended Saturday morning Koran studies run by the Darul Uloom Islamic Institute in Pembroke Pines. Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, head of the Institute, said he always wore a kaffiyeh scarf over his head -- the multicolored headscarf typically worn by devout Muslim men in the Middle East.
His wife, who identified herself as Marwah, sought marital counseling after her divorce last year, Mohamed said.
"I don't know why she called me. Maybe because I'm a religious leader. She told me Ibrahim had divorced her and had moved to Egypt," he said. .

It would appear that the Islamic network is doing all it can to deflect attention away from the Fort Lauderdale mosque.

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