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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Ammar Anwer: Another "Ex Radical Muslim Reformer" Dissembles - Calls Islamist Javed Ahmed Ghamidi "A Reformist Scholar"

Ammar Anwer: Another "Ex Radical Muslim Reformer" Dissembles - Calls Islamist Javed Ahmed Ghamidi "A Reformist Scholar"

Anwer Is The New Media Darling And Beneficiary Of The Lucrative "Ex Extremist Muslim" Rubber Chicken Circuit
January 30, 2017

MIM: Ammar Anwer is sucking up to gullible Western donors and supporters while living in the safety of the West where criticism of Islam by "ex extremists/ Islamists" has become a lucrative industry. It's time Jews and other naive non Muslims stopped aiding and abetting this travesty financially and by providing a platform for this cynical self promotion and farce of " reforming Islam" by non theologian Muslims. He ends one of his screeds by claiming that only "we" i.e. "self proclaimed "reformist Muslims" like himself and non Muslims who bankroll him can defeat radical Islam. Which begs an obvious question if "reform Islam" is so attractive why is it that the "reformists" depend on non Muslims to give them their raison d'etre?

Ammar Anwer was feeling happy.
6 hrs

The bank just informed me that my first pay has arrived.


MIM: Anwers self absorbed pity party would be laughable were it not for the fact that his first pay for his "writings" all comes from non Muslim and Jewish backers.

Ammar Anwer feeling emotional.
1 min

Sometimes life could be too hard. I always thought that when I get my first salary I would gift a ring to my girlfriend. My writings were not being accepted that time and now when I got my first pay, she isnt with me.

MIM:Quranic scholar Dr. Stephen M. Kirby explains why Muslim "reformers" like Anwer present a dangerous distraction from the realities of Islam:

"Does it really matter that Americanized Muslim reformers are going around trying to create personalized, "modern" versions of Islam? Yes, because they are relying on non-Muslims for support. And to get that support, the reformers are presenting "the true" Islam as a religion of peace, similar to Christianity and Judaism, and able to be modified and modernized. And the reformers are presenting the jihadists as outliers who have perverted and hijacked that religion. But the reality is that the Muslim reformers are perverting and hijacking the religion, and it is the jihadists who are following the Islam taught by Muhammad..." http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/260743/why-americanized-muslim-reformers-are-failing-dr-stephen-m-kirby

MIM:In a recent Facebook posting Anwer wrote that he might "get radicalized" if anything happened to his "Hasan Al banah" (sic) who was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ammar Anwer
January 29 at 9:50am

If anything happens to Faisal Saeed,I might get radicalized. He is my Hasan Al banah.

MIM: According to Ammar Anwer the worst aspect of ISIS is that they give the Muslim Ummah a bad rap, a typical Islamist view.

"ISIS is a serious threat for the entire humanity. The harm that it has caused, and continues unabashedly, is indescribable, unspeakable and extremely horrendous. The most saddening aspect of this aching cruelty is that it has damaged the reputation of the entire Muslim community around the world,the most ..." http://nation.com.pk/blogs/25-Apr-2016/denying-isis-ideological-roots-will-continue-to-damage-the-muslim-community

MIM: Anwer is an Islamist supremacist who buys into and peddles far left propaganda i.e. the canard of a Muslim ban and thinks in terms of The West vs Muslims.
Ammar Anwer
32 mins

My people have suffered the most. Muslims have suffered the most. Whether they are in Lahore,Peshawar or in Baghdad. Before you perceive us as a threat and ban us, keep this in mind.


MIM: Anwer also claims that "a (sic) radical Islamists who I believe have hijacked Islam" which is typical Islamist taqiyya.

"People have started doubting the intentions of the Muslims just because of a radical Islamists, who I believe have hijacked Islam." http://nation.com.pk/blogs/30-Dec-2015/it-is-the-moral-duty-of-moderate-muslims-to-review-and-reinterpret-islam

MIM: He is extremely concerned with how non Muslims view Islam and disingenuously claims that "Islam is not what ISIS and other radical outfits represent" and blames the West for "the nourishment of such outfits". Which prompts the query as to if Anwer believes ISIS and othe "radical outfits" have legitimate grievances.

"I believe that Javed Ahmed Ghamidi has presented a strong counter narrative against radical Islam and jihadism. I consider it a moral duty of the moderate Muslims to start realizing the facts and reform, review and reinterpret their religion and show the world that Islam is not what Isis and other radical outfits represent.I am not denying the role played by the west in the nourishment of such outfits ..." http://nation.com.pk/blogs/30-Dec-2015/it-is-the-moral-duty-of-moderate-muslims-to-review-and-reinterpret-islam

MIM: In a 2016 screed on the Clarion Project website entitled "Why Do We Need To Support Progressive Muslims? Anwer writes that Ghamidi is now living in Malaysia, a fundamentalist Muslim country and bizarre choice of refuge for someone who was receiving "death threats" due to his supposedly "moderate" views.

"...Islamic reformation has opened new gates of knowledge and wisdom. One of my favorite reformist scholar is a Muslim theologian based in Pakistan, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi.

He is now living in Malaysia due to death threats.

Ghamidi's take on several controversial issues like compatibility of Islam and Democracy, Women rights in Islam and the concept of Jihad in Islam, has totally changed the way I used to perceive Islam and has paved a path for the younger generation to learn, believe and teach a tolerant and pluralistic version of Islam."

"...It is quite evident that the more we isolate the progressive and reformist voices that are coming from within the Muslim community, the more we let the Islamists win. And the more we support these voices, the greater are the chances for our combined victory.

As well as a political struggle It is also a religious battle and it can only be won when those Muslims who are against the Islamists are supported by the other sections of the society."


MIM: Ghamidi's Al-Mawrid da'wa organisation participated in the 2017 Islamic Society of North America's conference. ISNA is a terror tied Muslim Brotherhood group whose aspirations are in their name; to turn North America into an Islamic Society.

Al-Mawrid will be at ISNA this year

Al Mawrid US will be at this year's ISNA convention from June 30-July 3 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road, Rosemont (Chicago), IL. Booth 412. We will be displaying and selling books of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and other Al Mawrid scholars. We welcome any volunteers who would like to come help.


MIM: Anwer also hypocritically criticizes leftists for aligning with Islamists when he himself is to the far left. http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/dear-leftiesyou-arent-helping In one screed he called President Trump "a bigot" and he approvingly retweets quotes by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden on his Twitter feed. He also compared Trump to Hitler and referred to him as "stupid".

Ammar Anwer
3 hrs

People dont have to be hitler to be stupid. They could very well be on their own.


MIM: In a 2/6/17 Facebook posting "reformist poster boy" Anwer called Geert Wilders "a massive Asshole" and asks the assinine question as to why Ayaan (aka Ayaan Hirsi Ali) was so close to him. In fact the only thing which they have in common are Muslim death threats and the need for 24/7 security. The posting was altered minutes later to add Why? and correct the 'freudian slip' typo.

Ammar Anwer
13 mins The Washington Post

Such a massive Asshole and Ayaan was so closed to him.

Ammar Anwer
58 mins The Washington Post

Such a massive Asshole and Ayaan was so close to him. Why?

MIM: Here is the pretentious way Ammar, a hard core leftist, describes himself on his Facebook and Twitter page ;"former Islamist. Humanist. counter- Extremist"

"Student. Blogger @HuffingtonPost Blogger @QuilliamF blogger @TimesofIsraelCountry Link-Pakistan @clarionprojectformer Islamist. Humanist counter-Extremist"

" Writer. Columnist. researcher. Secularist. cultural Muslim. believes in Human rights and freedom."

"Author,researcher&columnist at The Investigative Project on Terrorism, Columnist at Daily Time andContributor/Writer at National Secular Society"

MIM:According to Quranic scholar Dr. Stephen M. Kirby, Anwer is practicing "Fantasy Islam". He is making the rounds of the largely Jewish funded "ex extremist" rubber chicken circuit telling gullible non Muslims what they want to hear.

" Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition): A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts that Islam was a "Religion of Peace," and a Kafir (non-Muslim) strives to fulfill that wish by presenting a version of Islam that has little foundation in Islamic Doctrine."

MIM: Ammar Anwer is practicing Taqiyya by calling Ghamifi "a reformist scholar". On a Facebook post he gushed about Ghamidi and said that his "rescue of Islam is the only hope for our survival".

"Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is truly a blessing. One of the best scholars to ever emerge from the Sub continent. I wish him a long and healthy life. In a society surrounded by religious tyrants, Ghamidi's rescue of Islam is the only hope for our survival."

MIM: Excerpt from an article entitled "My Journey Out Of Radical Islam" which was published on the IPT website by Anwer in which he declares his support for the faux moderate stealth Islamist Javed Ahmed Gamidi. Note that Anwer states that Ghamidi is "highly critical of radical Islam" glossing over the fact that Islam is by definition radical.

"When ISIS beheads innocent people or attacks Paris and Brussels, it believes that such acts are a religious obligation. When Islamist terrorists mistreat and enslave women and persecute homosexuals, it is because they interpret verses such as 4:24and 7:80-84 that seem to justify it. This is a theological issue that I have discussed on various media outlets. It is the reason I support reformist scholars, like Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, who are highly critical of radical Islam. Ghamidi is a modernist Islamic scholar who has vehemently criticized religious fundamentalism. He also spoke against the Pakistan's blasphemy law which is often used to harm and mistreat religious minorities. His modern views almost cost him his life, while his closest associate, Muhammad Farooq Khan, was killed by the Taliban."

I am happy that I walked away from Islamism. Today, instead of being dogmatic, I advocate secularism, democracy, freedom, and equality. It is always difficult to leave your roots. Many people find themselves in a battle against their own souls. I fought the very same battle and won.

We need to address the ideological roots of radical Islam. Without doing this and without supporting the Muslims who are confronting this ideology we will never be able to counter it.


MIM: Anwer dissembles claiming that radical Islam is a misinterpretation of the Quran.

"As a former Islamist, I believe that the radical Islam we are experiencing today is based on a certain interpretation..."

MIM:Ghamidi is no "reformist" and here are some of his views to prove it ,excerpted from an article by Quranic scholar Dr. Stephen Kirby:

Modern day Israel, along with Christian holy sites such as Bethlehem, are located in "Canaan in Palestine," so according to Ghamidi, Jews and Christians have no right to be there.

"...But what Abrahamson did not point out was that Ghamidi stated that there were certain areas of the Middle East where the People of the Book should not be allowed. In a 2013 interview Ghamidi stated:

You must keep two things in mind, i.e. Allah has preserved two places, Canaan in Palestine and the land of the Arabs for the preaching of His Messengers since the time of Abraham (sws). Worshipping idols in these places is completely forbidden. No other religion except Islam can be propagated in these places. It is just the same as declaring the whole area as a mosque. It means that no one has the right to enter this territory.[7]

But perhaps Ghamidi has his own, more inclusive version of Islam that could include Jews and Christians? No. Ghamidi wrote that Islam, "the only true religion in God's sight," consisted of the following five things:

1. Bearing witness that there is no god besides Allah and Muhammad (sws) is His Messenger

2. Offering the prayer

3. Paying zakah

4. Keeping the fasts of Ramadan

5. Offering the hajj of the Baytullah [the Ka'bah in Mecca] [8]..."


"...His (Ghamidi's) condemnations of terror: "(His) movement emphasized that only a Muslim state could declare jihad (war) and therefore dismissed the Taliban-led Afghan resistance, the Palestinian struggle, the Iraqi resistance and all other Muslim struggles, saying they were not jihad.".."


For more about Ghamidi's Islamism see:


MIM: Anwer subscribes to and promotes the Islamist propaganda myth of "Islamophobia" and a "Muslim Ban" and obscenely compares the false concept of "Islamophobia" to anti semitism.

ammar anwer ammar anwer @ ammaranwer3 New Zealand

Lovely to see so many Jews protesting against the ban. Together and united we shall fight Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. #MuslimBan 4:00 AM - 1 Feb 2017

MIM: According to Anwer "White supremacism is an equal if not greater threat" than Islamism a fallacy which is a typical Islamist talking point. 2/6/17

Ammar Anwer
6 hrs

Criticize Islamism but don't underestimate the other threats we face. White supremacism is an equal if not a greater threat. If you don't want to take my word,just open up the the Nazi Germany historical accounts or visit any holocaust survivor and recall the horrific stories if you haven't had the chance to heard them at the first place. Fair enough, they might not be going around murdering people of other races right now but they do have the ideological narrative that at any time could turn violent. Its always the ideological framework at first. Its dangerous and we need to fight that too.

MIM: Anwar once again reveals his pseudo intellectual pretense and recycles his criticism of the West repeating the Islamist canard that "Neo Nazism" and "white nationalism" are as great a threat as radical Islam. 2/25/17

Ammar Anwer
18 hrs

West driven by the motivation to end communism neglected Islamism and even allied with some in Afghanistan only to fight them too at the end. Today, driven by the spirit of ending Islamism, let us not forget and undermine other threats we face in the form of Neo-Nazism ,white nationalism etc.

MIM: Anwer wrote this jibberish blaming the "far right" for associating Islam with radical Islam.

Ammar Anwer
3 hrs

First the left didnt acknowledge Radical Islam and now it seems to be crying when the far right is conflating it with the entire religion of Islam.
What lead to the rise of far right was the inability of the left to acknowledge the ideological roots of Islamic extremism which lead to this conflation.

MIM: Anwer is very immature and confused about sexuality both his own and the rules dictated by Islamic law. He also apparently suffers from castration anxiety. He is a pompous buffoon who enjoys puerile "humor".

Ammar Anwer
4 mins

I am feeling very gay today.

Ammar Anwer
12 mins

Sex before marriage is wrong but polygamy is okay. Hehehee I see what you did there.

Ammar Anwer
22 mins

We,Jews and Muslims have a lot in common. At least we both prefer to have one of our nuts chopped off. Lets stop the hate and fight Bigotry.

Ammar Anwer
1 hr

Try mohajir Viagra. It helps you win matches.


Ammar Anwer
4 hrs

A 70 year old man went for a Sperm Test. The Doctor gave him a bottle to collect sperm.

The next day, the man came with the empty bottle & said he tried with his left hand then right hand. Then his wife tried with her left hand & right hand. Then his daughter-in-law tried with both hands & mouth. Then the neighbor's wife & daughter tried the same way..but could not open the damn Bottle....


Ammar Anwer
4 hrs

If you really think that consensual love between two adults of same sex is somehow equal to Sleeping with your own sister or shagging a goat, then kindly dont expect me to engage in any sort of debate with you.


Ammar Anwer
1 hr

Imran khan is a good example of someone who gains respect and then cums all over it.


Ammar Anwer
4 mins

Girls dont like me. I dont like them. Its a troubled relationship. But hey I wont go out killing all the girls lol.


Ammar Anwer
1 hr

I need a hijab for a few months at least till my exams are over.


MIM: More proof if any was needed that Ammar Anwer is an illiterate deranged and unhinged teenage wacko.

Ammar Anwer
4 hrs

You are call criticizing Imran Khan for his phateechar remarks but you dont seem to care about:
1) aunty sheema has been suffering from constipation.
2)Uncle shakeel has been involved in Corruption.
3)Jamshed Smells like shit but hasnt taken a bath since ages.

Why are you so hypocritical?


Ammar Anwer
5 mins

It is the rapist who loses the honour, not the woman. Honor doesnt lie in Vagina. Its a patriarchal norm.


MIM: More proof that Anwer is a pathological liar aka Islamist. He quickly removed this posting (below) showing that he was a far leftist no doubt realizing that people would want to read the entire page on MIM and discover what a fraud and charlatan he is.

He retweeted tweets by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth "Pocahantas" Warren full of typical far leftist rhetoric on his Twitter account.

Ammar Anwer
3 hrs

I cant stop laughing at this. I am a far-Leftist.

Image may contain: text

Bernie Sanders
ammar anwer retweeted

Bernie Sanders @SenSanders
Feb 5
Too many Americans fought and died to defend American democracy to let President Trump move us in an authoritarian direction.

ammar anwer retweeted
Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Feb 4

We'll keep fighting until the refugee & #MuslimBan is permanently overturned. #NoBanNoWall

Ammar Anwer
33 mins

To stop the likes of trump and wilders,left needs to contemplate and reshape its strategy.


MIM: Anwer reveals his true colors by showing supporter for ISIS/Hamas supporter Linda Sarsour and referring to her detractors as "idiotic" and "moronic". 2/24/17

Ammar Anwer
3 hrs

You can disagree with linda sarsour but at least dont sound too moronic. Only because the fund raising campaign for Desecrated Jewish graves was initiated by someone you dont like doesnt really mean that the idea and the whole campaign is wrong. Acknowledge and respect those Muslims donating for this noble cause and be less idiotic.

MIM: Anwer is "tired of most of the reformists on display" and wants to start a new group aka "Muslim Reformer"scam. He received a response from Sohail Ahmed whose claim to fame is being a terrorist wannabe who decided to embrace his homosexuality instead of bombing London.

For more on Sohail Ahmed see: "Sohail Ahmed 'Queer Jihadi': Came Out As Gay - Decided Not To Bomb London - Is "Ex Terrorist" Celebrity"

Ammar Anwer
8 hrs

I am tired of most of the reformists on display. I want to start my own forum that addresses Islam and Islamism honestly. Please guys lets do it. Time is running out. Cultural Muslims would be needed the most.

Sohail Ahmed
Just now

If I set up an organisation aimed at Islamic reform with Ammar Anwer and others, who would want to get involved?

Ammar Anwer
9 hrs

Wrote an article on Islamic reform. It will serve as the goal and aim of our organization. Its not written from an Islamic perspective. In fact , it tries to provide a rational justification for an Islamic reform by quoting genuine examples. When our webpage is up, its ready to go.

Ammar Anwer
8 hrs

Though we arent done with the funding yet, but I do want to keep a few names in mind as we can quickly hire them and get the ball rolling.

We are looking for at least one progressive theologian from both the sects,shia and Sunni.
Also a Quranist scholar. We celebrate diversity and denounce bigotry. If you are one or if you know any, kindly inbox me .



Ammar Anwer
11 mins

I will be doing a live video soon on Reform.

Ammar Anwer
13 mins

My interview would be up Next week. Iz important I think :@

MIM: Anwer pretentiously calls his new "reformer scam" Facebook page group the 'Islamic Forum For Renovation And Pluralism'. It appears to be based in London and is likely getting funding from the Quilliam Foundation, a pseudo "think tank" made up of stealth Islamists whose claim to fame is being "ex /extremists/jihadists". For more on the QF see: "Islamists at UK's Quilliam Foundation Receive Major Funding From UK Government". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/3827

"IFRP seeks to promote progressive, open, and tolerant interpretations of Islam. We focus on theology and government policy as it relates to counter-extremism."

MIM: Anwer is also confused about his Pakistani/Muslim identity. In one Facebook posting he referred to himself as a "Proud Paki" and waxes nostalgic for Pakistan where he has chosen not to live. In another posting he claims he could "look more Jewish" which begs the question of which anti semitic stereotype he is referring to.

Ammar Anwer
2 hrs

Thank you Jinnah for your struggle. Thank you Muslim League. Thank you Iqbal for your dream.Thanks to everyone who contributed in making this country filled with magnificent diversity wherever you look <3. Diversity is our strength <3. Whole nation is united. Pakistan has won <3.

Ammar Anwer
34 mins

With short hair and no beard, I only look more Jewish.

MIM: Besides being barely literate Anwer has delusions of grandeur. He considers himself a genius as can be viewed by the posting below.

Ammar Anwer
9 mins

Criticizing Islamic extremism alone doesnt make you a genius. Its important to know who is critical of it. Ted Cruz Criticises it. Donald Trump criticizes it. None if them are by any means appreciable. There are many who criticize Islamic extremism but are actually Conservative Christians/Jews who have serious issues with Muslims themselves and want to drive them out of Europe. The far right criticizes Islamic extremism. What makes you a true proponent of Human rights and a genius is when you denounce Islamic extremism as well as extremism of other kinds and stand against Bigotry.


Ammar Anwer
15 mins

I have just been told a horrific story. My friend actually told me he masturbated over that naked photo I posted of a women rights activist.


Ammar Anwer
7 hrs

Confession time:
I for a long period of time did not know that "nigger" is an offensive word. I thought it was just a cool way of describing Black people. Used to say that a lot with my friends in school.
Guess If I was in US I would have been punched for this.
That Makes Pakistan slightly safer.

I apologize for being ignorant and dumb.


Ammar Anwer
4 hrs

How miraculous it is that out of all faiths and all gods, I happened to be born in a family following the only right one.


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