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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > ' Happy Chaos' : Theo van Gogh confronts Arab European League leader Diab Abu Jah Jah in Amsterdam

' Happy Chaos' : Theo van Gogh confronts Arab European League leader Diab Abu Jah Jah in Amsterdam

Labels Belgium Islamo facist "A pimp of the Prophet"
by Theo Van Gogh translated by Beila Rabinowitz
May 18, 2004

This and That

By Theo van Gogh


That was a big deal, last week on Saturday evening in the Amsterdam State Theater.The room erupted after I had called Mr. Dyab Aboe Jah Jah Allah's chief propagandist for Belgium, a "Pimp of the Prophet".

The gentleman stood up followed by his posse of pansies in black, who acted as thugs to intimidate the unbelievers. Because I am the epitome of harmony, I called out after Dyab, "Allah knows best!" "Allah knows best"!

After which Mr. Dittrich, (a liberal democrat), stood up and declared that I was an "insolent prick", and in reply I described him as the "holy unction oil of the liberals".

In short, the ' Happy Chaos' event had proved to be an enjoyable evening.

Outside, journalist Youri Albrecht attempted to cajole the insulted pimp back to the podium. In the meantime, Mr. Dittrich explained in front of the cameras that he was "in complete solidarity" with the honored guest from Belgium.

A young man with a low forehead with a deep wrinkle which made it hard to discern between Allah and Ground Zero attempted to have Albrecht arrested for assault by two passing policemen.

This was a good foretaste of what we can expect if Mr. Aboe Jah Jah suceeds using democratic means to implement the Shari'a, (Islamic law) . In the meantime his body guards announced, "We'll finish that pig off", and, "We're not taking it any longer from that pig", which I suspect was in reference to me.

The pig is a kind and intelligent animal and is a lot smarter then the idiots with which Aboe Jah Jah surrounds himself. I took their aversion as a compliment. Mr. Aboe Jah Jah is a religious facist who propagates an apartheid a as virulent as that other "Belgian Misreant", Mr. Filip de Winter, head of the the nationalist "Flemish Blok' .Too bad the discussion didn't continue.

I would have asked Boris if he found Dyab attractive and then would have asked Dyab from which floor he would have thrown Boris as a sodomite. (Being thrown from a window as punishment for homosexuality stipulated in the book ,"The Way of the Muslim" which is the subject of a parlimentary debate regarding it's being banned in Holland )

And what's even worse is that Dyab is much too cowardly as the prisoner of his own admirers to hit back with words.

Doesn' t Allah always provide inspiration ?

Mr. Dittrich was one of the politicians who drank champagne after the Pim Fortuin problem was solved . It was certainly instructive to see how he licked Abu Jah's Jah's behind. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

MIM Note :Pim Fortuyn was a flamboyant Dutch politician who campaigned against the Islamisation of Europe and was assassinated by a Dutch 'animal rights activist' before the national election.

The tail wagging in front of the boot of the one who is going to kick him appears to be what Mr. Dittrich understands as dialouge. Dittrich is not interested in the fact that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as democratically chosen representative, still has to be guarded 24 hours a day from types such as Aboe Jah Jah, who publicly declared that she should "shut her mouth", and needed to be "locked up". Dittrich's understanding for and need to kow tow to the pimps and fanatics of Hamas, and according to me they are a small minority , is partly responsible for the escalating climate of intimidation.

Hundreds of people who were present in the audience that evening expressed their support ,a few showed that with some friends one needs no enemies, others surprised me, and I heard time and time again, " Be careful !"

Dittrich's performance was a tasteless Judas kiss from a politician who has a lot of ambition but little talent.

It was very instructive to see the new National Socialists at work.

A stooge. A lackey . An enemy of democracy. Let us reward him with the compassion befitting collaborators.


MIM:The Dutch word "gedogen" (tolerance) is the concept of " since we can't beat them we have to let them join us" . Until recently it was considered "racist" to expect foreigners to assimilate .The Islamists expect the Dutch to change their society to accomodate them . This attitude has become the main factor in the Islamisation of Europe.



The Dutch verb gedogen is not really translatable, to English nor to any other language. The term is Dutch, the idea behind it is Dutch, and it only works in Holland, anyway. It would be nice to think that it could transcend the national borders of this tiny northern-European country, but it probably never will.

Gedogen translates most closely to "tolerate." That's what we call the phenomenon in English—tolerance. Tolerance is passive, though. Gedogen is active. Gedogen is an open-eyed tolerance, and a matter of governmental policy.

If there is a social matter that will not allow a concrete solution, the Dutch will "gedogen" it. The typical example for foreigners are prostitution and "soft drugs." The Dutch know that these are never going to go away. Everybody knows that. The Dutch acknowledge it officially. Eradication of the basis of the problem is not always practical, and so, for the Dutch, it is not always the goal. Indeed, the concept of "problem" is subject to interpretation. The "problem" of sex and drugs is often one of perception, and frequently the perception is colored by predisposed morality. These are factors—there are many others. "Gedogen" acknowledges this.

"Gedogen" is practical, and it seems to work very well. (For examples, The Netherlands has a low rate of AIDS infection, and its patterns of drug abuse are moderate.)

My Dutch girlfriend gave me the best definition of "gedogen" that I've heard. She was looking over my shoulder at a page I was writing about Rob Oudkerk, a politician in some public embarrassment over his visits to a streetwalkers' zone. I had noted that this is legal in Holland. Kim corrected me: when you gedogen a matter, it is "not legal, but not illegal."


Below: Information on "The Pimp of the Prophet" Aboe Jah Jah and the Arab European League


De pooier van de Profeet

Ach, dat was nou gezellig; een avondje Happy Chaos in de Stadsschouwburg. Ik was gevraagd om, samen met Georgina Verbaan, het slotdebat te leiden, dat zou bestaan uit drie ronden, waarbij achtereenvolgens het feminisme, idealisme in het algemeen en de idealen van de islam aan bod zouden komen. Plaats van handeling was een boksring waarin ik als scheidsrechter zou optreden, Georgina zou de vragen voorlezen ("Bent U feminist?" etc.) waarop ook iedere bezoeker in de zaal kon reageren door een vlaggetje op te steken dat groen was voor instemming en rood voor afkeuring. Ik had me erop verheugd.
Toen ik de zaal inkwam zat Aboe Jah Jah omringd door lijfwachtjes te praten met de pers. Ik wilde op hem toestappen om meneer een hand te geven, want zo hoort dat, leek me. Een lijfwacht hield me tegen en Aboe Jah Jah wierp een vuile blik toen ik m'n hand opstak. 'Dan niet', dacht ik en ging opgewekt staan praten met Jort Kelder en Georgina.
Tien minuten voor aanvang kwamen de organisatoren op me af: "Aboe Jah Jah weigert onder jouw leiding te debatteren."
"Dan trek ik me terug", zei ik, want het debat gaat boven de voorzitter.
"Dat willen we niet", zeiden de organisatoren: "Het podium is voor jou."
"Dan doe ik de eerste twee ronden", zei ik: "Maar ik leg wel uit waarom ik er de derde ronde niet bij ben."
Jort Kelder werd verzocht de derde ronde voor te zitten, maar Kelder mocht ook niet van de geëerde gast uit België. Tsja. Op de eerste rij zat Aboe Jah Jah te keuvelen met Boris Dittrich (D'66), die hem in de ring van repliek zou dienen.
Ik stapte naar voren, heette iedereen welkom en meldde dat ik samen met Georgina Verbaan de avond zou leiden, tenminste...
"Tien minuten voor aanvang kreeg ik van de organisatoren te horen dat de heer Aboe Jah Jah niet onder mijn leiding wenst te debatteren. Ik trek me dus terug voor de derde ronde. Raar is 't wel als je je bedenkt dat Aboe Jah Jah als pooier van de Profeet naast Allah ook nog lijfwachten heeft; waarom zou 'ie bang zijn om onder mijn leiding te debatteren?"
Zo ongeveer.
Enfin, de dames in het gevolg van de grote man fluiten, de lijfwachten stonden op en Aboe Jah Jah verliet de zaal. Ik zei tegen het publiek dat we hem misschien nog konden verleiden door "Allah weet het beter!" te scanderen en meldde 'zo denken sommige islamieten over democratie.'
De grote democraat uit België wenste niet in debat en dat was dat.
Boris Dittrich (D'66) gaf ik de microfoon. Die riep: "Wat ben jij een onbeschofte lul!" En volgde Aboe Jah Jah. Ik omschreef meneer als 'het zalvende glijmiddel van D'66'. Er was tumult in de zaal, er waren veel mensen die woedend op de presentator waren, op het scherm boven het podium verscheen: "Theo komt te snel klaar" en de heer Bert Koenders, buitenlandspecialist van de PvdA, sprak zijn diepe verontwaardiging tegen mij uit. "Mag ik je quoten?", vroeg ik. "Doe maar weer belangrijk!", zei Bert, die helemaal wit zag.
Zo mag ik 't graag horen.
Het zou mijn eer te na zijn geweest om Aboe Jah Jah oneerlijk te behandelen in debat met zijn likkende deurmat, de Heer Dittrich (D'66). Wat ik over Dyab vind moge genoegzaam bekend zijn; een religieuze fascist die Apartheid propageert, Israël wil vernietigen en in het algemeen met veel demagogische gaven de meest ondemocratische standpunten uitdraagt. Dat is zijn goed recht, zoals 't ook het mijne is hem verbaal aan te pakken. Felix Rottenberg, Clairie Polak en al die suffige politici die destijds, zoals meneer Dittrich, champagne dronken toen het probleempje Fortuyn was opgelost, zijn in het geheel niet bestand tegen de rhetorische gaven van Aboe Jah Jah. Dat levert pijnlijke uitzendingen en debatten op, want doortrokken van een grote kruiperigheid. Ik belief niet zo heel erg onder de indruk te zijn van meneer en ben al helemaal niet van plan m'n mondje te houden. Da's logisch, hè?
Buiten probeerde Yourie Albrecht (journalist voor Vrij Nederland, medepresentator van "Krachtstroom" en bedenker van Happy Chaos) de gesel van Allah over te halen om terug te keren naar het podium. Die durfde niet. Vijf lijfwachten bedreigden Albrecht fysiek, waarna die één van zijn belagers naar de keel greep. De lijfwachten van Aboe Jah Jah probeerden Albrecht er in te luizen bij twee passerende agenten.
Het was een instructief voorproefje voor wat ons te wachten staat als Aboe Jah Jah het Duizendjarige Rijk van Allah weet te vestigen.
De organisatoren stonden er onthand bij. Ik kreeg een bon om een kip te adopteren en iemand vroeg me of ik niet wilde blijven. Maar ik wilde naar huis, waar m'n zoon sliep. "Neem toch een taxi!", riep iemand van Happy Chaos.
Jort Kelder vertelde later dat een van de lijfwachten gezegd had: "We maken dat varken af."
Albrecht's versie is: "We pikken 't niet meer van dat varken."
Dat zijn bedreigingen, maar nu ja, wie heeft wat te vrezen van fatjes in uniform? Ik had Dittrich willen vragen of 'ie opgewonden raakte van hun kontjes en Aboe Jah Jah of er voor homoseksuelen plaats is in het paradijs van Allah en dat heeft nu geen doorgang kunnen vinden, maar overigens was het wat mij betreft een bijzonder geslaagde avond. Aboe Jah Jah durft niet in debat, zoals 't een ware schijtlijster betaamt, maar dat vermoedde ik al. Veel interessanter zijn meneer Koenders (PvdA) en Dittrisch (D'66), de carrièrepolitici die - business as usual - begerig aanschurken bij een fanaticus. Ik heb de nieuwe NSB gezien; meneer Dittrich en meneer Koenders gaan het vast heel ver brengen.

Theo van Gogh

. http://www.expatsonline.nl/content/pages/12/135/default.asp

He's Belgium's controversial Muslim spokesman, a charismatic figure who's done for Islamic European identity what Fortuyn did for Dutch nationalism. For that very comparision—articulate like Pim, reasonable with enviable conviction—Dyad Abou Jahjah is considered by many to be the Benelux's most dangerous political voice. Get ready, Jahjah is either our newest multicultural friend or an exclusionist racist

By Sam Coleman

The crowd was deeply divided as chants filled the air, as divisive remarks flew back and forth between the two camps of protesters. Flags of Israel draped through windows of the University of Amsterdam, flags of Palestine held by men and women. Pushing and shoving heightened the tension. They came for one reason though, to let their feelings be known about the man named Dyad Abou Jahjah, a 31-year-old Lebanese man who's turned Belgium on its ear with his brand of articulate Islamic politics. His statements days earlier about Israel ("The state of Israel is a state with institutional racism; it is a colonial racist state in the 21st century and therefore has no legitimacy and will never have that ... One democratic State Palestine is the only solution that can guarantee a just peace and a lasting peace.") garnered him death threats and police protection. As spokesman and founder of the Arab European League, Jahjah has been at the center of a storm of controversy in his native Antwerp where the AEL has entered the charged cultural climate to counter the far-right Vlaams Blok (Flemish Party). With marches, citizen patrols and other mechanisms of organization and dissent, Jahjah has been described as the Malcolm X of Belgium, an instigator, a provocateur … some even claim a terrorist. "We have three basic demands," he says. "Bilingual education for Arab-speaking kids, hiring quotas that protect Muslims, and the right to keep our cultural customs. For example, there should be laws that prevent discrimination against women who wear the veil." Controversial, exactly what Arabs are not supposed to be at this time of anxiety and societal friction. Jahjah would have it no other way.

Now Dutch and non-Dutch citizens alike can call him ‘neighbor' as the AEL sets up camp in the Netherlands to recruit Arabs in the Randstad. "I think he's someone who really dares to say everything he wants and thinks about. This is the first time a Muslim says things that make sense," says Alai (23), a young female student. "Abou's message is incitement, pure incitement. He's building on feelings of frustrations—and they come out against the Jews. He's dangerous, make no mistake about it," claims Roni Naftaniel, Director of the Center for Documentation of Israel. Which one is he, pariah or multicultural patriot? We'll let you decide:

On the Normen en Waarden/ Norms and Values debate

"In this way [by forbidding individuals to express themselves freely] you create a dictatorial quality; you're actually saying ‘look, what I like to do isn't allowed anyway and while I'd like to talk to you about it, the outcome of the discussion has already been determined.' That's not exactly a dialogue; for me a discussion indicates that the outcome is still open."

On the difference between Holland and Belgium's Muslim problems

"The situation is better in Holland than in Belgium but that doesn't mean it's what it should be. It's a disastrous atmosphere in Antwerp: in our neighborhoods we have 30% unemployment, the amount who don't possess diplomas is 40%, the synergy of all these factors is creating a vicious circle which is destroying any chances to pull people out of the cycle. Luckily, Holland has integrated its Muslims a bit better; it's more open to a multicultural community. In Holland there are laws and measures which are being used which in Belgium are totally taboo. The tide is turning because of the recession and the first people that will get written off are the allochtonen. But in Holland you have a more general anti-Islamic sentiment; in Belgium it's confined to the extreme right."

On speaking Dutch

"Of course speaking Dutch is useful, but you're making specific obligations on some people to learn the language and not others. If you promise that integration comes from both sides and push both populations equally, I'm for it. What I don't like is one population having special obligations put on them. Doing such a thing is discrimination, simple as that. Look at the Americans, you can't tell me there's the same pressure for them to learn Dutch as for us Arabs."



The Arab European League's Ahmed Azzuz tells Belgian Jews to stop supporting Israel — or else. And oh, that's not a threat, he assures us. From Arutz Sheva:

Belgium's Jews, in particular Antwerp's Jewish diamond merchants, have been put on notice by the Arab European League (AEL).

"We want to warn Antwerp's Jewish community in its entirety to be on its guard. The community's support for Israel is no secret," Ahmed Azzuz, head of the AEL in Belgium told the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.

"The AEL calls on the Jewish community in Antwerp to cease its support of, and distance itself from, the state of Israel. If not, attacks in Antwerp are almost unpreventable," Azzuz had earlier told the Belgian Flemish magazine Knack, adding, "Every year, 200 Belgian-Israeli reservists leave for Israel to kill innocent civilians."

According to an Israel Channel 1 television report, the Jewish community is taking the threats seriously, and has already contacted elected Jewish officials, the local police and the nation's justice minister. A member of the Belgian diamond merchant's community interviewed on the program confirmed reports that members of the Jewish community are afraid and at present, refrain from being outdoors during the nighttime hours.

Peter Meeus reminded La Libre Belgique, "The quarter was already targeted in 1981, when terrorists attacked a Portuguese synagogue."

The AEL's Azzuz insisted in the media that his statements were not threats.

A spokeswoman for Antwerp police said rigorous security measures had already been introduced.

I discuss the AEL's firm stance against the assimilation of Muslims into European society in Onward Muslim Soldiers.




Dyab Abou Jahjah,
31, Belgium
The Belgian government picked a fight with the wrong man. Lebanese-born political activist Dyab Abou Jahjah is charismatic, good-looking, articulate and brash — and he may have a point. Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt accused Abou Jahjah and his Arab European League of inciting the street riots in Antwerp that followed the murder last month of 27-year-old Moroccan schoolteacher Mohammed Achrak by a 66-year-old mentally ill Belgian man. But Abou Jahjah turned Verhofstadt's allegations into a trial of Belgian attitudes toward the country's 400,000 Muslims. Are Muslims second-class citizens? What will the government do to fight rising racial tension? And why do many second-generation Muslim Belgians still not feel at home?

The situation is especially dire in Antwerp, where unemployment in many immigrant communities hovers around 30%. Under the slogan "Our People First," the far-right Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc) garnered one-third of the vote in the last municipal elections in October 2000. Abou Jahjah gives Belgium's Muslims a radical voice to counter the Blok. He showed up at the scene of Achrak's murder barely 30 minutes after the crime; what happened next is in dispute. Abou Jahjah claims he tried to calm angry Muslims, who rioted for two nights. The police arrested him, saying he was responsible for the fighting, but an Antwerp court ruled last week that there was insufficient evidence to hold him.

Two days after his release, Abou Jahjah relaxes in the downtown Antwerp apartment of his lieutenant, 26-year-old Ahmed Azzuz. In jeans, navy blue sweater and socks, he looks like a graduate student taking a study break. He says he dreams of a pan-European coalition of Arab Muslims with the power to force European governments to reckon with Islamic communities. "We have three basic demands," he says. "Bilingual education for Arab-speaking kids, hiring quotas that protect Muslims, and the right to keep our cultural customs. For example, there should be laws that prevent discrimination against women who wear the veil."

Abou Jahjah founded the Arab European League two years ago; it now claims close to 1,000 members across Europe. He is not anti-American; in fact, he admires anti-discrimination laws in the U.S. "America's race laws are more advanced than here," he says. "I have relatives in Detroit and they are Arab-Americans but they feel American. I don't feel European. Europe needs to make its concept of citizenship inclusive to all cultures and religions. I'm a practicing Muslim but I'm not a freak. I'm not a fundamentalist."

According to immigration records, Abou Jahjah arrived in Belgium from Lebanon in 1991 as an asylum seeker. On his application form, he claimed that he had belonged to Hizballah and was fleeing after a dispute with militia leaders. "That was a lie," he says now. "I was a 19-year-old boy and I had to make up a story so I could get asylum. I emigrated because I wanted a better life." During the 1990s, he studied international politics at university in Louvain-la-Neuve and settled in Antwerp, doing odd jobs for immigrant organizations and trade unions. He's currently unemployed, but says he's working on a doctoral thesis.

Among some parts of Belgian society, he's one of the country's most hated men. "He should be thrown in jail for good," says Philippe Schaffer, a mechanic who runs a garage around the corner from where Achrak was killed. Civil-rights activist or self-interested agitator? Abou Jahjah may be a little bit of both. But Belgians shouldn't expect him to quiet down anytime soon — he's running for Parliament in June. — By JOHN MILLER/Antwerp


New York Times March 1, 2003

An Outspoken Arab in Europe: Demon or Hero?


ANTWERP, Belgium - He is pacing the room like a trapped panther, lithe and restless, as calls are coming in from the street. Thirty miles away, a large protest march is under way, but its organizer is stranded.

This is the man known as Belgium's Malcolm X, the country's most famous immigrant who is frightening many Belgians, including the government, with his radical plans and fast-growing following.

He is Dyab Abou Jahjah, 31, born in Lebanon, the founder of the Arab European League, a new immigrant protest movement.

On this day in February, he is working his cellphone in his sparsely furnished home in Antwerp because by order of a judge he is banned for three months from public events. But the news from the street cheers him. Marchers carry his photograph, some wear masks that show his face.

"I hate this, being stuck here," he said. "The police probably wished I was there so they could arrest me."

Well, perhaps not. In November he was held for five days on charges of incitement to riot but released for lack of evidence. Belgium's prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt, called him a "threat to society."

It quickly turned him into a demon, and a hero. The result has been a flood of television appearances, newspaper articles, magazine covers and new recruits for his Arab European League.

"Recruiting is not hard," he said. "We're a civil rights movement, not a club of fundamentalist fanatics who want to blow things up. We're different because we are neither apologists nor extremists. We have such an appeal because we are filling a gap."

Mr. Abou Jahjah says he is part of a new generation of Muslim activists who are speaking out, frustrated with what they call discrimination, the lack of hope of finding a job, the problems of renting outside immigrant ghettos and, since Sept. 11, the distrust and even Islamophobia they feel.

Older immigrants who arrived from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey some 30 years ago, these activists say, have been too meek, too passive, co-opted by government funds or divided by ethnic or nationalist infighting.

The Arab European League, founded by Mr. Abou Jahjah two years ago, aims to empower Muslim immigrants. He demands affirmative action in schools, in the workplace, in housing. His premise: Arabs in Europe will only be taken seriously if they are proud and strong.

"In Europe, the immigrant organizations are Uncle Toms," he said. "We want to polarize people, to sharpen the discussion, to unmask the myth that the system is democratic for us."

The league's program calls on Muslim immigrants to resist pressures to integrate. "Assimilation is cultural rape," he said. "It means renouncing your identity, becoming like the others."

He finds inspiration in Malcolm X and his movement in the United States for racial pride. "Of course the context is different," he said, "but Malcolm X was also against assimilation. He fought for civil rights and he was also inspired by Islam."

Mr. Abou Jahjah's followers are hard to quantify. Hundreds of young men and women have shown up at street rallies. A few dozen have participated in the so-called video patrols to film the Antwerp police, who the league says abuse Arab youths verbally and physically. They have distributed fliers saying: "Bad cops, the Arab European League is watching you." There is no headquarters; regulars meet at an Antwerp Internet cafe.

Critics say the prime minister and the minister of interior have overreacted. Mr. Abou Jahjah's influence is overrated, they argue, yielding more publicity than sting.

But Mr. Abou Jahjah says his Arab pride movement is already echoing elsewhere. His group has recently set up chapters in three Dutch cities, and he says he has been invited to France and Britain to start chapters.

Articulate, fast-talking, self-assured, he is indeed different from many Muslims here, who have largely come from the interior of Morocco, Turkey and Algeria....

Mr. Abou Jahjah's demands - Islamic schools, bilingual education for Arab children, hiring quotas for immigrants - are resented in this small nation of 10 million that struggles with its own identity.

Belgium's long linguistic conflicts have been tentatively settled in the Constitution, which recognizes Dutch, French and German as official languages, though they still coexist uneasily. So there was an outcry when Mr. Abou Jahjah demanded that Arabic be added to the mix.

"People freaked out over that," he said. "Why not," he added, with a quasi-innocence. "There are 70,000 German speakers and more than 300,000 Arab speakers." That mix, he has been told, grew historically. "I say history is not over."

Indeed, Mr. Abou Jahjah makes a point of causing consternation, above all in Antwerp, the country's second largest city, where he lives. Depending on who is talking, this city of half a million people is either an exemplary ethnic mix, a cauldron or a wake-up call for Europe.

Antwerp is the base of the far-right Flemish Bloc, a party that won one-third of the seats on the City Council with the slogan, "Our people first." It is also home to Belgium's largest group of Jews, many of them linked to the diamond trade.

Add to this a large immigrant population, up to one-third of them unemployed, said Mr. Abou Jahjah....

At home, with his brother Ziad, a businessman, Mr. Abou Jahjah said the police had recently searched their homes and taken their computers, bank statements, "even Ziad's wedding pictures." There is nothing to hide, he said. Money comes from members in Belgium and several private donors in Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, whose names he has posted on the League's Web site, arabeuropean.org.

In May, he will run in the Belgian parliamentary elections. No, he will not support any of the six Muslims - Turks and Moroccans - already in Parliament. "They never defended the rights of immigrants," he said. "They don't want to rock the boat. We do. We're not guests here. We are citizens."


Islam offers great possibilities for T shirt advertisements

Arab European League = Arab Euthanasia League

" More and more terminal patients are requesting active euthanasia " http://www.gregoriusnekschot.nl/cartoons.html

Vrijdag 14-04-2004

Ditjes & Datjes

Gut, dat was nog een heel gedoe, verleden week zaterdagavond in de Amsterdamse Stadsschouwburg. Nadat ik Allah's chef-Propaganda van de afdeling België, de Heer Dyab Abou Jah Jah, 'pooier van de Profeet' had genoemd, brak er enig tumult uit in de zaal. Meneer stond op, gevolgd door zijn roedel lulletjes rozewater in het zwart, die als knokploeg optreden om ongelovigen te intimideren. Omdat ik van nature van het harmoniemodel ben, zong ik Dyab na: "Allah weet het beter! Allah weet het beter!" Vervolgens stond de Heer Boris Dittrich (D'66) op om te verklaren dat ik 'een onbeschofte lul' ben, waarna ik mijn geachte opponent omschreef als 'het zalvend glijmiddel van D'66'. Kortom, het was een genoeg'lijke avond bij Happy Chaos.
Buiten probeerde journalist Youri Albrecht de gekwetste pooier terug op het podium te krijgen. Hij werd door vijf lijfwachten beetgepakt en geslagen. Ondertussen legde de Heer Dittrich (D'66) voor de camera's uit dat hij 'absoluut solidair' was met de geëerde gast uit België. Een jongeman met een laag voorhoofd waarin een diepe rimpel Allah van Ground Zero probeerde te onderscheiden, deed intussen pogingen om Albrecht wegens geweldpleging te laten arresteren door twee passerende agenten. Dat was een aardig voorproefje van wat ons te wachten staat als de Heer Abou Jah Jah 'langs democratische weg' de Sharia, de Islamitische Wet, aan ons heeft opgelegd. De lijfwachten meldden inmiddels 'We maken dat varken af' of 'We pikken het niet langer van dat varken', waarmee vermoedelijk mijn persoon'tje werd bedoeld. Het varken is een lief en intelligent dier en beschikt zeker over meer hersens dan de sufferdjes waarmee de Heer Abou Jah Jah zich omringt. Ik vatte hun afkeer op als compliment.
Jammer dat de discussie niet doorging. Zo had ik bijvoorbeeld willen vragen of Boris Dyab een aantrekkelijke man vindt en, omgekeerd, van welke verdieping Dyab Boris als sodomiet zou willen werpen? De Heer Aboe Jah Jah is een religieuze fascist die Apartheid propageert, minstens zo kwaadaardig als dat andere Verdriet van België, de Heer Filip de Winter (Vlaams Blok). En jammer genoeg is Dyab veel te laf om als gevangene van zijn eigen aanhang met woorden terug te
slaan. Zou Allah niet altijd inspiratie geven?
De Heer Dittrich (D'66) was één van de politici die twee jaar geleden champagne dronk toen het probleempje Fortuyn werd opgelost. Het was bepaald instructief om hem nu de aars van Aboe Jah Jah te zien likken. Laat ons hopen dat hier een mooie vriendschap opbloeit.
Dat kwispelstaarten van Dittrich voor de laars die hem vertrappen wil, is wat in zijn partij vermoedelijk onder 'de dialoog' verstaan wordt. Dittrich is er niet in geïnteresseerd dat Ayaan Hirshi Ali als democratisch gekozen volksvertegenwoordiger nog steeds vierentwintig uur per dag bewaakt moet worden vanwege types als Aboe Jah Jah, die publiekelijk verklaarde dat zij 'haar mond moet houden' en 'opgesloten' dient te worden.
Dittrich's 'begrip' en behoefte om aan te schurken bij de pooiers en fanatici van Hamas - en let wel, volgens mij is dat in Nederland een kleine minderheid -, is er mede verantwoordelijk voor dat hier in toenemende mate een klimaat van intimidatie heerst. Onder de honderden bijvalsbetuigingen die sinds Zaterdag mijn kant opkwamen - met sommige vrienden heb ik geen vijand meer nodig; anderen verrastten me - klonk telkens weer: "Pas toch op!"
Het optreden van Dittrich was de smakeloze Judaskus van een politicus die even veel ambitie heeft als gebrek aan talent. Het was heel leerzaam om dat type Nieuwe NSB'er, Dittrich, in de weer te zien. Een aangever. Een onderkruiper. Een anti-democraat (D'66). Laat ons hem gedogen met de deernis die collaborateurs toekomt.
Theo Van Gogh


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