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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Christians in the Middle East an "Endangered Species"

Christians in the Middle East an "Endangered Species"

December 3, 2010

December 3 2010- Militant Islam Monitor-In an article entitled " Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout the Middle East" Khaled Abu Tomeh documents the increase of jihad against Christians by Islamists.

Tomeh calls Christians an "endangered species" and writes that "hardly a day passes without reports of violence against the Coptic community in Egypt". In Iraq there appears to be an orchestrated campaign to drive Christians from the country.

According to Tomeh:

"The war of genocide against Christians in the Middle East can no longer be treated as an "internal affair" of Iraq or Egypt or the Palestinians. What the West needs to understand is that radical Islam has declared jihad not only against Jews, but also against Christians.In Iraq, Egypt and the Palestinian territories, Christians are being targeted almost on a daily basis by Muslim fundamentalists and secular dictators." http://www.hudson-ny.org/1685/muslim-genocide-of-christians

The violent persecution of Christians in the Middle East is reaching epidemic proportions. Many families are fleeing for their lives to Jordan or hoping for resettlement in Europe or North America.

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