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Jihad through "Con"version : Exploiting good faith, and the Constitution, to recruit converts to Islam

July 9, 2004

Conquest or Conversion : Da'wa as Jihad and Terrorism

In case anyone doubted the militant Islamist ambitions to convert the world to Islam, these words of cleric Yusuf Qaradawi and the Koran should dispel any illusions:

Dawa (recruitment to Islam )is an obligatory duty (Fard) for all Muslims.

Muslims believe that everyone was born Muslim but led astray by their non Islamic upbringing.

They refer to new Muslims as "reverts' not converts.


"You are now the best people brought forth for (the guidance and reform of) mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah." (Quran 3:110)



This from Jihad Watch:

A leading Islamic cleric , al-Qaradawi also promises that eventually Islam will prevail over all other religions and a single Islamic state will rule the world.

Al-Qaradawi says some countries will fall to the armed Islamic jihad, but in others, such as the United States, victory will come through Da'awa - the teaching of Islam to non-Muslims - which will trigger Westerners to convert to Islam "in droves."

"We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through (the) sword, but through Da'awa," al-Qaradawi told members of the Muslim Arab Youth Association at the group's 1995 convention in Toledo, Ohio. http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/001104.php

"Jihad can be with the pen and the tongue just as it can be with the sword and the spear. Islamic Jihad is not limited to military efforts only; it extends beyond this, including several means that Muslims need to utilize now more than ever."


Below MIM is showing the calculated campaign being waged to introduce Islam to Americans via the public schools, libraries and neighborhood organisations .

MIM also wants to know how closely Da'wa is linked to Jihad and terrorism.

Here is a letter which Muslims are urged to bring to their neighbors to tell them about Islam, under the guise of introducing themselves. Note that the letter was originally written by Paul Findley, the ex Republican congressman who runs the Council for the National Interest which is linked to the Islamic Association of Palestine and Hamas.

Here we see Findley speaking at an IAP/Hamas event together with several individuals jailed on terrorism charges :

Sami Al Arian,Ismail Royer, Ali Tamimi and Sheik Ra'ed Salah the head of the Islamic Movement . http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/media/levitt/levitt102003.htm


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You are invited to the Islamic Association For Palestine (IAP) Fourth
Annual Convention in Chicago. The date of the conference is November
23-26, 2000. Speakers include: Sheikh Ra'ed Salah, Abdul Jawad Saleh,
Tarik Sweidan, Assad Harmoush, Mohammad Hanooty, Jawad Al Hamad, Abdullah
Adhami, Jamal Badawi, Ali Tamimi, Azmi Tamimi, Abdul Sattar Qassem, Anisa
Abdul Fattah, Sami Al-Aryan, Paul Findley, and Ismail Royer.

Please visit our website AT HTTP://WWW.IAP.ORG for more details or call
1 877-NOW IAP3.

Paul Findley is Chairman of the Council for the National Interest



Besides speaking at IAP events, and writing pamphlets for Islamic propagation, Findley has written books which are distributed by CAIR such as "Images of Islam"

All the Hate That's Fit to Print see article by Stephen Schwartz

... Images of Islam,".a wretched book by professional Israel-basher Paul Findley, a former Republican congressman from Illinois. Findley's book came out in the summer of 2001, which did not prove a propitious moment for a work that gushes over Osama bin Laden. Findley writes, "Outsiders do not seem to recognize that bin Laden is one of the pre-eminent heroes of Afghans, occupying a role similar to the Marquis de Lafayette, a Frenchman who fought at the side of the Colonials during America's Revolutionary War." http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/001/464ijlvz.asp

Paul Findley wrote glowingly of his encounters with Ahmed Deedat who is funded by Bin Laden and proudly declared that he and his son have met Bin Laden several times.

On the ICPI website the "Welcome to Islam " webpage has an order list for :

"Three books which have changed the Amir of the ICPI's life"

They are :

"Crucifiction or Cruxifiction?"

"I am Muslim"

"Suicide Bomber"




Paul Findley also visited Ahmed Deedat at the Bin Laden Centre in South Africa which houses the International Center for Propagation of Islam, and participated in this "Great Symposium" Is Israel Set Up for Destruction?"


Paul Findley's Council for the National Interest should be renamed "The Council to Nuke Israel"

61 Is Israel set up for Destruction?pad61 Is Israel set up for Destruction?


Bin Laden funding for terror and Da'wa :

SA activist's Bin Laden ties

War on America

Buddy Naidu

A SA Islamic activist has forged strong ties with the Bin Laden family, receiving substantial funding from them and, in the process, meeting Osama bin Laden, the man named as prime suspect in this week's terror attacks.

Yousuf Deedat, 45, who triggered a storm when he distributed thousands of anti-Semitic handbills featuring a picture of Adolf Hitler during the World Conference Against Racism in Durban last week, said he first met Bin Laden in 1989.

Deedat and his father, Muslim scholar Ahmed Deedat, met Bin Laden on several other occasions in Saudi Arabia that year and in the 1990s while they were drumming up support for the Islamic Propagation Centre International in Durban.

"He was quiet-spoken, respectful and humble. When he met my father, he did not look him in the eye. That is the greatest honour an Arab can bestow on an elder," said Deedat.

The Deedats have had close links with the Bin Laden family since first meeting Osama's elder brother, Sheikh Bakr bin Laden, in 1986. Since then, many of the 27 Bin Laden brothers have contributed generously to the centre. Sheikh Bakr alone gave the centre $3.1-million over eight years to buy a building, print the Koran in English and Zulu, and print and distribute Islamic literature.

In appreciation, the Deedats named their building in Durban's Victoria Street after the family in 1988.

During his tenure as secretary-general of the propagation centre, the Bin Ladens reportedly paid Yousuf Deedat a monthly salary of R900 000.

Deedat said Bin Laden had invited him on a number of occasions to attend his lectures in Saudi Arabia. "He moved me to tears. He was a man of few words, but when he spoke in public, he had this magnetic effect on all who listened to him." Whether he was guilty or not, Deedat said, the US would always use him as a scapegoat".


Unlike his friend Deedat, who met with Bin Laden abroad , Findley's CNI could not bring him as a guest to the U.S.

Of course one assumes that as a good Muslim Deedat is "sharing the wealth" with his friends .

Small wonder that Findley decided to further the cause of Islam and show his appreciation for Deedat's hospitality by helping Muslims win converts in America .

He authored a pamphlet for Muslims to wave as they as they descend on their neighbors entitled:

"A Friendly Note from Your Muslim Neighbor".

According to Da' wa net "the distribution will most likely spark conversation and lead to better relationships in the neighborhood."

MIM suggests revamping these pamphlets in Miramar where the Shukrijumah family resides with an additional message for the Muslim residents in an effort to "spark conversation" before "Mohammed Atta's sucessor "sparks a dirty bomb.

"A Timely Note from Your Infidel Neighbor" :

"Do you know where Adnan Shukrijumah is ?"

Note that the " warm fuzzy" Da'wa mission statement explains that as a result of John Ashcroft's terrorism guidelines infidel residents should be cautioned against reporting any behaviour involving Muslims which is "unfamiliar", "suspicious", and "not normal" claiming that it could lead to "Cold War style discrimination and censorship.

To prevent this from happening Da'wa net advises Muslims to institute their their own neighborhood watch programs !



Know Your Neighbor Campaign

This simple idea connects Muslims to their neighbors

. It has been tested in several neighborhoods and it works beautifully, breaking the ice and allowing a better understanding and communication in the neighborhood.

Muslims distribute a flyer entitled, "A Friendly Note From Your Muslim Neighbor" to houses in their neighborhoods. Mr. Paul Findley originally wrote this copyright-free flyer.

Since then, many versions have appeared throughout America. Individuals and Masjids can either order preprinted pamphlets from DawaNet or download it from the internet and print it on their own. The distribution will most likely spark conversation and may lead to better relationships in the neighborhood. If an opportunity arises, you can propose a neighborhood watch program if none exist at this time. Download a pdf version of the flyer.

Start a Neighborhood watch program
Very few Muslims probably know that based on the announcement by Attorney General John Ashcroft, the Neighborhood Watch program now extends to include terrorism prevention, a move critics fear could fuel Cold War-style discrimination and censorship.

By asking neighborhood groups to report on people who are 'unfamiliar' or who act in ways that are 'suspicious' or 'not normal,' our government is opening the way to fear-mongering and fueling already rampant ethnic and religious scapegoating

. In view of this, it is recommended that Muslims initiate a neighborhood watch program in their neighborhood if one is not already in place. Your police department should give you a step-by-step guide before you call a meeting of your neighbors to get the program started.


Below are form letters which are to be written to schools and teachers pushing for "religious accommadation' so the teacher and students will be forced to learn about Islam.

The letter is deceptively polite and implies that accommodation is a right and it is the teachers's duty as to make sure that the Muslim student , and Islam are given the deference they deserve vis a vis 'infidels'

Note that the letter states that the students religious needs must be accommodated in public school . The message is meant to imply the parent is trying to "benefit to all those in your class who require religous accomodation".The phony altruism is belied in the sentence 'Your role as Samira's teacher is crucial in ensuring that "her ability to function as a young Muslim is not compromised while learning and growing academically".



A Sample Letter to the Teacher of your child for religious accomodation

Dear Mr. Lucas :

I am the father of Samira Khan, a student in your grade four class. As a Muslim, she is one of the millions of children in America (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, etc.) whose religious needs must be accommodated in public school.

Your role as Samira's teacher is crucial in ensuring she develops academically and in a well-adjusted manner. This means that her ability to function as a young Muslim is not compromised while learning and growing academically.

This is why I would like to meet with you to discuss what President Bill Clinton has instructed schools and teachers to do about the religious needs of all students in America, and in particular, Samira's needs as a Muslim student in your class. In the long run, this will be of benefit to all students in your class and at Belleview elementary school who require religious accommodation.

I would also like to seek your advice about the issue of religious accommodation for Samira and her classmates.

If you can kindly contact me so that we may set up a meeting this week or next week, it would be greatly appreciated. You may call me at (123) 456-7890 in the daytime or (123) 012-3456 in the evenings.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and attention. http://www.dawanet.com/methods/publicschool.letter2.asp


Ahmed Khan

    Sample Thank You Letter
    to teacher on Religious Accomodation

      Dear Mr. Lucas:

      Thank you for taking the time out to meet with me this week to discuss the issue of religious accommodation in public schools and my daughter Samira's needs in that regard.

      In trying to accommodate Samira's need to take a day off from school for the Muslim holiday of Eid-ul-Fitr, I would like to request a second meeting with Mrs. Joan Green, the school principal, to discuss this matter.

      I would like to share President Bill Clinton's instructions to schools and teachers about accommodating students' religious needs with Mrs. Green. Your presence at this meeting as Samira's teacher would be a source of strength and support for me, and could contribute positively to the discussion.

      This meeting and the information can, hopefully, clarify the issue for all three of us and serve as a guide to further religious accommodation for all students at Belleview elementary school.

      Please let me know what day and time would be most appropriate for you so that I can set up this meeting. Thank you again for your co-operation. You may call me at (123) 456-7890 in the daytime or (123) 012-3456 in tha evenings.


      Amed Khan



      The Da' wa website provides step by step "strategic' advice on how to get Islam 'accommodated'.

      Note the' warfare' terminology and ' good cop bad cop' scenario which suggests using the tactic of "compassionate manners",and advises "leaving the baseball bat at home".

      The writer advises being "really nice", "nonconfrontational" and says that he would invite the teachers and principal to his home for "the most delicious dinner my wife can prepare "

      This deceptively benign strategy , to be used after step #1 and #2 do not produce desired results, is akin to fattening up the prey before ' moving in for the kill' .


      Step #1: Know the laws about religious freedom

      Knowing what laws and regulations govern the issue of religious accommodation is crucial before attempting to reach the right authorities. It is also important to understand what is defined as a "reasonable limit" on religious freedom. See this article about what laws govern this right (http://www.soundvision.com/info/Info/education/pubschool/pub.free.asp).

      In the U.S. one of the strongest arguments in favor of seeking religious accommodation for your child is former President Bill Clinton's 1995 statement of principles addressing the extent to which religious expression and activity are permitted in public school. This was given to every school district in the United States.

      Get the help of other officials if necessary to properly understand these laws. A good place to check with is The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center. They have produced a booklet entitled A Parent's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools. You can call them at (615) 727-1600.

      Step #2: Get the support of a teacher

      "[The first thing I would do is] arm myself with that piece of information and then set up a meeting with the principal of the school along with one of my favorite teachers at the school who will be very supportive, requesting that my son or daughter should be either permitted to [for example] go out to perform Juma prayer at a local Masjid and/or be allowed to perform Juma prayer along with other Muslim students on the school campus," says Mansuri.

      Getting the support of a teacher is crucial, and will help the cause. It will also indicate to the principal that the religious accommodation you are seeking, for instance, Juma prayer, will not interfere with your child's academic performance.

      Mansuri says that in most cases, these two steps are all that are needed to get religious accommodation from your child's school.

      However, if the principal refuses to grant the accommodation, step three will be necessary.

      Step #3: Leave a paper trail, but first, be really nice

      "If you find the meeting is not going anywhere then leave a paper trail, meaning, write letters. But before I do that, I would try to do it in a very non-confrontational way by simply sitting down with the principal and a teacher," says Mansuri.

      "Try to understand this process where I want to make sure this is not us versus them, but simply the notion of my exercising my constitutional rights in the most respected [way] with compassionate manners, leaving my 'baseball bat'," he explains, referring to an approach that is harsh and confrontational.

      "I would even set up a meeting at my home with of course the most delicious food that my wife can prepare. The principal and teacher would be very receptive to the idea," he suggests.

      Step #4: Writing to the supportive teacher

      "My first letter would be to my kid's favorite teacher to ask the person's advice," advises Mansuri. "The letter will be to request to meet with teacher, and it will indicate I want to discuss with you my child's religious needs and I would like to share with you what our president has instructed the teachers and schools to accommodate them." (See a sample letter to the teacher) http://www.soundvision.com/info/Info/education/pubschool/pub.letter1.asp

      Following the meeting, a thank you letter to the teacher should be drafted. It will also indicate you would like to set up second meeting with the school's principal, and ask the teacher if s/he would be kind enough to go with you to discuss the matters the two of you talked about. (See a sample thank you letter to the teacher) http://www.soundvision.com/info/Info/education/pubschool/pub.letter2.asp

      "This will leave two or three letters," notes Mansuri, but in each, "the tone of my letter should be my bringing the information as politely as I can. [I am trying to] maintain my rights for the schools to accommodate my child's religious needs. So it's a non-threatening letter."

      Step #5: Meeting a second time with the principal

      Before attending this second meeting with the principal and teacher, "I would also arm myself with the district's education code along with the state educational code as it relates to the topics that I'm going to discuss," says Mansuri.

      Step #6: (If it's really necessary) repeat these steps with the school district superintendent

      You can repeat the letters and meet with the school district superintendent if the principal still does not accommodate your needs. The superintendent is responsible for all schools in a particular district. Once again, the approach must remain polite and non-confrontational.

      Since the president's instructions were issued to districts, it is possible superintendents may be more familiar with them. This should mean your son or daughter will get religious accommodation with virtually no problems.


      click here for complete article


      "The Dawning of Dawa "

      By Alyssa Lappin


      Dawanet, for example, was founded in 1999 "to establish a network of Muslims …committed to inviting others to Islam." At first glance, the website looks clean. Its guiding principles insist that operations be legal and financially sound. It claims to teach Muslims "appropriate and effective methods of dawa" through mosques, schools and Islamic centers. But like many sites suggesting effective Dawa methods, this one recommends less-than-complete-candor, "appropriate to the target audience." Methods are neither completely straight forward nor above-board. Really, the goal is to make America an Islamic nation.

      Not surprisingly, Dawanet links into sites run by Islamist groups like the Institute of Islamic Information and Education, whose Dawah page allies with the Islamist World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Islamic Society of North America and Islamic Circle of North America. Surfing Islamic Networks Group, one will soon land at a Dawa site based in Madinah, not exactly a seat of moderation. Meanwhile, you can learn how Muslims do Dawa under your nose, at school districts, among teachers and school administrators, and at your local grammar, middle and high-schools, often with civic or government funding.

      But Islamists are not the only ones proselytizing. Several supposedly moderate groups recommend similar, equally slick techniques. Shaykh Kabbani's Islamic Supreme Council, for example, defines modern jihad as primarily Dawah—"presenting the message of Islam." Indeed, ISCA's leaders contend that "the foundation of Jihad is Islamic propagation (da'wah)." Similarly, the Council on Islamic Education co-published, with the First Amendment Center, a slick Internet brochure called Teacher's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools. It claims to seek public schools that neither "inculcate nor inhibit religion" (emphasis added).


      The Public Schools are not the only place Muslims are aggressively engaging in Da'wa.

      Political activism is considered to be essential to replacing the Constitution with the Koran .

      Note that the MAS symbol consists of the world being encircled and held by a crescent.

      MAS-The American Muslim Society, merged with the Islamic Circle of North America in 2002 to from one of the largest Islamist groups in North America.

      MAS offer courses in activism through what they mockingly call "The MAS Freedom Foundation"

      One example of the strategy they employ involves getting local politicians, city officials and journalists on their side by inviting them to their events and engaging in Islamist PR.

      Below is the report of a seminar which took place in Tampa in 2004.

      "Activists were instructed to invite the press and community to a picnic which would be used to publicize a Muslim voters registration drive. The budding propagandists were told :

      "If a reporter decides to start asking questions that are irrelevant to the picnic, such as "what to you think of suicide bombings?

      "Remain cool and remind the reporter that suicide bombings are irrelevant".


      MAS Activist Training Seminar a Success

      The Muslim American Society (MAS) Activist Seminar held on Sunday, February 22nd was a success, Alhumdulillah. Fifty-five people attended the all-day conference held at Embassy Suites.

      The conference featured three workshops on the fundamentals of government and politics, media relations, and outreach and coalition building. Two guest speakers came to host the conference. Br. Mahdi Bray and Br. Raeed Tayeh from the Washington, D.C. MAS office.

      Highlighted at the conference was the planning of a MAS Youth Center. The MAS Youth Center will, inshAllah, provide services so that the Muslim youth of Tampa can maintain thier faith while having fun. A dinner on the MAS Youth Center in Tampa will be held on Sunday, March 7th, inshAllah. For more information see Community Dinner to Introduce the Establishment of the MAS Youth Center This Sunday.

      MAS Tampa

      The final seminar required the participants to be divided into three groups. Each group was assigned a different scenario. The final goal was to get publicity for the Muslim American Society (MSA) Civic Picnic where there would be a voting registration drive.

      Group A:

      Hold a Press Conference informing the community what the picnic is about.
      Key points: Make sure there are people who can answer the different questions and be prepared. Also, if a reporter decides to start asking questions that irrelevent to the picnic such as "What do you think of suicide bombings?", remain cool and remind the reporter that suicide bombings are irrelevent.

      Group B:

      Have a meeting with the mayor and attempt to obtain a Special Event Use Permit so that a carnival could be brought in for the picnic.

      Key points: Decide in advance if the women will shake hands with the male staff so at least there is consistency. If not, put your hand on your heart politely and tell him you do not shake for religious purposes. If possible, inform the staff in advance that the women do not shake. Be breif, no useless chit-chat, and remain on the topic. He/she has a tight schedule.

      Research the official's background so as to find his/her interests. If the official is a huge voting advocate, then emphasize the voting drive. Also, if there are other special interest groups (in this case, the NAACP) supporting the cause, be sure to mention it. Lastly, do not forget the staff (interns, managers, etc) because they are often the ones issuing the permits.

      Group C:

      Convince the local president of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to support you in the picnic and to speak with the mayor so that it would be easier to obtain the Special Event Use Permit. Most importantly, invite him or a representative.
      Key points: Remember to be amiable, but brief. Keep in mind the mutual causes (eg, voting) and if he can not make it, make sure a representative comes to the picnic. Also, ask him to speak.

      Alhumdulillah, all who attended the conference left more educated and inshAllah with more charisma to help make the Tampa Bay community better.

      InshAllah more opportunities like the MAS Activist Seminar will be made available in the Tampa Bay area. Please consider getting involved within our community so that inshAllah you can help to make a difference


      At a MAS conference in April, Dr.Salah Sultan clearly stated the Islamist intention of Islamising the world through conversion, stating that :"

      " Da'wah work can never suceed unless Muslims embed themselves within the very marrow of American society."


      Date Posted: Friday, April 16, 2004

      MAS New York Holds Conference

      MAS' Third Annual New York chapter conference drew hundreds of area Muslims together in order to define themselves in the context of living in the U.S.

      NEW YORK, April 16 (MASNET) - The Muslim American Society's New York chapter held it's Third Annual MAS Conference in order to shed light on one of the most important issues Muslims confront while living in America, trying to find a place in the intertwining fabric of American society.

      Entitled "Muslims in America: Towards a Defined Role," this year's conference attracted over 350 Muslims from different backgrounds and different nationalities who possessed two things in common: being Muslim, and living in America.

      Leading dynamic, spiritual, social, and political Muslim figures, including Dr. Jamal Badawi, Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim, Dr. Salah Sultan, Br. Abdul-Malik, Sheikh Shaker Elsayed, Br. Mazen Mokhtar, Sr. Soulafa Amer, Br. Mahdi Bray, Sheikh Reda Shata, Sheikh Maher Aql, and Sheikh Mohammad Mousa, offered lectures and sat on discussion panels.

      The conference addressed the deep identity struggle faced by Muslims within the United States, especially after September 11.

      Questions posed included: How to preserve personal Islamic doctrines? What are personal responsibilities and duties as a Muslim American? How can Muslims implement Islam in their daily lives? How to deal with non-Muslims? What is the position of Muslim American women in society? What role do Muslim youth play in America?

      The soothing recitation of the Qur'an by Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh kicked off the conference, followed by Sheikh Shaker Elsayed's lecture entitled: "Our Role, Defined," which set the stage for the entire conference, making it easy for attendees to grasp information in the ensuing lectures by placing it in context....

      ...Mazen Mokhtar spoke to the youth about their role in society and encouraged them to excel, succeed, and take part in spreading the message of Islam. He said the youth are vital to any rising community for their flexibility, understanding of American society, and passionate and sincere dedication to their cause. Coupled with the correct understanding of Islam, Muslim youth can stand up and change the world, with the support of Allah.

      "But, will they?" asked Mokhtar.

      Dr. Salah Sultan shed light on the issue of living in Western countries, urging Muslims that they should not live in the U.S. as if they will be going back to their country of origin, but rather come to realize that living in America obliges them to deepen their sense of loyalty and responsibility for improving their society. Sultan reminded attendees that daw'ah work can never succeed unless Muslims embed themselves within the very marrow of American society.


      MAS course in propaganda and "activism" which is a code word for "Da'wa"


      Activist Training Seminar

      The Activist Training Seminar is a daylong series of workshops conducted by experienced MAS Freedom Foundation staff. The seminars are held in cities around the country for Muslims and others who are interested in learning the skills necessary for effective activism.

      The goal of the seminar is to produce trained and certified activists who can do political work, talk to the media, and build alliances with other groups. Once trained, these activists are able to deal confidently with issues that arise in their community.

      In the Activist Training Seminar, you'll learn:

      • An overview of the US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights
      • Your state, county, and local governments
      • Tips for meetings with public officials

      Community Outreach

      • Coalition building
      • Identification of potential allies
      • Techniques for interfaith work
      Media Relations
      • How the news media really works
      • Building relationships with reporters
      • How to handle media interviews

      Then, in breakout sessions and presentations, you'll hone your skills in real time. With entertaining performances and evaluation by your expert trainers and classmates, you'll practice building cooperation among activists, planning for press conferences, and meetings with public officials.To schedule a MAS Freedom Foundation Activist Training Seminar in your community, call 202-496-1288 or e-mail [email protected]


      Besides politics , Muslims are encouraged to participate in for the purpose of gaining access to people in a volunteer public service setting.

      The purpose is two fold:

      Give people the impression that Muslims are altruistic and civic minded .

      Counting on people being more receptive to missionizing when it comes from someone whom they perceive to be helping them and the community and claims to have their interests at heart.


      .Below MAS's 'PEACE' office brazenly proclaims that the real aim of it's "public, education, and assistance committee" is Da'wa.


      PEACE Office


      MISSION: Establish comprehensive educational and service oriented programs to inform the public concerning Islam.


      • Avail the knowledge of Islam to every household
      • Train people to educate and serve the public
      • Create and develop programs
      • Provide effecive outreach guidelines
      •Provide resources and means for public education and service
      •Co-operate with other public education institutions to share experience and programs



      • Public education activities
      • Interfaith activities
      • Usage of public media outlets
      • Mobilization and implementation of public service programs


      • Train instructors and public educators
      • Holding conferences seminars, forums and workshops on:

      o Public speaking skills
      o Interpersonal communication skills


      • Health fairs
      • Inner city projects
      • Disasterrelief work
      • Recreaional programs

      Last Year Activities:

      • 417 recorded lectures at churches and religious institutions.
      • 9 Da'wah and public speaking seminars.
      • Opened an office.
      • Prepared a list of power point presentations on Islam.
      • Prepared a list of recommended books to read and /or to recommend.

      Contact us on
      703 998 6525
      202 277 7258
      [email protected]
      [email protected]


      MIM : From Police Sargeant to Servant of Allah

      This is the unintentional cautionary tale of how an Arizona policewoman met two Muslims from Saudi Arabia and became a convert to Islam .

      She was so 'taken' by her new found belief that she started a website called "The Islamic Writers Alliance " a site for budding Muslim writers wishing to write "Islamically correct "fiction . http://islamicwritersalliance.net/Delgado.html


      By Linda Delgado
      My Search


      About five years ago, I was fifty-two years old and a Christian. I had not become a member of any Christian church, but all my life I had been searching for the truth. I attended many churches and studied with their teachers. All fell short and I recognized none as being the truth about Allah. Since I was nine years old, I had read the Bible everyday of my life. I cannot tell you, over the many years, how many times I searched it for the truth...

      I live in Arizona, USA and at the age of fifty-two had still never talked to a Muslim. I, like many Westerners, had read much in the media about Islam being a fanatical religion of terrorists, so I never researched any books or information about Islam. I knew nothing about the religion.

      My Discovery

      About four years ago, I retired after twenty-four years as a police officer. My husband also retired as a police officer. The year before my retirement I was still a police sergeant/supervisor. Police officers worldwide have a common bond, which we call a law-enforcement brother-sisterhood. We always help one anther no matter what police department or country.

      That year I received a flyer asking for help with a group of Saudi Arabian police officers who had come to the United States to learn English at a local University and attend a police academy in the city that I live in. The Saudi police officers were looking for homes to live in with host families in order to learn about US customs and to practice the English that they would be learning.

      My son is raising my granddaughter as a single parent. We helped him to find a house next to ours so that we could help in raising her. I talked to my husband and we decided that it would be good to help these police officers. It would be an opportunity for our granddaughter to learn about people from another country. I was told that the young men were Muslims and I was very curious.

      An Arizona State University Saudi interpreter brought a young man named Abdul to meet us. He could speak no English. We showed him a bedroom and bathroom, which would be his when he stayed with us. I liked Abdul immediately. His respectful and kind manner won my heart!

      They treated my husband and me with much respect. Each day, they would call to see if I needed them to go to market for me before they went to study with their fellow Saudi officers. I showed them how to use the computer, and I ordered Arab papers online and began to search the Internet to learn more about them, their customs and religion. I did not want to do things that would offend them.

      One day, I asked them if they had an extra Qur'an. I wanted to read what it had to say. They sent to their embassy in Washington DC and they got me an English Qur'an, tapes, and other pamphlets. At my request, we began to discuss Islam (they had to speak English and this became the focus of our tutoring sessions). I grew to love these young men, and they told me that I was the first non-Muslim they had ever taught Islam to! After a year, they completed their studies and training at the police academy. I was able to help them with their police studies, as I had been a police instructor during my career as a police officer. I invited many of their brother-officers to the house to help with university projects and to practice English. One brother had his wife come to stay here in the US, and I was invited to their home. They were very gracious and I was able to talk to his wife about Muslim dress, prayer ablutions, and similar things.

      A week before "my foster sons" were to return home to Saudi Arabia, I planned a family dinner with all their favorite traditional foods (I bought some because I didn't know how to cook all of them). I purchased a hijab and an abaya (long Islamic gown). I wanted them to go home remembering me dressed appropriately as a Muslim sister. Before we ate, I said the Shahadah (public declaration of faith). The boys cried and laughed and it was so special. I believe in my heart that Allah sent the boys to me in answer to my years of prayers. I believe He chose me to see the truth by the light of Islam. I believe Allah sent Islam to my very home. I praise Him for His mercy, love and kindness to me.

      Next I wrote a letter to my non-Muslim family telling them about my reversion and how it would and wouldn't change our family relationships. I explained a few of the basics of Islam. Still my family kept their own counsel, and I continued to work on learning prayer and reading my Qur'an. I got active in sister groups on the Internet and this facilitated my learning about my new beliefs.

      I also attended a "Fundamentals of Islam" class at the mosque when I could get away from my work. I was still a state police sergeant and it was difficult – no, impossible to cover. This became a source of real discontent and concern for me. Just eight months and I could retire, so I asked for and was granted the right to telecommute from my home three days a week doing planning and research projects...

      I began writing a book series that I called Islamic Rose Books. I created an e-group for sister authors and aspiring writers and this developed into the creation of the Islamic Writers Alliance. The Alliance is an international organization created to provide support for female Muslim authors and aspiring writers. Our main goal is to help each other promote our works to readers and publishers. I also decided to help two Muslim food banks by creating databases that help them to track their inventory, clients, and contacts and to create reports necessary for funding purposes. I decided that I would spend a large portion of my profits from book sales to buy books for Islamic children's libraries. I have discovered that many such libraries have lots of empty shelves where Islamic books belong.

Linda Delgado is a Muslim, lives in Arizona, is married, and has three children and eight grandchildren. Mrs. Delgado is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and is a retired State Police Sergeant. She is also the Director of the Islamic Writers Alliance www.islamicwritersalliance.net and author of Islamic Rose Books. www.widad-lld.com.

On the website "Muslimah's Jihad " which sells Islamic clothes a special page has been set up to 'help' indigent new women converts obtain proper attire . Readers can donate to the "New Shahada Fund" to provide this to the new Muslimah.

The message below rejoices in the upsurge of converts and asks it's customers to:

"Help us in this (sic) strive of Islamising America ".

http://sisternadeerah.tripod.com/shahada/ We are striving to provide Hijab and English translation of the Quran to New Shahada Women in need.

No, this is not a photograph of a new beheading .

(Any infidel who converts is supposed to be spared such a fate)

It is a picture on the Muslimah Jihad website which accompanies a request for donations to send hijabs and niqabs to new converts.


With so many New Shahadah entering the fold of Islam daily, It has become necessary for us as Muslims to take the responsibility of welcoming and teaching the New Shahadas. There are hundreds of Women in America taking their shahada everyday. All praise due to Allah! We at Muslimah's Jihad find that there is a great need for the New Muslimah to have support, Correct information, and proper clothing, easily available to her. In realization of this we at Muslimah's Jihad has developed a "New Shahada Fund" This fund is designed to provide Free Khimar, Quran, Prayer rug, and Booklets to the new muslimahs. Help us in this strive of Islamizing America. Please find it in your heart to help us in this struggle. Give a donation, or purchase a New Shahada package for the New Shahada in your life!

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