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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Stealth Islamist S.A.Ibrahim On Board Of ADL, FPRI, CIU And Eboo Patel's Interfaith Youth Core - Worked With CAIR & ISNA

Stealth Islamist S.A.Ibrahim On Board Of ADL, FPRI, CIU And Eboo Patel's Interfaith Youth Core - Worked With CAIR & ISNA

January 3, 2017

S.A. Ibrahim aka Sanford Alexander is currently serving on the board of the Anti Defamation League, the Foreign Policy Research Institute,the Center Of Interreligious Understanding and The Interfaith Youth Core run by stealth jihadist Eboo Patel."The IFYC claims its aim is to "promote mutual respect and pluralism among young people". Then why did self proclaimed interfaith guru (viewed by many as a moderate Muslim messiah) Eboo Patel emcee at the 2007 annual event of The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) a Saudi funded front group for Hamas and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holyland Foundation Hamas funding trial? CAIR is also a defendant in a 9/11 terrorism lawsuit which states that:.

86. Council on American Islamic Relations and CAIR Canada (collectively, CAIR), have aided, abetted, and materially sponsored and al Qaeda and international terrorism. CAIR is an outgrowth of the Hamas front group the Islamic Association of Palestine. The FBI's former associate director in charge of Investigative and Counter-Intelligence Operations described the Islamic Association of Palestine as an organization that has directly supported Hamas military goals and is a front organization for Hamas that engages in propaganda for Islamic militants. It has produced videotapes that are very hate-filled, full of vehement propaganda. It is an organization that has supported direct confrontation... http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/3492

MIM:Patel doesn't blame radical Islamists for the 9/11 attacks, but for "spooking us".According to Patel terrorism is a "macabre magic intended to create the illusion of enemies everywhere."

"Religion writer Eboo Patel blames radical Islamists, and 9/11 for spooking us. "Terrorism," Patel wrote in Slate, "is more than heinous murder and guerrilla theater. It is a kind of macabre magic intended to create the illusion of enemies everywhere." http://news.yahoo.com/s/ucru/20080604/cm_ucru/theeword

MIM: Patel exploits his interfaith enterprise to wage civilizational jihad using da'wa as a weapon.

"...There up on stage was Eboo Patel, as one of Hillel's partners, who had bragged of encouraging Hillel to talk to the MSA. Patel had appeared at Islamic Society of North America events, which was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in funding Hamas, and celebrated the election of Ingrid Mattson to head the Islamist group by declaring, "I'm proud to have her elected as my president." Mattson had denounced Israeli "brutality" and defendedSami Al-Arian, the head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad." http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/265082/hillels-disgrace-daniel-greenfield

MIM: Patel uses the platform provided by the IFYC (and the Ibrahims) to promote the Islamist myth of Islamophobia.

"...I have just returned from the Hillel International conference, where President Eric Fingerhut stated unequivocally that Hillels around the country would stand up against Islamophobia.."http://religionnews.com/2016/12/21/why-muslim-jewish-cooperation-matters-for-america/


Eboo Patel has a very strong relationship with Hani Ramadan, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the grandson of Hassan al-Banna and the son of Said Ramadan the brother is law of al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and the United States, in addition to his relationship with Siraj Wahhaj, a known American Brother, and his membership in the MSA in America: a large Brotherhood organization.


MIM: On March 7th 2017 Eboo Patel will be together with S.A.Ibrahim to receive an award from the Interfaith Center PA.

For Sponsors at $5,000 and above
Join Eboo Patel and S.A. Ibrahim at Rev. Dr. Agnes Norfleet's Manse for a tasting menu dinner, and receive an autographed copy of Eboo's new book, Interfaith Leadership.

Award Presentation and Keynote Address (7:30 PM) - FREE TO PUBLIC:

We are delighted that this year's Dare to Understand Award will recognize a tremendous community leader and interfaith advocate, Eboo Patel, the Founder and President of Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC). The award presentation will be followed by a keynote address by Eboo.


MIM: According to the bio on the Interfaith Youth Core website it was Ibrahim who provided the funding for the IFYC's da'wa through interfaith activities.

"S.A. and Winston, through the Ibrahim Family Foundation, were initial investors in IFYC's new website and online platform."

Their motivation to dedicate their civic work toward advancing interfaith understanding stems from their personal experience in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. S.A.'s friend and mentor had lost his son when the World Trade Center collapsed. Rather than react with anger or prejudice, he instead endowed a scholarship for American Muslim students to attend his alma mater, Trinity College. Inspired by this visionary act of philanthropy, S.A. and his son Winston are determined to foster better understanding among people of different cultures and faiths and to fight ignorance, hate and extremism. This led to the creation of the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project in the Middle East, which provides an opportunity for high-achieving U.S. undergraduate students of diverse faiths to develop their leadership skills and gain first-hand experience with dialogue efforts in the Middle East.



MIM:S.A. Ibrahim has been endorsed by Sayyid Sayeed, The Islamic Society of North America's national director for the office of Interfaith and Community Alliances. ISNA is the largest Saudi funded da'wa (Islamic proselytsing) organisation in North America. Sayeed lauded Ibrahim as someone who "has been sincerely following the pillars of his faith". One of the pillars of Islam is the obligation of every Muslim to try to convert non Muslims to Islam.

Ibrahim stated that he "hopes that more Jews will visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" convieniently ignoring the fact that many non Muslims are banned from entering the country and that entry to Mecca is totally forbidden to all of them.Something which he appears to have had no problem with during his own haj pilgrimage.

S.A. Ibrahim on the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

S.A. Ibrahim on the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

MIM: The Jewish Exponent, a Philadelphia paper had this to say about Ibrahim's board membership of the ADL.

"A local businessman is poised to become the first Muslim to serve on the Anti-Defamation League's regional board -- or any ADL board for that matter.

The expected election of S.A. Ibrahim on May 9 will mark the latest step in a life journey that has taken him from his native Hyderabad, India, to Philadelphia, where he has achieved enormous material success in the field of banking and finance....

He began to study Islam more seriously and traveled to Saudi Arabia to complete the Haj pilgrimage, as required by the faith...Though he'd never had any issues with Jews or Judaism, per se, he said he did absorb "by osmosis" from other Muslims some negative feelings toward Israel...

According to Sayyid M. Syeed, national director for the office of Interfaith and Community Alliances for the Islamic Society of North America, support for Israel's existence is becoming less of a third rail in the American Muslim community. "We had to educate our people," he said. "We had to recognize the excesses committed against Israel and we had to recognize the suffering of Palestine. On both sides, there has been so much suffering. We need to secure Israel's existence and provide a dignified resolution for Palestinian statelessness." Regarding Ibrahim, he said that "here you have somebody who is very sincerely following the pillars of his faith and he is passionately advocating a better understanding of the Jewish faith. That gives his work so much meaning."

Ibrahim has participated in some of ISNA's interfaith programs, but is not a supporter or member of the group. ISNA was identified as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the federal terrorism funding trial against the Holy Land Foundation.

According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the group's leadership has maintained ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and has pursued a radical ideology...

MIM: S.A. Ibrahim and his son Winston were participants in The Muslim Leadership Summit organized by Muslim Brotherhood operative Congressman Keith Ellison in 2011.

"...The tectonic shift of the American Muslim community towards increased activism and strong support for the Democrats was exemplified this month by a visit of Muslim business leaders to congress and the Executive Office Building next to the White House, in an event arranged by first-ever Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-5th-MN).

About 30 leaders from the Muslim community, businessmen, medical professionals and politicians, went to Washington May 11th and 12th, to meet with prominent congressmen including Keith Ellison, Andre Carson (D-7th-IN), and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-8th-CA) and to participate in discussion on foreign policy issues. Attendees also made significant contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), under whose auspices the meetings were held.

New Jersey businessman Saeed Patel, owner of Amex Computers, said of the event that Obviously there was a big change this year, because [the Democrats] are not in the majority anymore.

Some of the prominent invitees were Mr. Patel, the attorney Mazen Asbahi from Chicago, Safir Rabb, Riaz Fakhoury from Ocala FL, SA Ibrahim, Nihad Awad of CAIR, Winston Ibrahim, Kamran Farid, and the mayor of Teaneck New Jersey, Mohammed Hameeduddin, Adnan Durrani, Uzma Iqbal, Hurram Waheed and Kemal Oksuz were also there..." http://muslimobserver.com/muslim-leadership-summit/

MIM: Ibrahim's "contributor" bio on the Foreign Policy Research Institute site.

"S.A. Ibrahim is chief executive officer of Radian Group Inc., one of the largest private mortgage insurers of U.S. residential mortgages, with a core focus of protecting mortgage lenders from default-related losses. Radian has also provided financial guaranty insurance and currently maintains a sizable insured portfolio of municipal bonds and structured finance transactions. Prior to joining Radian, Mr. Ibrahim was the CEO of GreenPoint Mortgage Funding based in Novato, California. Under his leadership, GreenPoint Mortgage transformed itself from a small mortgage originator to one of the leading U.S. mortgage originators. Mr. Ibrahim has served on various boards, including the Fannie Mae National Advisory Board and the Mortgage Bankers Association Board of Governors. Currently, he serves on the Board of Trustees of the Institute of International Education in New York, the Wharton Graduate Executive Board, the Academy of the University of Pennsylvania, the Inter Faith Youth Core, Chicago, the Philadelphia Anti Defamation League, the Auburn (Presbyterian) Seminary, New York and the Center of Interreligious Understanding. Mr. Ibrahim holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania and a BE in Engineering from Osmania University in India."


MIM: S.A. Ibrahim received an award from the Wharton Business School together with Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer and Donald Trump.

S.A. Ibrahim, CIU Board Member, Receives Award

S. A. Ibrahim, CIU board member and CEO of Radian Group, shared the spotlight with three other prestigious alumni of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School when he received the coveted Joseph Wharton Award at the 44th Annual Wharton DC Award Gala on October 22nd. Co-recipients at the Park Hyatt Hotel gala were Donald Trump, Chairman and President, The Trump Organization, Jennifer Clifford Simpson, Managing Director, The Gladstone Companies, and His Excellency Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

Honorees excelled in at least one of the following areas; exceptional career achievement, dedication to community and public service, strong connection and support of the Wharton School or the University of Pennsylvania and finally, support of the Wharton Club of DC.

According to Alan Schlaifer, Wharton DC club president, "S. A. qualified in two areas, both extraordinary career achievement and his strong commitment to religious tolerance and interreligious dialogue." Ali Qureshi, VP programs added, "his business accolades and his tireless commitment to his work…on religious tolerance and inter-religious dialogue is invaluable. It was an honor recognizing him for his efforts."

In addition to serving on the CIU's board of directors and actively supporting many of our most innovative initiatives, Mr. Ibrahim is also a board member ofthe Interfaith Youth Core, Chicago, the Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League, and the Auburn (Presbyterian) Seminary, New York.

Insofar as exceptional career achievement is concerned, under Mr. Ibrahim's leadership, Radian has emerged from one of the worst economic and housing related downturns as a market leader. Radian is among the largest private mortgage insurers of U.S. residential mortgages, with a core focus of protecting mortgage lenders from default-related losses. Mr. Ibrahim joined Radian in 2005 and since 2007, the company has doubled its private mortgage insurance market share and written more than $100 billion of high-quality new business.

Earlier, while he was the CEO of GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Novato, CA, he guided the firm in its transformation from a small mortgage originator to one of the leading U.S. companies of its kind.


MIM: Excerpt from the article "Marin Man Makes History As First Muslim On The ADL Board"

"Even though he was funding trips to Israel, Ibrahim didn't visit the Jewish state himself until late in 2010.

"I had some deep reservations about Israel and how I would be treated there," Ibrahim said. "It was an eye-opening trip. I was made to feel more welcome than I ever could have imagined."

In 2009, Ibrahim served as an informal adviser to the White House in advance of President Barack Obama's address to the Muslim world, delivered in Cairo.

Abraham Foxman, national director of the ADL and a friend of Ibrahim's, said, "The fact is, there are few voices such as his that reject extremism and fundamentalism. I'm just delighted he's there [in Philadelphia]." http://www.jweekly.com/article/full/65527/marin-man-makes-history-as-first-muslim-on-an-adl-board/

MIM: In 2015 the ADL presented Ibrahim with their "Americanism Award".

(The ADL aka "Anti Defecation League" is composed of a bunch of anally retentive Jews who know more about anti semitism than Judaism!)

In 2015 the ADL awarded their Muslim board member S.A. Ibrahim with the "Americanism Award". Ibrahim is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood front group the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and other Islamist individuals and organisations.

MIM: Below is an excerpt from his speech. Note how Ibrahim claims, like many Islamists that the attacks on 9/11 made him try to "rediscover his own faith". He also voices his upset at "those who insulted my faith in the way they believed and practiced it and those who intentionally insulted and disparaged it" thus comparing people who reacted with anger at the 9/11 attacks to the Muslim terrorists who perpetrated them!

My family observed Islam faithfully but had no problem with me attending Catholic and Anglican missionary schools, as did my aunt and my sister. My family joined our neighbors in celebrating all their festivals and in sharing ours with them. This was not viewed as diminishing our faith but rather as enhancing our humanity.

So after 9-11, I read with alarm and disbelief, views on my faith, so different from my own experience, expressed by those outside as well as those inside. The views ranged from sober and scholarly to outright hurtful and insulting.

I found myself, whether I liked it or not, whether I wanted or not, caught between those who insulted my faith in the way they believed and practiced it as well as those who intentionally insulted and disparaged it, in the way they attacked it. Supported by my then boss, a devoted Catholic, who lost his son on 9-11, I found myself in a new, unexpected place – committing to fighting hate, intolerance and extremism, no matter from where, while also trying to rediscover my own faith.


MIM: Robert Silverman, the head of the AJC's Muslim Jewish Advisory Council aka 'Jews For Jihad' considers S.A.Ibrahim to be a friend. Ibrahim is also on the board of the Muslim Jewish Advisory Council. http://www.ajc.org/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=7oJILSPwFfJSG&b=8479733&ct=14938217

Robert Silverman@silverrj99

With my friend SA Ibrahim at the DNC July 25. pic.twitter.com/zI74mfDtSl 4:17 PM - 26 Jul 2016

See: "Jews For Jihad Revisited: Robert Silverman And The American Jewish Committee's Partnership With Radical Islamists" http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/7454

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