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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > From Sieg Heil to Sieg Halal: Historical hoax perpetuated by UK/ PA terrorism denial summit

From Sieg Heil to Sieg Halal: Historical hoax perpetuated by UK/ PA terrorism denial summit

Myth of the Aryan Race morphs into the myth of a Palestinian people
March 1, 2005

Feb. 25, 2005

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (front row, right), Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei (front row, center) and Legislative Council

MIM: After 3 suicide bombings and more then 3 attacks a day against Israelis, it's 'business as usual for the perversely named Palestinian Authority aka (Paid Assassins") . Aided and abetted by the United States,suicidal Israeli politicians, and the UK, who are granting them legitimacy, Mahmoud Abbas and his Islamo facist thugs are perpetrating a historical hoax on the scale of Nazism by presenting a fictitious national identity which requires the elimination of the Jews as a prerequisite for their existence.

The parallels between the myth of the Aryan race and the myth of a 'Palestinian people are clear. Both have no basis in fact and have as their credo : "Die Juden sind Unsere Ungluck" ( The Jews are our misfortune") and Wir Brauchen mehr Lebensraum ( We need more living space ).

Noone who believed the mythical Aryan race was incarnated by a blonde blue eyed fair skinned Northern European ever questioned the fact that Hitler was a short, squat, dark haired man who seemed to be the anti thesis of the German 'ubermensh'.

It comes as no surprise that chief terrorist and Holocaust denier Abbas, is now being touted as a man of peace, and feted as a diplomat of a country which does not exist either geographically or historically.

The World Bank is listed as one of the chief funders of the 'Palestinian' hoax and has appointed Nigel Roberts as the 'director of the World Bank in the West Bank and Gaza Strip' who himself openly declared that ; "Palestine is not a country."

. In 2001, James Wolfensohn, the head of the World Bank met in London at 11 Downing Street with Iqbal Asaria, the chairman of the Muslim Council's economics and finance committee, who is a known as a "webmaster for Al Qaeda". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/248



MIM: The PA terrorist entity 'planning minister' blames the Jews for lack of 'lebensraum' while Nigel Roberts, 'director of the World Bank in the West Bank and Gaza Strip' explains the PA's need for $500 million dollars is due to the fact that "Palestine is not a country" (!)

" We see this conference as an opportunity to urge the international community to put pressure on Israel to halt its policies that hinder the process of construction and development in Palestine..."

"...He (Nigel Roberts) added that the PA faces a $500 billion budget deficit in a planned $1.4 billion annual budget. "Because Palestine is not a country, that gap cannot be financed on the world bond markets," he explained..."



PA Terrorism Not on the Agenda at London Conference

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Today's London conference for the Pal. Authority has prepared a final statement that does not mention terrorism. Israel has said it would regard such an omission as a violation of PA commitments.

Conference officials so far have accepted a PA request for a general statement in favor of security coordination that will contribute to the peace process and prevent violence. The PA insisted that references to Kassam rockets and terror attacks be omitted. At the same time, Britain, as the conference host, rejected an Israeli request that the conference include a specific PA commitment regarding security.

Dov Weisglass, aide to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, was told that US Secretary Condoleezza Rice and British Prime Minister Tony Blair will instead refer in their speeches to the need for the PA to break up the terrorist network.

Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said today that despite a decrease in terrorism, and despite a measure of cooperation on security matters with the PA, terrorism has not yet stopped. He specifically blamed Syria and the Islamic Jihad for their activities to "murder Israelis and sabotage the peace process." Mofaz said, however, that the main onus is upon the PA for not actively seeking to stop the terror organizations.

On her way to the London conference yesterday, Secretary Rice said, "The first phase of the Road Map, of course, requires the Palestinian Authority to deal with terrorism and to begin dismantling the terrorist infrastructure. And so that's what we will be looking for."

Haaretz quoted unnamed government sources as saying that the London meeting's summary statement would in any event be turned into 'a piece of paper' the day after the conference, meaning it would have no lasting significance.

Government representatives from 23 Arab and European nations, as well as UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, are in attendance at the one-day conference. Israel, for its part, elected not to participate.

For PA head Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), the London gathering is seen as an opportunity to ask "that Britain and the international community mobilize all their resources to help us achieve the peace process we have engaged in." He is seeking to secure support from the world community, "financially, morally and politically."

Speaking with the BBC, Abbas said, "We expect President Bush to implement his own vision of a two-state solution, the birth of a Palestinian state and end the occupation that started in 1967."

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair confirmed Abbas' understanding of the purpose of the conference in his opening statement. Mr. Blair said that the gathered envoys were to hopefully give "substance to the good will" shown thus far towards the new PA leadership.

The London conference participants are expected to affirm the creation of a US-led coordinating committee on PA economic reforms. An international meeting of nations expected to further fund the PA is planned for the end of June. The World Bank is also expected to lead a renewed push for private investment in the PA, alongside state-supported loan guarantees.



PA to ask Conference for $500m. in aid

Khaled Abu Toameh, THE JERUSALEM POST Mar. 1, 2005

The Palestinian Authority is planning to ask for $500 million in financial aid at the international conference on Palestinian reforms, due to begin Tuesday in London, a senior PA official in Ramallah said.

The official told The Jerusalem Post that the money is needed to rebuild infrastructure and boost the economy to strengthen PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's administration.

"We want to rebuild all that was destroyed over the past four years," he said. "We need the money immediately." According to the official, Abbas inherited from Yasser Arafat a cash-strapped PA because of the absence of foreign aid and many years of corruption.

The Palestinians, he said, are also planning to exploit the conference to demand international pressure on Israel to resume the peace process.

PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, who had expressed reservations about the conference because it did not include on its agenda political issues, decided to stay away, citing the need to be in the PA areas because of the security situation following Friday night's suicide attack in Tel Aviv.

Deputy Prime Minister Nabil Shaath said the Palestinians were expecting financial, technical and political support from the conference. "We are seeking backing for the road map plan and the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital," he said.

Shaath said the conference will also focus on equipping and training the PA security forces to help end rampant chaos in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Planning Minister Ghassan Khatib said the PA had succeeded, through a series of meetings with British officials over the past few weeks, in changing the agenda of the conference so it would include political issues.

"We see this conference as an opportunity to urge the international community to put pressure on Israel to halt its policies that hinder the process of construction and development in Palestine," he added. "We will demand that Israel lift all restrictions imposed on the Palestinians and stop settlement activity."

"The meeting provides us with a very good opportunity to seek and secure the international support that we need [for] boosting the political process and improving life conditions and helping us strengthen our institutions," Finance Minister Salaam Fayad told The Associated Press.

Nigel Roberts, director of the World Bank in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, said the conference would focus on the way the international community could help the PA. "The Palestinians have enormous problems meeting their recurrent obligations," he said. "This money is certainly very welcome."

He added that the PA faces a $500 billion budget deficit in a planned $1.4 billion annual budget. "Because Palestine is not a country, that gap cannot be financed on the world bond markets," he explained.

Roberts expressed hope that the Arab countries would fulfill their promises to support the PA financially as most of them had failed to meet their pledges.


Doing his part for the jihad:

Columbia University Professor Edward Said throwing a stone at Israeli soldiers:

"...He wasn't the architect of 9/11, but he was the father of the 9/12 inability to comprehend it..."

www.jewishworldreview.com/ 1003/chafets_2003_1...

Blair: 'Foundation Stones' Laid for Palestinian State

By Gavin Cordon, PA Whitehall Editor


Tony Blair tonight declared that the international community had laid the "foundation stones" for a future Palestinian state.

At the end of a one day international meeting in London on supporting the Palestinian Authority, the Prime Minister said they had agreed the key practical measures necessary for such a state.

"Everybody can talk about the possibility of an independent, viable Palestinian state," he told the closing press conference at Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

"What we have today is an agreement, not just on behalf of the Palestinian Authority that has got to usher in such a state but on behalf of the whole of the international community as to the practical steps, the foundation stones, necessary to create that viable state in the future.

"Without those foundation stones it simply will not happen."


MIM: Tragically and horrifically the headline below is a statement of fact, not a question. The 'Eindlosungsfada' will continue under Mazen with an intensity which will make the past years under Arafat's regime of terrorism pale in comparison.

Not only is terrorism a daily occurence the appropriation of 'lebensraum' by Arabs near the Gilboa region is predicted to endanger the water supply, bringing the 'final solution' another step closer.


Sign of Things to Come? Carbomb Explodes in Shechem Thursday, March 3, 2005

A carbomb exploded harmlessly outside Joseph's Tomb last night, while some 500 Jewish worshipers were visiting. It is expected that disengagement from the area will give new life to terrorism.

Several busloads of people arrived at the holy site in Shechem (Nablus) late last night, under the supervision of the IDF. The explosion occurred as one group was leaving and another was entering, around 1 AM this morning.

Contrary to popular perception, Palestinian terrorism in Judea and Samaria continues apace. Earlier last night, Palestinian terrorists opened fire at an IDF unit near the Balata slum section of Shechem. In addition, terrorists threw an explosive device at an IDF unit nearby. No one was hurt in these incidents.

Slightly to the north, in Jenin, Israeli forces arrested four Islamic Jihad members of the Saadi family, well known for its terrorist connections. This week, a Kassam rocket factory was found in Jenin; a Jenin terrorist arrested several weeks ago said that the plan was to fire them at Afula and environs, in pre-'67 Israel.

The northern Shomron area, if Israel in fact withdraws its forces and residents, is liable to become a "second Gaza," security sources warn. Jenin and Shechem will become cities of refuge for terrorists, and Kassam rockets could be fired at Israeli towns and cities bordering the area. Hizbullah has built a foundation of terrorism in this area over the past few months, mainly with the Islamic Jihad, but has not scored much "success" due to the IDF activities in the area. With the departure of the IDF, Hizbullah and the Islamic Jihad are expected to increase their terror activities.

Terrorist activity is currently dammed by IDF measures such as isolating villages, encircling areas, checkpoints, and nonstop local activity by the army and GSS. A senior officer said, "It's no coincidence that though there are explosives, labs, lathes and the know-how there have not been Kassams in the Shomron. Our control doesn't allow the translation of these resources into rockets. But when Israel leaves, the situation will change, and it will just be a matter of time until the first Kassam. The Beit She'an and Gilboa communities will come into rocket range." The municipal leaders in these areas have already been warned.

The withdrawal is also expected to endanger Israel's water supply from the area. PA elements currently dig illegally, and are expected to intensify this activity once Israel leaves depleting and salinating the water supply used for agriculture in the Gilboa region and possibly wiping out regional farming.

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