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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Iqbal Asaria: Al Qaeda webmaster of Jihad and Ummah.org heads Muslim Council of Britain business and finance committee

Iqbal Asaria: Al Qaeda webmaster of Jihad and Ummah.org heads Muslim Council of Britain business and finance committee

August 18, 2004

MIM: If the authorities in Londinistan don't wake up and smell the coffee they could soon be smelling the poison gas instead.

While British arrests thwart potential terror attacks with poison gas and dirty bombs those who openly aid and abet their cause go about their business with impunity and hobnob with British government officials.

Such is the case of Iqbal Asaria, a leading Muslim economist in the UK, who was instrumental in getting the HSBC bank to implement a Shari'a lending department.

Iqbal was widely quoted in the British press lauding the HSBC's move.

What the media did not reveal was that Iqbal is the registered agent of two websites: Jihad.org

and Ummah.org. which are associated with the extremist groups Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun .

Iqbal Asaria is also the webmaster for the International Institute of Islamic Political Thought, a Hamas front 'think tank' which is affiliated with several major Muslim organisations in the US, such as the International Institute of Islamic Thought and it's sister organisation, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists ( which also has a branch in the UK).


Iqbal Asaria is also in charge of publications for the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights, and MIRA, two groups which advocate overthrowing the Saudi royal family for being un Islamic.

A search for www. ummah.org leads to the site of Salaam UK .

Visitors to the homepage have to type in a password above the URL for ummah.org



A search for Ummah.org leads to this page with an essay by Jamal Harwood, one of the leaders Hizb ut Tahrir in the UK . HT seeks to establish a global Islamic state and was led by the present leader of Al Muhajiroun, Omar Bakri. Both groups are closely linked to Al Qaeda.


MIM: In 2004 Iqbal Asaria spoke at a seminar on Islamic financing:

Note the use of the term "shari'a compliant"

Financial inclusion amongst Muslim communities in the UK - what institutions are doing to offer Shariah compliant products

Iqbal Asaria

Business & Economics Committee, Muslim Council of Britain

more about the speaker



Asaria Iqbal other activities include publications and websites of the CDLR , MIRA, and other groups linked to Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Muhajiroun .The black flag of the Ummah, (global Islamic state) on the CDLR website linked to Iqbal Asaria and by extension, the Muslim Council of Britain. where Asaria heads their finance and economics committee,

The CDLR and MIRA's so called 'reform' involves overthrowing the Saudi family who are viewed as too modern and implementing a Taliban style regime in their place,

CDLR Islamic Board Front Page..
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For further information please email us or contact us by post or telephone.

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Address: BM Box: MIRA, London WC1N 3XX, UK.
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Title The Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA)
Publisher Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), London, GB
Distributor Asaria, Iqbal, [email protected], Harrow, Middlesex HA1 4LB, GB
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Description The homepage of the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), "MIRA seeks major reforms in Arabia; in particular, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and the abolition of the Secret Police units subverting political movements and activity." The pages contain the information about aims, objectives and history of the movement, general information about Saudi Arabia, links to Saudi Arabia related online publications and web sites.



Less then 6 weeks after 9/11 Iqbal Asaria met James Wolfensohn and the Archbishop of Canterbury for breakfast at the HM Treasury to discuss globalist concerns. Iqbal expressed concern that post 9/11 security priorities might conflict with aid programs.

Meeting at HM Treasury


Iqbal Asaria, Chair of the Business and Economics Committee attended a Breakfast Seminar at 11 Downing Street on Tuesday November 13th. Other parties invited to the seminar were non-governmental organisations, faith groups, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr George Carey and the President of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn.

The seminar, called by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown and Secretary of State for International Development, Rt. Hon. Clare Short, was organised to discuss the need to revive 2015 targets of reducing world poverty and the need to increase aid budgets with a renewal of the commitment of 0.7% of GDP. The participation of faith and other groups in the developmental process was also discussed and approved

Iqbal Asaria raised his concerns over the credibility of achieving the 2015 targets given current practices. He argued that reducing poverty was contingent on good governance a factor that may be overridden by security concerns in an anxious post-September 11th world.

Other matters discussed included Chancellor Gordon Brown raising the possibility of the MCB Business and Economics committee taking some initiative on social exclusion and the postponed launch of the MCB/ DFID booklet being reinvigorated; tentative date is after Ramadhan.


In 2002 Iqbal Asaria met with head of Briish finance.


Work on Islamic Finance

Iqbal Asaria of the MCB's Business and Economics Committee is part of a working party convened by the Governor of the Bank of England and chaired by Andrew Buxton, former Charman of Barclays Bank.

This working party is liaising with different government departments to work out ways to incorporate into UK law and procedures the changes required

to allow a level playing field for Shari'a compliant finance products, including home purchase.

One of the key changes required is to the way stamp duty is levied at present.

Iqbal Asaria participated in the working party's meeting on Wednesday 16 October with the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Ruth Kelly MP

to discuss this issue. The Financial Secretary responded positively to the suggestions and proposals of the working party. The Treasury was favourable to receiving proposals relating to the levying of stamp duty for incorporation in the 2003 Finance Bill, parliamentary schedules permitting. In the interim, suggestions for a satisfactory arrangement for avoiding double stamp duty would also be considered.

In addition to the Treasury, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has also indicated that it will consider proposals for modifying the capital reserve ratio requirements for the treatment of Islamic financial products. Iqbal Asaria was also invited to attend the launch of the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) in Malaysia last week.


In 2003 HSBC bank announced their Shari'a lending department.

The move was lauded by Asaria as "long overdue".

Several months later an HSBC bank was bombed by Al Qaeda in Istanbul, Turkey.


High Street bank offers Islamic mortgage HSBC has become the first major UK bank to offer mortgages that comply with Islamic law.

Under Islamic law, the receipt and payment of interest is forbidden.

As a result some of Britain's two million Muslims have chosen not to take out conventional mortgages or open bank accounts.

This can leave them having to pay in cash for large purchases, such as houses.

Lease back

Under the HSBC scheme, the bank buys the property and leases it back to the customer over an agreed term.

It would make a real difference if there were more products on the market ... then there would be more choice for Muslims
Waseem Taj

The customer makes monthly payments made up of rent and contributions towards the purchase price.

HSBC owns the property until customers have made their final payment.

Crucially, at no stage is the customer paying interest - the paying of 'rent' is seen as a fair payment for use of the property rather than a charge for borrowing money.

In addition, HSBC is launching an Islamic law-compliant current account, which has no overdraft or credit card facility.

Money paid into the current account will be administered in accordance with Islamic law and not used for generating interest.

The current account and mortgage products are to be introduced in selected HSBC branches from 14 July.

Huge market

Previously only relatively small institutions such as the National Bank of Kuwait and

the West Bromwich Building Society have offered tailored Islamic financial products for UK customers.

Some (Muslims) are wracked with guilt because they have broken Islamic law
Iqbal Asaria, Muslim Council of Great Britain

Last year a report from market analyst Datamonitor estimated that demand for Islamic mortgages

in the UK was so strong that gross advances could reach £4.5bn ($7bn) in 2006.

According to Iqbal Asaria, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Great Britain,

HSBC's move is long overdue.

"Some (Muslims) are wracked with guilt because they have broken Islamic law.

While others' values are beyond question, they are more pragmatic in order to keep a roof

over their family's head


"HSBC's initiative frees them from this dilemma and is the first step to delivering a level playing field

for Muslims

seeking financial solutions in the UK.


Domain registration for Jihad an Ummah.org list Iqbal Asaria as the administrator.

Iqbal also ran an Islamic computing center.


Domain ID:D2334692-LROR

Domain Name:JIHAD.ORG

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Domain ID:D265907-LROR

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Last Updated On:04-Jun-2004 10:55:08 UT

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MIM:British Dhimmitude is a long established tradition.


London - 17 June 1998

MCB Delegation meets Home Secretary

The Home Secretary, Jack Straw, met a delegation from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) led by its Secretary General Iqbal Sacranie. The delegation raised the concern that the new racial offences provisions of the Crime and Disorder bill would not protect the Muslim community. The Home Secretary acknowledged this concern and agreed to urgently consider whether the wording of the Bill could be amended accordingly. He stressed that, separately and in any event, guidance would be issued stressing the need for criminal justice agencies to take account of the need to protect Muslims in enforcing the new provisions.

Mr Sacranie pointed out that the concern of the Muslim community was shared by all other religious communities and race bodies such as the CRE, the 1990 and Runnymede Trusts, Bandung Parliamentary Institute, Society of Black Lawyers and more than a hundred MP's from all political parties, who have expressed their support for the amendment to the bill.

The MCB delegation also sought support for the inclusion in the national census of a question relating to religious affiliation, which is also supported by other religious groups. Mr Straw agreed that this was an important issue but noted that the structure of the census questionnaire was still under discussion within the Government.

The MCB delegation raised the need for legal protection against religious discrimination. Other religious and secular organisations including the CRE and the 1990 and Runnymede Trusts support this. The Home Secretary said that the government accepted that this was an issue and was currently engaged in research aimed at defining the problem. He made it clear that the MCB would be consulted on the outcome of the research and their views would be welcomed.

The meeting also discussed the need to stop using the term "Islamic Fundamentalist" to describe terrorists since this was offensive to Muslims. The Home Secretary acknowledged this and said that the Government had been working during its EU presidency to raise awareness of such community relations issues amongst its European counterparts.

The issues of the honours system and public appointments were also raised. The Home Secretary made clear that the government was committed to increasing representation in these areas and encouraged members of the Muslim community to put forward nominations.

Mr Sacranie said "the meeting was constructive and encouraging and I am hopeful that appropriate action will be taken by the Secretary of State to ensure that the Muslim community is not further marginalised but can continue to play its responsible role for the betterment of society"


1. The Members of the delegation were:
Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain
Sher Azam; Bradford Council of Mosques.
Dr Hamid Al-Majid; Director General, Islamic Cultural Centre.
Dr Imam Abduljalil Sajid; Director,Sussex Muslim Society.
Ms Adeela Rashid; Muslim Women's Helpline.
Dr Zakuallah Khan; Chairman, Pakistan Welfare Association.
Iqbal Asaria, Member, Shia Ithna-Asheri Community of Middlesex (SICM)

2. Guidance on the Crime and Disorder Bills provisions will be issued to Criminal Justice agencies including the CPS, police and courts

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