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Theo van Gogh's book "Allah Knows Best" - Murders of Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn perpetrated by and for Muslims

November 14, 2004

MIM: The editor of MIM hopes to translate Theo van Gogh's last book "Allah Weet Het Beter"- "Allah Knows Best" into english to give readers can an idea of what Theo was like as a person and read his views on militant Islam, political correctness, and multiculturalism which he warned against as a prelude to the Islamisation of Holland

.At the time of his death Theo van Gogh was working on a film about the murder of Pim Fortuyn who was the first politician to be assassinated in Holland in 400 years. At the trial Fortuyn's killer said he did it "to save Muslims". The Fortuyn murder by a so called "animal rights" and "environmental activist" highlights the connection between the radical left and Militant Islam in what David Horowitz terms, in his new book an " Unholy Alliance". Horowitz's depiction of the parallels between Radical Islam and the American Left provides valuable insights into this phenomenon . http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=15316

The alignment with the left in Europe with the Islamist cause is illustrated by the murder of Pim Fortuyn .The killer was a Dutch animal rights activist and vegetarian, who calmly executed Fontuyn with 6 shots at close range. He intially claimed that he was opposed to Fortuyn's intention to revive the mink trade in Holland and then admitted in court that he did it to "protect Muslims".

This weblog will also contain links to news articles which deal with the aftermath of Theo van Gogh's death in Holland which has sparked a 'civil war' in Holland with mosques and churches being vandalised and burned on what appears to be a daily basis.

The back cover of Theo's book has an excerpt from an article which was published on his website "De Gezonde Roker" "The Healthy Smoker", and is striking in that he cynically remarked that Pim Fortuyn who warned against the Islamisation of Holland and urged stronger immigration laws, would be murdered by the intolerant 'free speach' advocates of the left .

Theo commented on the virulent hatred and hostility directed at Pim Fortuyn by those who claimed to be champions of tolerance in writing about this incident which place at a trendy cafe:

"Stan Huygens reported on the opening of the cafe De Omval, at which Michiel Romeyn, dressed as Obuma was quoted as saying:

" In the distance I saw Harry Mens and Pim Fortuyn sitting at a table. I hope that he flies business class, and crashes into the towers head on".

There were of course, howls of laughter. The crazy thing is that Fortuyn and his kind are always accused of "inciting hate" but it is the other way around. That Prince Pim has not yet been shot in the name of some politically correct municipality or one or another savior of the world can be deemed a miracle. Michiel Romejn won't have helped in this regard." http://www.theovangogh.nl/allah_weet_1.html

MIM: Theo van Gogh wrote the article quoted above on February 15th 2002 based on his observations regarding the political climate in Holland which had demonised Pim Fortuyn and labelled him a racist for his warnings on the growing Muslim threat in the Netherlands and Europe. Less then 3 months later Pim Fortuyn was murdered by a Dutch "animal rights activist' who shot him 6 times at close range and waited to make sure he was dead before fleeing.The killer later said he murdered Fortuyn to 'protect' Muslims who were being used as "scapegoats".

In a verdict which shocked Holland , Fortuyn's killer Volkert van der Graaf was sentenced to 15 years in prison with time off for that already served. His supporters were evicted from the courtroom shouting "Life ! Life!"

At the trial :

"Mr Fortuyn's brother, Marten, told the Dutch news agency ANP he was not surprised by the confession but felt irritated by Mr van der Graaf's presentation of himself as "the saviour of the nation". http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/2506253.stm


Pim Fortuyn election poster - Lijst Pim Fortuyn http://www.lijst-pimfortuyn.nl/

MIM: Pim Fortuyn was dubbed 'De Goddelijk Kale' -'The Divine Bald One'


Fortuyn killed 'to protect Muslims'
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Joan Clements in Amsterdam
(Filed: 28/03/2003)


A Left-wing activist confessed in court yesterday to Holland's first political assassination in 400 years, claiming that he shot Pim Fortuyn to defend Dutch Muslims from persecution.

Volkert van der Graaf, 33, a vegan animal rights campaigner, said he alone was responsible for killing the maverick protest leader last May, days before a general election in which the Fortuyn List party vaulted into second place and shattered Holland's consensus.

Facing a raucous court on the first day of his murder trial, he said his goal was to stop Mr Fortuyn exploiting Muslims as "scapegoats" and targeting "the weak parts of society to score points" to try to gain political power.

He said: "I confess to the shooting. He was an ever growing danger who would affect many people in society. I saw it as a danger. I hoped that I could solve it myself."

Mr Fortuyn's relatives wore fur coats in the high-security court to show scorn for the animal rights zealot. "I want to cause him maximum pain, I will make sure he notices me," said Jolanda Fortuyn, a sister-in-law who helped edit many of Mr Fortuyn's inflammatory books and columns.

Onlookers in the gallery shouted abuse through a glass screen, with a vehemence unusual for the Dutch. "Life! Life," chanted Fortuyn supporters, some of whom were jostled from the room by bailiffs.

Van der Graaf, who avoided eye contact with the family, could be jailed for 20 years. Holland does not practice the death penalty.

He confessed to the crime last November, after months of silence, but had never explained publicly why he reacted so violently against his victim, a gay former Marxist professor who mixed Left-wing and Right-wing ideas.

The shaven-headed Fortuyn, who used to sweep across Rotterdam in a chauffeur-driven Daimler with two King Charles spaniels by his side, relished mocking all forms of political correctness, but rarely ventured into the animal rights dispute.

His chief targets were militant Islam and the persecution of gays and lesbians. He said the emergence in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague of Muslim ghettoes resisting assimilation threatened Holland's liberal society and national cohesion.

His murder stunned the nation. Thousands queued outside the Rotterdam Stadhuis to sign a condolence book.

Mr Fortuyn's party survived 100 days in office before its coalition partners called a fresh election in January. The established parties co-opted much of Mr Fortuyn's law-and-order message, reducing his party to eight MPs.

The trial is expected to last three days, with a verdict next month. The panel of judges must decide whether Van der Graaf is mentally fit to be held accountable for the crime.


24 January 2003: Muslims hail Dutch defeat of Fortuyn List party
11 January 2003: Somali refugee follows in Fortuyn's footsteps with attack on imams
16 May 2002: Fortuyn party second in poll
11 May 2002: In death, as in life, Pim Fortuyn stirs the emotions of Holland
8 May 2002: Dutch assassin is militant green activist

7 May 2002: Lone gunman kills Dutch far-Right leader



Fortuyn killer was protecting Dutch Muslims

Ananova, Mar. 27, 2003

The man who confessed to killing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn has told a court he did it to protect the country's Muslim minority from Fortuyn's anti-immigration policies.

Volkert van der Graaf, a 33-year-old animal rights activist, was arrested moments after Fortuyn was shot in a car park outside a radio studio last May.

At the start of his trial, he openly answered questions about the motives behind the first political assassination in modern Dutch history.

Although Van der Graaf confessed, under Dutch law prosecutors need to present their case to a panel of judges. There are no jury trials in the Netherlands.

"(The idea) was never concrete until the last moment, the day before the attack," Van der Graaf said, "I confess to the shooting." He also confessed to illegal possession of firearms and sending Fortuyn threats before carrying out the attack.

Van der Graaf said he had followed Fortuyn's career as a columnist for a popular national magazine and had was concerned he was using "the weak parts of society to score points" and gain political power.

Muslims in the Netherlands were being used as "scapegoats," he said. "I saw it as a danger, but what should you do about it?" he said "I hoped that I could solve it myself."

He is charged with premeditated murder and faces life in prison if convicted. During several days of hearings, judges will consider his mental state at the time of the shooting and whether he can be held accountable for his actions.


MIM: Note that Vokert van de Graaf , Fortuyn's killer, told the court that "he acted on behalf of the country's Muslims" and that "prosecutors have not ruled out the possibility that he may have worked with others".



Fortuyn Killer 'acted for Muslims'

The man accused of assassinating Dutch anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn has told judges he acted on behalf of the country's Muslims.

Volkert Van der Graaf, 33, said during his first court appearance in Amsterdam on Thursday that Fortuyn was using "the weakest parts of society to score points" and gain political power.

Van der Graaf, who is charged with premeditated murder, pleaded guilty to illegally possessing firearms and sending Fortuyn threats before carrying out the attack, the Associated Press reports.

Although he allegedly confessed to the killing, under Dutch law prosecutors must present their case to a panel of judges. There are no jury trials in the Netherlands.

"(The idea) was never concrete until the last moment, the day before the attack," the news agency reported Van der Graaf as saying.

"I saw it as a danger, but what should you do about it?" he said. "I hoped that I could solve it myself."

Fortuyn, an academic and columnist, was running for the post of prime minister on an anti-immigration platform.

The proceedings are being held in a high-security courtroom, nicknamed "The Bunker," which is separated by a bulletproof glass barrier.

Onlookers continually interrupted the proceedings, denouncing Van der Graaf as a murderer and chanting "Life! Life!" to press for a tough sentence.

He briefly scanned the public gallery for familiar faces, avoiding eye contact with Fortuyn's two brothers, Maarten and Simon, sitting nearby.

One woman stood up to demand Van der Graaf be jailed for life, saying he "devastated the country," before being dragged out by court officials to join a handful of Fortuyn supporters outside.

Prosecutors began by showing a video animation reconstructing the pursuit of Van Der Graaf by Fortuyn's driver and several other witnesses of the murder.

The accused had been arrested minutes after the shooting in a car park outside a radio studio where the killing took place in May 2002. He had the murder weapon in his pocket and his trousers were spattered with Fortuyn's blood, AP said.

The killing of Fortuyn, days before the country was to go to the polls in a general election, sent shockwaves through the Netherlands and propelled Fortuyn's party and his anti-immigration policy into a three-party right-wing coalition government.

But the administration later collapsed amid political bickering and infighting. New elections were held in January which saw public support for his party, the Fortuyn List, collapse.

Van der Graaf, a father-of-one, allegedly confessed to the killing last November, saying he was worried Fortuyn was gaining too much power and posed a threat to "vulnerable members of society."

The agriculture university graduate has gone on hunger strike for more than two months complaining of 24-hour camera surveillance in his cell. The trial, held in a high-security courtroom, is expected to take several days.

Van der Graaf, whose lawyers represented him at several earlier hearings, remains the only suspect in the case. However, prosecutors have not ruled out that he may have worked with others.

He faces a life sentence if found guilty.


"Trial of confessed murderer of Dutch politician opens in Amsterdam"


MIM: Excerpt from AP article states that chemicals for explosives were found at the home of the killer :

"...A graduate of the country's leading agriculture university, Van der Graaf became a successful litigator against commercial animal farming. At the time of the murder, he lived with his longtime girlfriend and baby daughter.

He remains the only suspect in the case, although prosecutors never ruled out that he may have worked with others. In raids of the couple's home, police investigators recovered chemicals needed to make explosives and bullets matching those found at the crime scene."



MIM: Translation: Fortuyn proclaimed as "The Greatest Dutchman'

On Monday evening Pim Fortuyn was proclaimed "The Greatest Dutchman of All Time'. In the final which was broadcast live from on Nederland 1 ( a major TV channel), the murdered politician took the lead over 'William of Orange' the father of the Fatherland (second) and politician Willem Drees (third).

The winner was announced after being judged on points of leadership,legacy,courage,personality,and societal skills. Hundreds of thousands of Dutch participated in the contest via the internet and the telephone .

Ten people were nominated out of a list of one hundred.Next to the 10 finalists Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Anne Frank,Michiel de Ruyter,Vincent van Gogh, Erasmus,Rembrandt van Rijn, and Johan Kruijf who was the only living person in the top ten.


In the past weeks 10 ambassadors did their best to promote the person whom they thought was most deserving of the title. One person was highlighted in each week's broadcast. People could cast their votes via the website www.degrootstenederlander for the nine men and one woman.

Pim Fortuyn was in the top then since the 23rd of October. That continued to be the case until Sunday, the final day before the vote. There were 370,000 votes at that moment. William of Orange rose to second place on Sunday,after an election special had been held about him on Saturday. As a result of this Willem Drees fell to third place. During the live broadcast on Monday night, where ambassadors and spectators debated, and those at home could vote up to six times, the list didnt change.


Fortuyn Uitgeroepen tot Grootste Nederlander'


HILVERSUM (ANP) - Pim Fortuyn is maandagavond uitgeroepen tot De Grootste Nederlander aller tijden. In de finale, die rechtstreeks werd uitgezonden op Nederland 1, liet de vermoorde politicus de Vader des Vaderlands Willem van Oranje (tweede) en politicus Willem Drees (derde) achter zich.

De winnaar werd bekend na een beoordeling op de punten leiderschap, nalatenschap, moed, genialiteit en medemenselijkheid. Honderdduizenden Nederlanders deden de afgelopen weken via internet en via de telefoon mee aan de uitverkiezing.

Tien personen waren genomineerd uit een lijst van honderd. Naast de drie finalisten waren dat Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Anne Frank, Michiel de Ruyter, Vincent van Gogh, Erasmus, Rembrandt van Rijn en Johan Cruyff, de enige nog levende in de toptien.


In de afgelopen weken deden tien ambassadeurs hun best degene die naar hun idee de titel verdiende, te promoten. In een wekelijkse uitzending werd telkens een persoon eruit gelicht. Via de website www.degrootstenederlander.nl kon worden gestemd op de negen mannen en een vrouw.

Pim Fortuyn stond sinds 23 oktober aan kop in de toptien. Dat was nog steeds het geval op zondag, de dag voor de finale-uitzending. Op dat moment waren er 370.000 stemmen uitgebracht. Willem van Oranje steeg zondag naar de tweede plaats, nadat zaterdag een verkiezingsspecial over hem was uitgezonden. Willem Drees zakte hierdoor naar de derde plaats. Tijdens de rechtsreekse uitzending maandagavond, waarin de ambassadeurs debatteerden en kijkers tot zes keer toe een stem konden uitbrengen, veranderde de ranglijst niet meer.

Geactualiseerd om 23.38 uur

Zie ook: www.degrootstenederlander.nl


Assassination Silences a Powerful Voice

Restrictionist politician Pim Fortuyn
murdered on eve of reaching power


pim fortuyn with cigar Telling the truth about excessive immigration — that it causes rapid overpopulation and social fracturing — has not been a path to popularity in these politically correct times. The mildest suggestion that a policy that may have been beneficial in the 19th century has overgrown its usefulness immediately brings accusations of racism and xenophobia. Of course, even immigration lawyers know better than to advocate overpopulation, so hurling hateful epithets remains a basic strategy.

However, words have power and if someone is called a racist often enough, an impressionable mind may decide that saving the world from the latest Hitler will require that person's murder.

Some version of that scenario appears to have taken place in the Netherlands on May 6, 2002, with the political assassination of Pim Fortuyn, a rising star in Dutch politics who could possibly have become the next Prime Minister. A man identified only as an "animal rights activist" shot him down in the street near a radio station.

Certainly Professor Fortuyn's notoriety played a part in his being targeted. Both the media and Dutch politicians in the ruling party attacked him mercilessly in the most disparaging language. Prime Minister Wim Kok called him a fascist, as did the European press. Anyone who objects to massive Muslim immigration is branded automatically as a racist, xenophobe and fascist. Mr. Fortuyn was regularly compared with real right-winger Jean Le Pen, although aside from the immigration issue, the men had nothing in common.

Fortuyn Broke the Stereotype
Pim Fortuyn was a flamboyant gay man — hardly a jack-booted fascist as the media sought to portray him. He condemned Muslim immigration because those newcomers to Holland refused to assimilate to the socially liberal Netherlands society, in which gay sexuality is as acceptable as straight. Problems have been stressful in highly impacted Rotterdam, Fortuyn's home city, where the Muslim population is estimated to be as high as 45 percent. Fortuyn stated, "I have gay friends who have been beaten up by young Moroccans in Rotterdam." His immigration philosophy derived precisely because of the socially tolerant nature of the Netherlands, a quality he treasured and wanted to preserve.

Like many in Holland, Fortuyn did not want to live in a northern extension of Morocco. A recent poll found that 50 percent of young Dutch people want no more Muslim immigration. As Fortuyn remarked, "in Rotterdam we have third-generation Moroccans who still don't speak Dutch, oppress women and won't live by our values." While campaigning on the idea of ending Islamic immigration entirely, he believed that the government should do more to aid assimilation to Dutch society of Muslims who were already there. Interestingly, the second-in-command person in the political party Pim Fortuyn's List was a black Caribbean immigrant, Joao Varela. Differences were understood to be about culture, not race.

An outspoken gay man professing concern over the loss of Western values apparently gave headaches to many in the press, who like their stereotypes as simple as possible. Some chose to ignore Fortuyn's clear message about the threat to socially liberal Holland from authoritarian Islam and continued name-calling even after his assassination. The most stubbornly politically correct insisted on describing him as "extreme right wing" and "fascist" for his restrictionist views about immigration. Newspaper columnist Prof. dr B. Smalhout reflected on the media's role in demonizing the man before his murder: "Pim Fortuyn was made an outcast by politically correct Netherlands He was depicted as a fake professor, a second Hitler… a neo-Nazi, a narcissistic homosexual and a political outcast. Practically all the media took part, it was the fashionable thing to do, to have a go at Professor Pim."

Pim Fortuyn's Message
It is dangerous business to gaze into a crystal ball about what might have been. But a gay prime minister of a European nation who came to power on a platform of limiting immigration would have gotten major media attention in America, no doubt about it. And Professor Fortuyn was expert at presenting his views when given a chance. He was enormously popular among the Dutch, particularly the young. Numerous Dutch remarked that Fortuyn voiced sentiments that everyone had. Huge crowds appeared on the streets of Rotterdam after the assassination protesting the media and government's part in the death. (Despite many death threats, candidate Fortuyn was given no police protection.)

Against the Islamicization of Our Culture A prolific author and former sociology professor, one of his most popular books was the recent "Against the Islamicization of Our Culture." He called himself the Dutch Samuel Huntington, drawing attention to the similarity of views with those of the author of "The Clash of Civilizations," a book newly popular after the terrorist attacks, based on a 1993 Foreign Affairs article. Fortuyn remarked, "What we are witnessing now is a clash of civilizations, not just between states but within them."

The active presence of an elected Pim Fortuyn would have been enormously useful to refute the media stereotypes about the sort of person who supports immigration reduction. Fortuyn was certainly a social liberal in all categories other than immigration, favoring Dutch legality of soft drugs and euthanasia. Ever the independent thinker, he appreciated the economic policies of Margaret Thatcher.

Perhaps most importantly, Pim Fortuyn asked whether a society should welcome immigrants who disdain the culture of that nation and refuse to assimilate. Should women and gays, who have only recently received civil rights historically speaking, embrace millions who despise their freedom, even their existence? Why should citizens welcome a cultural group that threatens their rights and safety? As Professor Fortuyn observed, "I say multicultural society doesn't work. We're not living closer, we're living apart."


MIM: The title of Pim Fortuyn's book is : The Islamisation of our culture" - ' Dutch identity as foundation' .

In his article "Battered Westerner syndrome inflicted by Muslim's myopic defenders" Mark Steyn wrote:

"...Islam For All reported the other day that, at present demographic rates, in 20 years' time the majority of Holland's children (the population under 18) will be Muslim. It will be the first Islamic country in western Europe since the loss of Spain. Europe is the colony now..." http://jewishworldreview.com/0802/steyn.html


MIM: Brenda Walker the author of this piece runs a website which shows the links between enviornmentalists,globalists, and 'facism' called "Limits to Growth".


Click link at top of article for more information on Pim Fortuyn and see Pim Fortuyn Pages:



MIM: Pim Fortuyn was shot 5 times at point blank range as he was leaving a studio. The police said the killer was a "practiced and cold blooded marksman"


Fortuyn's killer, a Dutchman named Volkert van der Graf was an animal rights activist and leftist who said he murdered Fortuyn to prevent him from reviving the mink trade in Holland . Van der Graaf later stated that 'he did it to protect Muslims" . For information on Dutch left wing groups see :http://www.volkertvandergraaf.net/


Excerpt ' On Tiptoe through the Tulips' 7/29/02

"...Some Muslims bring with them a culture of religious extremism, encouraged in part by religious schools — at least one-third of which are funded by the Saudis, according to a government report. The report also revealed that 20 percent of Holland's Islamic schools receive funding from the radical Islamic organization Al-Waqf al-Islami, or have radical Muslims on their boards. The government warned that the country's Islamic schools showed very little commitment to preparing their students for integration into Dutch society.

"... More troubling , the government intelligence service warned as long as a decade ago that the Netherlands was becoming a center of Islamic terrorist recruitment and operations. Since September 11, terrorism experts have warned that violent Islamic extremists are conducting operations in Holland, in part because the country's deeply ingrained taboo against intolerance gives them relative freedom from scrutiny.

"...According to criminologist Chris Rutenfrans, a study in 2000 found that 33 percent of all criminal suspects are foreign-born, as are 55 percent of prison inmates. An astonishing 63 percent of those convicted of homicide are immigrants — Moroccans, Antilleans, and sub-Saharan Africans are the chief culprits. "The reason always given to explain these statistics is that they live in deprived circumstances," says Rutenfrans. "But other minorities are similarly deprived, and they aren't criminals..."


MIM: Fortuyn who was openly homosexual, took issue with the fact that Holland's Muslims were permitted to advocate violence against homosexuals and other groups from the mosques and schools which were totally antithetical to the tolerant attitudes which characterise Dutch society. In "Allah Weet Het Beter " Theo van Gogh wrote:

... Imam's and all the exponents of the belief that women, Jews, homo's and everything which deviates from Allah's precepts must be exterminated should be allowed to speak out. That is the only way to locate our mortal enemies. Legal action and eventual judgements against their speaches will solve nothing, and not protect the minorities involved. It will result in the poison from the Koran which is now being openly stated being forced underground where it will become a smoldering fire".


MIM: In 2003 Theo van Gogh 'confronted' Diab Abou Jah Jah, the leader of the Belgium Arab European League in Amsterdam. Abou Jah Jah refused to debate Theo who then called Abou Jah Jah "a pimp of the prophet". He was threatened by Abou Jah Jah's bodyguards and warned by people to "be careful!"

A translation of Theo van Gogh's account of the evening can be read at: http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/89

"...That was a big deal, last week on Saturday evening in the Amsterdam State Theater.The room erupted after I had called Mr. Dyab Aboe Jah Jah Allah's chief propagandist for Belgium, a "Pimp of the Prophet".

...The gentleman stood up followed by his posse of pansies in black, who acted as thugs to intimidate the unbelievers. Because I am the epitome of harmony, I called out after Dyab, "Allah knows best!" "Allah knows best!"

... his bodyguards announced, "We'll finish that pig off", and, "We're not taking it any longer from that pig", which I suspect was in reference to me.

...The pig is a sweet and intelligent animal and is a lot smarter then the idiots with which Aboe Jah Jah surrounds himself..."

(Dutch article) http://www.theovangogh.nl/indexc.html


MIM: The same AEL, which is the Islamist equivalent of the Nazi Brown Shirts, recently announced that they will be forming a "Muslim Democratic Party". A journalist from the NRC Handelsblad (the Dutch equivalent of a liberal WSJ) accompanied the AEL leader in Holland , Nabil Marmouch, to the barber for a pre holiday haircut and reported on the current state of the AEL.


The NRC Handelsblad 11/14/04

Naar the Kapper met Marmouch

Het idee was samen een wandeling te maken door een buurt waar veel jonge moslims wonen. Nabil Marmouch (29) is de voorzitter van AEL-NL, de Nederlandse tak van Dyab Abou Jahjahs militante Arabisch-Europese Liga. Ze zijn bezig een politieke partij op te richten, de Democratische Moslim Partij, waarmee de AEL-NL aan de raadsverkiezingen van 2006 wil meedoen. De vraag was of tumultueuze weken als de laatste de AEL veel steun brengen. De AEL-NL is tegen het ,,ontmenselijken" van moslims. De AEL-NL is ook tegen ,,een holle term als integratie", zoals Marmouch het zelf noemt. Maar hoeveel mensen zich de afgelopen week bij de AEL meldden, zegt Marmouch niet te weten.

To the barber with Marmouch

The idea was to take a walk through the neighborhood where many young Muslims lived –Nabile Marmouch (29) is the head of the AEL NL the Dutch branch of Dyab Abou JahJah's militant Arab European League. They are busy trying to start a political party ,The Democratic Muslim Party in which the AEL Holland will participate in the Dutch elections.The question was if the last tumultuous weeks have brought them more support. The AEL NL is against the "dehumanization" of Muslims and "the hollow term of integration. "But Marmouch has no idea how many people have joined the AEL these last weeks...

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