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Was Katherine Russell Tsarnaev A Potential 'Black Widow?'
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Latest Articles

More UNRWA War Crimes: Three IDF Soldiers Killed In Booby Trapped UNRWA Health Clinic
July 31, 2014

Group Of Moroccans Involved In Executions And Violent Robberies In Holland And Belgium Larger Than First Estimated
July 31, 2014

Hamas Cleric In Gaza : "Our Aim Is The Extermination Of The Jews"
July 31, 2014

Latest Satire

Obama Lauds 'Contributions Of Muslim Americans To Our Nation' And For "Strengthening Core Of Our Democracy"
July 28, 2014

Iraqi Suicide Bomb Instructor Blows Up Himself And His Pupils During Demonstration At Training Camp
February 10, 2014

UK Muslims Claim 'Massive Backlash' And 'Endemic Fear' Caused By 120 Internet Posts
June 3, 2013