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Muslim Rioter Arrested In Israel Attends Islamist Universal Academy Of Florida -CAIR Lawyer Is Apologist For Hezbollah
MIM: Tariq Abu Khdeir was arrested while attacking Israeli police during one of the many riots which followed the murder of his cousin. Khdeir attends the Universal Academy Of Florida in Tampa which held a fundraiser in 2005 featuring speakers linked to international terrorism.Khdeir's cousin May Khdeir is the principal of the UAF. His lawyer is Hassan Shibly the head of CAIR in Tampa. [See full post]

Latest Articles

Cruelty Is Simply A Part Of Islam, Says Expert
September 14, 2014

Jerusalem ISIS -Linked Group Threatens To Kill Twitter Employees For Shutting Down Accounts
September 14, 2014

UNRWA At War: Reactions To The Gaza Operation By David Bedein
September 13, 2014

Latest Satire

"We Dont Have A Strategy Yet" Obama To Go On "Some Offense" Against ISIS Admits "They're Not A JV Team" Will Describe "Game Plan"
September 9, 2014

Obama Lauds 'Contributions Of Muslim Americans To Our Nation' And For "Strengthening Core Of Our Democracy"
July 28, 2014

Iraqi Suicide Bomb Instructor Blows Up Himself And His Pupils During Demonstration At Training Camp
February 10, 2014