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Muslim American Society In Philly Takes Down FB Page After Videos Posted Of School Children Singing About Jihad
MIM: As of this posting MAS, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., has taken down their Philly FB page after videos were posted showing Muslim students at the MAS Islamic Society in Philadelphia singing songs about 'beheading Jews' and 'martyrdom'. [See full post]

Latest Articles

Open Letter To UNRWA Donor Countries - Demand Accountability For Your Money When Mandate Is Up For Renewal
December 9, 2019

South Florida BASMAH Fundraiser Headlined By Hamas Stooge Monzer Taleb & Taliban Imam Izhar Khan
December 8, 2019

Ari Gordon & The Jews4Jihad Of The AJC Bring Muslim Brotherhood Operative Mohamed Magid & Terror Tied ISNA To Yeshiva University
December 8, 2019

Latest Satire

Qan'taqiya' Ahmed aka Miss Diagnosis: "Islam Is Intrinisically Pluralistic"
November 8, 2019

Muslim Deformer Crackpot/ Pothead Shireen Qudosi Begs Kuffar To Fund Her 'Psycho' Babble aka "Islam's Origins Story"
August 19, 2019

Usama Hasan : Salaried Jihadist At The Terrorist Lead Quilliam Foundation: MLK Waged "A Blessed Social Jihad"
February 5, 2019