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Green Goes Green - Islamoecology - Islamists Are Jumping On The Enviornmentalist Bandwagen
MIM: Islamists have jumped on the ecology bandwagen and are holding and participating in events worldwide. The 'liberal facism' and 'totalitarian progressivism' which characterizes the 'Green Movement' explains why many Islamist Muslims are members or leaders of Green parties worldwide and epitomizes the Red-Green alliance. [See full post]

Latest Articles

Sister Of Har Nof Murderer Is Social Worker At Jerusalem Muncipality - Taking Time Off To Celebrate With Her Terror Loving Family
November 21, 2014

Terrorist War Against Israel: Hamas Proclaims It Is Targetting All Israeli Leaders For Assassination
November 21, 2014

Convicted Terrorist Sami Al Arian Given Award By CAIR At Its "Promoting Justice" Banquet - Ends Up On UAE Terror List
November 21, 2014

Latest Satire

Terror Tied Hamas Front Group CAIR Calls Inclusion On UAE Terrorist List "Shocking And Bizarre"
November 17, 2014

Forget Jihad Let's Dialogue: Dutch Ministers Organise Interfaith Meeting In "Knights Hall" To "Lessen Societal Tensions" Press "Not Welcome"
November 17, 2014

Hamas Forces Cancellation Of Partner Fatah's Arafat Ceremony - Says It Cannot Guarantee Security - Tried To Blow Up Podium
November 9, 2014