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Philadelphia City Council Infilitrated By Muslim Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. - Co-sponsoring Event With CAIR And Other Islamist Groups
MIM: The City Council of Philadelphia and the Council on American Islamic Relations are co sponsoring an Islamist event at City Hall entitled "Thomas Jefferson's Quran-Islam And The Founders". Muslim Councilman Curtis Jones is hosting the event and has exploited his position as City Councilman to further Islamist causes under the auspices of the CCP and on the premises of the City Hall. [See full post]

Latest Articles

ICNA Asks Convention Goers For Skin Color Preference - Called Out By Ex Leader Of Islamist Emerge USA Tamim Chowdhury
July 22, 2016

Terror Hub Islamic Center Of Boca Raton Scrapped As Polling Place - Mosque Promotes Anti Semitism & Anti Americanism
July 18, 2016

Raheel Raza "Devout Moderate Muslim" Waging Jihad Through Taqiyya - Says That Islam Has Nothing To Do With Violence
July 18, 2016

Latest Satire

Terror Tied Islamist Groups And Individuals Cry "Islamophobia" Over Cartoon Depicting ISIS Jihadi As Ape - Issue "Call To Action"
July 20, 2016

Crypto Muslim Obama's Eid Message To Muslims: You Are Innocent Victims Of "Bigotry And Xenophobia"
July 8, 2016

Apologizing To MK Hanein Zuabi - Taxpayer Funded Terrorist In The Knesset
June 29, 2016