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Crackpot Cleric Sheikh Wannabe "Rabbi" Ben Abrahamson Promotes Islamism - "Useful Idiot" Wife Rebecca Justifies BDS
MIM: Ben Abrahamson has launched a new website for his Al-Sadiqin Institute which "strives to conform in every way to sharia and accepted convention". Parts of the old website and more information on him and his wife can be seen in a previous weblog. "Rebecca Abrahamson - 'Useful Idiot' Propagandizing For Radical Islamists - Omer Salem, Tablighi Jamaat, Adnan Oktar And Shamsi Ali's Nusantra"... [See full post]

Latest Articles

USCMO One America Campaign Plans 'Open Mosque Day' - "To Ensure, By Allah's Will, We Construct The America We Want For Ourselves"
October 18, 2016

Israel Under Threat As Muslim Incitement And Terrorism Continues - UNRWA Students Trained To Attack
October 13, 2016

U.S. Intelligence Tipped Germans Off About ISIS Hit Team Disquised As Syrian Asylum Seekers
October 4, 2016

Latest Satire

ADL aka Anti Defecation League Working to Rehabilitate Nazi Frog
October 16, 2016

Father Of Muslim Who Joined ISIS Whines That Government Not Helping Son Return To Holland - "He Means No Harm"
October 13, 2016

Parents Of Jihadi Wannabe Mahin Khan Ask "Fellow Citizens For Understanding" Blame Son'sTerror Plots On "Autism"
October 13, 2016