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Latest Weblog Posting

Shireen Qudosi:Jewish Funded 'Muslim Reformer' Is Jew Hating Islamonazi -Tied To Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser's Muslim Reform Movement
"Inside Every Moderate Muslim Is An Islamonazi Screaming To Get Out" [See full post]

Latest Articles

Wilfredo Ruiz: CAIR/Hamas FL Media & Outreach Director Feeds Hamas Talking Points To Guillible Media Unchallenged
November 17, 2023

Temple 'Terror' Terrace:Mayor Ross, Police Chief Albano & Deputy Staley Pose For Fotos With Hamas & PIJ Operatives
November 17, 2023

Hamas Islamonazis And Their Constituents In Gaza Deserve The Same Fate As The Nazis And Their Supporters In Dresden
November 17, 2023

Latest Satire

48 Hours After Muslim Threats: Senile POTUS Announces 'National Strategy' To Stop Criticism of Islam aka 'Islamophobia'
November 5, 2023

German Newspaper Issues 50 Point Manifesto For Muslim 'Migrants' - No Killing - No Polygamy - Love And Let Love!
November 1, 2023

Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Contest "Mullahs Get Out"
January 9, 2023