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14 Self Proclaimed "Moderate Muslims" Launch "Muslim Reform Movement" To Promote Dangerous Fallacy That Islam Is Peaceful
14 Westernized Muslims out of a population of 1.5 billion worldwide have trumpeted the launch of a Muslim Reform Movement along with a much hyped declaration and press conference. This pathetic attempt at trying to convince non Muslims that Islam is really a religion of peace is negated by the 14 individuals who are signatories of the "Declaration" many of whom blatantly distort Islamic teachings... [See full post]

Latest Articles

AMANA's Sofian Zakkout Attacks Terrorist Lawyer And EMERGE USA Leader Khurrum Wahid
February 3, 2016

71 British Doctors Of Hate Demanding Israel Medical Association Membership In World Medical Association Be Revoked
February 3, 2016

US Taxpayers Paying For PA Textbook Incitement To Murder Jews Assisted By UNRWA
February 3, 2016

Latest Satire

Terror Tied US Council Of Muslim Organisations Led By Hamas Operative Oussama Jammal Announce "Campaign To Enhance National Security"
December 24, 2015

Dutch Officials Attempt To Teach Traffic Etiquette To Muslim Invaders - Get Asked About Geert Wilders
December 1, 2015

Only 10 "Asylum Seekers" Taken In By Private Citizens In Holland Despite Efforts By Several 'Welcome' Organisations
November 8, 2015