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Green Goes Green - Islamoecology - Islamists Are Jumping On The Enviornmentalist Bandwagen
MIM: Islamists have jumped on the ecology bandwagen and are holding and participating in events worldwide. The 'liberal facism' and 'totalitarian progressivism' which characterizes the 'Green Movement' explains why many Islamist Muslims are members or leaders of Green parties worldwide and epitomizes the Red-Green alliance. [See full post]

Latest Articles

Hamas And ISIS - Squeaky Wheels
October 30, 2014

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Suspected Of Shooting Temple Mount Activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick Is Eliminated While Resisting Arrest
October 30, 2014

Death Penalty For Terrorists! Shooter Of Temple Mount Activist Rabbi Was Jailed For Jihad - Worked At Begin Center Restaurant
October 30, 2014

Latest Satire

Kumbaya In Ottawa - Medic Embraces Imam Who Stated That Shooting Was "Not Islam - Not Muslim"
October 27, 2014

Oklahoma Beheader's Mosque Tied To Radical Islamist Imam Claims They Are Not Radical - Blames FOX News For Linkage
October 20, 2014

MCB Gives Kuffar Permission To Celebrate XMas : "XMas Is Not Banned" "None Of Us Will Be Offended"
October 18, 2014