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Rebecca Abrahamson - 'Useful Idiot' Propagandizing For Radical Islamists - Omer Salem, Tablighi Jamaat, Adnan Oktar And Shamsi Ali's Nusantra
Rebecca Abrahamson is the editor of "Divine Diversity - An Orthodox Rabbi Engages With Muslims". The Rabbi author is her husband Ben Abrahamson, a crackpot cleric who founded Alsadiqin.org run by "The Committee For Historical Research In Islam And Judaism" which promotes the fallacy that Islam and Judaism can coexist by making false claims that they have the same culture, traditions and... [See full post]

Latest Articles

Timeline: Muslim Savages Launch Hourly Attacks On Jews Throughout Israel Spreading Murder And Mayhem
October 8, 2015

Islam As Necrophilia: Muslims Derive "Joy" By Distributing And Viewing Photos Of Dead Terror Victims
October 8, 2015

Afghan Hospital Hit By US Airstrike Run By Doctors Without Borders Was Haven For Taliban Terrorists
October 8, 2015

Latest Satire

WJC Leader Calls On Terrorist 'Fuhrer'and Inciter Abbas To Condemn Terrorism Which "Wreaks Havoc On Peace Process'
October 8, 2015

UK Police Hire Convicted Jihadis To Combat Islamic Extremism - "We Cant Write Anyone Off" "We Have To Try To Work With Them"
August 28, 2015

Hypocritical Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb ' Wouldn't Want His Daughter To Marry A Dutchman' Attacks Wilders For His 'Less Moroccans In NL' Remarks
August 6, 2015