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Pimps For The Profit: Quilliam Foundation Launches In NYC - MC'ed By Gay Bashing Muslim Convert 'Preacher Moss'
2004 review: "But headliner Preacher Moss ended his set with several unfunny anti-gay comments you couldn't call them jokes that wrecked the night and made everyone's pleas for acceptance and seeing beyond stereotypes seem hypocritical. Moss claimed homosexuals are "like Visa, everywhere I want to be," dismissed gay rights with an impression of a man cooing, "I have a dream, too!" in reaction... [See full post]

Latest Articles

ADL Philly 11th Annual Youth Conference Featured Muslim Keynote Speaker Akbar Hossain Of The MB & Terror Tied MSA
November 16, 2017

Drexel University's Muslim Student Association Wages Stealth Jihad & Works To Further "The Best Interests Of Islam"
November 15, 2017

Moroccan Rapper 'Benlabel' Arrested In Brussels For Facebook Call "To Destroy Everything" After World Cup Football Match
November 15, 2017

Latest Satire

Dutch Police To Drink Tea With Moroccan Hooligans Who Rioted After World Cup Football Match In NL Cities
November 15, 2017

Inspired By ISIS' NYC Terror Attack Delusional Muslim Wannabe Islamo Jew Rebecca Abrahamson Urges 'Hug A Muslim Today'
November 6, 2017

Jacob Bender: CAIR Philly's Islamo Jew 'Fuhrer' Used Health Symposium To Rail Against White Supremacy, Breitbart & FOX
October 31, 2017