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City Of Palo Alto Gave Grant To Radical Islamist American Muslim Voice Foundation For Eid/Da'wa Event
MIM: The American Muslim Voice Foundation is a radical Islamist organisation which uses the euphemism "diversity" for dawa and practices stealth jihad to Islamize the United States. They pepper their website with quotes from Martin Luther King and Eleanor Roosevelt to disquise their hard core Islamist agenda. Their most recent event was an Eid Festival which was cosponsored by The City of Palo... [See full post]

Latest Articles

Ex CAIR Official Cyrus McGoldrick Goes US Bashing In Iran
May 21, 2015

Air Defense Systems Shipped To Syria From Benghazi, Obama Knew Attack Planned 10 Days In Advance
May 21, 2015

UNRWA And Haaretz Condemn David Bedein's Film "Children's Army Of Hamas" Without Seeing It !
May 21, 2015

Latest Satire

Muslima From Holland Who Returned After Marrying Two ISIS Jihadists Will Not Be Prosecuted Due To "Lack Of Evidence"
May 19, 2015

Family And Muslim Community Of Fugitive Terror Suspect - "Going Through A Difficult Time" Ask Press To Leave Them Alone
January 21, 2015

Notorious Jihadi Arrested In NL Airport For Breaching Contact Ban With Girlfriend He Hit - Booked "Last Minute" Trip To Turkey
January 5, 2015