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14 Self Proclaimed "Moderate Muslims" Launch "Muslim Reform Movement" To Promote Dangerous Fallacy That Islam Is Peaceful
14 Westernized Muslims out of a population of 1.5 billion worldwide have trumpeted the launch of a Muslim Reform Movement along with a much hyped declaration and press conference. This pathetic attempt at trying to convince non Muslims that Islam is really a religion of peace is negated by the 14 individuals who are signatories of the "Declaration" many of whom blatantly distort Islamic teachings... [See full post]

Latest Articles

Saudi Funded ISNA: Jihad Through Dawa - Holding 'National Interfaith And Government Forum' With Prayer At Capitol In DC
April 11, 2016

Airport Police: "Brussels Airport Employs ISIS Sympathizers"
April 4, 2016

CAIR's Ghazala Salam Moves To Emerge USA And Continues To Wage Stealth Jihad As Florida Executive Director
April 1, 2016

Latest Satire

AJC Equates Radical Islam With "Far-right Populism" Has Stealth Islamist Maajid Nawaz Speak At EU Event
April 6, 2016

American Library Association Passes Resolution Against "Islamophobia" Praises Muslim "Impact" On Library Science
March 16, 2016

UPenn Hillel Group Wrote Message Of "Love And Support" To Terror Tied Muslim Student Association After SB Jihad Attack
March 12, 2016