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Terror Tied Palestine Children's Relief Fund Gets Money From Celebrity Album To Aid Their Activities
MIM: The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is run by Steve Sosebee a virulently anti semitic convert to Islam and fervent supporter of Hamas. The organisation has been tied to numerous terrorist entities including the Holy Fund For Relief and Development and The Global Relief Fund which were closed down by the U.S. government.On November 1st a motley assortment of musicians released an album "2... [See full post]

Latest Articles

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders To Face "Hate Crime" Charge
December 21, 2014

Black Muslim Murders Two NYPD Policemen In Brooklyn "As Revenge For Garner" - Had Koranic Jihad Verses On FB Page
December 21, 2014

Dutch Public Prosecutor Finally Decides To Use Infiltrators To Foil Jihadists
December 21, 2014

Latest Satire

Dutch Lawyer Asks Judge To Release Jihad Recruiter -Says "PTSD" Makes Jail In Terrorist Section Too Hard For Him
December 4, 2014

Terror Tied Hamas Front Group CAIR Calls Inclusion On UAE Terrorist List "Shocking And Bizarre"
November 17, 2014

Forget Jihad Let's Dialogue: Dutch Ministers Organise Interfaith Meeting In "Knights Hall" To "Lessen Societal Tensions" Press "Not Welcome"
November 17, 2014