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Latest Weblog Posting

Shireen Qudosi:Jewish Funded 'Muslim Reformer' Is Jew Hating Islamonazi -Tied To Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser's Muslim Reform Movement
"Inside Every Moderate Muslim Is An Islamonazi Screaming To Get Out" [See full post]

Latest Articles

Muqtedar Khan: U Delaware Prof - Hooray For Hamas! 'Counter Terrorism Pundit' "2006 Win Is Victory For Democracy"
March 3, 2024

Baby Kfir Bibas 1,Brother Ariel 4, Mother Shiri & Father Yarden Are In Captivity In Gaza - Help Them And Their Family Now!
March 1, 2024

Call PA Springfield CC/ Marriott To Cancel CAIR Event On 3/ 2: Hamas Public Relations Arm Incites Jihad & Jew Hatred
March 1, 2024

Latest Satire

48 Hours After Muslim Threats: Senile POTUS Announces 'National Strategy' To Stop Criticism of Islam aka 'Islamophobia'
November 5, 2023

German Newspaper Issues 50 Point Manifesto For Muslim 'Migrants' - No Killing - No Polygamy - Love And Let Love!
November 1, 2023

Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Contest "Mullahs Get Out"
January 9, 2023