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Jews For Jihad: Michael Kotzin Executive VP Of Chicago Jewish Federation And Emily Soloff Of The AJC Among Jews Working Together With Islamists On Bernardin Center Advisory Board
MIM: The Bernardin Center of the Catholic Theological Union advisory board includes Islamists tied to the Muslim Brotherhood such as Safaa Zazour, president of The Council on American Islamic Relations in Chicago. CAIR is a Saudi funded front group for Hamas. Another Islamist on the board is Sayyid Sayeed Secretary General of ISNA which is the largest Saudi funded da'wa group in North America and... [See full post]

Latest Articles

Two Muslims From California Arrested On Charges Of Conspiring To Provide Material Support To ISIL
May 28, 2015

Beware Of Terrorists Disquised As Asylum Seekers
May 22, 2015

ISIS Attacks On The West
May 22, 2015

Latest Satire

Muslima From Holland Who Returned After Marrying Two ISIS Jihadists Will Not Be Prosecuted Due To "Lack Of Evidence"
May 19, 2015

Family And Muslim Community Of Fugitive Terror Suspect - "Going Through A Difficult Time" Ask Press To Leave Them Alone
January 21, 2015

Notorious Jihadi Arrested In NL Airport For Breaching Contact Ban With Girlfriend He Hit - Booked "Last Minute" Trip To Turkey
January 5, 2015