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Abu Hamza Al Masri encouraged followers to become suicide bombers "on your own doorstep"

August 2, 2004

MIM: Abu Hamza Al Masri was jailed in April 2004 due to pressure from the United States on Britain.

He spent years openly recruiting Jihad fighters and aiding and abetting the Taliban exploiting the UK's tolerance for terrrorism which earned the capital the name 'Londinistan'.

The US is requesting his extradition to stand trial for his role in the bombing of the USS Cole and the case is pending.

To date Al Masri has been given until 2005 to file an appeal.

Below are two recent articles revealing that Al Masri was actively encouraging his followers to become suicide bombers in the UK.

Abu Hamza Al Masri is a co founder of the group Al Muhajiroun and Hizb ut Tahrir and a close associate of the AM leader Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed.

(The Al Muhajiroun spokesman for North America, Kamran Bokhari, is currently active in two Muslim organisations in the U.S where he is a secretary of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists ,and a fellow at the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy. In addition, Bokhari is completing a degree at Howard University, and is employed as a geo political analyst for Strategic Forecasting Incorporated, a private intelligence group based owned by George Friedman and based in Austin, Texas. While a student at Southwest Missouri State University Bokhari invited the head of Al Muhajiroun, Anjem Choudary, (see website registration below) to speak as part of a symposium on Islam .)

Bokhari now refers to himself as a "post Islamist" but his current affiliations to the Islamist AMSS and CSID belie this claim.

The group planned a rally in the US on July 31st but no venue was specified .

For information on Kamran Bokhari and Al Muhajroun in the US see:






Abu Hamza Al Masri was the leader of the Finsbury Park mosque and aided and abetted Zacarias Moussaui, 'shoebomber' Richard Reid, and James Ujaama, who is currently in jail in the US on terrorism charges and his involvement with the Taliban. In 2003 the mosque was linked to terrorism and Hamza was banned from entering the premises .He continued preaching on the street outside to his followers until his arrest. As of this wrting his congregants still gather outside the mosque and continue to conduct their prayers on the street .

Which begs the question until how long before one of Hamza's followers decides to heed his call to become a martyr "on your own doorstep".


26/04/04 - News and city section


Hamza's suicide bombings call
By Richard Edwards, Evening Standard

New controversy surrounded radical Muslim preacher Abu Hamza today with the publication of secret tapes calling for suicide bombers to launch a holy war in Britain.

In a series of recordings sent to his most dedicated followers, the hook-handed cleric encourages bombers to become martyrs "on your own doorstep".

The tapes were obtained by investigative officer Neil Doyle and form the basis of his book Terror Tracker. They are revealed on the day of Hamza's latest court appeal against a bid to throw him out of the country.

Home Secretary David Blunkett considers the north London cleric to be a serious threat to national security. He wants his British citizenship to be revoked.

But police have never had enough evidence to support Hamza's deportation. His public speeches, delivered every Friday outside Finsbury Park mosque, are worded carefully to avoid committing a criminal offence by calling for direct terrorist acts.

The tapes, however, which are sent to people who have attended meetings or contacted Hamza via the internet, are uncensored.

Recorded between 2000 and 2002, they use a number of Islamic phrases such as shaheed (meaning martyr) and jihad (holy war).

One message says: "Our immediate duty now is to correct our own homeland. You don't have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to become a shaheed - you can be shaheed right on your own doorstep. This is the best jihad."

Hamza calls for all Israelis over the age of 15 to be killed and accuses President George Bush and Tony Blair of killing millions of children. He mocks the September 11 attacks against America and says that Islam must strive for world domination. He also boasts that he does not have papers to be in Britain, and says that followers should forge passports.

The latest round in Hamza's bid to stay in Britain was getting under way today at a hearing of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. It was beginning with legal arguments before a full hearing, which is expected to last three weeks.

Labour MP Andrew Dismore, who has campaigned for Hamza to be deported, said: "These tapes reveal the truth and confirm what a lot of us have been saying for some time. They show that he is a racist, anti-semitic and a supporter of terrorism. I hope the judges in his latest case come up with the right response to this appeal."

The Egyptian-born cleric came to Britain as a student and obtained UK citizenship when he married a British woman he has since divorced. He was a resident preacher at Finsbury Park mosque until it was shut down after a police raid in January last year.

26/04/04 - News and city section


'Bring jihad to your own door'

Suicide bombings

Hamza says it is his followers' destiny to become "shaheed" (martyrs) and bring jihad (holy war) to "your own door".

"We ask Allah to make us mujahideen (holy warriors). We ask Allah to make us shaheed. Our immediate duty now is to correct our own homeland. So let us open our eyes, let us not go for jihad which is far away from our countries.

"Although it is good it is not as good as you do in your own door. You don't have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to become a shaheed - you can be shaheed right on your own doorstep. May Allah open our eyes for what's good for us - so we don't waste our Muslim blood far away."

Forging passports "I don't have papers ... you're all clever, you can make papers for yourself. This is also a part of jihad, this is part of the preparation."

On world domination

"The real weapons of mass destruction are the desire for martyrdom. Millions of you are ready to be shaheed. Half a million martyrdom shaheed is enough for Muslims to control the whole of earth forever. In the end of the day, Islam must control earth, whether we like it or not."

"All the Israelis are fighters. That's why anybody over 15 is a warrior and he should be killed

... It's about exposing these Zionist Jews who are now

On Israel doing the work of Hitler against ourselves and the nation."

On September 11

"Wherever you are, death will catch up with you - even if you are in high elevated safe towers.

"Where is their Superman? Who is to blame? The American government and their pressure cooker policy which exploded in their faces."

He adds later: "These scenes are going to repeat."

On Bush and Blair

"The people who are spreading terror all over the planet, the people who have killed millions of children. They starve people, they've caused a lot of corruption and they're still going to do more and more."


For related articles and websites, many from the British press, see the 'Virtually Islamic' blogspot



MIM: Al Masri defense lawyer alleges possible torture of informants to dismiss U.S. extradition request for cleric who encouraged his followers to become suicide bombers and dispatched followers Richard Reid , Zacharias Mossoaui, and James Ujaama to attack America .

Note that James Ujaama, the American convert from Seattle, who is now jailed in the US on terrorism charges was a follower of Al Masri and is mentioned in the article below as having provided evidence for the prosecution leading to Masri's arrest. There are videotapes available showing Ujaama speaking at the Finsbury Park mosque in London where Al Masri was the leader .It is believed that Al Masri was instrumental in putting Ujaama in contact with Al Qaeda and sending him to a training camp in Afghanistan.


U.S. Can't Extradite Cleric Al-Masri, His Lawyer Says

By Liz Chong

July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Abu Hamza al-Masri, a Muslim cleric accused of ties with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist group, cannot be extradited to the U.S. because evidence to be used against him may have been obtained by torture, his lawyers said.

U.S. authorities claim Al-Masri was involved in a 1998 hostage-taking plot in Yemen and tried to set up a training camp in Oregon for radical Muslims advocating "jihad," or holy war.

The U.S., which hasn't disclosed the identities of the witnesses it's using against the cleric, may have obtained its evidence from a detainee at Guantanamo naval base in Cuba, a possible violation of the U.K.'s Human Rights Act, Edward Fitzgerald QC, Al-Masri's lawyer, told the court. The U.S. is holding more than 500 people from 40 countries at the base.

"This is a situation where there is every likelihood that evidence has been obtained by torture, inhumane or degrading treatment," Fitzgerald said. The U.S. may have also obtained evidence from James Ujaama, who signed a plea bargain agreement with the U.S., Fitzgerald said.

The cleric, who wears an eye patch and has a hooked prosthesis in place of an arm he lost while fighting Soviet forces in Afghanistan, has described himself as a Taliban sympathizer. He has said the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were justified because of the oppression of Muslims.

Yemen Charge

Al-Masri agreed that the charges related to hostage-taking in Yemen were ones he could be extradited for, Fitzgerald said. However, U.K. legislation bars authorities from handing Al-Masri over unless they are assured he won't be executed. The U.S. government couldn't guarantee that Al-Masri wouldn't face the death penalty over the incident, he said.

"All the U.S. government can do is go to the state court and say, `please don't do anything like this,"' Fitzgerald said.

The British police had already investigated the kidnapping incident in Yemen and decided not to press any charges, Fitzgerald said. He told Justice Timothy Workman that Al-Masri wouldn't have a fair trial in the U.S.

James Lewis QC, acting for the U.S., said it wasn't the judge's role to decide if Al-Masri would have a fair trial. Lewis said he would respond to Fitzgerald's submissions on the death penalty and evidence when the extradition hearing is next held.

Al-Masri was arrested May 27 and has since been held in high- security Belmarsh prison in south-east London. Attorney General John Ashcroft has said he was confident al-Masri will be extradited to the U.S.

The court will sit next on Aug. 20.

To contact the reporter on this story
Liz Chong at [email protected]
To contact the editor responsible for this story
Eamonn Sullivan at [email protected]
MIM: These videos are from Aaron Weisburd's site Haganah B' Internet.
This site is a valuable resource providing background information on terrorist groups and 
individuals and is a database for website information for militant Islamist organisations.
Haganah B'internet has been instrumental in closing down scores of extremist sites.
Below the list of videos is an example of the information which Haganah provides .

The al Qaida Recruiting Videos


James Ujaama, An American al Qaida Operative, Speaks at Finsbury Park Mosque....3.22MB

This is a Windows Media Player file
Right+click, or Control+click and save the link to disk.
The fruit of a private counter-intelligence operation, over a dozen al Qaida recruiting videos have been released for public viewing. The movies were, for the most part, filmed at the Finsbury Park Mosque in London, led by Abu Hamza al Masri, an al Qaida supporter wanted in Yemen for involvement in a number of terrrorist attacks.

You can read a bushcountry story about it
Background information about Abu Hamza
The complete collection of movies are available from at least two locations, here and here.


Celebrate Death, Have Some Milk and Honey! 2.64MB

This is a Windows Media Player file
Right+click, or Control+click and save the link to disk.
Mustapha Kamal, son of Abu Hamza, encourages al Qaida supporters to celebrate when Americans and others are killed. Another great moment in the history of the Finsbury Park Mosque.

More information about Abu Hamza, Mustapha Kamal, and the links between Supporters of Shariah/Finsbury Park Mosque, and terrorism in Yemen and elsewhere.
The complete collection of movies are available from at least two locations, here and here.


"If Muslims cannot just take them and sell them in the market, then just kill them. It's OK"2.21MB

This is a Windows Media Player file
Right+click, or Control+click and save the link to disk.
Listen as Abu Hamza al Masri, al Qaida's man in London, discusses how to dispose of kafirs (non-muslims) living in muslim countries.

Background information about Abu Hamza

The complete collection of movies are available from at least two locations, here and here.


Note the connection between Abu Hamza Al Masri and Al Muhajiroun leaders Omar Bakri Mohammed and Anjem Choudary :



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http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2004/693/in4.htm http://weekly.ahram.org.


The Imam's Come-uppance

The arrest of Abu Hamza El-Masri and his expected extradition to the US on terrorism charges is proving just as controversial as the man himself, writes Alistair Alexander

According to one newspaper, residents in the West London Street where the militant Muslim cleric, Abu Hamza El-Masri, lives are divided about their notorious neighbour. One describes him as "unfailingly polite and courteous" and recalls that he even attended the local street party for the Queen's Golden Jubilee. But another neighbour darkly notes that Abu Hamza never turned up to Neighbourhood Watch meetings. No wonder Britain's The Sun newspaper branded him "Britain's Bin Laden".

Opinion within official British and US circles is also divided on Abu Hamza's activities. "Abu Hamza is the real deal," declared New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. British security sources, however, have frequently let it be known that they regard him as little more than "a clown". This stark difference of opinion won't worry the British government, who will be only too glad to see the back of Abu Hamza, whether the charges stand up or not.

Having led London's Finsbury Park Mosque since the early 1990s, Egyptian-born Abu Hamza El-Masri first gained national attention in Britain when his son and godson were among a group of young British Muslims jailed in Yemen for allegedly planning attacks on Western targets. He was linked soon after to the kidnapping of 18 Westerners in Yemen, four of whom were killed, by persons demanding the release of his son among others. With his inflammatory rhetoric and his hook instead of a right-hand, Abu Hamza was an irresistible target for Britain's tabloid press, always on the look out for figures to plausibly confirm their own prejudices. For his part, Abu Hamza revelled in his notoriety.

After 11 September, Abu Hamza's open support for the Al- Qaeda attacks inevitably became the subject of more media outrage. This was only heightened when it became clear that a string of British men linked with terrorist attacks had been regular visitors to Abu Hamza's mosque. Shoe bomber Richard Reid was one, as was Omar Sharif, who was involved in a suicide attack in Tel Aviv. Feroz Abbasi, one of the Britons still held at Guantanamo Bay, was also a follower of Abu Hamza.

For Britain's Home Secretary David Blunkett, Abu Hamza has been a source of near-constant discomfort. After Blunkett introduced draconian anti-terrorism legislation, the media has never missed an opportunity to cite Abu Hamza's continued presence in London as an example of the government's impotence. Unfortunately for Blunkett, however unsavoury Abu Hamza's views might be, hard evidence of his involvement in terrorism has been very scant indeed.

Britain's immigration service went to considerable lengths to annul the Egyptian-born Abu Hamza's British citizenship, hoping to demonstrate that the marriage through which he received his passport was one of convenience. But since that marriage produced a son -- currently languishing in a Yemeni jail -- that attempt came to nothing.

Early last year, police raided Abu Hamza's mosque having been "tipped off" that a cache of weapons was being stored there. No firearms charges have been forthcoming, however. Since then Abu Hamza has been banned from the mosque, but he continues to lead prayers in the street outside, masterfully exploiting the campaign against him.

US demands for Abu Hamza's extradition were sure to have been received with great enthusiasm by the British government. But while the extradition might solve one problem, it creates many others.

The US indictment against Abu Hamza alleges the cleric tried to set up a terrorist camp in the US; that he organised the Yemen kidnapping and that he arranged for Britons to go to Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. The evidence apparently comes from transcripts of telephone calls from Abu Hamza to Yemen. Testimony has also been provided by James Ujaama, a former worshipper at Abu Hamza's mosque who received a reduced sentence in the US in return for evidence. Ujaama was released the day Abu Hamza was arrested.

So if this evidence exists, why was he not charged in Britain? Telephone intercepts are not admissible in a British court, says Blunkett, although he hopes to change that soon with yet more anti-terrorism legislation. Yet while Abu Hamza appears to have many dubious connections with Islamic extremism, his media profile probably precludes him from being of any use to terrorists, even if he wanted to be. Many suspect that MI5, the British domestic intelligence agency, preferred him to be free so they could keep a close eye on his followers.

The process for actually extraditing Abu Hamza is likely to be lengthy, with an inevitable challenge by Abu Hamza's lawyers. A number of extradition cases to the US have fallen recently due to lack of evidence. Furthermore, the proceedings against Abu Hamza are the first under a new "fast track" extradition agreement between the US and UK. Under the new rules, the burden of proof on the US to secure an extradition is far lower and US authorities can effectively bypass the usual diplomatic channels.

Much to the disgust of British lawyers, however, the "fast track" appears to be only one way. For British authorities pressing for extradition from the US, the long-standing and slow extradition procedures still apply. It is another example of the increasingly obvious asymmetry in the so- called "special" relationship between Britain and the US.

A more significant concern for Blunkett is the prospect that if found guilty of the charges brought against him, Abu Hamza could be executed. Blunkett insists he has a written agreement from the US government that the death penalty will not be invoked. But international lawyers say this would count for nothing. Indeed, US Attorney General John Ashcroft made it clear that Abu Hamza could face the death penalty. In Britain, where the death penalty was abolished decades ago, such a sentence would be politically disastrous. But that would be a long way in the future. For now the government will hope that for the foreseeable future Abu Hamza will be appearing before judges more often than on newspaper front pages.

Orientation:Spawn of Finsbury Park Mosque
The Muslim Al-Muhajiroun organization, announced a hate US meeting for Sept. 11, 2002 in London. This group is run by Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed. More information regard al muhajiroun: Washington Times World Net Daily Detroit News
Orientation:Spawn of Finsbury Park Mosque
Formerly known as supportersofshariah.com, this is the site of Cleric Abu Hamza at the Finsbury Park Mosque, one of the most infamous Islamists. Both the U.S. and Yemen want to extradite him for terrorist activities. Recent, famous British Islamists/terrorists from the Finsbury Park Mosque are Moussaoui, the '20th hijacker'; James Ujaama; Jerome Courtailler; and shoe-bomber suspect Richard Reid. FANATIC SHEIKH'S VIDEOS OF TERROR AK-47 training held at London mosque You can see Abu Hamza al Masri speak for himself in the al Qaida Recruiting Videos.
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