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Militant Islam Monitor > Weblog > Hirsi Ali : Alcohol free anti semitism -'ultra orthodox Jews biggest demographic threat to Israel' as 'fundamentalist fanatics'

Hirsi Ali : Alcohol free anti semitism -'ultra orthodox Jews biggest demographic threat to Israel' as 'fundamentalist fanatics'

August 6, 2006

Unlike Mel Gibson,self proclaimed ex antisemite Hirsi Ali didn't need alcohol to reveal she despises Jews.In a Jerusalem Post interview, the future American Enterprise Institute think tank fellow stated; "The ultra-Orthodox will cause a demographic problem because these fanatics have more children than the secular and the regular Orthodox." Ali's anti semitism was also manifest at an American Jewish Committee event, where she launched into a bizarre 'confession' of anti semitic carnards for the benefit of ' the Jews in the audience' which had all the charm of a a ministral show by whites in black face at an NAACP conference.

... I hated you because I thought you were responsible for the war that took my father from me for so long. When the Soviet Union allied with our home-grown dictator in Somalia, I was told the Jews were behind that. In Saudi Arabia I saw poor people from a place called Palestine. Men women and children huddled together in despair. I was told you drove them out of their homes. I hated you for that. When we had no water I thought you closed the tap. I don't know how you did it, but you did it. If my mother was unkind to me I knew you were definitely behind it. Even when I failed an exam I knew it was your fault. I don't know how you did all these things. But then I didn't need proof. You are by nature evil. And you had evil powers and you used them to evil ends.

Learning to hate you was easy.

After one visit to Israel, the anti semitism expert Ali felt qualified enough to pontificate aboutJudaism and theology to an interviewer but her inability to distinquish between orthodox Judaism and radical Islam is still a little rusty. Ali stated that; "Khomeini's fatwa was the same as Spinoza's excommunication".

",...Spinoza was cursed and the wording of the curse is exactly the same as in islam. It is almost the same words Khomeiny used to curse Salman Rushdie..."

Perhaps Ali's inability to see difference is also because Ali sided with Khomeini at the age of twenty and recounted that;

"All I knew is that he had insulted the prophet, and anyone who insulted the prophet deserves to die..."http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1154525796099&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Last time we looked at a historical facts, Spinoza had not gone into hiding, no price was put on his head, and was even offered a position at the faculty at a German University. But such details are irrelevant to Ali, who, as the penultimate media whore, is only interested in sound bytes and self promotion. expecting that the interviewer will be so over awed at being in the presence the atheist Muslimah Messiah that they wil challenge none of her pronouncements, however absurd erroneous, and anti semitic, cutting her so much slack that Mel Gibson would go green with envy.

Ali must have been so busy promoting her tome 'The Caged Virgin' didnt have time to read a recent aticle by Dr. Daniel Pipes, who explained that it was the orthodox Jews who were the future of Judaism. http://www.danielpipes.org/article/2370

By calling 'ultra' orthodox Jews the greatest threat to Israel, because they have more children then other groups, Ali reveals that she considers the Jewish character of the state to be a threat and no doubt thinks that the problem would be solved if the Jews would simply stop being religious, and write a moral relativist version of the Torah.

As for solving the problem of radical Islam, it's a 'slam dunk' according to Ali- just ditch the Koran and Islam.

When asked if she was optimistic about the prospect of reforming the islamic majority countries' Ali replied;

"Yes, if we remove the sacred stamp from the Koran, if we review the prophet Muhammed's role and if we change the sexual morals, then yes, we could do it very easily"


Ali recently told an interviewer that she is coming to the United States American Enterprise Institute because "For now I'm only interested in writing and making films , developing the tension between the Muslim and Western mind. Perhaps the tension between Western and Muslim minds refers to Ali's planned film about 'the sex life of Muhammed' which she says is aimed at 'educating Muslims'. Having round the clock bodyguards means that it would be Ali's many Jewish and non Jewish colleagues at the AEI whose security would be jepoardised, but that is of no concern to Ali who sees the AEI as the Ali Enterprise Institute, a kosher cash cow to further her pseudo intellectual and artsy cinematic endeavors, the redeeming social value of which ranks somewhere between Pink Flamingos and the Blair Witch Project.

She said that her planned film

"..deals with the dilemma into which the Muslim faith plunges four different men. One hates Jews, the second one is gay, the third is a bon vivant who wants to be a good Muslim but repeatedly succumbs 'to life's temptations, and the fourth is a martyr. They all feel abandoned by their god and decide to stop worshipping him...

According to Ali her new colleagues are very supportive of her and her new projects, despite her having told them she"has a big mouth, likes to talk back, and is an atheist". http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1971

Ali's equating of 'ultra orthodox Jews with radical Islamists' indicates that the AEI will have to pull out their damage control artillery even before Ali sets foot on American soil.

As Theo van Gogh (the filmaker who was murdered as a direct result of Ali's mercenary mindset after making what she refers to as 'her film') would have said, such a statement "makes one blink in disbelief".

That the predominently Jewish run and funded American Enterprise Institute would consider hiring an ignorant anti semite like Ali makes one gape in incredulity.


In an example of her pathological self absorption and self proclaimed abilities as a 'consummate liar', Ali tooted her own intellectual horn telling an interviewer that

"...After Van Gogh's death, I've learned a lesson, and that is, you have to make a film without putting the identity of the people out there. You have to be smarter than the killers..."

The truth is that Ali revealed the identity of the director in a Dutch interview months ago, where she callously and carelessly stated that "the director of my next film didn't like Van Gogh'. For the cognescenti this was a no brainer - and in her usual mercenary style, Ali's five words amount to death sentence against the person in question.

We're forced to produce the film under complete anonymity. Everyone involved in the film, from actors to technicians, will be unrecognizable. But we are determined to complete the project. The director didn't really like van Gogh, but he believes that, for the sake of free speech, shooting the sequel is critical. I'm optimistic that we'll be able to premier the film this year . http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/spiegel/0,1518,399263,00.html

When asked if the criticism of the film was legitimate, Ali who usually refers to Submission as her film treacherously asserted that Van Gogh had 'done wrong', with the caveat that his murder was not compatible with democratic etiquette.

The criticism of van Gogh was legitimate. But when someone has to die for his world view, what he may have done wrong is no longer the issue. That's when we have to stand up for our basic rights. Otherwise we are just reinforcing the killer and conceding that there was a good reason to kill this person.

Contrary to her claim that "we have to be smarter then the killers' Ali flunked out of Education by Murder 101, and is willing to sacrifice anyone to keep the media spotlight focused on herself. Promoting her book "The Caged Virgin" one more lucrative trick.

The staff at the AEI should be asking themselves if they want to be the proxy targets for the body guard protected Ali, after she engages in her usual Muslim baiting, and accept being relegated to positions of stage hands the prima donna takes the limelight.' The author of 'The Caged Virgin' made it clear that she views the trustees of the AEI as high paying Johns and who will be expected to keep her in the style to which she has grown accustomed a high maintence media whore.

"...I would like, for example, like to write philosophical pieces like Karl Popper. So this step is paradoxal enough, going into politics, damaging to my ideals. I would much prefer to be a philospher and work out my own theories. Have a place to write someone who cleans for me, not have to worry about making a living, and really debating instead of talking about nothing, That would make me happy..."http://www.trouw.nl/deverdieping/dossiers/article7566.ece/Ayaan+Hirsi+Ali


Ayaan speak with forked tongue :

'The Caged Virgin' as media whore:

Compares radical Islamists to orthodox Jews:

"From my superficial impression, the country (Israel) also has a problem with fundamentalists. "The ultra-Orthodox will cause a demographic problem because these fanatics have more children than the secular and the regular Orthodox."



Her preoccupation with security is felt throughout our conversation. Before Ayaan Hirsi Ali arrives in the hotel where we meet, one of her state-provided guards tells me she can only sit at one specific table in the lobby. Elsewhere she may be shot at through the windows. When she arrives, surrounded by tall bodyguards, two young Danish men in the room come over to express their admiration for her.

MIM: Ali's preoccupation with security concerns in the confines of a five star hotel seem to be more for media consumption (and obviously got the desired attention from the journalist who interviewed her) then reality.

She apparently had no such worries when making her way into what she calls 'Palestininan areas of Jerusalem' and even enjoyed a tete a tete with an 'english speaking Palestinian'.

Too bad for Theo van Gogh that her concern for safety didnt extend to him.

In a recent article in a Dutch paper, Ali wrote " I am alive because I had bodyguards and he didnt," and that "I exploited his lack of fear".

When we start to talk, she is worried about somebody who remains seated too close to us for her taste. I explain that he is probably a foreigner who has no idea who she is. Finally the hotel manager, who is very honored by her visit, suggests that we continue our conversation in his office.

MIM: In 2004 Ali's exhusband wrote to a journalist that Ali was pathologically self obsessed. Other people who have met her have made similiar observations. The idea that the person whom she thought was seated too close for comfort might not even know (or care) who she is was simply unfathomable to her.

On Israel
"I visited Israel a few years ago, primarily to understand how it dealt so well with so many immigrants from different origins," she says. "My main impression was that Israel is a liberal democracy. In the places I visited, including Jerusalem as well as Tel Aviv and its beaches, I saw that men and women are equal. One never knows what happens behind the scenes, but that is how it appears to the visitor. The many women in the army are also very visible.

MIM:"One never knows what happens behind the scenes " re gender equality, Ali implies that the democracy in Israel might actually be a facade for possible abuse. Maybe she can make a kosher version of Submission about the 'ultra orthodox fanatic fundamentalists' she so obviously despises?

"I understood that a crucial element of success is the unifying factor among immigrants to Israel. Whether one arrives from Ethiopia or Russia, or one's grandparents immigrated from Europe, what binds them is being Jewish. Such a bond is lacking in the Netherlands. Our immigrants' background is diverse and also differs greatly from that of the Netherlands, including religion."

Not all of Hirsi Ali's reactions to what she saw in Israel were positive, however.

"From my superficial impression, the country also has a problem with fundamentalists," she says. "The ultra-Orthodox will cause a demographic problem because these fanatics have more children than the secular and the regular Orthodox."

MIM:Hirsi Ali's remarks prove that once an anti semite always an anti semite. Her speech to the American Jewish Committee trying to show them that she is no longer an anti semite (by telling them for several minutes how muchs 'used' to hate Jews and why she blamed them for everything (presumable before she was the beneficiary of their money) showed the opposite. Her vile comments about the ultra othodox causing a demographic problem because they have more children then the 'regular' orthodox is both anti semitic and reveals her abject ignorance and contempt towards anything to do with Jews and Judaism.

On Palestinians
"I have visited the Palestinian quarters in Jerusalem as well. Their side is dilapidated, for which they blame the Israelis. In private, however, I met a young Palestinian who spoke excellent English. There were no cameras and no notebooks. He said the situation was partly their own fault, with much of the money sent from abroad to build Palestine being stolen by corrupt leaders.

MIM:And to think that Ali was terrrified for her safety in the lobby of a five star hotel somewhere in Europe .Apparently being among her ex fellow Muslims may not be so threatening after all,.

"When I start to speak in the Netherlands about the corruption of the Palestinian Authority and the role of Arafat in the tragedy of Palestine, I do not get a large audience. Often one is talking to a wall. Many people reply that Israel first has to withdraw from the territories, and then all will be well with Palestine."

MIM: Maybe Ali doesnt get a large audience because she always preaches to the converted. Any bets as to when she was ever invited or paid to speak in front of a Muslim group who were interested in her atheistic mission to liberate them with such educational devices as a movie over the sex life of Muhammed?

On Double Moral Standards
"The crisis of Dutch socialism can be sized up in its attitudes toward both Islam and Israel. It holds Israel to exceptionally high moral standards. The Israelis, however, will always do well, because they themselves set high standards for their actions.

MIM:Crisis of Dutch Socialism? Last time we looked it was Ali's former party the 'liberal conservative' VVD who were in power- until she trashed them that is and undermined their credibility with her self serving machinations.

"The standards for judging the Palestinians, however, are very low. Most outsiders remain silent on all the problems in their territories. That helps the Palestinians become even more corrupt than they already are. Those who live in the territories are not allowed to say anything about this because they risk being murdered by their own people."

MIM:Outsiders who remain silent 'have helped Palestinians become more corrupt then they already are?" Does that mean that instead of paying for bombbelts terrorists have started stealing them? Ali would have us believe that those who live in what she calls 'the terriitories' risk getting murdered by their own people if they speak up. The polls show that the real reason they dont speak up is because they support the terrorists.

On Islam
Hirsi Ali's criticism of Islam is more general. "Almost nobody in the West wants to understand that Islam's problems are structural. Contemporary Islam hardly exists. Islam stopped thinking in the year 900 and has stood still for more than a thousand years. Western Muslims, however, live in an environment where you can think independently without your head being chopped off by somebody.

Saying that Islam's problems are structural indicates that Ali wants to rewrite the Koran. Saying that Islam has stood still for more then a thousand years is to deny the existence of history. Western Muslims according to her- don't have to worry about 'your head being chopped off by somebody" which begs two questions.

MIM:Why is Ali so worried about her security is that is the case - and if only non Muslims (like the case of Theo van Gogh) have to worry about 'their heads being chopped off by somebody'.

"If one wants to meet contemporary Muslims, one has to go to the Ahmadiyya movement. The Muslim mainstream, however, considers them heretics. I have been educated as a Muslim and I want to change some of Islam's tenets. This makes me a heretic and thus radicals want to eliminate me."

MIM: Everyone is out to get Hirsi Ali - including those who have never even heard of her- and couldnt care less about what she says if they did.

Hirsi Ali explains why she is a danger to radical Muslims.

"They realize that I know too much about Islam. I am also a woman. If a woman no longer believes, she frees herself. They are deathly afraid that if one drops out, others may follow; that is how herds function."

MIM: All Ayaan all the time. Ali megalomanically and delusionaly proclaims that Muslims find her a threat because she could galvanise the Muslim masses as a Somalian Joan of Arc. The reality is is that most Muslims find her so offensive that they wouldnt even acknowledge her message even if they wanted to. It's only gullible liberal non Muslims who are interested in her moral relativistic, atheistic view of an Islam without the Koran. Ali says that she is feared because "she knows "too much about Islam" and appears to be advocatng a new religion- "MorAlirelativism'. the world according to a Muslimah Messiah .

The writer is Chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. This interview was part of a major project of about 100 interviews with prominent Dutch people on the Dutch attitude toward Jews and Israel, which was funded by the Israel Maror Foundation.

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