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Militant Islam Monitor > Satire > AEL cartoons and Theo van Gogh v.s. Dyab Abou Jah Jah - "Pimp of the Prophet" fled debate venue with his "posse of pansies"

AEL cartoons and Theo van Gogh v.s. Dyab Abou Jah Jah - "Pimp of the Prophet" fled debate venue with his "posse of pansies"

February 8, 2006

Peewee Abou Jah Jah prefers to stay in Belgium - "I'm a chronic whiner"

"...I am for the absolute freedom of speech everywhere, and that's why I call upon every free sole among Arabs to use the Danish flag as a substitute for toilet paper. To illustrate every wall with graffiti making fun of everything Europe holds as holy: dancing rabbis on the carcasses of Palestinian children, hoax gas-chambers built in Hollywood in 1946 with Steven Spielberg's approval stamp, and Aids spreading fagots. Let us defend the absolute freedom of speech altogether, wouldn't that be a noble cause?..."

Walking the thin line

Dyab Abou Jahjah
Arab-European League (AEL)

Will the real Manneke Pis please stand up?

MIM: In desperation to get his fifteen minutes of fame Abou Jah Jah, the head of the AEL, (the Arab European League) announced that he had published a picture of Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler with the caption :"Put this in your diary Anne".

(News reports did not link to the the cartoon, and it was not on the homepage of the AEL website. The cartoon also mocked the victims of the pedofile Paul Dutroux, who was sentenced this year for kidnapping, and imprisoning several young girls in a basement who died from starving to death)

Two years ago Jah Jah fled a chance to debate with film maker Theo van Gogh, (knowing he be made to look like the fool he is) and claimed that he had been insulted while sending his "posse of pansies" to try to intimidate Van Gogh

This time around, Jah Jah uses the excuse of testing the limits of free speech, as an cowardly way to display his antisemitism and hatred for the West, and Belgium, while exploiting it's freedoms and social system.

(The cartoon above mocks him for his hypocrisy for taking Belgian nationality in order to benefit from the Belgian educational and welfare systems, while at the same time forming an Islamo facist party (the AEL) which constantly cries Islamophobia at any attempts to integrate Muslims into Belgian society. The AEL urges Muslims to separate themselve from the society and refuse to learn the language, on the grounds that assimiliation is aimed against Islam.)

In order to offset Jah's Jah's failed attempts to generate outrage with his Anne Frank cartoon MIM has decided to give equal time to a drawing of Abou Jah Jah as the famous Belgian icon Manneke Pis. Jah Jah has admitted to having fraudulently obtained Belgium nationality by demanding asylum on the grounds that he was being prosecuted in Lebanon, when in fact, he was a supporter of Hizbollah. Which begs the question as to if Belgium citizenship laws allow for prosecution of those who obtain their nationality through fraud..

Below is a translation of Theo Van Gogh's account of the aborted debate in Amsterdam between Abou Jah Jah and others, which resulted in Jah Jah's fleeing the venue. Instead of engaging in the debate and exercise of free speech which he claims to be supporting via the placing of an Anne Frank Hitler cartoon, Abou Jah Jah sent his thugs to threaten Van Gogh with the words"We'll finish that pig off".

(It is also worth noting that no one has suggested that the AEL might be connected to the Van Gogh murder, despite the fact that the threats prompted many people to write to Van Gogh saying he was in great danger).

The event, which became a confrontation between Jah Jah, his Dutch supporters, and people on Van Gogh's side, was appropriately billed as "Happy Chaos" . It exposed Abou Jah Jah and the AEL as Islamofacists who advocate free speech for Muslims as a means of promoting their Islamist agenda with impunity.



This and That

By Theo van Gogh

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz director of MIM


That was a big deal, last week on Saturday evening in the Amsterdam State Theater.The room erupted after I had called Mr. Dyab Aboe Jah Jah Allah's chief propagandist for Belgium, a "Pimp of the Prophet".

The gentleman stood up followed by his posse of pansies in black, who acted as thugs to intimidate the unbelievers. Because I am the epitome of harmony, I called out after Dyab, "Allah knows best!" "Allah knows best"!

After which Mr. Dittrich, (a liberal democrat), stood up and declared that I was an "insolent prick", and in reply I described him as the "holy unction oil of the liberals".

In short, the ' Happy Chaos' event had proved to be an enjoyable evening.

Outside, journalist Youri Albrecht attempted to cajole the insulted pimp back to the podium. In the meantime, Mr. Dittrich explained in front of the cameras that he was "in complete solidarity" with the honored guest from Belgium.

A young man with a low forehead with a deep wrinkle which made it hard to discern between Allah and Ground Zero attempted to have Albrecht arrested for assault by two passing policemen.

This was a good foretaste of what we can expect if Mr. Aboe Jah Jah suceeds using democratic means to implement the Shari'a, (Islamic law) . In the meantime his body guards announced, "We'll finish that pig off", and, "We're not taking it any longer from that pig", which I suspect was in reference to me.

The pig is a kind and intelligent animal and is a lot smarter then the idiots with which Aboe Jah Jah surrounds himself. I took their aversion as a compliment. Mr. Aboe Jah Jah is a religious facist who propagates an apartheid a as virulent as that other "Belgian Misreant", Mr. Filip de Winter, head of the the nationalist "Flemish Blok' .Too bad the discussion didn't continue.

I would have asked Boris if he found Dyab attractive and then would have asked Dyab from which floor he would have thrown Boris as a sodomite. (Being thrown from a window as punishment for homosexuality stipulated in the book ,"The Way of the Muslim" which is the subject of a parlimentary debate regarding it's being banned in Holland )

And what's even worse is that Dyab is much too cowardly as the prisoner of his own admirers to hit back with words.

Doesn' t Allah always provide inspiration ?

Mr. Dittrich was one of the politicians who drank champagne after the Pim Fortuin problem was solved . It was certainly instructive to see how he licked Abu Jah's Jah's behind. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

MIM Note :Pim Fortuyn was a flamboyant Dutch politician who campaigned against the Islamisation of Europe and was assassinated by a Dutch 'animal rights activist' before the national election.

The tail wagging in front of the boot of the one who is going to kick him appears to be what Mr. Dittrich understands as dialouge. Dittrich is not interested in the fact that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as democratically chosen representative, still has to be guarded 24 hours a day from types such as Aboe Jah Jah, who publicly declared that she should "shut her mouth", and needed to be "locked up". Dittrich's understanding for and need to kow tow to the pimps and fanatics of Hamas, and according to me they are a small minority , is partly responsible for the escalating climate of intimidation.

Hundreds of people who were present in the audience that evening expressed their support ,a few showed that with some friends one needs no enemies, others surprised me, and I heard time and time again, " Be careful !"

Dittrich's performance was a tasteless Judas kiss from a politician who has a lot of ambition but little talent.

It was very instructive to see the new National Socialists at work.

A stooge. A lackey . An enemy of democracy. Let us reward him with the compassion befitting collaborators.


MIM: Theo van Gogh's Book "Allah Knows Best" and the headlines after the Happy Chaos evening which reads: Theo van Gogh calls Abu Jah Jah a 'Pimp of the Prophet'



Right :"Pimp of the Prophet" Dyab Abou Jah Jah, 'fuhrer' of the Islamofacist Arab European League - with his "posse of pansies" in Amsterdam

Arab European League = Active Euthanasia League


' More and more terminal patients are requesting active euthanasia '



Thanks to the AEL Hassan knows who he is :

'Im not some lazy hooligan - I am a proud Arab'


The AEL hates trees -"They make us too assimilated"


'An AEL membership card offers so many advantages - that's how I got these amputation knives at a discount'


'Tranvestites and transexuals can also join the AEL '

"My nephew"


The AEL offers weekly wailing courses for it's female members

"exhale once more"


AEL Starter kit:

Ali El Wacky the only Islamist above the Polar Circle

"A blow up virgin !"

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