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Jewish Federation Sponsors 'Youth Gender Transition Workshop' By 'Hebrew Priestess' 'Con'vert Harriette Wimms
The 'Uber Woke' Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is partnering with the Kaiserman JCC,Keshet, Mazzoni Center and Moving Traditions to hold a workshop to promote youth gender transition entitled:"Building A Home In Our Minds:Embracing The Entire Family Through Gender Transition". The speaker is 'Kohenet' and' 'con'vert 'Harriette E. Wimms "a proud Black... [See full post]

Latest Articles

CAIR's Wilfredo Ruiz & Imam Omar Suleiman Falsely Portray 'Child Terrorists' Who Killed Jews As Victims
August 31, 2023

Terror Tied ICNA Relief Exploits 'Education Is Power' "Back2School' Backpack Giveaway To Gain Access To Islamic Schools
August 31, 2023

David Bedein: Palestinian Authority aka Fatah aka PLO Is An Illegitimate Terror Entity
August 31, 2023

Latest Satire

Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Contest "Mullahs Get Out"
January 9, 2023

Resolution To Proclaim July Muslim - American Heritage Month Highlighting Their "Incredible Contributions" To US
August 4, 2022

Toke For Tolerance Co Founder & Muslim "Deformer" Shireen Qudosi"s Latest Stoner Screed
February 15, 2022