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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > CAIR: Arabs who kill should also inherit - Hamas group protests Jewish money going to Jews

CAIR: Arabs who kill should also inherit - Hamas group protests Jewish money going to Jews

August 16, 2005

MIM: CAIR's press release protests the billions which they say is going to pay for making lebensraum for Arabs. To add insult to injury, misguided Jews in the US have raised money to save the greenhouses for Arab use which will only help finance the terror infrastructure.


CAIR's Anti-Jewish Agenda

August 16, 2005 - Washington, DC - PipeLineNews - With the statement, "The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on the Bush administration to deny Israel's request for billions of American taxpayer dollars to pay for the withdrawal of illegal settlements on Palestinian territory in Gaza." the Saudi funded "moderate friends of terror" at CAIR once again reveal their racism and deep seated hostility to the State of Israel.

The organization's press release reveals an abysmal understanding of a process mostly of benefit to the so-called Palestinians, in which the Sharon government - to the consternation of many including Benjamin Netanyahu who recently resigned from Sharon's cabinet in protest - is making a bold [some say foolhardy] move to advance the cause of peace.

The dimensions of this one-sided effort by Israel are completely lost on Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's primary spokesman and Nihad Awad the group's director.

Stripped of its sophistry, what CAIR really demands is for eight thousand Israelis to be forcibly removed from lands which they have LEGALLY occupied for 38 years and then have this now improved land handed over to the people responsible for the Intifada with zero compensation for over a third of a century of sweat equity and no guarantee to an end of the jihad.

How this demand squares with CAIR's self described intent to "build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding" is hard to fathom.

But then CAIR is not about promotion of anything outside of an Islamic caliphate, period.

Missing in the CAIR statement is any recongnition of the nearly sixty years of aggression against Israel's by its Arab neighbors and the process whereby Gaza and the West Bank came under the control of Israel in the first place - after the 1967 "six days war" which was initiated by Syria, Egypt and Jordan. From that time on Gaza and the West Bank have served as a buffer zone against further attacks from the surrounding Islamic dictatorships.

CAIR's claim that "Such [relocation] funds could be better used to improve conditions for ordinary Palestinians..." ignores the fact that billions of dollars in worldwide aid has already been designated to be given to the so-called Palestinians but has mysteriously vanished - stolen by Yasser Arafat and his henchmen.

If CAIR really cared about the "Palestinians" they would demand that Suha Arafat and the directorship of the Palestinian Authority produce a proper accounting of just where the billions in aid intended for the poorest members of that society ended up.

We might suggest that the process start with an audit of the Swiss bank accounts of the "Palestinians'" corrupt leadership.

With nearly every passing day CAIR reveals itself more clearly as an enemy not only of the United States, Israel and the concept of Western pluralism but an enemy of whatever is passing these days for moderate Islam.



NEW YORK (AP) _ In the days leading up to Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip, American Jewish philanthropists donated some $14 million to ensure Israeli greenhouses would pass into Palestinian hands unharmed, one of the donors said.

While the Israeli government has paid for the land and buildings settlers are leaving behind, the American donation is meant to purchase the equipment that keeps the greenhouses running. The move could preserve some 3,500 Palestinian jobs, as well as one of the region's main sources of export income.

The donors included billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman, who publishes the New York Daily News, and Lester Crown, whose family owns General Dynamics, Zuckerman told The New York Times for Thursday editions.

Zuckerman, who once headed the Soviet Jewish Zionist Forum and has often criticized the Palestinian Authority, was hesitant at first, he said.

"Despite my skepticism," he said, "I thought to myself, 'This is perhaps the only illustration or symbol of what could be the benefits of a co-operational, rather than a confrontational attitude."'

The real estate magnate said he urged others to donate after he was contacted by James Wolfensohn, a special Mideast envoy and former president of the World Bank, who contributed $500,000. Leonard Stern, former owner of The Village Voice, also contributed.

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