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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Geert Wilders Speech In Denmark - "The Choice Is Either Shari'a Law Or Freedom"

Geert Wilders Speech In Denmark - "The Choice Is Either Shari'a Law Or Freedom"

June 17, 2015

Hallo Danmark! Det er dejligt at være her. Jaj elksker Danmark.

Thank you for inviting me here on the beautiful island of Bornholm.
It is great to be here as a guest of the Free Speech Society.
I love Denmark. And I love your fantastic organization.

There were people who wanted you to disinvite me. But you did not give in to their demands. There are extremists out there who are prepared to use violence to stop us from gathering. But you do not bow to intimidation.

Believe me, the Danish Free Press Society is one of the most courageous organizations in the world.
It is a great honor to be here with you.
In your breast beats the true spirit of Holger Danske – the realization that if we give in to intimidation and threats we are bound to lose our freedom.

And we will never let that happen!
Because we are the free men and the free women of the West.

Last month, I was in Garland, Texas, at a contest and an exhibition of Muhammad cartoons.
The event was organized at exactly the same location where in January, after the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, an Islamic organization convened to demand that Muhammad cartoons be forbidden.
The Garland event was organized, not to provoke, but to make a stand.
The Islamic demand that we censor ourselves is the real provocation.

Every demand that we give up our freedom of speech is an intolerable provocation which we should not leave unanswered.

We have been born in free Western nations. Freedom is our birthright. And those who want to deny it to us do not belong in our society. It is as simple as that.

As you probably have heard, the Garland event was attacked by two jihadis from Islamic State. They shot a policeman in the leg, but, fortunately, the American police shot them before they could enter the building and shed more innocent blood.

After the attack in Garland, I proposed on American television that we exhibit the Garland cartoons everywhere in the free world.
Because I believe the only way to show terrorists that they are not going to win is to do exactly what they do not want us to do.

Next week, I will show the Garland cartoons on Dutch state television in the broadcasting time allotted to my party. I don't do it to provoke.
I do it because we have to show them that we will not be intimidated.
We have to show them that we will never submit.
That is the only way – I repeat the only way – to make it clear to Islam that we will never surrender and that we will always remain the free people we are.

I know that there are people, also in this room, who will say to me: "You are an advocate of free speech, and yet you want to ban the Koran and close down mosques and Islamic schools. Isn't that a contradiction?"
I tell you: It is not.

There are at least three good reasons why.
First, because freedom is living in the truth.
Second, because freedom is saying no to slavery.
And third, because freedom is learning from the mistakes of the past.

The first point I want to make is that living in the truth is acting in recognition of reality.
And what is the reality?

The reality is that Islam is a totalitarian ideology aimed at establishing tyrannical power over non-Muslims.

The reality is that Islam commands its followers to make all nations submit to Islamic Sharia law, wherever and whenever they have the power and the opportunity to do so. If necessary through the use of violence and terror.

The reality is that Sharia law is a mortal danger to our way of life, our Constitution, our laws, and our liberties. It is a matter of our existence and the survival of our free society.

The freedom to propagate a political system that says "we'll slit your throat if you draw a cartoon," well, I certainly will not allow you that freedom here! If you want that freedom, then move to Saudi Arabia or Iran!

Islam indoctrinates people with hatred against our society. And unfortunately it is successful.
Islamic terrorists may be only a minority, but polls suggest that they have the support of the majority.

Surveys in my country reveal that 73% of the Islamic population in the Netherlands consider Muslims who go to Syria to fight in the jihad to be heroes. Yes, you heard it right: heroes. And 80% of the Turkish youths in the Netherlands do not think that the violence by groups such as ISIS against non-believers is wrong. Yes, you heard it right: four out of five!

And may I ask: Where are the mass-demonstrations of ten thousands of Muslims in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, New York, London or Nairobi or anywhere else in the world, who do not agree with the violence committed in the name of Islam and its prophet? Where are they? I have not seen any them, have you? You have not because there have not been any.

The majority may not commit violence, but they do not oppose it either.

We cannot put our heads in the sand and do as if all these facts do not exist. We have to face the reality.

In Nazi Germany, too, it was only a minority that committed the atrocities. But the majority allowed it to happen.
In the Soviet Union, too, it was only a minority that committed the horrible crimes. But the majority allowed it to happen.

We also have to realize that the West has a concrete identity. Our identity is not Islamic but based on Judaism, Christianity and humanism. Our freedoms result from this identity.
By depriving Islam of the means to destroy our identity, we are not violating freedom; we are preserving our identity and guaranteeing freedom.

It would be contradictory to sing the praise of freedom, while at the same time standing idly by when Islam is eating away our freedoms.

I say: Stop this charade. We should not turn freedom into a snake eating its own tail.

And here is the second reason.

Islam wants to enslave us all to Sharia law and kill everyone who resists or dares to reject it.
Abraham Lincoln, the American president who liberated his country from slavery, said (I quote):
"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves."
I agree.
It is not wrong to discriminate between good and evil, between democracy and tyranny, between freedom and slavery.

The terrible situation we are in today is caused by our tolerance of evil. We are too tolerant to intolerance, we are too tolerant to Islam. We think that by allowing freedom to the enemies of freedom we prove to the world that we stand for freedom. But in reality, by refusing to draw boundaries to our tolerance, we are handing away our freedom.
I do not want Sharia law in the West; I want the West to stay free of Sharia law.
Let me be very frank: The choice is either Sharia law or freedom.
We cannot have it both ways.

We should not be so tolerant that we open the door to the horror of intolerance.
It is our duty as Western patriots to protect our children from slavery, to adopt a sensible view of freedom, and to secure our continued existence as free individuals in a free society.

And here is the third reason: Let us not repeat the terrible mistakes of the past.

Although we barely escaped catastrophe 70 years ago, our Western leaders today are making the same mistake that the European leaders made in the 1930s.
They are appeasing Islam and refuse to see it for what it really is: dangerous and evil.

Just this year, we have already had murderous terror attacks in Paris, Copenhagen and in Belgium. We saw the terrible attacks and cannot close our eyes to it.

All these atrocities have one thing in common. They have all been committed in the name of Islam.
No-one can say that we have not been warned.

So, let us stop bowing to Islam! No appeasement of Islam anymore!

We live in an age where people like the idea of rights, so long as they do not have to pay a price for it. The political and media elites are all in favor of speaking the truth, so long as the "truth" is a cliché. But when duty and honor command them to stand athwart history and yell "Stop!", they flee away and lose their patience with those who do their duty. They call us extremists, they drag us to court, they try to silence us.

But, my friends, let us not fool ourselves.
Churchill warned that when someone threatens to kill you, you had better take him seriously and do everything you can to stop him.
Freedom has a price, the truth is not a cliché.
We must pay the price. A choice has to be made.
The choice between Islam and freedom.
There is no middle way.

It is important to understand that what makes Islam dangerous is not that Muslims are bad people.
I met many friendly Muslims when I travelled through Islamic countries when I was still able to.

I have nothing against Muslims. Fortunately, many Muslims do not live according to the Koran.
But this does not blind me to the reality that there are not just a few extremists in our midst; there a many thousands of them.

Research by the University of Amsterdam showed that 11% of the Muslims in the Netherlands are prepared to use violence for the sake of Islam. This is more than 100,000 people.

I have no figures for Denmark, but I know the reality in the Netherlands.
The more Islam we get in our societies, the less free they become.

Demograhpy is important, but immigration is important as well.
Currently, one million immigrants, mostly Islamic, are waiting in North Africa to cross into Europe. If we do not stop them, we will be facing a catastrophe.

That is why I urge Europe to adopt the Australian method and send all these immigrants safely back, without a single exception. Let the immensely rich Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States give them asylum or pay for their shelter in safe regions in North Africa

Do not think that Denmark will escape from the catastrophe in the Mediterranean because it has an opt-out from the EU immigration and asylum policies.
The catastrophe will affect you, too, because of the EU open border policies and this horrible Schengen-Treaty.

Worldwide, the growth rate of Islam is more than double that of Christianity.
By 2070, Islam will be bigger than Christianity.

Do not think that this will not affect the world in which future generations will be living.

If Christianity or Buddhism were to become dominant in the world, there would hardly be a problem for freedom of speech. But when Islam becomes the major force, it is going to be hell for everyone.
If you want to know what will happen to your freedoms under Islam, just look at Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan or any other country where Islam is already dominant.

To those who criticize me for my views about Islam, I say: "If you allow the situation to deteriorate, future generations will end up living under Sharia law in a world where there will be no freedom of speech and churches and Christian schools will be closed down by Islam and women and homosexuals will be treated badly."

My friends, if we want to keep our freedoms, we will have to be brave, defend liberty, and resist Islam.

We must draw the line. There is more than enough Islam in our countries already. We have to end all immigration from Islamic countries.

And those who are already here must assimilate including renouncing the hateful doctrine and texts of Islam, adopt our values, and abide by our laws. If so, they are welcome to stay and enjoy all the rights our society guarantees. But if they commit crimes, act against our laws, impose Sharia law, or wage jihad, we must expel them.

We have no obligations to Islam.
We owe nothing to Islam
We must realize that every halal shop, every mosque, every Islamic school, and every burka is regarded by Islam as a step toward the ultimate goal of our submission.

We are at a crossroads. And we must choose.
Freedom of speech is under attack. If we do nothing, we are going to lose it.
The choice is not between freedom of speech or censorship, but between appeasement and resistance.
You cannot have it both ways. There is no middle way.

Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of what is at stake.
We love our children, we love our countries, and we want them to remain free.
But we have to do our duty and be brave. If that means that we have to become politically incorrect, then we have to be politically incorrect.
We are at war and we should win it.

Thank you.


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