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'Al Jihadzeera' Reporters Charged With Belonging To A Terrorist Group

February 1, 2014

4 Al Jazeera Reporters Charged w/Belonging to a Terrorist Group

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 1, 2014 @ 1:37 pm In The Point

That's in addition to belonging to Al Jazeera, Qatar's outlet for terrorist propaganda.

Egyptian prosecutors referred on Wednesday four foreign Al Jazeera journalists and 16 Egyptians, including Peter Greste, Mohmed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, to criminal court.

The 16 Egyptian defendants face charges including belonging to a terrorist organisation, harming national unity and social peace, and using terrorism as a means to their goals.

The four foreigners, the Australian award winning journalist Peter Greste, two Englishmen and one Dutch, face charges of collaborating with the Egyptians and providing them with information, equipment, and money as well as broadcasting false information and rumours to convince the international community that Egypt was undergoing a civil war.

The Muslim Brotherhood has now reverted back to being a terrorist group and Peter Greste, a foreign Al Jazeera propagandist is whining from prison that, ""The state here seems to see itself in an existential struggle that pits the forces of good, open, free society against the Islamist ‘terrorists' still struggling to seize control."

Wonder where they got that idea.

Neither Peter Greste, nor any employee of Al Jazeera, a propaganda network controlled by the Qatari tyrant whose government has armed terrorists and promoted war abroad, can be referred to as journalists.

Employees of totalitarian state-owned media networks are not journalists. They are propagandists.

Qatar chose to back a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. Its paid propagandists deserve to pay the price.

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