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Mujaheed Coward Hasan Understands This War - Our CIC Is Clueless

August 8, 2013

August 7, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - We couldn't help but notice two coincident but unrelated news items yesterday.

1. Surprise, Mr. Obama has departed DC once again, jetting off on another of his countless vacations - strutting like a rooster off the WH grounds. He did of course look very cool…icily so.

His appearance though is of no relevance to his job, which we understand is being President of the United States and the Commander in Chief. Might have to check on that to be sure though because half the time the spike faced Valerie Jarrett seems to "be in control here" [suggestion, Google Alexander Haig and Richard Nixon].

Perhaps Mr. Obama and Jarrett are interchangeable?

Ok, not going there.

So as the president briskly departed [he is so athletic and lean isn't he?] from the office of the people he was - per his usual MO – wearing ultra-chic shades. It would be surprising if they cost less than a thou, though we have not independently verified that..

The question remains, and will hopefully be answered here in due course…are those chi-chi spectacles sunglasses or are they opaque blinders and consequently dense as lead?

This, though a quick toss off line, implies a very serious question - is this president clinically blind to reality? Does he live in such a cocoon of adoration and splendor that he might not be aware that the globe - due in large part to his policies – is on fire? That America, whether he likes or admits it or not, is at war…or at least recognize that our enemies are at war with us?

Bottom line, Barry has the hipster thing nailed better than any previous occupant of the Oval. We are willing to stipulate that and move on.

What good it does him by way of wise governing is not so easily apparent.

2. While the president was preparing to join his 1 percenter buddies at the ultra-posh Martha's Vineyard, a rather momentous event was taking place at Ft Hood.;nbsp

Nidal Hasan is on trial for his life and staring down a death sentence - unfortunately not one in which he might be forced to keep an early morning appointment, blind-folded against a high earthen wall facing a firing squad of Designated Marksmen.

He is acting as his own attorney, though battlefield summary justice could have been meted out immediately following his murderous rampage at Ft. Hood on November 5, 2009, thus solving the entire matter permanently.

Yes that means exactly what you are probably thinking. He stated this is war, Hasan is a terrorist, worse than a spy, he knows exactly what he deserves.

He isn't hesitant to identify himself as an Islamic holy warrior, a mujahideen in service only to the will of Allah. Logically we are forced to conclude that he got his marching orders from the scripture contained within the Qur'an. Thus it was impossible to ignore his opening statement, made from the wheelchair which he will require for the rest of his worthless life.

These remarks were instructive - his complete honesty equaled only by his brevity:

"The evidence will show I was on the wrong side. The evidence will also show that I then switched sides. The evidence will show we Mujahideen are imperfect soldiers trying to establish a perfect religion in the land of the supreme God. "I apologize for any mistakes in this endeavor."
Try to find the complete text anywhere in the American legacy media, once again only the foreign press is willing to even go there.

Bully for the UK Guardian, which though obviously a leftist publication, at least makes an attempt to actually cover the news. Yeah, Brokaw and Wolfie and the rest, it's time to retire to the good life because even in this debased journo world you are about as useful as tits on a bull.

So re-quoting Hasan, he was, while masquerading to be an officer in the U.S. military, "on the wrong side," apparently that of the infidels.

We doubt that this came to him in a blinding flash of insight on that morning in November of 2009.

NBC reported that his opening lines were "startling." We see no reason to doubt them. They regularly drink from the trough containing "Obama's bathwater" [thank you Ms. Coulter]..

But let's examine Hasan's declaration of guilt.

He very precisely labels himself a mujaheed - a soldier in the army of Allah - undertaking the bloody struggle [jihad] to impose Islam on the infidel world...Dar al-Harb - the land of war, as opposed to Dar al-Islam, the land of Islam.

On that point too Hassan has nailed it. But if he so forthrightly states his purpose and goal on what basis coud we naysay? More importantly, how will the partying CIC evaluate it in the depth of his soul?

That is between him and the Almighty, assuming the prez. is willing to cede the spotlight for a moment or two.

You see here is the proverbial "rub." Team Obama's gang of militant ignorants, following the lead of their president, will continue to act as if there isn't a clue as to what motivated the killer.


Well that's the thing about stopping smoking or losing weight isn't it.

Mujaheed? What on earth is that?

Islam? Yes that's the religion of a billion cranky followers, move on, nothing to be seen here.

The point we are drawing, however imperfectly, is that the entire national security apparatus from the CIC through the current less than stellar JCS and on down to the now faux war colleges has been corrupted by multicultural idiocy. All those in authority and knowlledge are barred from using the requisite vocabulary to explain what Hasan is about . It's like he is muttering in Swahili…completely impenetrable.

Instead, these people whose job it is to defend the security and interests of the United States will conclude that Hasan was merely involved in "workplace violence."

Yep he just showed up for work one day and went postal…so sad…he snapped, perhaps over the terrible discrimination of being commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Tragic, it was only a matter of time.

…sound of needle screeching across a DJ's LP…

To this administration there is but one "enemy," the terrorist group, al-Qaeda, that's it, drain the swamp and we are once again free to enjoy the West's hedonism with a clear conscience…we can still use that term can't we?

So we come full circle, yes it has been a struggle.

Q. Is this president actually blind?

Of course not, he is not only cool but bright, though whether he is as bright as GW Bush remains to be seen. Yet he has forced the entire breadth of the federal government to collectively put its eyes out and ignore what is staring all of us in the face.

Though Obama either can't or won't name the enemy, we will – the Shari'a based ideology of Islamic domination, political Islam, Muslim terrorism, jihad - many names, one singular and non debatable meaning.

If it were possible to overnight kill off every member of al-Qaeda [hasn't he claimed to already have done that?]nothing would change. We would still be at war, because the West, not just Team Obama, is lying to itself.

Certainly al-Qaeda is an enemy, and one to reckon with.

But so is the Muslim Brotherhood [sorry Mr. Morsi] the Taliban [with whom Team O has been negotiating], Hamas, Boko Haram, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Jamaat e-Islami, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Chechen Islamic terrorist…and on and on. We would run out of patience before this roster was anywhere near complete.

And even such an undertaking would be pointless, as this administration must know, way deep down somewhere [J. Clapper? Not so sure].

The disciples of an ideological Islam are at war with us. Right now, the reverse is not true. If we were to extend the hand of human fellowship to these animals, it would be chopped off, along with the arm if it was within reach. It would make a great recruiting video most likely, "join us in our fight, you can butcher at will and without mercy, the law justifies it."

Caliphate, Shari'a, mujahideen, Islamic terrorism, Quranic justified violence, jihadist, etc. This is the language of the enemy, so when Hasan plainly tells us what he is, it might be helpful to drop the I-pad and pay attention, at least he has the guts to tell the truth, something woefully lacking among the current DC crowd.

The danger here, aside from simply lying through their teeth is that despite what our "guardians" might only mutter to themselves, they are in reality conducting American foreign policy based upon the bilge that they dish on a daily basis. These fools actually believe their own PR. As a result, the U.S. wide open and undefended against continuous assault from a group of dedicated killers who know exactly what and who they are and what they are willing to do, which is anything. Think of greatest cruelty you can imagine, sorry the jihadists are way behond that.

Perhaps only in fiction can some come to grips with reality, As Apocalypse Now's renegade Colonel Walker Kurtz insanely repeated to himself and his assassin from his jungle monarchy, "It is impossible to describe what is necessary…to those who do not know...what horror means…"

So Binny has assumed room temp? Great, praise the trigger pulling studs, not their lame Nimrod in Chief who even shoots like a little girl.

The brave men in our Armed Forces aren't confused, they have faced the enemy, looked him in the eye [when he is willing to come out and fight, in the manner of a genuine warrior]. These soldiers are realists, no they have and never will aspire to be guest lecturers on Con Law 101 at some stuck up university. America's ground pounders know the truth, that their enemy is motivated by a definable ideology. They also understand that the war will continue forever even if Obama gets his wet dream and croaks al-Qaeda and its multitudinous affiliates…with minimal violence, of course an impossibility in itself.

The threat would remain, but body bags are cheap Mr. president, aren't they, almost as cheap as your words.

FLASH: This is just in. The president has invoked the specter of the Cold War, against Russia over its internal policy of discriminating against homosexuals. Refusing to be serious about our existential threat, but eagerly stamps his foot and rattles the saber simply to throw sops to a wealthy constituency. Unbelievable, yet it has occurred.

Until we are willing to publicly name our deadly adversary, thus giving us the ability to develop a reasonable threat doctrine and a strategy for its unconditional defeat, this great nation and the West will never…ever…be safe.

Now Mr. president back to the really important stuff, don't you think an 8 iron is perfect for on this shot?

Thought so.


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