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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > British Hate Cleric Haitham Al-Haddad Visits Holland Despite Strong Opposition

British Hate Cleric Haitham Al-Haddad Visits Holland Despite Strong Opposition

February 20, 2012


February 20, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Recently, the Dutch parliament unsuccessfully tried to prevent Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad, a controversial Islamic "hate cleric," from entering the country. Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad is a Wahhabist cleric from Saudi Arabia who studied in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Britain. He has lived in Britain for many years. He had been invited to participate in a symposium at Amsterdam's Free University. But members of parliament claim that this cleric from Britain espouses anti-Semitic views calling Jews "descendents of apes and pigs" and defending the stoning of women. A majority of the parliament's Second Chamber asked the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security to prevent the cleric from entering the country. The minister, however, did not comply with this request, although the Free University had already cancelled the symposium. Instead, the cleric participated in a debate in the Amsterdam debate center "De Balie" on Friday, February 17.

One day before, the Dutch news program "Nieuwsuur" conducted a live interview with the controversial cleric who had refused to come to the TV studio in Hilversum as the person who was to interview him there was a woman named Mariëlle Tweebeeke. Al-Haddad did not object a to satellite interview, though. He immediately denied all allegations.

Tweebeeke: In 2001 you said, and I quote: "I will explain to you the essence of the struggle between us and the Jews. They are the enemies of Allah, they descend from apes and pigs." This sounds very radical to me.

Al-Haddad: First of all, I cannot confirm whether these are my words.

Tweebeeke: These are your words. This is from an article "The Intifadah and the Signs of Victory (2001)."

Al-Haddad: No definitely, these are not my words. I have not written any article about this subject in English. You can say that this is the translation of what has been attributed to me. There is a problem here in communicating between East and West, based on the language used by the East. This is one thing.

Tweebeeke: So you still deny that you said this.

Al-Haddad: Yes.

When he arrived in Holland Sheikh Al-Hadded made the impression of being in favor of tolerance and mutual understanding. But is is not uncommon for radical Muslims to make a distinction between liberal Western audiences on the one hand and their own fanatical followers on the other. What they say (or write) "in the West" does not necessarily correspond to what they say and write "in the East." In the West they often make moderate statements in English or French, in the so-called East, among their followers, that is, they are usually not moderate at all. These radical Muslim speak with double tongue, they lie for the sake of Islam and hide their true convictions when they are in hostile territory or among non-Muslims.

A Dutch newspaper recently interviewed a Dutch Moroccan student at Amsterdam's Free University. Abdullah Ghzili is studying Islamic theology. He claims that many Muslims in Holland pretend to espouse tolerant views of Islam, but deep in their hearts they think differently. Ghzili does not hide his own radical views. He claims that those Muslims who break with Islam deserve to be killed. "A Christian may become a Muslim, but not the other way round – that's what most Muslims agree about." "Punishment for killing a non-Muslim not as heavy as punishment for killing a Muslim." "It is considered an act of war when a Christian insults Islam in a Muslim country." The younger generation of Dutch Muslims tends to be more radical than their parents.

Oppression of women

Mariëlle Tweebeeke did not seem to like Haitham Al-Haddad's view of women. He refused to come to the TV studio in Hilversum because he had a problem of being interviewed by a woman. A woman should be dressed in accordance with the Muslim fundamentalist dress code, and Tweebeeke is a modern Western woman who obviously does not deserve respect.

Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad serves as a judge at the Islamic Sharia Council in London, an intolerant and totalitarian Sharia court which seeks to introduce Sharia law in the United Kingdom and make as many converts to Islam as possible. Just like the Taliban in Afghanistan these religious fanatics justify barbaric punishments such as the stoning of "adulterous" women and "Jews who fornicated." They quoted Omar bin Khattab who said: O people! Indeed rajm (stoning) is truth, so do not deviate from it and the proof is that the prophet stoned and Abu Bakr stoned and I also stoned." Omar or Umar bin Khattab was the father in law of the Muslim prophet Mohammed as well as the so-called "second Caliph" of the Muslims. Abu Bakr was the first successor to Mohammed or "Caliph" or "head of the Caliphate" (Islamic state). The Sharia law and the Tribunal (Sharia Council) considers two women the equivalent of one man.

Childhood sexual abuse, forced marriages, marriages between cousins and so-called "honor killings" are not uncommon among Muslim immigrants in the West, especially those coming from Pakistan, Turkey and Morocco. Yet, in Britain, the Islamic Sharia Council rebukes sex weary wives who "deny their husband's marital rights." The following question was put before the council or court: "What is the ruling regarding a couple where the wife had suffered abuse in childhood and due to that she refuses to respond to her husband's sexual needs?" The court quoted Abu Hurayrah, another companion of Mohammed. "Narrated by Abu Hurayrah that the prophet said, 'If a man calls his wife to his bed and she does not come, and he goes to sleep angry with her, the angels will curse her until the morning.' Agreed upon. This narration should be enough to make any woman pay heed to the severe warning by the prophet that the angels' curses are upon those who do not respond to their husbands' sexual needs because the purpose of a woman is to fulfil that and for that they are made in order to produce offspring."

Thus, women are constantly obliged to fulfill the wishes of their oppressive and abusive husbands. What really counts is "producing offspring" – and so expand the Muslim community. That's why polygamy is sanctioned by Islam.

In August 2008, Al-Haddad criticized new British legislation, which enabled Muslim women to get a divorce from their husbands more easily. Islam cannot be changed from a Western point of view, he claimed. More recently, he justified female circumcision.

Even Osama bin Laden in possession of pornographic material

It all is part of the Islamists' primitive and backwards desert culture and practice. Even having sex with nine year old children is being justified by some clerics. For example, Moroccan cleric Mohammed Al-Maghraoui claims that nine year old girls give more sexual satisfaction to a man than girls who are twenty years old. Last year, this "pedophile Imam" was invited to Holland by the ultra-conservative As-Soennah mosque in The Hague. The mosque's Syrian firebrand cleric Sheikh Fawaz Jneid believes in polygamous marriages and has a huge following, also on the internet. Fortunately, the Dutch government, pressured by parliament, was about to refuse Al-Maghraoui entry to Holland, but the controversial Muslim cleric then wisely decided to cancel his planned visit.

Many of these radical Muslims are sexually frustrated or perverted. Having sex with nine year old girls is, of course, abominable. In the 1990s lots of Muslim radicals raped defenseless women and girls in Algeria. They just claimed they had every right to do so as they branded their victims as "infidels" or "apostates" – which they certainly were not. After the act of rape had been committed, the same Muslim terrorists invariably sliced the throats of their poor victims. Many of those terrorists and rapists later joined Al-Qaeda. In Iran there are so-called "marriages" which last only a few hours. What this practice really comes down to is legalizing prostitution, although the fundamentalist clerics or "mullahs" will never say so, course. They are usually being paid quite well for sanctioning this kind of evil.

Some of the 9/11 hijackers watched "a pay-perview porn film in their motel room on the night of September 10." Others wanted to know how much they had to pay for a prostitute. It was to be a foretaste of "paradise," where beautiful virgins were expected to be waiting for Al-Qaeda's dear martyrs.

When Osama bin Laden was finally killed in May 2011, it turned that he, too, was in possession of pornographic material. I wasn't surprised at all when I read the news reports on this.

According to Osama bin Laden's former mistress Kola Boof, the Al-Qaeda leader even wanted to make Whitney Houston one of his wives. "He believed Houston was truly Islamic but had been brainwashed by American culture."

"In his briefcase I would come across photographs of the star, as well as copies of Playboy, but nobody in the West believes me when I tell them this." Kola Boof reportedly lived with Osama bin Laden for several months on a Moroccan estate in 1996 and later published her autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl," the source of these allegations.

Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands. He maintains a website at Emerson Vermaat


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©2012 Emerson Vermaat. All rights reserved.

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