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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Genocide Of Egypt's Christians Continues - State Department Ignores It

Genocide Of Egypt's Christians Continues - State Department Ignores It

January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Egypt's Christians continue to be targeted by Islamists, this time in the village of Baheeg in Upper Egypt where three buildings belonging to Copts were burned to the ground over an alleged religious slight. [see, http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/node/575331]

According to the Al Masry Alyoum online news site, the incident took place last Thursday when a Coptic student was accused of defaming the Prophet by allegedly posting pictures of Mohammed on his Facebook account.

Infuriated by the supposed act of "defamation," the student's classmates then proceeded to torch the structures.

The Coptic student's family has since departed the village while he remains incarcerated for 15 days during which authorities will determine if there will be further measures taken against him. {see, http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/node/579946]

Normally one might surmise that the omnipresence of anti-Christian persecution in Muslim countries - especially with it being on constant public display in countries like Egypt - would demand that Christians be given priority refugee status by the U.S. State Dept. But this doesn't appear to be the case, as the overwhelming majority of those allowed in are from Muslim majority countries:

Near East & South Asia - 27,168; East Asia - 17,367; Africa - 7,685; Latin America & Caribbean - 2,976; Europe - 1,228. [source, [http://www.cal.org/co/refugee/statistics/index.html]

Particularly affected are Iraqi Christians who face incipient extermination barring intervention, but now face very long delays in being processed as refugees because of serious security lapses by the State Department which thoroughly failed to properly vet the many Muslims from that country already admitted to the United States, allowing unknown numbers of jihadists to gain entry.

Demonstrative of the State Department's no-one-in-control refugee program, the most current figures [through Sept 30, 2011] show that only 6 refugees were allowed entry from Egypt into the U.S., while nearly 15,000 - primarily Hindu - refugees were inexplicably allowed to migrate to the U.S. from Bhutan.

The indiscriminate murder of Egypt's Christians by Muslims has become so commonplace that it hardly registers a ripple in the American and international press with 2011 being particularly bad year, starting on New Years Day with the suicide bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria, killing upwards of 20 and wounded over 70.

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