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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Dutch Government Wants To Refuse Visa to Moroccan 'Pedo-Imam'

Dutch Government Wants To Refuse Visa to Moroccan 'Pedo-Imam'

December 6, 2011

The Dutch government is considering refusing a visa to a Moroccan Imam who issued a fatwa allowing men to marry 9 year old girls. According to the Dutch Algemene Dagblad Mohamad Al- Moghraoui proclaimed that men could marry 9 year old girls. The mosque chairman Abdelhamid Tahiri claims that this is not for the purpose of sex, but to enable a contract to be made enabling marriage at a later age.

The imam was invited to speak at the radical As Soennah mosque in the Hague.

The Dutch press has dubbed Al Moghraoui the 'pedo imam' A majority in the Lower House is against his visit. Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders twittered that if the Imam speaks at the As Soennah mosque the mosque must be immediately closed.

The mosque's Salafist Imam Sheikh Fawaz Jneid has exhorted his adherents not to integrate into Dutch society and cursed the film maker Theo van Gogh weeks before he was killed by Moroccan Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri who was present at the sermon.



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