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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Office of French Newspaper Destroyed By Firebomb Attack Over Satire on Muhammad

Office of French Newspaper Destroyed By Firebomb Attack Over Satire on Muhammad

November 2, 2011

The caption reads: "One hundred lashes if you don't die of laughter"

"The magazine, Charlie Hebdo, had announced a special issue for publication Wednesday, renamed "Charia Hebdo," a play on the word in French for Shariah law.

The magazine's publisher, who goes by the name of Charb, told Europe 1 radio that the police had called just before 5 a.m. to report a fire of criminal origin. News reports said that a Molotov cocktail was thrown through a window. The special edition was on its way to the newsstands, Charb said, and will appear as scheduled."


MIM: The editor of Charlie Hebdo appears to be an apologist for radical Islam. In an AP interview he said that the attack was the work of "radical stupid people wh don't know what Islam is".

"The newspaper director, who goes by the name Charb, said the a Molotov cocktail was the cause of the fire. He blamed "radical stupid people who don't know what Islam is," for the apparent attack.

"I think that they are themselves unbelievers ... idiots who betray their own religion," Charb said in an interview with Associated Press Television News ."http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/11/02/french-satirical-magazine-office-fire-bombed-ahead-muhammad-edition/

MIM: Below a report by Israel National News.

French Newspaper Office Firebombed Over Muhammed Satire

The offices of a French newspaper were destroyed by a firebomb early Wednesday over a satire on the founder of Islam, Muhammed. By Chana Ya'ar First Publish: 11/2/2011, 1:33 PM

The offices of a French newspaper were destroyed by a firebomb early Wednesday over its satirical invitation to the Islamic Prophet Muhammed.

The newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, is a satirical weekly. A firebomb, or "Molotov cocktail" was lobbed into the offices of the paper at about 1:00 a.m., igniting a blaze.

The attack came a day after the paper had announced it was naming Islam's founder, Prophet Muhammed, as its "editor-in-chief" for this week's issue. The statement said: "In order fittingly to celebrate the Islamist Ennahda's win in Tunisia and the NTC (National Transitional Council) president's promise that sharia would be the main source of law in Libya, Charlie Hebdo asked Mohammed to be guest editor."

The back page of the paper was to feature a picture of Muhammed wearing a red nose, with the caption, "Yes, Islam is compatible with humor." The front page, renamed "Sharia Hebdo," was to likewise feature a picture of the Muslim prophet, captioned, "100 lashes if you don't die of laughter!"

The real editor-in-chief, meanwhile, who goes by the name of "Charb," told France Info radio, "We no longer have a newspaper. All our equipment has been destroyed or has melted."

Although the fire was extinguished quickly by Paris firefighters, much of the material in the office was destroyed, local police told reporters.

The paper intends to file a John Doe complaint since the perpetrators have not been identified, according to The Telegraph.

"We cannot, today, put together a paper. But we will do everything possible to do one next week," Charb promised. "Whatever happens, we'll do it. There is no question of giving in." Muslim extremists have, in the past, rioted and in some cases threatened the lives of journalists who publish material considered offensive to their beliefs.

Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in France, following Roman Catholicism, with the number of worshipers totally between five to ten percent of the population.


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