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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Strike Three for Hamas by Dr. David Lazerson

Strike Three for Hamas by Dr. David Lazerson

April 7, 2011

Strike Three!

Dr. David Lazerson

Everyone is pretty familiar with the expression about being foolish. It goes fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - shame on me. I'd like to add another line to this appropriate saying that applies to the current situation in Gaza. It adds the next possibility: Fool me three or more times - I'm the fool.

Hamas and their wonderful role in Gaza have turned Israel into fools. While Israel keeps extending the olive branch in search of and hoping for real peace, Hamas controlled Gaza carry on with business as usual. They don't Israel's right to exist and they preach violence towards all non-Muslims, in particular Jews, Christians, and Israelis. The cute little Arab children in Gaza and throughout the Muslim world are taught the importance of dressing up and becoming suicide murderers. The Muslim world continues to glorify terrorists and dedicate children's parks and playground in their very unholy names. The Hamas and Muslim leaders in Gaza passed out candies and danced in the streets when learning of the savage brutal murders of the Vogel family, including three children. Today one of their "neighborly" rockets struck an Israeli school bus and critically injured a 16-year-old boy.

No other country in the world would tolerate such despicable behaviors from a neighboring entity. If this group called Hamas and Gaza were suddenly transplanted to say the Mexican/US border, and they started sending missiles and murderers into Texas, the "problem" would be taken care within 24 hours. No one in their right mind would even try convincing the Americans that they should negotiate with these whackos, and that if only the US would give them more land then they would be happy and live as peaceful, respectful neighbors. The problem is that while the folks in the more democratic, civilized world strive for peaceful coexistence, the radical Muslims see things completely different. They've been brainwashed to regard us as second-class citizens or worse, as they strive to implement their very radical form of Islam throughout the world. For them, it's by any means necessary, and this includes bombing an Israeli school bus and slitting the throats of young children.

Like my grandma used to say, with neighbors like this who needs enemies?

Thus, step one is for Israel to recognize exactly who this so-called Palestinian entity is. Like the expression that started this article, they have shown their true colors time and time and time again. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times. But I think we're probably close to 100 times that they've said something out of the left corner of the mouth to the English speaking press and said something very different from the right corner in the Arabic tongue. Israel took the very painful step and removed thousands of Israelis from Gaza, giving this huge chunk of beautiful land and homes to the so-called Palestinians. All for the sake of peace. Within 24 hours all of the synagogues were destroyed, as were most of the homes and businesses "tainted" by Israeli/Jewish non-Muslim "impurity." Rather than devote themselves to what they supposedly have been yearning for so many years - a country of their own, they very quickly used this newly acquired territory, and international donations in the millions, to shoot bombs and missiles into Israel.

There's a better version of the expression that goes something like, fool me once - shame on you… fool me twice - strike three. You're out! Israel needs to take back all of Gaza and stop fooling themselves time and time again. They keep pretending that eventually the radical Muslim neighbors will accept them and allow them space to breathe and relax. It's time to take quick and decisive military action to liberate Gaza from this evil element before more children have their throats slit and are bombed sitting in their school busses. For Hamas, it's not only strike three, it's probably strike 333. Or is it 3,333? Israel needs to do the civilized world and themselves a huge favor. Take ‘em out already. Hamas has struck out a long time ago.

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