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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > UK Journalist Being Investigated For Calling Itamar Murderers "Savages"

UK Journalist Being Investigated For Calling Itamar Murderers "Savages"

March 27, 2011

Melanie Phillips, a prominent journalist and writer in the UK, is being investigated by the Press Complaints Commission and police after Islamists complained about her use of the word "savages" to describe the murderers of five members of the Fogel family which included the parents and 3 young children.

Phillips wrote of the "moral depravity of the Arab "savages".

According to Robert Spencer in Frontpage Magazine:

"After the column was published, the P.C. Commission received two complaints about it: one from Engage, a group that is dedicated to advancing Muslim participation in British society, and from one of Britain's most prominent Muslim leaders, Inayat Bunglawala, the chairman of Muslims4UK… In any case, note the moral inversion from the complaining Muslims — a moral inversion that is now so common that we may not even notice it. Bunglawala and the other complainers are full of righteous indignation against Melanie Phillips for her words, but where is the indignation of these supposed "moderates" against the jihadists who murdered the Fogels? Which is worse? Phillips's allegedly "racist" remarks, or the cold-blooded killing of a family sleeping in its home?"


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