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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Moroccan Government to Open Cultural Center in Amsterdam

Moroccan Government to Open Cultural Center in Amsterdam

March 18, 2011

March 18 2011- Militant Islam Monitor -Geert Wilders, the head of the Freedom Party, has said that a new Moroccan cultural center aimed at strengthening ties between Moroccans and Dutch will acheive the opposite. Wilders stated that "The Moroccan government should not in any way be involved with Moroccans in Holland". The center is to be financed by the Moroccan government and is also intended to provide Moroccan youth with a greater knowledge of their culture.

Wilders thinks that the center will work against the integration of Moroccans in Holland and has asked for clarification from the Minister of Internal Affairs.


The Moroccan Minister for migrant affairs who was visiting Holland and announced the opening of the cultural center expressed satisfaction at how well Moroccans had integrated there.

This claim is contradicted by facts.

In 2004 Moroccan born Dutch educated jihadist Mohammed Bouyeri murdered the film maker Theo van Gogh because he made a film about the abuse of Muslim women in the Muslim community.

According to statistics half of all Dutch born Moroccan youth have had encounters with law enforcement.

In an article entitled "Moroccan Youth Terrorise Dutch Town" this writer cited the Dutch newspaper Trouw's reporting on one of numerous incidents involving Moroccan youth and their targeting of native born Dutch.

"The problems with the Moroccan youth in Oosterwei are ongoing since 2008. Residents are accosted on the street, hit with stones and eggs, robbed and cursed at by youth who are mostly younger than 12 years old." [source, translated from the Dutch, http://www.trouw.nl/nieuws/nederland/article3292927.ece/Schade_reljeugd_Gouda_verhaald_op_ouders.html]



MIM: Freedom Party questions over yet another bizarre Morocco-project.

Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV)

Vragen over zoveelste bizarre Marokko-project

Vragen van de leden van Klaveren en Wilders (beiden PVV) aan de minister van Binnenlandse Zaken over het Marokkaanse voornemen een cultureel centrum te openen in Amsterdam.

Heeft de minister kennis genomen van het artikel 'Marokko wil cultureel centrum openen in Amsterdam?(*)

Has the minister taken notice of the article "Morocco wants to open a cultural center in Amsterdam"?
In hoeverre deelt de minister de visie van de PVV dat de uitspraak van de Marokkaanse minister voor migrantenzaken over het goed ge´ntegreerd zijn van Marokkaanse jongeren bijna absurd te noemen is, gezien de extreme oververtegenwoordiging van deze groep in de overlast/criminaliteit, schooluitval en uitkeringsafhankelijkheid?

How far does the minister share the vision of the PVV that the comments of the Moroccan minister for migrant affairs over how well integrated the Moroccan youth are can almost be called absurd, given the extreme over representation of this group in harassment/criminality, school drop out and welfare dependency?
Deelt de minister de zienswijze van de PVV dat de integratie van Marokkanen in Nederland juist wordt tegengewerkt door het opzetten van een centrum dat zich richt op de Marokkaanse cultuur in plaats van de Nederlandse cultuur? Zo neen, waarom niet?

Does the minister share the view of the PVV that the integration of Moroccans in Holland would be worked against by the setting up of a center which is aimed at the Moroccan culture in place of the Dutch culture? If no, why not?
Is de minister het eens met de PVV dat de Marokkaanse overheid zich op geen enkele wijze dient te bemoeien met de Marokkanen in Nederland behalve als het gaat om het vergroten van de remigratie van deze groep naar Marokko? Zo neen, waarom niet?

Is the minister in agreement with the PVV that the Moroccan government should not be involved in any manner with the Moroccans in Holland unless it has to do with increasing the reemigration of this group to Morocco? If not, why not?
Welke maatregelen is de minister bereid te nemen om de realisatie van dit centrum tegen te houden?

What steps is the minister read to take to stop the creation of this center?
Deelt de Minister de mening dat het prioriteit heeft te voorkomen dat heel Nederland een Marokkaans cultureel centrum wordt, en dat snel immigratiebeperkende maatregelen ook voor immigranten uit Marokko moeten worden genomen?

Does the Minister share the opinion that the priority is to prevent that all of Holland becomes a Moroccan cultural center , and that immigration restrictions should be quickly implemented and steps taken also regarding immigrants from Morocco?

( *) Elsevier, 17 maart 2011


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