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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran And Re-Establishing The Caliphate

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran And Re-Establishing The Caliphate

March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - A March 14 posting at Ikhwanweb, the Muslim Brotherhood's official English website, reveals that it has had "informal," ties with Iran's Shia theocracy for years.

"The Muslim Brotherhood seeks unity between Muslims calling for justice, civil society and a free and fair political arena. As part of its strategy it engages with nations –like Iran – and groups – like Hamas - that would otherwise perhaps be ostracized, a move that would only isolate and inflate division and conflict...In this context, the Muslim Brotherhood has maintained informal ties with Iran for many years. Under the influence of the tolerant Brotherhood, Egyptians are more comfortable with Shiite Islam than other Sunnis in other Arab countries." [source, MB website, http://www.ikhwanweb.com/article.php?id=28217]

This is obviously an effort to unify and unite the Ummah, the Arabic word for the Muslim world community, a goal much desired by Islamists, knowing that their dream of a worldwide caliphate can't come to pass, unless some level of unity is established. The immense political power which Iran's nuke program would lend to such a unification would be substantial, a point which is probably wasted on Team Obama's inept State Department [who is Hillary having tea with today?].

"With a history of...the West's dedication to divide and rule the Muslim world, the Muslim Brotherhood has sought to combat sectarianism, put the Shiite-Sunni conflict aside, and create a united Muslim front; even if that includes Iran."

It should go without saying that couching the Brotherhood's supposed outreach to and support of Hamas is laughable, since the MB created the organization, brick by brick.

In this piece the MB continues to rail against Arab rulers who are supposedly not authentically Muslim because of their cooperation with the West, which is castigated in the Brotherhood's standard Marxist tinged rhetoric, "...being controlled and influenced by colonialist rule...In its commitment to decry the role of corrupt Arab rulers and the onslaught of Western manipulations to gain control of Arab wealth..."

What we find significant here is the above-board manner in which the MB is publicly and in English, making clear their long term strategic goal of establishing a united Ummah, under a caliphate and guided by Shari'a.

The last genuine caliphate was established by the Turkish Ottomans, starting with Mehmed II, but then accelerating greatly when the Ottomans defeated the Cairo based Mamluk Sultanate, an event which added Egypt, most of the Arabian Peninsula and Syria to the Ottoman Caliphate.

The MB's transnationalism, its clear strategy of uniting, past long-held sectarian grievances, especially between the Sunnis and Shias, should now be apparent to all but the dull.

This is a worldwide effort, the MB has outposts in at least 70 countries. Its numerous front groups in America appear to be marching in lockstep, with the accelerated push to shove Shari'a compliance into the secular sphere, "Meanwhile, the Brotherhood continued in its attempts to unite Muslims on a global scale...Perhaps the US fails to understand why a variety of nations, with obviously different trends, would loosely affiliate with each other for a common goal; the end to occupation. Indeed, a democratic goal."

At the official level there is no "perhaps," regarding the U.S.' current political leadership. It remains studiously ignorant of the import of the above outlined developments and willfully blind to the threat which will be posed by a united, Shari'a fueled Ummah and guided by an MB like revolutionary zeal.

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