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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Dissemblers At Council On American Islamic Relations - CAIR - Whip Up The Discredited Bogeyman Of Islamophobia

Dissemblers At Council On American Islamic Relations - CAIR - Whip Up The Discredited Bogeyman Of Islamophobia

February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Today, the Council on American Islamic Relations, an American Islamist group seeking the furtherance of Shari'a, issued a press release charging Fox talker Mike Huckabee with criticizing Islam, of course violating a tenet of Shari'a that in many Muslim societies carries a severe penalty. We must surmise that CAIR is aware of the serious nature of the charge within the Islamic world.

CAIR's presser stated in part, "...called on presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee to apologize for "inaccurate and offensive" comments about Islam and to meet with Muslim leaders to discuss growing Islamophobia in American society..." [Huckabee] "...falsely claimed that Muslims believe "Jesus Christ and all the people who follow him are a bunch of infidels who should be essentially obliterated...Huckabee referred to Islam as the "antithesis of the gospel of Christ." He also seemed to compare Muslim prayer being allowed in a church to the showing of pornographic films...."

For the sake of preserving the record, this is in part what Mr. Huckabee stated in reference to news that two Christian churches have made their facilities available to Muslims for prayer.

Q. "Two churches are taking heat for opening their church buildings for Muslims to worship.

Huckabee: ...what are they thinking? If the purpose of a church is to push forth the gospel of Jesus Christ, and you have a Muslim group saying that Jesus Christ and all people would follow him should be obliterated I have a hard time understanding that. If a church is nothing more than a facility and meeting place free for any viewpoints, then should the church be rented out to show adult movies on the weekend?

Where does this end? How far does it go?

The...facility dedicated and paid for by people for the purpose of the gospel, and the mission of the gospel ought to be somehow given semblance of consistency with the intention.

...in this case the worship of Jesus Christ -- is there a reason to say that the people who donated, who gave, who sacrificed to give that facility, really ever intended it to be a place where something that is the antithesis of the gospel of Christ would be presented? But if the building has been dedicated and set aside for a specific purpose, something that is in consistent, I don't see problem with a civic club but we are talking different when you have a faith that believes that all who don't adhere to that specific faith are infidels..."

The only news here is that CAIR and its Islamist cohorts are simply carrying out a strategy which is attempting to develop a body of law in the United States, mirroring that of Austria for example, where recently Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf was convicted of criticizing Islam and fined in a civil court [see, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff - Guilty Of "Hate Speech," For Criticizing Islam]

The endgame of the American Islamist organizations, is the incorporation of Shari'a - a seditious doctrine - into the legal structure of this country.

It is axiomatic that such efforts represent a major, largely unrecognized, threat to national security, which will hopefully be further examined when Rep. Peter King's hearings on radical Islam in America commence.

The other observation regarding this and similar efforts by CAIR is that in the United States, freedom of speech, even speech critical of religion ["Piss Christ" anyone?] is protected. We suggest that CAIR's leaders read the First Amendment and the body of jurisprudence which has developed around it. If they are not comfortable with religious liberty, something which they claim Islam embodies, they can always choose to reside in a country more to their liking, Iran perhaps.

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