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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Dutch Christian Union Party Wants Sharia Banned In Constitution

Dutch Christian Union Party Wants Sharia Banned In Constitution

February 18, 2011

February 18 2011- Militant Islam Monitor-Roel Kuiper, the leading candidate of the Christen Union in Holland has called for legislation that would ban sharia law from being added to the constitution.

Kuiper opposes sharia law because it does not conform to fundamental Dutch cultural norms.

In an interview with the newspaper Trouw Kuiper stated that:

"Our freedoms, the manner in which we interact with each other, our norms about good and evil are all formed by Christianity."

The politician also said that he wanted legislation to prevent mosques in Holland from being funded by totalitarian governments from abroad and that strong steps should be taken against those who use violence due to religious beliefs.

Kuiper said that he wished to move the Islam debate in Holland "a step further" with his proposals.

The head of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, was enthusiastic over Kuiper's ideas and called it a "fantastic proposal".

Wilders said that "The basis of the sharia is the Quran. That means an end to headscarves, halal food, the Koran and so forth."


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