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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Senate Report Slams Team Obama Over Fort Hood Jihad - Fear Of Identifying Islamism As Enemy

Senate Report Slams Team Obama Over Fort Hood Jihad - Fear Of Identifying Islamism As Enemy

February 3, 2011

February 3, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - A scathing report released today on the Ft. Hood jihad, produced by Senators, Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins, of the Senate Homeland Security Committee [see, http://hsgac.senate.gov/public/_files/Fort_Hood/FortHoodReport.pdf] charged the national security infrastructure, civilian, military and intelligence with a massive failure to identify Major Nidal Hasan as having become a radical Muslim, transforming himself into a domestic member of the mujahideen.

Below, excerpted from the report.

"Our basic conclusion is as follows...the FBI had specific information concerning the time, place, or nature of the attack, they collectively had sufficient information to have detected Hasan's radicalization to violent Islamist extremism but failed both to understand and to act on it. Our investigation found specific and systemic failures in the government's handling of the Hasan case and raises additional concerns about what may be broader systemic issues." [pg. 7]

It's clear that Hasan's metamorphosis, though obvious to his co-workers, was nonetheless ignored:

"Evidence of Hasan's radicalization to violent Islamist extremism was on full display to his superiors and colleagues during his military medical training...A JTTF learned that Hasan was communicating with the Suspected Terrorist [editorial note: Anwar al-Awlaki] flagged Hasan's initial [REDACTED] communications for further review... the ensuing inquiry failed to identify the totality of Hasan's communications and to inform Hasan's military chain of command and Army security officials of the fact that he was communicating with a suspected violent Islamist extremist - a shocking course of conduct for a U.S. military officer." [pg. 8]

Intransigence and refusal by the Department of Defense, and by extension the Federal Government, to define the enemy as radical Islam:

"Fifteen days after the Fort Hood attack, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates appointed an independent review panelled by former Secretary of the Army Togo West and the former Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Vern Clark (ret. ), to review the causes of the Fort Hood shootings.. Dpd is reluctant to confront directly the threat of radicalization to violent Islamist extremism...we remain concerned that DoD will not appropriately revise policies to address violent Islamist extremism among service members and that 0 00 personnel will not be specifically trained concern ing violent Islamist extremism." [pg. 48]

Avoidance of the truth which was staring the Gates' Commission in the face:

"DoD avoided referencing violent Islamist extremism explicitly in the West/Clark inquiry into the Fort Hood attack or in the recommendations issued by DoD in response to the review. It wi ll be more difficult for the military to develop effective approaches to countering vio lent Islamist extremism if the identity and nature of the enemy cannot be labeled accurately. Recommendation: DoD leadersh ip should identify the enemy as violent Islamist extremism explicitly and di rectly in order to enab le DoD to confront it effectively and efficiently " [pg. 49]

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