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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Embassy Bomber Gets Life Sentence

Embassy Bomber Gets Life Sentence

January 25, 2011

A New York judge sentenced Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani to life in prison for his role in the bombings of two United States Embassies in East Africa in which 224 people were killed and thousands wounded.

Ghailani had been held in Guantanamo Bay and was tried in a civilian court in Manhattan where he was aquitted of 280 counts of murder and conspiracy and convicted on one count of "conspiracy to destroy government buildings and property".

Before the sentencing Judge Lewis A. Kaplan declared that:

"Mr. Ghailani knew and intended that people would be killed as a result of his own actions and the conspiracy he joined."

He also rejected the defense calls for a lighter sentence stating that:

"The very purpose of the crime was to create terror by causing death and destruction."


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