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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > CAIR's "Hate Crime" Campaign Thoroughly Consistent With Policy Of Advancing Shari'a

CAIR's "Hate Crime" Campaign Thoroughly Consistent With Policy Of Advancing Shari'a

December 12, 2010

December 10, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -PipeLineNews.org - We have on numerous occasions noted on these pages an ongoing campaign by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] to define "hate crimes" in a manner consistent with making this society subservient to Islamic law, Shari'a.

Hardly a day passes were we don't find at least one, usually ridiculous, assertion by CAIR [in the form of an email alert] that an American Muslim has suffered an indignity attributable to anti-Muslim bigotry.

Today for example we find the case of a sign outside an Arkansas restaurant specializing in pork dishes, making the statement "No Muslims Inside."


Of course, even interpreting the verbiage in the most pejorative manner, the sign doesn't come close to violating any federal anti-discrimination statute...but that is not the point of CAIR's exercise in this matter.

CAIR's purpose here is two-fold

1. To spread the provably fraudulent assertion that Islamophobia is omnipresent and that America is a cauldron of anti-Muslim bigotry.

2. To force the American legal system to define anything which even inferentially connotes disapproval or criticism of Islam and its "final prophet" Mohammed as a hate crime. This sets a process in motion which in the end results in the feds enforcing the blasphemy concept central to the Qur'an and Shari'a.

Seen dispassionately, this is clearly a back-door method of violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment by making law enforcement dependent upon a religious test. Should this philosophy take hold, it would in effect elevate Eric Holder to the position of America's Grand Mufti, the ultimate enforcer of Shari'a in the nation.

The same MO is operative in efforts by CAIR and other Islamist organizations to force private employers [via legal action] to agree to outlandish accommodations in order to accommodate Muslim workers' desire to pray 5 times a day. Similarly it would criminalize the banning of religious garb while on the job. This would result in, for example, the feds forcing employers to allow their Muslima saleswomen to make sales calls wearing a burqa - regardless of how negatively it might impact the sales transaction. It would also allow Shari'a concepts to trump extant law in family matters, inheritance, marriage, divorce, child custody and the like - hence the current fight in Oklahoma to ban Shari'a from creeping into its legal system.

What has to be realized is that this process [one of the central goals of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West] does not happen in a vacuum, it is actively promoted by CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and their brethren in hopes of eventually toppling constitutional government. So the next time you see an activist Muslim on television going on about rampant Islamophobia and how employers are discriminating against Muslima's who insist on wearing hijab to work, see it for what it is, a naked attempt to elevate Shari'a and subvert the Western legal tradition.

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