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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Julian Assange Continues To Wage Cyber-War On U.S. Foreign Policy, Obama Shoots Hoops

Julian Assange Continues To Wage Cyber-War On U.S. Foreign Policy, Obama Shoots Hoops

November 29, 2010

November 28, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On August 19 we posted the following [see, Wikileak - Why isn't Julian Assange in Custody? Where is Team Obama's Outrage?]:

It has been nearly a month since Julian Assange and unknown conspirators leaked over 90,000 mostly classified documents [the "Afghan War Diary"] pertaining to the war in Afghanistan and yet - with the main perp already having been self identified - a fully committed leftist and convicted amateur hacker, he remains free to cause further havoc in the waging of an increasingly problematic conflict.

Question: Why aren't extradition proceedings being brought against him?

Question: Where is Eric Holder's vaunted Justice Department?

Question: Where is CIC Obama's outrage?

Question: Where is the media's curiosity?

We concluded, responding to these rhetorical questions, that, "There is no smoke and fury on this issue because Mr. Assange might as well be a member of this WH team, his take on the projection of U.S. military power appears to be in complete alignment with that of team Obama."

Unfortunately nothing has changed in the interim, despite the totally unprecedented torrent of leaks, which show no sign of going away.

And team Obama's response?

Fevered calls to individuals and state players who have been harmed by this process, begging for understanding.

But understanding is not what's called for here - one wonders why any leader would accept Obama's apology given his continued dereliction of duty in this matter, allowing these leaks to develop into a chronic event as if it was the stuff of a television game show...name that spy?

Assange will continue to wreak havoc until he is stopped. At best he belongs in jail, at worst?

Use your imagination.

Fact: The NSA could fry Wiki's servers...if they got the direction from the CIC, a capability shared by probably a dozen federal agencies. This would be the least invasive and controversial procedure available that would be effective, at least short term, and one which is at least 90 days overdue.

So we again ask the question: Mr. Obama, why isn't Julian Assange in custody, when are you going to man up?

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