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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > N.Y. Rabbis Withdraw From Event With ISNA - Not Moderate Group

N.Y. Rabbis Withdraw From Event With ISNA - Not Moderate Group

November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Though they participated in the mosque/synagogue "twinning" event last year, New York rabbis Irwin Tannenbaum and Alex Lazarus-Klein opted out this time around, having upon reflection decided that one of the sponsors, the Islamic Society of North America, isn't the moderate group it claims to be.

A piece published by the Jewish Telegraph Agency noted, "What we found was that the entities behind the Buffalo interfaith effort are anything but moderate... citing concerns about the Islamic Society's links to Islamic fundamentalist groups..." [source, http://www.jta.org/news/article/2010/11/15/2741742/ny-rabbis-pull-out-of-muslim-jewish-twinning-project]

As these two rabbis have discovered, events of this type are often ruses under which American Islamists are able to freely conduct da'wa, the process of Islamic conversion, under the dubious mantle of "faith sharing."

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