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Congressional Muslim Staffers Waging Stealth Jihad

November 15, 2010

November 15 2010- Militant Islam Monitor -On November 11th FOX News published an expose of the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association under the headline "Some Muslims Attending Capitol Hill Group Have Terror Ties, Probe Reveals". FOX News published a list of those who have joined prayers under the aegis of the CMSA on Capitol Hill. Among those who have participated in services are Anwar al- Awlaki an Al Qaeda leader who is being hunted for his role in several recent bomb plots. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/11/11/congressional-muslim-prayer-group-terror-ties/

Besides aiding and abetting physical jihad the CMSA also employs stealth jihad.

In order to undermine the United States from within Muslims are employing lawful jihadist tactics aimed at infiltrating the American government and making converts through da'wa (proselytisation). The program and outreach coordinator of the CMSA is Jihad F. Saleh, who is also a Legislative Assistant in the United States Congress. http://crcc.usc.edu/initiatives/amcli/jihad-f-saleh.html

In his book "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington" Paul Sperry wrote:

"The Muslim establishment plays an elaborate word game ... it is easy to be fooled by such duplicity, so I have provided readers with the intellectual tools to easily identify it." He argues that religiously sanctioned dissimulation (taqiya) enables Muslims to penetrate the U.S. political establishment to further an Islamist agenda. http://www.meforum.org/905/infiltration-how-muslim-spies-and-subversives

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association is a stealth jihad organization. It is :

"composed of Muslim American professional, administrative, and support services staffers who work in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Congressional Library, Congressional Research Service, Congressional Budget Office, and Capitol Police Department." http://www.congressionalmuslims.org/2.html

The CMSA is currently sponsored by Muslim congressmen Keith Ellison who helped the group obtain official status, and Andre Carson, who are both closely linked to Islamist organizations.

According to their programming webpage the CMSA uses various methods:

"to achieve it's objectives". Citing as examples " Congressional briefing on the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Congressional briefing on the media's use of "Islamophobic Language". Under the heading "Community Outreach" the CMSA lists "Participation on panels at various symposium hosted by DHS, CAIR, MANA, etc." http://www.congressionalmuslims.org/5.html

Underneath a disclaimer for its resource links the CMSA states that the information provided is intended to "demonstrate the diversity of Muslim American civic organizations and plurality of thought ."

Most of the links are to radical Islamist organizations such as ICNA, ISNA,MANA, MAS and ASMA. http://www.congressionalmuslims.org/16.html

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association has been in existence since 2006, the year in which Keith Ellison was the first Muslim elected to Congress. Their website states that:

" Members often publicly speak about how Muslim Americans can pursue careers in Federal government, particularly in Congress, and how to be politically involved." Under the heading "Why Should Young Muslims Participate in Professional Internships?" "Opportunities to meet the two Muslim American Members of Congress, the Hon. Keith Ellison (MN) and Hon. Andre Carson (IN)" is listed as third. The last bullet point on the list leaves no doubt that the CMSA is an Islamist organization:

"It is part of the Islamic faith and Muslim tradition for believers to play an active role in their community, to work towards maintaining the wellbeing of their community, and to positively engaging and consult with the diverse members and leaders of their community." http://congressionalmuslims.org/19.html

After the FOX News expose the CMSA has pulled down their website and other postings which identified Muslims who took part in their services and activities.

It speaks volumes of the failure of national security that such an organization is permitted to operate at all let alone on Capitol Hill with people who are working so closely with those in positions of power. Presumably it is business as usual for the staffers despite the latest revelations which link their group directly to terrorists and terrorism tied individuals and organizations.


Congressional Muslim Staff Association
Date Approved: 08/24/2009

Sponsors: Rep. Andre Carson and Rep. Keith Ellison

President - Assad Akhter (Pascrell) 202.225.5751, [email protected];
Vice President - Moon Sulfab 202.224.3135, [email protected];
Programs Coordinator - J. Saleh Williams 202.225.3461, [email protected];
Communications Director - Mouaz Moustafa (Lincoln) 202.224.4843, [email protected];
Outreach Coordinator - Diala Jadallah (Kucinich) 202.225.5871, [email protected]

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