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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Action Alert: California Boy Told To Remove Flag

Action Alert: California Boy Told To Remove Flag

November 12, 2010

A 13 year old student from Denali Middle School, a small community in California southeast of Modesto, has been told to remove the American flag from his bike to avoid "racial tensions." His grandfather is a proud veteran and he plans to serve our great country when he grows up.
Watch short video here.

Please call the school to voice your opposition. Two phone numbers are provided below as is the number for the school district.
Thank you for doing your part for America.
Denali Middle School (209) 632-2510 (209) 632-9911
Denali Unified School District (209) 632-7514

For more on this story see:

"School Bans Student From Flying U.S. Flag For 'Racial' Reasons"

A Stanislaus County school is forcing a student to take an American flag off of his bike.

Thirteen-year-old Cody Alicea put the flag there as a show of support for the veterans in his family.

But officials at Denair Middle School told him he couldn't fly it. He said he was told some students had complained.

So now the eighth-grader folds up the flag and puts it in his backpack while he is in class...


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