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Greta Duisenberg, An Anti-Semite

November 11, 2010

by Prof. Phyllis Chesler

(Israelnationalnews.com) There is no peace and consequently, I have no peace. Every morning, I wake up to news about Muslims blowing each other up in mosques during a prayer service—and yes, Muslims are also blowing up Christians and Hindus at prayer. Yesterday, a friend just back from Israel told me that Arab Muslims are taking over more and more Jewish Israeli land, squatting in buildings, planting in fields in both northern and southern Israel, and creating European style "No Go" areas in Jerusalem itself; they are also declaring that Jewish holy sites are really mosques. Of course, almost the entire world media reports the opposite, namely, that Israelis are occupying Palestinian land.

They are not allowing me to have peaceful thoughts. Every week, sometimes every few days, I am informed that yet another Iranian woman has been detained for years, or for months, and is now being tortured by her Muslim jailors who are threatening to stone her to death. Sotoudeh, a prominent Iranian human rights lawyer who once defended Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi, has been tortured for more than two months now. She has gone on a dry hunger fast and is close to death.

Daily, the news from Afghanistan chills my blood: No, I am not only talking about the American military presence, the indigenous corruption, bribery, cronyism, competition for the opium trade, the war for gas and minerals, the routine kidnapping of infidel do-gooders, the harboring of Al-Qaeda, or the usual Wild East tribal wars—an old Afghan proverb says "the Afghans of the frontier are never at peace except when they are at war." I am talking about the fate of Afghan girls and women who are married off at 10 or 12 and then beaten, badly, by their husbands and in-laws every single day until this mountain of sorrow rolls over them and they set themselves on fire and die. The lucky ones die immediately, everyone else lingers on painfully for weeks, even months.

Thus, Muslims, among whom I once lived and whom I once loved, are giving me no peace in my older years. (The ones I knew and loved are either dead or living in exile in the West.)

For those who believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and that its adherents and leaders are also peaceful; and for those who do not believe that a Western-Islamist alliance is well underway with the power to destroy Western civilization—please explain to me why Gretta Duisenberg, the widow of Wim Duisenberg, the former president of the European Bank, is now suing my friend and colleague the eminent Iranian-Dutch professor of philosophy and jurisprudence, Afshin Ellian, for calling her an "anti-Semite," when she proudly calls herself an "anti-Semite."

Abigail Esman, writing in Forbes and Leon de Winter writing in Elsevier, both explain that Ellian is now facing the kind of criminal charges that have kept Geert Wilders in the dock for many costly years. Duisenberg has not been charged under Dutch hate speech laws for marching in an anti-Israel parade in which some marchers chanted "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas." Duisenberg is the chairwoman of a pro-Palestine committee ("Stop the Occupation") and has said that Israelis are kidnapping Arab boys, removing their organs (!), and then returning them to Gaza.

As Esman points out, Duisenberg is not being sued for hate speech.

And in Vienna, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a housewife and mother is an Austrian diplomat's daughter who has lived all over the Islamic world, including in Kuwait and Iran. She is facing a criminal trial later in November of this year for, like Geert Wilders, exercising her freedom of speech in order to tell the truth. But when the truth is true truth and it offends Muslims and their infidel supporters, lawsuits are launched.

Leon de Winter and Abigail Esman are both asking us all to write on our blogs, in our articles, on our Facebook pages that we, too, believe that Gretta Duisenberg is an anti-Semite. In Dutch, de Winter says:

I invite all readers to support journalistic freedom and freedom of expression by writing 'I, too, think Gretta Duisenberg is an anti-Semite.'

How many people can Duisenberg sue? Can she sue only one person if thousands, perhaps millions, are saying the same thing? The West failed to reproduce the "offensive" Danish cartoons. This was a huge mistake. We allowed one cartoonist, whose cartoons were not really that offensive (Islamists slipped three cartoons of their own into the mix with which they inflamed the Muslim world) to stand alone.

We cannot afford to keep making this mistake.


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