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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > "Change" Promise Unfulfilled In The Eyes Of Many Muslims

"Change" Promise Unfulfilled In The Eyes Of Many Muslims

November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - While happy-talk images continue to dominate the MSM's coverage of president Obama's current [and characteristically ostentatious] trek across Asia, much trouble is brewing in exactly the circles he hoped would respond to his call for accommodation with the Muslim world.

This negative judgment is carried today in a Reuters' piece [see, Muslims say Obama Failing to Keep Cairo Promises, http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6A92NI20101110] which claims, "President Barack Obama's pledge on Wednesday to strive for better relations with the Muslim world drew skepticism in Cairo, where last year he called for a new beginning in the Middle East after years of mistrust...Obama acknowledged more needed to be done to repair ties with the Muslim world."

While many argue convincingly that Obama's efforts along these lines were doomed to fail from the start, the stark reality of what would constitute change to skeptical Muslims is contained within the Reuters article, in the prattle of a Cairo retiree, Mohamed Abdel, "It's all speeches - in the end the same American politics, and Jewish politics, continues..."

Though Mr. Obama and his State Department have adequately telegraphed a willingness to trash the United States' strong traditional support for Israel - a tectonic shift in U.S. foreign policy - while at the same time engaging in two years of self-flagellation over the supposed past wrongs of America, the result has been, if anything, heightened discontent among team Obama's targeted audience - Muslims. This is borne out in the alarming increase in domestic Muslim terror attempts as well as the continued findings in polls that anti-Americanism is the overwhelmingly dominant theme in Muslim countries.

Though it is impossible to determine to what degree the president continues to believe that his dog and pony act will work eventually, facts are difficult things and they all point against the logic of his brand of outreach.

Despite team Obama's considerable flailing around, the Muslim world remains rabidly anti-Semitic, jealous of America's numerous successes and global dominance, and nearly phobic over the influence which Judeo-Christian principles have on Western policy initiatives.

In many ways this is reflected in the belief by many Muslims in a dichotomous world, "Dar al-Islam," the house of Islam and "Dar al-harb," the house of war - also variously referred to as Dar al-Garb, house of the West, between which there must be eternal enmity.

The breach then between the two cultures/civilizations is not merely a fissure, but a chasm which only the most naive would think might be responsive to talk.

The reality is that the Muslim world remains adamantly antagonistic to Western ends and means and isn't likely to respond to calls for change, no matter who the messenger is. Unless total capitulation is lurking in team Obama's bag of tricks, his efforts have already failed. That he has not abandoned this path is evidence that all this sleight of hand was always more designed around Western [leftist] media consumption than any real belief that it would actually succeed.

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