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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Lease for Saudi Islamic Academy Renewed - Shariah in America

Lease for Saudi Islamic Academy Renewed - Shariah in America

November 8, 2010

By Janet Levy

The Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia's Fairfax County teaches its students to kill Christians and Jews. A number of its graduates have joined Al Qaeda and engaged in terrorist activity, including a class valedictorian who plotted to kill George W. Bush.
Twenty-three years ago, Fairfax County denied permits to expand to Fairfax Christian School on the very same site allegedly due to traffic issues. Requests to improve school buildings and to build a basketball court were denied and the school was forced to sell the property. When the Royal Saudi Embassy d.b.a. the Islamic Saudi Academy bought the property, they proceeded to make improvements. Last year, they received permission to expand the property despite a significantly worsened traffic situation in the area.
This is shariah law plain and simple. Under the shariah, non-Muslims are not permitted to build places of worship nor to improve them. Area Christians cite a pattern of anti-Christian discrimination in the County as the Muslim population has grown.

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