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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > This Is What Happens If You Don't Stand Up For People Like Dr. Jones!

This Is What Happens If You Don't Stand Up For People Like Dr. Jones!

November 7, 2010

By Janet Levy

When Pastor Jones planned to burn the Koran in protest of the building of the Ground Zero mosque over the remains of the victims of the Muslim attack on 9-11, his life and property were viciously threatened by Muslims. He lost the mortgage and insurance on his church and was charged $180,000 for security by the City of Gainesville to protect against the MUSLIM threats. U.S. authorities did NOTHING to punish the threatening Muslims. NO ONE was charged with a crime nor EVEN investigated! As a result of Jones' threat, which was never carried out, 20 people were killed by Muslims worldwide. (NOTE: JONES did not kill anyone; MUSLIMS did)!

Sadly, most Americans turned against Jones, NOT the Muslims who were threatening him! They marginalized Jones and did and said absolutely NOTHING about the threatening Muslims! In fact, they didn't even notice the Muslims, only the 'despicable' Jones. Americans are already DHIMMIS living under Shariah Law and treating Muslims differently - as superiors - out of fear. The American public defended against this charge of dhimmitude by stating that it was the BURNING of books that was abhorrent, although none of them get exercised over the burning of their flag or their Bible or the desecration of the crucifix - all LEGAL activities as is the burning of the Koran.

Remarkably, NO ONE recognizes that WE ARE ALL DR. JONES and if we don't stand up for his right to burn the Koran - no matter how much we say we detest the act - we are all doomed in our self-imposed dhimmitude.

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