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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Merkel: Multicultural Society a Total Failure in Germany

Merkel: Multicultural Society a Total Failure in Germany

October 17, 2010

October 17- Militant Islam Monitor-In a speech before young members of her party the CDU German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the multicultural society in Germany was a "total failure". Referring to immigrants she stated that "Everyone who doesn't immediately speak German is not welcome".

According to an article in the Dutch publication Elsevier online:

"According to Merkel the Germans have been fooling themselves for a long time thinking that the guest workers who came to the country in the sixties would leave again…She also concurred with President Christian Wulff who said that now a days Islam is part of Germany just like Christianity and Judaism…Last week Horst Seehofer , leader of the CSU, a sister party of the CDU in Bayern expressed himself strongly over immigrants. According to Seehofer Germany must not let in any more new immigrants, and focus on the sixteen million foreigners who are already there. Germany should especially not let people in from Turkey and Arab countries, finds the CSU leader."


A sister party of the Dutch Freedom Party headed by Geert Wilders has been founded in Germany calling itself "The Freedom". It is headed by Islam critic Rene' Stadkewitz who had been pushed out of the CDU partly due to his support for Geert Wilders.


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